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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

We begin today’s misadventures of our malevolent minority-elect president* with potential serious health issues happening in National Parks as a result of his racist border wall shutdown, Trump’s legal woes are about to get much worse, an overwhelming majority blame Trump for the shutdown which he refuses to end because he says it’ll make him look foolish – though no more foolish than he already does, Donnie got jealous with Democrats making all the headlines so he had to create yet another worthless distraction for attention, Trump’s delusions and desperation are getting the best of him, Donald’s despotic delusions of grandeur – as well as his growing desperation – are once again on full display as his bluster over his racist border wall continues despite his farcical delusions that the majority supports it, still trying to blame everyone else for his profound corruption and stupidity and much more.

Trump’s Shutdown Is Making the National Parks Overflow With Shit and Garbage article from Splinter News. –

No staff on hand to clean the parks due to Trump’s moronic government shut down is causing potential serious health issues in National Parks.

Right wing paper publishes White House-produced ‘exclusive’ list of accomplishments – then Trump promotes it: reporter article from The Raw Story. –

Desperate times call for desperate measures as Trump and his cabal try making people believe he’s actually accomplished something as president* – though nothing has been achieved aside from breaking more laws and trying to destroy his predecessor’s legacy:

America’s New Year’s Resolution: Remove Trump article from Common Dreams. –

Allowing Trump to continue escalating his dubious attacks on America’s core democratic institutions is unacceptable and he needs to know we’re paying attention.

Secret Court Filing By Prosecutors Is Very Bad News for Donald Trump article from PoliticusUSA. –

Trump may have intentionally shut his government down to impede the investigations into his corruption but those investigating his criminal actions are still busy:

“As many government employees are on furlough, the federal prosecutors investigating Russia influence in the 2016 elections continued to make filings and take care of business.

The latest news that will cause Donald Trump to lose sleep is that a Joint Status Report Under Seal has been filed in the W. Samuel Patten criminal matter.

Patten is a lobbyist and political consultant who was a close partner of Russian spy Konstantin Kilimnik, as well as working for the parent of Cambridge Analytica and working with Paul Manafort…”

USA Today op-ed lays out damning evidence that Trump attempted Russia collusion in plain sight article from The Raw Story. –

Donnie has committed a lot of collusion in plain sight but asking Russia for help wasn’t the smartest thing he’s ever done:

10 Reasons To Love The Donald Trump Blimp And Why It Should Become The Lasting Symbol Of His Failed Presidency article from Extra Newsfeed. –

Truth in satire that is brutally honest and hilarious and gives you a multitude of reasons why his blimp should be the lasting symbol of his failed presidency.

Trump struggles to find a way out of his own shutdown mess article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

The only way the Donald is going to be able to slither out of this hole he’s created for himself is to piss off his base so it remains to be seen how he handles it.

Trump Mentally Collapses And Compares His Wall To The Vatican article from PoliticusUSA. –

The Don is delusional about his wall and refuses to give up on it since he’s catering to his right-wing propaganda pushers and supporters and it’s really making him look extremely foolish:

“Trump went on a rant about his wall during a cabinet meeting and compared his border wall to the Vatican.

Trump said, “How bad it is, how dangerous it is and why we need a wall. They know that. When they say the wall is immoral, then you have to do something about the Vatican because the Vatican has the biggest wall of them all. The wall is immoral. Look at all the countries that have walls. They work 100%. It’s never going to change. Wall is wall. If we have drones up there, it’s wonderful. A lot of people thought it was 25 billion. That was for overall homeland security. That was for much more than the wall. The wall was a piece of that.”


The lies Trump is using to justify his border wall shutdown article from ThinkProgress. –

Lying about immigration is standard operating procedure for Trump and the more desperate he grows the worse the lies become:

All Of The Made-Up, Nonsensical, Hypocritical Highlights From Trump’s Cabinet Meeting article from The Huffington Post. –

The Don’s alternate reality is really going to make his life a living hell.

Here’s why Donald Trump will not go quietly like Nixon article from Alternet. –

Because he’s a moronic Psychopath who belongs behind bars… and because once he’s out of office his ass is going to be in A LOT of legal trouble.

Twice as Many Voters Blame Trump for Shutdown Than Blame Democrats article from PoliticusUSA. –

Righteously so given that the shutdown is entirely Trump’s fault and he’s afraid that once he caves – and he will cave – he’s going to look foolish:

“Twice as many Americans blame Donald Trump than blame congressional Democrats for the partial government shutdown that is now nearly two weeks old.

In a new The Hill-Harris poll only 21 percent of registered voters blamed Democrats for the shutdown, which should cause Republicans to lose some sleep. There is no end in sight for this shutdown, and 42 percent of voters who responded to the survey said President Trump was to blame for it. One-third of voters said that both parties in Congress and the president were all equally responsible.

The government has been shut down since Dec. 22 when President Trump changed his mind and said he would not sign a spending bill that had been passed by Congress to keep the government operating.

After being pushed by right-wing media, Trump took the position he would not sign any bill to fund the government that did not include his requested $5 billion in funding for a border wall. Democrats have offered $1.3 billion for border security, and this amount was approved in legislation passed by the Republican-controlled Senate two weeks ago…”

Pelosi: ‘Open discussion’ on whether Trump could be indicted in office article from Politico. –

Despite the bogus claim by the Department of Justice, there is nothing in the Constitution that prohibits sitting presidents from being indicted – and in this case indictment is more than warranted.

Trump’s Border Blunders article from Fact Check. –

Trump has lied repeatedly about everything, including his racist border wall.

Trump Holds A Fake Press Conference As Democrats Dominate article from PoliticusUSA. –

Donnie gets jealous when his name and criminal actions aren’t splashing all over the news cycle so he decided to create yet another worthless distraction:

As his shutdown continues, Trump flunks the basics of negotiating article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Given that Trump flunks the basics of human decency and virtually everything else, this really shouldn’t come as a surprise:

“About halfway through Donald Trump’s odd cabinet meeting at the White House yesterday, Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker delivered some brief, gushing remarks about his deep admiration for his boss.

“Sir, Mr. President,” Whitaker said, “I will start by highlighting the fact that you stayed in Washington, D.C. over the holidays, giving up Christmas with your family, New Year’s with your family, trying to bring an end to this shutdown and security to our southern border, while members of Congress, some members of Congress went on vacation and ignored the problem.”

I’m sure Trump enjoyed the genuflecting rhetoric, but the president didn’t spend late December “trying to bring an end to this shutdown.” Rather, he spent the holidays tweeting and watching television. Trump could’ve held negotiations, called Congress to return to session, or worked the phones with lawmakers, trying to work out a deal, but he didn’t do any of these things. In fact, there’s no evidence of him doing any meaningful work on the issue at all.

But Whitaker’s rhetoric seemed to echo the president’s own perspective nicely. Trump told his cabinet:…”

Looking Backward (2018) and Forward (2019) article from Common Dreams. –

How the Don’s distractions are designed to keep him in the public eye as the attention whore he is to draw attention away from his treasonous actions – though he’s failing miserably.

Trump stamps his feet in new letter to Congress: ‘Walls work – powerful people build them around their homes’ article from The Raw Story. –

Trump’s delusions – and desperation – are getting the best of him and making him look even more foolish:

Trump Threatens To Declare A National Emergency To Build His Wall article from PoliticusUSA. –

Since he can’t get Congress to pay for it and he lied about Mexico paying for it, Trump is growing increasingly desperate to get his racist border wall and is making more threats – though in reality he can’t do that either:

Donald Trump’s ‘great wall’ is a fantasy that even he knows will never be real article from CNBC. –

Donald’s fantasy of a great wall and having Mexico pay for it is a farce that he will never be able to achieve:

“Donald Trump sought the presidency on a fantasy: with Mexico’s money, he would build a “great wall” of concrete and steel across America’s southern border.

Ever since he won, Trump has obscured his inability to make the fantasy real. Rhetorically, he has fogged the air on whether he seeks a wall or something else, whether he needs money from Congress or not, whether the wall is “desperately needed” or already largely built.

The federal government remains shut down because one chamber of Congress no longer will play along. The Paul Ryan-led Republican House shielded the president from political discomfort on his pledge; the Nancy Pelosi-led Democratic House will not.

Ryan knew the pledge was irredeemable. When I asked him about it before the 2016 election, he chuckled…”

Donald Trump Was Never Vetted article from New York Magazine. –

On the dangers of electing a criminal as president and how to avoid it and how it’s going to destroy the fraudulent con man currently occupying the White House.

Mike Pence and others get sweetheart pay raises while Trump stiffs federal workers: report article from Alternet. –

Trump furloughs hundreds of thousands of federal employees and freezes all their salaries while giving his cabal big raises – oh the duplicitous irony…

This Might Have Been Trump’s Stupidest Press Conference of All Time article from Splinter News. –

Our gift that keeps on giving keeps getting  wackier with each passing day – which is quite revealing and he’s making it obvious that he’s delusional and out of touch with reality:

What the President Could Do If He Declares a State of Emergency article from The Atlantic. –

Donnie’s despotic delusions of grandeur are once again on display as he threatens to declare a ‘National Emergency’ over his racist border wall – though he may try and will fail miserably since he’s too corrupt and incompetent to pull it off:

“In the weeks leading up to the 2018 midterm elections, President Donald Trump reached deep into his arsenal to try to deliver votes to Republicans.

Most of his weapons were rhetorical, featuring a mix of lies and false inducements—claims that every congressional Democrat had signed on to an “open borders” bill (none had), that liberals were fomenting violent “mobs” (they weren’t), that a 10 percent tax cut for the middle class would somehow pass while Congress was out of session (it didn’t). But a few involved the aggressive use—and threatened misuse—of presidential authority: He sent thousands of active-duty soldiers to the southern border to terrorize a distant caravan of desperate Central American migrants, announced plans to end the constitutional guarantee of birthright citizenship by executive order, and tweeted that law enforcement had been “strongly notified” to be on the lookout for “ILLEGAL VOTING.”

These measures failed to carry the day, and Trump will likely conclude that they were too timid. How much further might he go in 2020, when his own name is on the ballot—or sooner than that, if he’s facing impeachment by a House under Democratic control?

More is at stake here than the outcome of one or even two elections. Trump has long signaled his disdain for the concepts of limited presidential power and democratic rule. During his 2016 campaign, he praised murderous dictators. He declared that his opponent, Hillary Clinton, would be in jail if he were president, goading crowds into frenzied chants of “Lock her up.” He hinted that he might not accept an electoral loss. As democracies around the world slide into autocracy, and nationalism and antidemocratic sentiment are on vivid display among segments of the American populace, Trump’s evident hostility to key elements of liberal democracy cannot be dismissed as mere bluster…”

Trump rages at CNN as the ‘opposition party’ for reporting on TSA sickout as shutdown continues article from The Raw Story. –

The Don had no idea the damage he would cause by having a temper tantrum and shutting down the government over his farcical racist border wall – as his own employees abandon him – and despite his delusions, few are on his side and fewer support it:

‘I Can Do It If I Want'” Trump Threatens to Declare National Emergency to Build Border Wall article from Common Dreams. –

If Trump is stupid enough to try and abuse those powers he’s going to open a whole new can of worms that will aid in bringing him down.

Trump’s policies are so bad, even the massive gift of the Republican tax cut can’t save corporations article from The Daily Kos. –

Not having any policies – aside from those driven by his lethal combination of greed and ignorance – is proving detrimental to Donnie and his problems are just going to continue getting worse.

Trump Blames Obama And Democrats For His Felonies article from PoliticusUSA. –

It’s amazing how our pathetic president* tries to blame everyone else for his duplicitous ineptitude and ceaseless corruption:

“Trump tied himself into knots trying to blame Obama and Democrats for the felonies that he committed with Michael Cohen.

Trump tweeted:

The president has retreated back to one of his favorite sets of false statements. Obama and the Democrats never engaged in a felony conspiracy to obtain an illegal benefit for a presidential campaign, and then launder the money to hide the gift to the campaign…”

Trump: ‘I did not commit a campaign violation’ article from Politico. –

Despite the overwhelming evidence to this delusional claim by Donnie, his lies just keep coming.

In 2019, The Media Has to Do Better in Calling Out Trump’s Shit article from Esquire. –

The time for calling out his bull shit and dealing with it correctly has finally come after half of Trump’s failed presidency rumbles to a close.

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