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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

The failure of running his presidency like a reality show begins today’s misadventures of our malignant minority-elect president* as ‘The Apprentice’ was created to make him look like a respectable business man despite the fact that he is and always has been a fraudulent con man, on the damage done by our popular vote losing president* in almost two years since being ‘elected’ and how we will all survive, the Don’s delusions have become blatantly obvious to everyone, a look back at all the lies and deceptions orchestrated by an illegitimate president* who belongs behind bars instead of in the White House, Trump’s desperation over his moronic government shutdown is growing as his Twitter tantrums continue making him look more ignorant plus so much more.

Trump’s reality show and the process of ‘making the court jester the king’ article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Trying to run the White House like his moronic reality show is proving difficult from Trump since he has always been a con and his ‘reality’ show was created to try and make him look good.

Fact Check Friday: Trump’s stocking full of falsehoods article from ABC News. –

A look back at some of the more egregious lies told by the Donald – he never tells the truth – in 2018 and you can bet there will be many more to come:

The halfway point: what have two years of Trump’s wrecking ball done to America? article from The Guardian. –

A lot of damage that will take time to undo and eventually all of Trump’s treasonous actions will catch up to him but we will survive.

Tweets fly while Donald Trump’s approval ratings continue southward article from The Raw Story. –

Donnie’s Twitter tantrums – which are quite revealing in a very bad way for him – keep coming fast and furious as his failed presidency keeps inching closer to imploding:

“Everyone seems to have an opinion about Trump’s border wall government shutdown – and the tweets have been flying. Here are a few that just couldn’t be overlooked.

It’s a matter of WHEN, rather than IF, Republicans will turn on Trump: Saturday’s Good News article from The Daily Kos. –

Donnie has screwed himself into a hole that he won’t be able to slither out of and eventually corrupt GOP Congress critters will have to save themselves…

‘Pouring salt into the wound’: Trump freezes pay of nearly 2 million federal workers during shutdown over his wall article from The Raw Story. –

Punishing hundreds of thousands of Federal workers because of a deficit created by your fraudulent tax reform scam has got to be one of the most stupid things our corrupt, incorrigibly inept president* has done and it’s going to hurt him big time:

President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Saturday Edition article from Yahoo! News. –

Someone really needs to change his diaper and take his phone away from him so he quits adding more charges to his ongoing investigations and making himself look like a moronic lunatic.

In Trump’s America, it’s important to remember: this isn’t normal article from The Guardian. –

Why it’s important to realize that the Donald’s diversions and distractions are designed to deflect from the complete corruption of his acts so we don’t have time to deal with and process it:

“This is not normal.

In the age of President Donald Trump, it is necessary to repeat this mantra constantly. The ways in which Trump breaks norms and shocks the conscience overwhelm America’s capacity to process each event with the appropriate level of outrage and accountability. America’s attention too often moves from one story to the next like sports highlights. Slowly, surely, America’s norms are stripped away.

The legal system is beginning to hold Trump and his associates accountable, evidenced by the guilty pleas, convictions and indictments emanating from the special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference in 2016. Other Trump actions and policies have sparked countless lawsuits, from those challenging emoluments to the travel and asylum bans. However imperfect the system, breaking the law can have consequences.

The penalty for breaking norms, however, isn’t so simple. Presidents are not supposed to continue their private business while in office, attack the media as the “enemy of the people” or talk about throwing political opponents in jail. None of this is normal. But it’s not necessarily illegal…”

Trump Tweets Conspiracies And Whines About Being Alone As Workers Suffer From His Shutdown article from PoliticusUSA. –

It’s a good thing Trump was ‘elected’ to serve himself and not this country as he finds time to tweet debunked conspiracy theories and wallows in self pity from yet another self-induced crisis:

6 Times Trump ‘Hit A New Low’ In 2018 article from The Huffington Post. –

Our massive failure of a president* routinely hits a new low and they just keep coming.

Trump staff ‘terrified’ because ‘mentally incapacitated’ president thinks he’s winning wall fight: Howard Dean article from The Raw Story. –

Unsurprisingly, Trump’s delusions are becoming more obvious with each passing day:

The stock market has cratered since the GOP’s massive corporate tax cut – and analysts blame Trump article from Alternet. –

Fallout from Trump’s fraudulent tax reform scam – passed in collusion with the GOP – is becoming more clear and he owns it:

“Republicans’ massive tax reform bill — largely a giveaway to corporations and the super wealthy — was supposedly justified by a massive boom in the American economy that would make everyone, not just the most direct beneficiaries of the cut, richer.

It hasn’t happened.

In fact, we’re not just missing out on a massive economic uptick. The stock market appears to be in absolutely dire straits, boomeranging wildly and hanging on by a thread, since the tax bill was passed.

“All the four major U.S. stock indexes declined at least 4.6% for the year through Friday — and they’re poised to all finish with negative annual returns for the first time since 2008. And the poor performance was broad-based: nine of the 11 sectors in the benchmark Standard & Poor’s 500 index are in the red for 2018,” explained Los Angeles Times reporter Jim Puzzanghera. “Just stuffing cash in the mattress, where its buying power eroded by the approximately 2% annual inflation rate, would have beaten the 7% loss incurred this year from a fund tied to the S&P 500.”…”

Trump approved extra $129M to help House investigate Hillary. Now Pelosi has it. article from The Daily Kos. –

Donald is going to have a very bad 2019 thanks to funding that was ignorantly made available for fabricating a multitude of investigations against Hillary Clinton that will now be used against him.


The sharks are swirling around Trump and he can feel the pressure as his corruption and ignorance continue taking him down – and it’s only going to get worse from there.

Donald Trump: Enemy Of The Truth article from Crooks and Liars. –

Because the Don is a pathological liar who is incapable of ever telling the truth, the media needs to adapt accordingly and start making his lies abundantly clear in their reporting:

Washington Post Blasts ‘Trump’s Year Of Lies’ With Blistering Fact Check article from The Huffington Post. –

A look back at the year of outrageous lies and deceptions orchestrated – intentionally – by an illegitimate president* who belongs behind bars, not in the White House:

“As the country prepares to ring in the New Year, The Washington Post released a scathing fact check of President Donald Trump’s “year of lies,” rapping him on the nose for thousands of falsehoods in 2018.

Journalist Glenn Kessler took on the undoubtedly massive undertaking of debunking the commander-in-chief’s spin and outright erroneous claims, dating back to a Jan. 2 Twitter tirade targeting Iran, Hillary Clinton and The New York Times. In Trump’s spate of posts that morning, he attacked each one with bogus statements, kicking off what Kessler called “a year of unprecedented deception.”

As of Sunday when the article was published, the Post’s Fact Checker database had tallied more than 7,600 misleading or patently false claims by the president within the first half of his term. As Kessler noted, the total was at a drastically lower 1,989 at the start of the year, but as Trump amped up the spread of his untruths, his per day average of falsehoods surpassed 15. That’s almost three times his 2017 rate.

The New Yorker’s Susan Glasser remarked on the shift last August in an article titled “It’s True: Trump Is Lying More, and He’s Doing It on Purpose.” After speaking with Kessler, Glasser suggested that at the heart of the issue lies “Trump’s increasingly unbound Presidency” rocked by neverending turnover and turmoil in the West Wing…”

Trump is losing his Republican security blanket in 2019 article from The Week. –

Donnie’s days of committing crimes with total impunity are about to end and rest assured he won’t handle it well.

Trump claimed he knew ‘more than the generals.’ Now they want nothing to do with him. article from ThinkProgress. –

Trump’s problem – aside from the obvious – is that he’s all bluster and bull shit and literally doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground despite his delusions.

Trump goes off in an all-caps New Year’s Eve Twitter meltdown: ‘MEXICO IS PAYING FOR THE WALL’ article from The Raw Story. –

After issuing a video in which he chastises everyone for partying while lying about how he’s working, the Don again took to Twitter to rant more delusions about his beloved Wall – this time claiming Mexico is paying for it:

Under Cover of Shutdown, Trump Admin Quietly Moves to Deprive ‘American People of Their Right to Know What Government Is Doing’ article from Common Dreams. –

When Individual-1, an unindicted co-conspirator, and his administration egregiously try to hide what the Interior Department is doing, you seriously have to wonder exactly what they’re trying to hide:

“Amid the chaos of the ongoing government shutdown and winter holidays, critics on Monday are calling out the Trump administration for quietly moving to make it harder for the public to find out what goes on behind closed doors at the U.S. Department of the Interior.

A proposed new rule (pdf) filed to the Federal Register on Friday would enable the department—which, along with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has been responsible for pushing through President Donald Trump’s widely condemned regulatory rollbacks—to ignore public records requests that officials deem too “unreasonably burdensome.”

The rule would loosen timelines for the agency to fulfill Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests—which journalists, advocacy groups, and others use to attain government records in the name of accountability—and increase requirements for how specific requests must be. Critics of the proposal warn it could jeopardize efforts to keep the public informed about the actions of the administration.

“This is a war on transparency,” declared Jeremy Nichols of the environmental group WildEarth Guardians. “This is a calculated attempt to shield the Interior Department from scrutiny, to shield it from watchdogs, and to shield it from accountability.”…”

Detaching from reality: Trump’s lying reaches new heights – but the truth is catching up to him article from The Raw Story. –

Trump has been ramping up lies and disinformation at record levels because his failed presidency is being recognized as what it is and 2019 is going to be a lot worse for him as it finally starts catching up to him.

How Trump Got Bad at Twitter article from Politico. –

Someone should have told him long ago to keep his grossly ignorant ass off of Twitter, but now it’s a platform that can be used as evidence of his total incompetence and corruption that’s going to come back and haunt his sorry ass:

15 Lies Per Day in 2018: Analysis Shows Trump Put ‘Unprecedented Deception’ Into Overdrive This Year article from Common Dreams. –

And that number will increase exponentially as more investigations into his endless corruption make him more desperate to stay out of prison and avoid accountability.

Trump Contradicts Himself On Border Wall In Tweets 11 Minutes Apart article from The Huffington Post. –

Yet another sterling example of why someone needs to put an end to Trump’s desperate and ignorant Twitter tirades and help him pull his head out of his sorry ass:

“During President Donald Trump’s frenzy of tweets Monday, he appeared to contradict himself on funding for his border wall within minutes.

First, he promised: “MEXICO IS PAYING FOR THE WALL.” Then, in the next tweet 11 minutes later, he attacked the Democrats for what he predicted will be their decision to allocate “NOTHING to border security, namely the Wall.”

The Trump Tax Cut: Even Worse Than You’ve Heard article from The New York Times. –

The total devastation unleashed by Trump’s fraudulent tax reform scam remains to be seen but chances are it’s going to be a lot worse than previously thought.

Pelosi Warns Trump The Shutdown Beatdown Is Just The Beginning article from PoliticusUSA. –

The longer his shutdown continues the more foolish Trump is going to look and all his Twitter tirades and tantrums aren’t going to change a thing:

Hill sources bust Trump for scam negotiations: Meeting with Dems is ‘a White House stunt’ to extend shutdown article from The Raw Story. –

The Donald is delusional enough to believe he’s actually winning his moronic government shutdown when nothing could be farther from the truth.

Trump Lies About ’10 Foot Wall’ Around Obama’s Home. There Isn’t One article from Rolling Stone. –

One of Trump’s desperate lies about his racist border wall from a couple of days ago involved his predecessor:

“In the midst of the government shutdown over funding of President Donald Trump’s border wall, the president tweeted a bizarre justification for wanting to build a barrier between Mexico and the United States, saying that former President Barack Obama has a “ten foot Wall” surrounding his home in Washington, D.C. But thanks to reporting by the Washington Post, we know that is patently false.

It turns out the president was completely making up this assertion. According to one neighbor who spoke with the Post: “There’s a fence that goes along the front of the house, but it’s the same as the other neighbors have. It’s tastefully done.”

And another neighbor confirmed to the paper that the house is “100 percent visible from the street.”…”

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 101st Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt Media. –

Each passing week from our gift that keeps on giving keeps getting more entertaining, and it’s becoming obvious that Trump can’t handle the pressure and actually doesn’t belong in the White House:

Trump’s Worst Greatest Hits of 2018 article from The New York Magazine. –

There were so many blunders, gaffes, dubious behaviors and endless streams of corruption in 2018 from Donnie’s Trumpster fire but the best is yet to come…

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