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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

We begin today’s misadventures of our malevolent minority-elect president* with yet another Twitter meltdown after caving and reopening the government – and the arrest of Roger Stone – as the pressure from his failed presidency continues driving him crazy while dragging him further down the drain, each passing week keeps getting worse for the Donald, shutting down the government may have been a ploy by Donnie to slow the investigations into his endless corruption so he may actually do it again, the Don’s constant, endless lying is quickening his imminent implosion, Trump’s hesitation to declare his fraudulent ‘National Emergency’ proves that it doesn’t exist, 7 ways – though there are more – to survive the next two years of Donald’s illegitimate presidency, the Don’s lack of intelligence is making him look like a total National Security threat, Trump is on a major losing streak – for obvious reasons, America’s media is still allowing the Donald to spread his lies and delusions with total impunity – which doesn’t bode well for the country and much more.

Trump Goes Berserk on Twitter: ‘We Will Build the Wall!’ article from PoliticusUSA. –

Donald still can’t get his wall and now that more close associates are being arrested, his failed presidency is just about done but the bluster, bull shit and delusions never cease:

Trump Folds on Shutdown After Yet Another Historically Bad Week article from Truthout. –

After screwing hundreds of thousands of people by shutting down the government for over a month because of temper tantrums over not getting funding for his racist border wall and the announcement of yet another arrest of one of his many corrupt cronies, Trump’s troubles are only getting worse.

Trump tries to bounce back after horrible day damages presidency article from CNN. –

Every day the Donald provides us more evidence that he is truly an illegitimate, failed president* who is in over his head.

Ann Coulter retracts her support for Trump over bill to reopen government, says she was ‘a very stupid girl’ article from Business Insider. –

Her extreme ignorance is one of the reasons that Donald shot himself in the foot and closed the government down for more than a month, and in a few weeks the stupidity is going to shift into overdrive again:

“Conservative commentator Ann Coulter lashed out at President Donald Trump Friday night over his signing of a bill that would temporarily open the government that did not include any money for his border wall.

Coulter slammed Trump for the concession, telling “Real Time” host Bill Maher *that the president had broken* “the promise he made every day for 18 months.”

“Now you’re finding out he’s a lying con man,” Maher said. “What was your first clue?”

Over laughs and shouts from the audience, Coulter replied “Okay, I’m a very stupid girl, fine.”…”

‘This Is A Cave, Not A Wall’: Internet Explodes Over Donald Trump’s Shutdown Cave article from The Huffington Post. –

In 21 days when the Don still doesn’t get money for his racist wall, he’s going to dig himself another hole he won’t be able to slither out of:

Trump’s absolutely absurd Friday cements his place in history as worst president ever article from The Daily Kos. –

More on one of Donnie’s worst days of his presidency as his fraud-fueled failed presidency went down in flames.

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 105th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt. –

A look back at the most recent disastrous worst week of Trump’s already failed presidency:

Trump’s planned shutdown 2.0 is proof he’s not a real negotiator article from Alternet. –

The only things real about Trump are his endless fraud, ignorance, lies and deceptions, and little else:

“After backing down and accepting the same deal that Democrats offered before he put the nation through a month-long shutdown that damaged the economy, shook faith in the ability of the government to provide basic services, fractured national security, and left hundreds of thousands of federal workers on the job without pay, Donald Trump was back over the weekend … to give up on negotiations. As the Wall Street Journal detailed, Trump is going into the three-week period in which the government is trying to recover from the blow he just delivered fully expecting to generate a fresh national crisis come Valentine’s Day.

Trump set the odds of reaching any arrangement with Congress at “less than 50-50,” setting the stage for either a second act of shutdown or the declaration of the world’s slowest and least-justified “national emergency.” However, no matter what Trump says, support for either action has been considerably reduced. His record-length shutdown, and his abrupt backpedal on the brink of growing disaster, has left Trump’s support at record lows in the polls and left Republicans in Washington much less enthusiastic about following him over his next self-erected cliff.

Throughout his nomination and election, Trump said whatever he wanted. Even when he reversed himself, or said things with no basis in reality—which was constantly—it didn’t seem to damage his standing. Republicans who at the beginning distanced themselves from Trump’s most outrageous and harmful statements swiftly quieted. And once he was in office, Trump never faced anything, on any issue, that looked like opposition within the party that he remade in his own image.

With the elections in 2018, Trump was faced, for the very first time, with the prospect of actually having to negotiate. What 2019 has demonstrated definitively is that ghostwriter Tony Schwartz wrote The Art of the Deal. Trump’s personal experience includes only cajoling, bullying, and cheating the rubes who have fueled both his failed real estate schemes and his fake “university.” Actually making a deal, especially with people who understand both the function of government and the system of legislation in infinitely more detail, is simply beyond him…”

Pelosi goes there, asks, ‘What does Putin have on the president?’ article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

When you’re not guilty of anything as the Don claims, you don’t act guilty – he is definitely hiding something…

Donald Trump has a strategy: He’s using the border wall fight to escape from justice article from Salon. –

There’s a reason Donnie shut down the government: to delay the investigations into his corruption, so he may well do it again if he thinks it can keep his corrupt, ignorant ass out of prison.

Trump’s Presidency Is Finally Crumbling Under The Weight Of His Constant Lies article from PoliticusUSA. –

When the Don’s Ministry of Propaganda starts turning on him because of all his lies, you know things aren’t going well for him:

Trump Is Destroying His Own Case for a National Emergency article from The Atlantic. –

Aside from the fact that the ‘National Emergency’ inside Trump’s delusional mind is nothing but a massive fraud, the fact that he’s waited so long to declare it belies the fact that it doesn’t exist:

“It has now been more than three weeks since President Donald Trump first began his public flirtation with declaring a national emergency as a way of getting funding to build a wall on the southern border. At first he seemed intent on declaring an emergency immediately. Within days, though, he began saying that he was in no hurry to pull that trigger. On Friday, even as he abruptly caved and allowed the government to reopen for three weeks without wall funding, he again threatened to declare an emergency—but only if Congress doesn’t give him what he wants.

Trump no doubt thinks he looks more reasonable if he gives Congress plenty of time to act before declaring an emergency. He might also think that Congress’s repeated failure to provide funds shows the need for emergency action. The truth is the exact opposite. By giving Congress time to definitively establish its unwillingness to fund the border wall, Trump is both taking away any legitimate justification for emergency action and proving his intent to subvert the constitutional balance of powers.

Here’s how the legal process for emergency powers works: Under the National Emergencies Act, passed by Congress in 1976, the president has broad discretion to declare a national emergency. Upon issuing the declaration, he gains access to special authorities provided in 123 provisions of law that have been enacted over many decades. These laws authorize presidential action across all areas of government, from military deployment to agricultural exports to energy production. Like an advance medical directive, in which a patient specifies actions a doctor may take in a range of extreme situations when the patient cannot make her wishes known, they represent Congress’s best guess as to what powers a president might need in a crisis that is unfolding too quickly for Congress to respond.

As this legal framework makes clear, emergency powers are not a license for the president to sidestep Congress. To the contrary: The only powers the president can access during a national emergency are those Congress has granted. However potent some of these powers might be, the source of the president’s authority in all cases remains a legislative delegation—one that is granted in advance because true emergencies require immediate action. A president using emergency powers to thwart Congress’s will, in a situation where Congress has had ample time to express it, is like a doctor relying on an advance directive to deny life-saving treatment to a patient who is conscious and clearly asking to be saved…”

Here are 7 ways to survive two more years of President Donald Trump article from The Raw Story. –

It begins with ignoring Donald’s bluster and bull shit since all he ever does is lie and paying attention to what he does since his corruption and ignorance always come shining through…

Rachel Maddow Busts Trump For Basing His Immigration Policy On A Fictional Movie Plot article from PoliticusUSA. –

There is a very good chance that Trump’s delusions about immigration and his fictional National Emergency – aside from the humanitarian border crisis created by him and his cabal – is based on fictional movies he saw, but if there is any truth to it, that’s a whole new level of stupid:

Conservative Columnist Nails Why Donald Trump’s Shutdown Threat ‘Is Entirely Empty’ article from The Huffington Post. –

As previously mentioned, fraudulently trying to declare a National Emergency that doesn’t exist will not bode well for the Don and will in fact destroy what little credibility – if any – he has left.

Trump: ‘The Greatest Salesman’ Who Can’t Sell Anything article from The Daily Beast. –

When Trump – the world’s greatest, most fraudulent con man – can fool the moronic minions that support him, including his Ministry of Propaganda, things are bound to crash and burn:

“Donald Trump had 35 days to convince America to support his border wall during the government shutdown. He didn’t. Next week he will have a chance to do it again, when he delivers the State of the Union Address. The odds are he won’t. That’s because, with all his attempts to brand himself as a marketing wizard, Donald Trump is anything but. As this reality becomes abundantly clear, it is even becoming apparent even to some of Trump’s most passionate and stubborn supporters. You always hurt the ones who love you the most.

Let’s take, for example, conservative provocateur Ann Coulter. During last week’s episode of HBO’s Real Time, when Bill Maher joked that Coulter was just now “finding out he’s a lying conman,” Coulter replied, “That was actually a selling point with Trump.”

“I find his puffery really charming,” she continued.

Putting your faith in a man based on his ability to fool other people is like marrying the person you cheated with. Eventually, that person gets around to lying to….you…”

Destroying Government article from Counter Punch. –

Paying attention to the Donald’s actions instead of his distractions is quite revealing as he’s been putting corrupt corporate cronies over the people since being ‘elected.’

Has Trump peddled bogus claims about the border because of a movie? article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

As previously mentioned, if Trump is getting his delusional border fairy tales from a movie, he’s going to have some major explaining to do.

Trump Busted For New Secret Meeting With Putin At G20 article from PoliticusUSA. –

News of another secret meeting with his Russian Sugar Daddy is causing more problems for Donnie:

U.S. Intelligence Chiefs Are Sounding the Alarm About the Administration* They Work For article from Esquire. –

Regardless of the facts and truth – which the dimwitted dumb ass Donald is allergic to – about Iran, North Korea and a few other countries, he just keeps making things up as he goes along, which doesn’t bode well for this country:

“I don’t want to alarm anyone unreasonably, but the heads of the entire United States intelligence community went before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday morning and testified that the President* of the United States doesn’t know enough about foreign affairs generally, and the threats to this country in particular, to throw a cat. From the Washington Post:

[Director of National Intelligence Dan] Coats, speaking on behalf of the assembled officials, gave a global tour of threats, focused mainly on Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. Coats said that North Korea was “unlikely to completely give up its nuclear weapons and production capabilities,” which the country’s leaders consider “critical to the regime’s survival.” That assessment threw cold water on the White House’s more optimistic view that the United States and North Korea will achieve a lasting peace and that the regime will ultimately give up its nuclear weapons…And throughout the hearing, officials found themselves repeating earlier assessments on subjects that also were at odds with other public statements from the president.

The officials assessed that the government of Iran was not trying to build a nuclear weapon, despite the Trump administration’s persistent claims that the country has been violating the terms of an international agreement forged during the Obama administration. Officials told lawmakers that Iran was in compliance with the agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, as some officials had previously said privately. But Iranian leaders are discussing reneging on the deal if they fail to reap the economic benefits it was supposed to bring after international sanctions were lifted, Haspel said. The Trump administration has reimposed U.S. sanctions.

The intelligence community has earned every speck of every grain of salt with which its evaluations are taken in the wake of what happened in the run-up to the Iraq War. (So, in fact, has anyone associated with the late Avignon Presidency, no matter what their opinion of the current president* is.) But these are people saying now that the administration* is being unreasonably naive towards North Korea and unreasonably bellicose toward Iran. This comes out to being hilariously and dangerously incompetent on all counts…”

Kremlin embarrasses Trump – Again article from The Raw Story. –

Holding secret meetings with Russia while having no American witnesses present only makes Donnie look more guilty and strengthens the collusion cases against him:

Lack of Intelligence article from Slate. –

More on the dangers of an incompetent, fake president* – the Don – getting his ignorant ideas from Fox faux News instead of his own Intelligence agencies.

The Pentagon just doesn’t see Trump’s border wall as an emergency article from ThinkProgress. –

No one sees the border wall as a national emergency except for Trump – though it wasn’t relevant when the GOP controlled Congress – and the only emergency at the border is the humanitarian crisis created by him…

Trump is on a major losing streak article from The Week. –

Most likely because he is and always has been a loser – now it’s just more prevalent since he’s on a national stage since being ‘elected:’

“What happens when a marriage of convenience becomes inconvenient? A divorce, usually.

President Trump and the GOP establishment in Washington, D.C., aren’t getting a divorce — yet — but a growing number of signs emanating from Republicans in Congress suggest they no longer find their alliance with the president all that convenient. When it comes to policy, it seems Trump is increasingly finding himself the loneliest man in Washington.

Consider these developments in recent days:

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), the Republican chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, on Wednesday called on Trump to lift tariffs on Canada and Mexico before Congress begins debating the NAFTA-replacement treaty the administration recently negotiated, citing the toll the trade war with those countries is taking on American farmers…”

Trump gets visibly upset after reporter points out his intel chiefs don’t think the border is a national crisis article from The Raw Story. –

Reality plays absolutely no role whatsoever in the Don’s Border Wall National Crisis fantasy and he’s in for some rude awakenings.

Trump Claims Intelligence Chiefs’ Live Testimony Was ‘Totally Misquoted’ article from The Huffington Post. –

Yet another case of our fake president* spreading more lies and fake news because his Intelligence agencies constantly contradict every lie he tells, making himself look even more foolish:

A peek at the fantasy world in Donald J. Trump’s brain article from Alternet. –

There are a never-ending myriad of delusions and fantasies that swirl through Donald’s mediocre mind that we witness on a daily basis, and that doesn’t bode well for the people of this country.

New York Times publisher rolls over for Trump in toothless interview about ‘fake news’ article from The Daily Kos. –

Enabling our fake president* to spread his lies and delusions with total impunity is quite revealing and totally unacceptable:

“More than three years after Donald Trump rode the down escalator inside Trump Tower to announce his radical campaign for president, more than three years after he began waging a vicious war on the free press in the United States and around the world, and years after he adopted dictator rhetoric and began smearing hardworking journalists as “enemies of the people,” the New York Times still doesn’t have the collective spine to stand up to the Oval Office bully.

Signaling once again that the paper cherishes access above all, Times publisher A. G. Sulzberger on Thursday joined Times White House reporters Maggie Haberman and Peter Baker for an on-the-record interview with Trump. Sulzberger was present ostensibly to press Trump on his use of “fake news” and his dangerous, unprecedented, and relentless attacks on the news media.

“The effects are not just being felt with the outlets who you feel are treating you unfairly,” said Sulzberger. “They’re being felt all over the world, including folks who are literally putting their lives on the line to report the truth.”

But in the end, as so often happens with the Times in the Trump era, the interview became a wasted opportunity as Sulzberger toothlessly made his objections and Trump pretended not to know his words were having consequences. Then Trump just lied his way through the Q&A, and also complained about his press coverage…”

Contradicted by his own national security team, Trump tries gaslighting article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Trump is lying – desperately – about the non-existent border wall crisis and trying to convince everyone that his delusions are real, when in fact they are far from it.

There Can Be No Doubt Trump Colluded With Roger Stone On Wikileaks article from Crooks and Liars. –

Donnie lies about everything else all the time and his dubious New York Times interview – in which the Times never bothered to let it be known that he was blatantly lying, choosing instead to air Trump’s fake news propaganda – was no different, so you can be sure he colluded with Roger Stone and it’s going to come back and bite him big time:

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