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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Potential treason by GOP leadership in the House and Senate begins today’s misadventures of our malignant minority-elect president* as they colluded with him to keep his crimes hidden – meaning they are just as guilty as he is, Trump’s treasonous actions are becoming glaringly evident, how Donnie’s illegal ‘National Emergency’ highlights his despotic delusions of grandeur, how the Donald’s delusions are getting worse as his alternate reality continues imploding, Donald J. Trump – the most corrupt president* in U.S. history – has made himself completely irrelevant, follow the money to see why our moronic president* declared his fraudulent national emergency and a lot of answers become crystal clear, when you listen to Cohen’s testimony to Congress it becomes glaringly evident why Trump and his GOP enablers are so terrified of him, the Don’s North Korea ‘summit’ – like his presidency – was a massive failure and much more.

Andrew McCabe says House and Senate Republicans Knew that Trump was under investigation article from PoliticusUSA. –

Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham and a host of other GOP leaders are guilty of Treason and collusion for aiding, abetting and covering up the crimes of the illegitimate president* currently occupying the White House if this is true:

Trump blatantly bends the rule of law to suit his whims article from The Week. –

Trump is delusional enough to actually believe he is above the law and that laws don’t apply to him, which is going to result in many rude awakenings as he drags his already failed presidency further down the drain.

Trump asked his acting AG to appoint an ally to oversee crucial SDNY investigations: report article from Alternet. –

Yet another case of the Donald blatantly trying to obstruct justice to try and save his sorry ass that backfired miserably…

Trump’s Efforts to Subvert Justice Reportedly Thwarted by People Just Ignoring Him article from Splinter News. –

There will eventually be hell to pay for aiding and abetting the treasonous felon currently occupying the White House – though currently he’s only an unindicted co-conspirator – so ignoring him is probably wise:

“The New York Times on Tuesday published a massive exposé on President Donald Trump’s ongoing efforts to subvert, deflect, and in some cases outright end the various investigations into his alleged criminal misdeeds. It’s a compelling if exhausting read, which goes to great lengths to show how Trump—increasingly frustrated by the prospect of actually facing serious consequences for his actions—has spent the past two years working to manipulate the levers of the criminal justice system to suit his own needs.

And yet there’s an undeniable subtext in the Times’ reporting: That Trump’s worst, most authoritarian inclinations are frequently stymied by the fact that those around him simply ignore his more outlandish directives.

Here’s a good example, in which the president asked then-acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker to reinstate U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoffrey S. Berman—perceived by Trump to be a friend—to oversee the SDNY’s investigation into the president’s businesses, after Berman had recused himself (emphasis mine throughout).

He made the call to Mr. Whitaker to see if he could put Mr. Berman in charge of the New York investigation. The inquiry is run by Robert Khuzami, a career prosecutor who took over after Mr. Berman, whom Mr. Trump appointed, recused himself because of a routine conflict of interest…”

Maggie Haberman on Trump’s New York Times Attack: ‘That’s a Lie’ article from The Daily Beast. –

Once again Trump lied and ranted on Twitter about the New York Times, calling them the ‘enemy of the people’ in true despotic form for highlighting more of his corruption:

The Real Emergency Isn’t About the Wall, It’s About the Separation of Powers article from Counter Punch. –

Donnie tries to make light of his despotic delusions of grandeur, but his illegal power grab is going to come back and haunt him big time.

Trump’s ‘National Emergency’ Is a Hot Legal Mess article from The Nation. –

Trump’s declaration is illegal in so many ways and if the so-called ‘Justices’ base their decision on the law instead of their own corrupt politics, he will lose his ass big time.

Trump’s Demagoguery Goes Off the Rails article from The Strategic Culture Foundation. –

The Donald talking about Democracy is comical given his complete disdain for it and his ignorant attempts at authoritarianism:

“It may seem oxymoronic, but President Trump is living proof that lunatics can think big. Not content with “only” threatening regime change in Venezuela, the American leader is expanding his mission to rid the Western hemisphere of socialism, with Cuba and Nicaragua next in line for US “salvation”.

In a particularly unhinged speech last weekend in Miami, Florida, Trump declared Venezuelan President Nicolas Madura a “Cuban puppet” and “failed dictator”. Trump denounced socialism with a verve that has not been heard from a US president since the depth of the Cold War more than 30 years ago.

“In Venezuela, and across the Western hemisphere, socialism is dying and liberty, prosperity and democracy are being reborn,” said Trump inferring the “Troika of Tyranny” that his national security advisor John Bolton – another lunatic – previously coined to describe Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

The Miami Herald reported Trump’s speech as a “harbinger” for regime change in the three Latin American countries…”

Trump’s Presidency Is Getting Weaker article from Bloomberg. –

Creating fights he can’t possibly win to serve as distractions from his profoundly corrupt, inept presidency isn’t boding well for the Don.

Trump’s Plan To Hide The Mueller Report Just Got Obliterated article from PoliticusUSA. –

Donnie will do everything he can to hide that report from the public once it’s released, but Congress will quickly change that if he tries to:

Why there is no end in sight for Trump’s legal troubles – regardless of what Mueller does article from The Raw Story. –

For more than 40 years Trump has committed a multitude of crimes, and Mueller’s investigation is just the tip of the iceberg as his past criminal actions are coming back to haunt him.

Trump’s Fake National Emergency Moves America Closer to an Autocracy article from Counter Punch. –

It remains to be seen if the GOP-controlled Senate will further enable Donald’s crimes or stand up to him, but we may have a real problem with corrupt courts if this thing goes that far:

“President Trump’s decision to declare a national emergency in order to fund his border wall triggers a crisis for our Constitution and our democracy.

This is no longer about the shameless lies, exaggerations and slanders that the president has trotted out to justify his silly campaign promise to build a wall (that he promised Mexico would pay for). It’s no longer about wasting billions of dollars, of shutting down much of the government for weeks or squandering the time and attention of the Congress and the American people for an inane campaign promise.

Trump now poses a fundamental challenge to our democracy: Does Congress have the essential power of the purse that the Constitution gave it, or can a president at his whim declare a national emergency and spend what he wants on what he wills? This is the line between a constitutional republic and a presidential autocracy. Trump’s petulant response to not getting the money he wants now puts that question before the Congress and the courts.

This is no exaggeration. Trump wants money for the wall. Congress — both the Republican Senate and the Democratic House — voted not to give him as much as he demanded. So the president declares a national emergency and uses money appropriated by the Congress for other purposes to fund his wall…”

Trump struggles to keep up with his own bogus border wall claims article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Living in his land of delusion is proving problematic for Donnie and isn’t going to bode well for him.

One video refutes Sarah Sanders’s claim that Trump has never encouraged violence article from Vox. –

Donnie’s delusions are getting worse – as are his lies about never inciting violence since that’s all he ever does at his ‘rallies’ – and his moronic mental deficiencies are proving problematic for him and his lying press secretary:

Donald Trump brazenly claims he has not done anything wrong – and the fact checks are hilarious article from The Raw Story. –

The delusional denials from Trump about his incredible corruption and malfeasance are comical, and they prove just how ignorant he really is:

‘You’re fired!’ America has already terminated Trump article from The Guardian. –

Donald J. Trump, the most corrupt president* in U.S. history, is no longer relevant and in fact, could easily end up leaving office before his first term is up:

“Robert Mueller’s soon-to-be-delivered report will begin months of congressional investigations, subpoenas, court challenges, partisan slugfests, media revelations, and more desperate conspiracy claims by Donald Trump, all against the backdrop of the burning questions: Will he be impeached by the House? Will he be convicted by the Senate? Will he pull a Richard Nixon and resign?

In other words, will America fire Trump?

I have news for you. America has already fired him.

When the public fires a president before election day, as it did Jimmy Carter, Nixon and Herbert Hoover, they don’t send him a letter telling him he’s fired…”

Trump provides the answer article from Medium. –

The next president – who isn’t illegitimate and actually has a mandate – could declare actual National Emergencies, some caused by Trump, that will reverse a lot of the bull shit perpetrated by him and his equally corrupt cabal.

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 109th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt. –

Each of Donnie’s failed weeks that pass bring us that much closer to finally removing him from office once and for all:

Trump falsely denies 2016 phone calls between his team and Russia article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Trump denies – lies about – everything despite overwhelming mountains of evidence showing the contrary, and his alternate reality is caving in rapidly.

Donald Trump’s China syndrome is more proof he can’t tell Fox News fantasy from the real world article from The Raw Story. –

It’s impossible for Donnie to face reality in his land of delusion and it’s growing worse with each passing day:

“Frankly, I’m a little surprised Donald Trump didn’t claim that an “MOU” is the sound cows make — a very, very tremendous sound the likes of which you’ve never heard, this I can tell you. Trump’s rant in the Oval Office last Friday about drafting a “memorandum of understanding” with China in the midst of his unnecessary trade war was a perfect example of this president’s damaging inability to grasp the complexities of negotiating on the international stage.

By now, the myth of Trump as a deal-making wizard has been repeatedly debunked, even if his hardcore fans haven’t noticed. Everyone who has negotiated with Trump has either eaten his lunch, or is about to.

This particular scene was a perfect representation of not just Trump’s overall know-nothing incompetence — his laughable inability to grasp basic concepts necessary for functioning as America’s chief executive. It also illustrated how reality and Trump’s Fox News performance art once again clashed in public, with a Trump adviser desperately struggling to yank the president into the real world.

Reporters asked Trump about Michael Cohen during the Kim summit – so he banned them article from Vox. –

Donald wants all eyes to be on his political theater shit show with North Korea’s President – in which he will do Russia’s bidding – but he’s being upstaged by the testimony of his former fixer, and he’s not handling it well.

Follow the Money to the Border Wall article from Counter Punch. –

When you look at the fools responsible for making our moronic president* declare a fraudulent national emergency after shutting the government down for over a month, the reasons become crystal clear when you follow the money.

Michael Cohen Is The Sledge Hammer That’s Destroying Trump’s House Of Cards article from PoliticusUSA. –

There are many reasons Trump and the GOP are afraid of what Cohen can reveal about his fraudulent past – because he knows where the bodies are buried and was smart enough to keep all the evidence:

Michael Cohen reveals Trump is subject of a previously undisclosed criminal investigation article from Salon. –

The State of New York is going to have a field day with the Don and his equally corrupt family once he’s out of office:

“Michael Cohen, the former lawyer and fixer for President Donald Trump who has now turned on his erstwhile boss, told Congress during his hearing on Wednesday that there are secret investigations occurring into Trump in New York.

Cohen’s comment occurred during a question he received from Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, D-Ill., who wanted to learn more about the previous occasion when the lawyer had spoken with the president, according to CNBC. Cohen told Krishnamoorthi that the last time he had spoken to the president was “within two months” of the FBI raiding his home, office and hotel suite in April 2018.

Krishnamoorthi asked, “What did he or his agent communicate to you?”

Cohen responded, “Unfortunately, this topic is actually something that’s being investigated right now by the Southern District of New York and I’ve been asked by them not to discuss and not to talk about these issues.”…”

Cohen connects the dots on what Trump knew about Russia, and when he knew it article from ThinkProgress. –

Donald’s lies about ‘Witch Hunt’ just went down in flames as it’s becoming more obvious that he was guilty as charged all along.

Rudy Giuliani and Trumpworld Raged as ‘Career Criminal Liar’ Michael Cohen Spilled Secrets article from the Daily Beast. –

Listening to the Don and the moronic minions that support him bitching about Cohen lying is hysterical given the fact that all Trump and the rest of his ilk ever do is lie.

Trump Embarrasses America With N. Korea Summit Disgrace article from PoliticusUSA. –

Once again the ‘master negotiator’ showed how much of a failure he is as his distraction from what’s going on at home was a complete bust:

Trump runs cover for Kim Jong-un when asked about Otto Warmbier’s death – and even Rick Santorum thinks it’s ‘reprehensible’ article from Alternet. –

Trump loves kissing the asses of ruthless dictator’s and covering up their crimes for them:

“On Thursday morning, following President Donald Trump’s disastrous summit with North Korea in which the U.S. got no deal despite caving on major demands, even CNN’s Rick Santorum, former Republican senator from Pennsylvania and one of Trump’s biggest supporters on the network, was visibly disgusted.

What seemed to be the breaking point for Santorum was the moment Trump gave cover to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un for the fate of American student Otto Warmbier, who was brutally tortured in a North Korean prison and died in a coma after his release. Trump said he took Jong-un at his word that he wasn’t aware of what his interrogators did to Warmbier and that the dictator “felt very badly” about it.

“This is the conundrum of Donald Trump for many of us who like his policies and don’t like a lot of things he does and says,” Santorum said. “What he did in Hanoi was the right thing to do. He walked away from a bad deal … but this is reprehensible what he just did. He gave cover, as you said, to a leader who knew very well what was going on with Otto Warmbier. I don’t understand why the president does this.”

‘The reason there was no defense is because there is no defense’ article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

The GOP tried to eviscerate Michael Cohen during his open testimony to the House of Representatives, but failed and they couldn’t defend Trump because Trump’s criminal actions are indefensible.

Michael Cohen Destroyed Not Just Trump but Also His House GOP Defenders article from The Nation. –

Cohen is the first bird to sing and there will be more to follow that will hasten the end of our unindicted co-conspirator’s corrupt, illegitimate presidency.

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