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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

We begin today’s misadventures of our malignant minority-elect president* with his freaking out about Robert Mueller testifying to Congress after his bogus claims of exoneration – aided by his biased, corruptly compromised Attorney General, delusions and stupidity never stop in Trumpland, for someone who claims he’s innocent, Donnie sure is acting like he’s guilty as hell, Trump is terrified of the truth because it will destroy him, the Don’s lies about tariffs and his failed Trade War with China are coming back to haunt him while destroying Farmers he claims to support and care about and more.

Trump ramps up his wannabe dictator act by floating idea of two more unconstitutional years in White House article from Alternet. –

Donald’s despotic delusions of grandeur are out of control and he’s terrified of having Robert Mueller testify to Congress despite his bogus claims of being exonerated – because the vast majority of this country already knows he’s guilty as hell.

Trump is terrified Mueller will become a TV star article from The Week. –

Allowing the investigator into his multitude of crimes to set the record straight and upend all the lies by Trump, Barr and the right-wing propaganda machine isn’t acceptable to him for obvious reasons.

If Trump’s first 2 years don’t count, here’s everything he did that can be cancelled article from Think Progress. –

Retweeting a so-called religious person’s ignorance, compounded by his own ignorance, reveals just how demented and delusional Trump truly is – and how the stupid in Trumpland never stops:

Why Trump is balking at Mueller’s congressional testimony article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Again, because it will reveal how much of a liar Donnie is and how corrupt and treasonous he is:

“As recently as Friday afternoon, a reporter asked Donald Trump whether Special Counsel Robert Mueller should testify before Congress. “I don’t know,” the president replied. “That’s up to our attorney general.”

Two days later, Trump’s position changed in dramatic fashion.

President Donald Trump said Sunday that special counsel Robert Mueller should not testify to Congress on his report on Trump and Russia, claiming Democrats only want him to appear because his probe didn’t reach the conclusions they wanted.

“Are they looking for a redo because they hated seeing the strong NO COLLUSION conclusion?” Trump tweeted. “There was no crime, except on the other side (incredibly not covered in the Report), and NO OBSTRUCTION. Bob Mueller should not testify. No redos for the Dems!”…”

Fox Serves The Cult A Fresh Dose Of Kook-Aid By Selling Trump’s Business Failures As Success article from PoliticusUSA. –

Now that it’s widely reported that Trump is a massively fraudulent con man that belongs behind bars, his propaganda outlet is doing their damnedest to spin it positively to the minority of moronic miscreants that actually believe them:

Trump exerts executive privilege over Mueller report article from The Hill. –

For someone who claims he has nothing to hide, Trump sure is acting like he’s guilty as hell – for obvious reasons.

Trump seems to believe he’s entitled to extra time as President article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

The delusions are out of control in Trumpland and he’s setting himself up for a major fall…

Trump’s brazen and bogus attempt to hide the truth article from Alternet. –

Trump is terrified of the truth because it will bring his fraudulent, illegitimate presidency to a halt once and for all:

“Donald Trump spent weeks claiming the Robert Mueller Russian investigation had entirely cleared him of wrongdoing. But now Trump is so desperate to hide the underlying evidence Mueller uncovered, he has asserted a dubious claim of executive privilege over basically the entire 448-page report and all evidentiary material supporting Mueller’s conclusions.

As the letter from Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd to Judiciary Committee chair Jerry Nadler stated, “this is to advise you that the President has asserted executive privilege over the entirety of the subpoenaed materials.” But Attorney General William Barr’s letter to Trump also suggests that it isn’t an ultimate claim of executive privilege but rather a “protective assertion of privilege” so the Justice Department can spend time reviewing the subpoenaed materials. That may matter in the sense that it’s a privilege claim that hasn’t been litigated yet, according to Susan Hennessey, executive editor of Lawfare.

“Basically DOJ is acknowledging there’s both privileged & non-privileged materials in the documents. They want more time to identify which is which,” Hennessey explained. “They are citing a 1996 precedent that offers an OLC theory about the ability to assert a general privilege in order to preserve time to conduct the review. I don’t believe a court has ruled on the question, but this is a question of time for review, not an ultimate assertion.”

Nonetheless, former director of the federal government’s ethics office, Walter Shaub, called Trump’s claim a “ludicrous distortion of executive privilege,” saying it was simply a delay tactic. Shaub noted that privilege claims are made about confidential advice given to a president, not criminal investigations in which they are subjects of the inquiry. “The Mueller report isn’t advice to the President, which is what privilege is meant to protect,” Shaub wrote. “But I guess Trump’s efforts to conceal the report show he finally understands how bad it is for him.”…”

President Trump’s Obstruction Never Ended article from Rantt. –

Now that his fake claims of total exoneration have imploded our fake president isn’t handling it well.

The myth of Donald Trump’s success in business is shattered article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

More on the complete fraud that is Donnie’s business acumen and how much of an ignorant con man he really is.

Trump Has Just One Trick – And It’s Not Working Anymore article from The Atlantic. –

Trump loves stirring up shit and acting like a blusterous buffoon but when confronted he backs down and it’s becoming more evident that the best way to beat down our wannabe tinpot tyrant is to stand up to him.

Trump’s lawlessness is an unfolding Shakespearean tragedy article from Think Progress. –

Until our equally treasonous Senate starts holding their corrupt wannabe dickless-traitor accountable, the Don is going to keep trampling the law every step of the way:

“As daily revelations of deceit and malfeasance shrouding President Trump emerge into broader view, a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions is shredding the nation’s oft-professed civic idealism.

In the most recent example, Americans learned from The New York Times this week that Trump paid no federal income taxes for nearly a decade on business losses that exceeded $1 billion between 1985 and 1994. This blockbuster news confirmed previous reporting that suggested Trump was a billionaire only in his imagination, and rendered moot the argument of his business acumen as a model for presidential leadership. Suffice to say, it was all a lie.

Within the same 24-hour span, Trump invoked executive privilege to prevent release of the full Mueller report, an illegal and imperial decision exerting control over a document which, for the most part, has already been publicly released. Taken together, that’s an impressive day of unchecked trampling upon the rule of law. But it’s just another day in Trumpian paradise.

The president is well past the halfway mark of his term, and his abusive policies are well documented…”

This Is Not Corruption As Usual. This Is Authoritarianism. article from Rantt. –

The Donald’s despotic delusions of grandeur have been on full display since he was ‘elected,’ and they’ve only gotten worse.

Is this Trump crisis different? article from The Week. –

Yet more bad news unraveling an already failed Trump presidency as his idiocy continues imploding him and his equally illegitimate administration.

Trump’s Trade War Disaster Grows As 400,000 Workers To Lose Jobs article from PoliticusUSA. –

Due to his extremely delusional lies about a Tariff war he will never win, Trump just keeps screwing U.S. citizens badly:

Trump Just Went Berserk And Blasted Twitter With 60 Retweets In 45 Minutes article from PoliticusUSA. –

For an accurate gauge of just how terrified, delusional, and willfully ignorant our wannabe Twitter tyrant is, just check his tweets.

Executive Privilege Didn’t Help Nixon And It Won’t Help Trump article from Crooks and Liars. –

Using Presidential power illegally – especially as an illegitimate president* – to cover up crimes committed in office isn’t going to work for Donnie:

“Like Donald Trump, Richard Nixon tried to stonewall congressional investigations into crimes allegedly committed in the White House.

“Why, we’ll just let it go to the (Supreme) Court. Fight it like hell,” Nixon said.

But the stone wall crumbled under pressure from the public, Congress and the courts, and its rubble formed the foundation for an article of impeachment.

As the Senate Watergate investigation began in 1973, Nixon took a position like Trump did on May 2, when he barred former White House counsel Don McGahn from testifying before Congress about potential obstruction of justice by the president…”

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 119th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt. –

Yet another week of the Don’s corrupt failed presidency has passed, and each week keeps making him look worse and worse.

Trump’s nickname #Brokeahontas trends worldwide on Twitter after his tax returns revealed he’s a lousy businessman article from The Raw Story. –

Giving Trump a dose of his own medicine and treating him like he treats everyone else will work wonders while pissing him off royally and having #Brokeahontas trending on Twitter is going to prove entertaining:

Trump Has A New Solution for Poverty: Pretend Poor People Don’t Exist article from The Nation. –

Redefining poverty to screw millions of more Americans is going to haunt Donald as his destruction of the moronic minions that still support him continues in full force.

Trump’s Lies About China Paying Tariffs Gets Fact-Checked Live – ON FOX NEWS! article from The Daily Kos. –

Trump’s lies about his failed Trade War with China are crumbling rapidly as his incompetence and ignorance continue driving America to financial ruin:

“America is currently suffering through a historically unique period wherein it is being misled on a daily basis by both it’s president and the State TV network (aka Fox News) that is propping him up. Donald Trump has been documented to have told more than 10,000 lies since his inauguration. And the pace of those falsehoods is increasing as he gets ever more desperate due to the unfolding web of criminality that he is frantically trying to cover up.

The risk this poses for the country is significant. Trump doesn’t care how dishonest his impotent rants are, so long as they provide a distraction from his impending legal jeopardy. And he doesn’t even care if they introduce threats of war or other serious harm to the nation – and the world. Representative of that reckless disregard for the welfare millions is an entirely manufactured economic crisis that Trump has latched onto with fanatical fury. His shameless ignorance of economic and fiscal affairs is the real crisis that America faces.

Last week Trump threatened China with increased tariffs if they didn’t capitulate to demands that Trump seems obsessed with but refuses to specify. He tweeted repeatedly that China would suffer if they didn’t comply, throwing the stock market into a tizzy that produced a 600 point drop. Trump believes (or pretends to) that the tariffs he seeks to impose would be paid by China. Probably around the same time that Mexico pays for his idiotic border/vanity wall. He even said that the tariffs would be more financially advantageous than actual trade with China.

Every economist with a pulse knows that tariffs are not paid by countries. They are paid by the importing businesses (i.e. U.S. companies), and those costs are generally passed on to U.S. consumers. It’s a de facto tax that would burden every American family. Nevertheless, Trump tweeted or retweeted his ignorant assertions twenty-six times just in the past week. He is apparently impervious to the facts and logic associated with this (or any) issue…”

Trump can’t stop ranting about Robert Mueller and Joe Biden during Mother’s Day celebration article from The Raw Story. –

Trump’s obvious guilt is eating him alive and his Twitter tantrums, which serve as nothing but shit servers to the morons that support him, are making it obvious that his implosion is rapidly approaching:

What’s behind Donald Trump’s bewildering avalanche of lies? Nothing good. Part 1 of 2 article from Salon. –

All Trump does is lie about everything for a multitude of reasons, including distracting from his endless corruption, incompetence and malfeasance. Recognizing that and using his lies against him will drive him over the edge.

The case for treating Trump’s tax returns like he treated Obama’s birth certificate article from Alternet. –

Treating Trump the way he treats everyone else is the best way to destroy what little is left of his massively failed presidency and to hold him accountable for his crimes.

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 120th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt. –

The Donald’s attempts at trying to make the Executive Branch a dictatorship with no checks on power is going to come back and bite him bigly:

“Week after week, move after move, the Trump administration is diminishing American democracy and undermining our founding documents. President Trump is the wannabe monarch the Constitution was crafted to protect the American people from.? Unfortunately, we’re learning the hard way that the Constitution is just a useless piece of parchment if no one has the courage to enforce it. ?Even worse, the Republican Party is perverting it.

The conservative theory of the unitary executive is corrupting our system of government. It’s the theory that Article II of the Constitution renders the President an all-powerful figure. The theory can be summed up in President Richard Nixon’s infamous words: “Well, when the president does it, that means that it is not illegal.” This is a notion the Trump administration is embracing in the aftermath of President Trump’s unprecedented obstruction of the Russia probe and his new tactic of stonewalling Congress.

As Attorney General William Barr indicated in his 19-page memo attacking Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s obstruction investigation, he thoroughly believes in the unitary executive theory. In his 4-page summary of the Mueller report, in which he lied about the contents of the full report, Barr made clear that he believes a President is incapable of obstructing justice. In Barr’s Senate Judiciary hearing last week, the Attorney General literally said that the President has the power to curtail any investigation if he feels he is being falsely accused.

As The Washington Post noted, and we will discuss throughout this article, the Trump administration is stonewalling more than 20 Democratic investigations. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is violating tax law by refusing to hand over 6 years of President Trump’s tax returns to the House Ways and Means Committee. Attorney General William Barr was held in contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with a subpoena requesting the full unredacted Mueller report. President Trump is seeking to prevent former White House Counsel Don McGahn from testifying before Congress. Those are just a few instances and don’t include the policy and other corruption inquiries…”

Trump Is Angry That the FBI Won’t Endorse His Theory of Victimhood article from The Atlantic. –

The Donald’s lies about being exonerated, no collusion, etc. are falling on deaf ears and pleading – unsuccessfully – with the FBI to lie about him being a victim is only exacerbating his failed presidency and making him look even more ignorant and foolish.

How Does Donald Trump Keep Getting Away With It? article from The Nation. –

With a corrupt Congress and Attorney General treating his ignorant insanity and Treason as normal, it’s not surprising that he keeps getting away with everything – and it’s time to put an end to it.

Trump Lies Again As Barr ‘Investigates’ The FBI article from Crook and Liars. –

Herr Frump is lying his ass off again about not asking his butt kissing Attorney General to investigate ‘the deep state’ that – according to him – tried to plot a coup and failed:

Trump Deems Himself A King Who Is Above Congress And The Courts article from PoliticusUSA. –

The Donald’s delusions are going to come back and bite his ignorant, corrupt ass and he’s in for some big surprises:

“Rep. Jamie Raskin described the White House’s legal theory of Trump’s power is that he is a king who is above the courts and Congress.

Trump thinks that he is a king

Rep. Raskin said on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes, “The theory is that the president is essentially a constitutional monarch and he stands above Congress and he stands above the courts. That’s a complete inversion of the constitutional design. Under our constitution, Congress is in Article One. We are the lawmaking power and receive the sovereign power from the people. We can impeach the president. We can impeach executive officers. He cannot impeach us. He has it backwards. Congress is in the process of reasserting our constitutional preeminence. We are not just a coequal branch We are the first among equals, and we have a president who thinks he is a king and acting in a lawless manner.”

Rachel Maddow: ‘How Is The President Not Being Impeached For Obstruction Of Justice Right Now? article from PoliticusUSA. –

There is no doubt that Trump and his cabal reached out to people to obstruct the Russia investigation – for obvious reasons – and have been blatantly obstructing Justice in a myriad of ways:

BUSTED: Trump also tried to torpedo investigation into Russian election interference in 2016 article from The Raw Story. –

The Don is guilty as hell of obstruction and Treason and it will eventually come back to haunt him bigly…

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