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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Another attack on ‘Fake News’ that is anything but begins today’s misadventures of our malevolent minority-elect president* as our fake leader in the White House continues fighting a battle that he’ll never win for a multitude of obvious reasons, the delusions in Trumpland never stop and it’s becoming blatantly obvious that the Don is losing what little is left of his moronic mind, once again the Don keeps lying and trying to blame his predecessor for his criminal actions, Trump’s growing desperation – aided by his ass kissing, corrupt Attorney General – is becoming glaringly evident, implausible deniability isn’t working too well for the Donald as more of his lies come roaring back to bite his ignorant Orange ass, Trump’s immigration crime spree keeps growing along with his moronic attempts at being a dictator and much more.

Trump Declares The Press The Enemy Because They Won’t Push His Propaganda article from PoliticusUSA. –

Our fake president is once again having infantile melt downs because no reputable media source will push his lies and propaganda, waging yet another war which he will lose bigly:

Trump Lashes Out After Reports That Mueller Investigation Is More Damaging Than DOJ Claimed article from Mother Jones. –

The Donald is upset that his lies about being exonerated courtesy of his equally corrupt Attorney General’s failed attempt to cover up his crimes and he’s imploding because no one – aside from the minority of moronic minions that support him – is buying it.

Trump raises eyebrows by saying, ‘We should get rid of judges’ article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Donnie’s despotic delusions of grandeur were once again on full display and he’s not doing himself any favors.

Former Trump business associates explain the reason behind Trump’s lies article from Salon. –

A look at some of the reasons Trump does nothing but lie about everything – and like in the past, it’ll come back to haunt him again:

“CNN’s Gloria Borger this week talked with multiple former business associates of President Donald Trump, who all explained why he has a habit of lying about everything he does.

Borger starts off by talking to former Trump Organization executive Barbara Res, who reveals that Trump planted a fake story about Princess Diana looking for an apartment in Trump Tower back in the 1980s as a way to hype up sales for the building.

“That didn’t happen?” Borger asked Res.

“No,” Res replied. “But it made the papers.”…”

Michael Cohen claims he’s given federal prosecutors new evidence of Trump-related crimes article from The Daily Kos. –

The Don’s lying ass is going to be in deeper shit now that his non-existent exoneration has been blown to smithereens and his legal woes are going to get much worse.

Trump pushed his DHS chief to take steps ‘that were clearly illegal’ article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Which isn’t surprising given his already proven history of ordering everyone else to break the law on his behalf.

Insane Trump Posts Delusional Video Where He Thinks He’s Batman article from PoliticusUSA. –

The delusions never stop in Trumpland, and when reality destroys the rest of his failed presidency the Donald is not going to handle it well (and the video has since been removed):

For All His Endless Lies, Trump Has Exposed Some Important Truths article from Common Dreams. –

How Donnie’s endless lies and stupidity have ended up revealing some very important issues that need to be addressed:

“Irony, paradox, contradiction, consternation — these define the times in which we live. On the one hand, the 45th president of the United States is a shameless liar. On the other hand, his presidency offers an open invitation to Americans to confront myths about the way their country actually works. Donald Trump is a bullshit artist of the first order. Yet all art reflects the time in which it’s produced and Trump’s art is no exception. Within all the excrement lie nuggets of truth.

Well before Trump rode the down escalator to the center of American politics, there were indicators aplenty that things had gone fundamentally awry. Yet only with the presidential election of 2016 did the chickens come home to roost. And with their arrival, it became apparent that more than a few propositions hitherto accepted as true are anything but.

Let me offer seven illustrative examples of myths that the Trump presidency has once-and-for-all demolished.

Myth #1: The purpose of government is to advance the common good. In modern American politics, the concept of the common good no longer has any practical meaning. It hasn’t for decades. The phrase might work for ceremonial occasions — inaugural addresses, prayer breakfasts, that sort of thing — but finds little application in the actual business of governing…”

Trump’s old Iranian business partners have many ties with newly designated ‘terrorist organization’ article from Alternet. –

Trump is lying about and illegally trying to start a war with Iran on his corrupt administration’s behalf and it turns out he probably has criminal ties to that country too.

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 115th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt. –

Yet another wild week for our corrupt president* and they aren’t getting any better for him.

Trump Blames Obama For ‘Kids In Cages’, But Family Separation ‘Worked’ article from Crooks and Liars. –

Trying to blame his predecessor for his failures isn’t ever going to work as anything more than a distraction as the Donald continues desperately lying to justify his treasonous actions and imploding at a rapid rate:

Trump’s attempt to blame Obama for family separations, debunked article from Vox. –

The Don keeps lying about his criminal actions and trying to blame Obama and it keeps coming back to bite his ignorant Orange ass:

“President Donald Trump reportedly wants to take an even more hardline approach at the southern border — but wants everyone to blame his predecessor for all of its unsavory aspects.

As reports swirl that Trump is considering reinstating and strengthening policies that would again result in migrant and asylum-seeking families being separated, the president, unprompted, told reporters during an Oval Office event Tuesday that “Obama separated the children, by the way. Just so you understand — President Obama separated the children.”

“Those cages that were shown, I think they were very inappropriate, they were built by President Obama’s administration, not by Trump,” he added. “President Obama had child separation. Take a look — the press knows it, you know it, we all know it. I’m the one that stopped it.”

But in the very next breath, Trump pivoted to defending the practice of separating children from their parents and detaining them, even while indicating he has no plans to resume doing it…”


Allowing racist morons to dictate your ignorant, delusional wishes isn’t going to bode well for Trump.

Adam Schiff Eviscerates Trump For Systematically Destroying The Rule Of Law article from PoliticusUSA. –

The Donald, aided by an almost equally corrupt U.S. Senate, keeps committing more and more crimes:

In Trump’s mind, following the law is sometimes optional article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Most of the time following the law is optional in Trump’s mind because in his delusional alternate reality he’s above it – when in fact he is not.

Debunking Barr’s Revival Of The White House’s ‘Spygate’ Conspiracy Theory article from Rantt. –

Trump’s lap dog Attorney General has decided to jump down the rabbit hole with his master and throw away the rest of his corrupt career, which won’t bode well for either one of them since they have absolutely no credibility left and can’t be trusted or believed:

“Rantt Rundown, Day 811 of Trump’s presidency – Today’s top stories:

After yesterday’s House Appropriations Committee hearing, we published an article headlined: Barr Just Showed Americans Why They Shouldn’t Trust Him. Today’s hearing made that headline look like an understatement. Attorney General William Barr appeared before the Senate Appropriations Committee and made several troubling claims showcasing the extent of his partisanship.

We could spend the duration of this article discussing how Barr refused to say Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation isn’t an illegal witch hunt. We could also talk about how Barr acknowledged Mueller didn’t ask him to make the decision to clear Trump of obstruction of justice. Instead, we are going to thoroughly dissect the newly resurrected conspiracy theory that the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign.

Today, Barr made a very poor choice of words, claiming that he thinks “spying did occur” on the Trump campaign…”

Trump’s desperate efforts to obscure Mueller’s findings have recently taken on a new meaning – here’s why article from The Raw Story. –

Because it reveals more of his guilt and of course will probably lead to his impeachment and being held accountable for his myriad of crimes.

Trump falsely says there’s ‘no law whatsoever’ on his tax returns article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

The lies and deception – not to mention his sheer terror at being caught in his endless corruption – never stop for the Donald.

Rachel Maddow Destroys The Conspiracy Theory That Trump Was Spied On During The Campaign article from PoliticusUSA. –

Trump and his corrupt AG are trying to cloud the Mueller report so they can lie about it, which will only work on his moronic minions that are too ignorant to think for themselves:

Bill Barr, ‘spy’ hunter: Now we know the attorney general is a Trump true believer article from Salon. –

Selling out to Trump and showing his true corrupt colors and delusions is going to prove costly for Barr and the idiotic Orange imbecile he sold his soul out to:

“If there was anyone left who wondered if Attorney General William Barr was an institutionalist or a Trump loyalist, this week has cleared that up. He is Trump’s man at the Department of Justice, ready and willing to advance the White House line regardless of how it might affect his own credibility. After Barr’s two days of testimony, first before the House Appropriations Committee and then the Senate Judiciary Committee, it’s unclear if he is even aware that such a thing might be important. The much maligned Matt Whitaker, Trump’s former acting attorney general, may end up being remembered as more of an honest broker than Barr is turning out to be.

In his appearance before the House committee, Barr was dismissive of questions about the Mueller report, arrogantly declaring that he’d said everything he intended to say until his version is released to the Congress. He did promise to present a color-coded set of redactions so that the clairvoyants who will be tasked with trying to figure out what the report actually says will know what category of information is being denied to the public, which is nice.

The big news from that hearing was that Barr announced “I am reviewing the conduct of the investigation and trying to get my arms around the aspects of the counterintelligence investigation that was conducted in the summer of 2016,” which got the right wing very excited. You can’t blame them. Their fatuous “Deep State” counter-narrative, which holds that the FBI and the intelligence community banded together during the election to sabotage Donald Trump’s campaign had seemingly been validated by the attorney general of the United States.

But no one was more excited about it than President Trump, who ranted incoherently about treason and expressed his gratitude that Barr was finally going to get to the bottom of the “attempted coup”:…”

Trump flails wildly as he faces ‘existential political crisis’ over immigration and the border article from Alternet. –

Every single crisis facing our delusional wannabe despot highlights Trump’s profound ignorance and is entirely of his own making.

Trump Mentioned Wikileaks 160 Times In A Month, But Now Claims He Doesn’t Know Them article from PoliticusUSA. –

Still lying, Trump claims he’s not familiar with Wikileaks after the arrest of Julian Assange, despite praising them repeatedly and having a poster of him in the White House:

Why has Congress stalled on investigation money laundering allegations at Trump properties? article from ThinkProgress. –

Because the Donald keeps stonewalling them and not cooperating – offering yet more evidence that he is obstructing justice and is guilty of more crimes.

New report gives Trump new reason to worry about hush-money scandal article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Donnie, who will go down in history as the most corrupt president ever, can’t seem to shake the mountain of legal issues he’s facing, which will eventually implode his failed presidency:

“As important as the Russia scandal and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation are, the political world occasionally loses sight of the fact that Donald Trump has already been implicated in a felony – and it has nothing to do with the Kremlin.

In fact, we learned last year that federal prosecutors in New York directly implicated the president in the felonious hush-money scandal, in which Trump allegedly directed Michael Cohen to make illegal payoffs to women with whom Trump had extra-marital affairs.

It’s no small story. The Atlantic reported last August that New York prosecutors “may pose a bigger threat to Trump than Mueller.” It was hardly a novel argument: both Chris Christie and Alan Dershowitz separately said the same thing.

With this in mind, the Wall Street Journal published a new report yesterday on the investigation, and the article pointed to federal prosecutors having gathered “more evidence than previously known in its criminal investigation.”…”

A President Falsely Charging ‘Treason’ Is What the Founders Feared article from The Atlantic. –

Unsurprisingly, the Don’s fake accusations violate the oath of office of his fake presidency…

The tyranny of Donald J. Trump — the president who thinks he and his family are above the law article from The Raw Story. –

His despotic delusions of grandeur are going to cost Donnie bigly..

Trump just completely undermined his own staffers as his latest scandal blows up in his face article from Alternet. –

On the many ways Trump keeps breaking laws and creating his own crises, primarily due to his profound ignorance and corruption:

Trump Crime Spree Grows As He Told DHS Head That He Would Pardon Him If He Broke Immigration Laws article from PoliticusUSA. –

3 times in a matter of days the Donald committed more crimes in plain sight – all involving immigration:

“Trump promised the now acting head of Homeland Security a pardon if he would break immigration laws for him.

CNN reported:

During President Donald Trump’s visit to the border at Calexico, California, a week ago, where he told border agents to block asylum seekers from entering the US contrary to US law, the President also told the commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, Kevin McAleenan, that if he were sent to jail as a result of blocking those migrants from entering the US, the President would grant him a pardon, senior administration officials tell CNN.

Two officials briefed on the exchange say the President told McAleenan since named the acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, that he “would pardon him if he ever went to jail for denying US entry to migrants,” as one of the officials paraphrased…”

Trump Keeps Trying To Violate Immigration Law article from Rant Media. –

More on the crimes the Don keeps committing in plain sight while terrorizing immigrants for the moronic miscreants that continue supporting his ignorant racist ass.

Trump’s immigration moves are straight from the dictator’s playbook article from The Guardian. –

Creating a false crisis, dubiously plotting revenge against political opponents, using cruelty to spread fear and terrorizing immigrants while committing a multitude of other crimes are all part of Trump’s moronic attempts at being a wannabe dictator.

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