Misadventures of a minority-elect President 278

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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Increasing delusions begins today’s misadventures of our malignant minority-elect president* as he gives himself an A+ for effort while his Russia scandal creeps closer to dragging his failed presidency down the drain, how Trump’s failed presidency makes unhinged look like an understatement, how the media has been complicit in spreading Trump’s lies and conspiracy theories and what they can do about it, Donnie keeps lying for a reason – primarily because he thinks the majority that don’t support his ignorant ass are stupid, how our wannabe dictator is illegally using the power of his office for money and revenge, how and why Trump loves hiding behind the Military, Trump’s melt downs continue as his crimes are revealed in all their glory and much more.

As Mueller Prepares To Pounce, Trump Gives Himself An A+ As President article from PoliticusUSA. –

The delusions keep increasing as his Russia scandal continues creeping closer to dragging his failed presidency down the drain but Trump grades himself with an A+:

Trump’s Interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace Was Batshit Crazy, As Expected article from Splinter News. –

The growing desperation to make his joke of an illegitimate presidency look good is really making Donnie look foolish.

Donald Trump is the most inept Commander-in-Chief in US history – and it matters article from The Raw Story. –

He’s also the most corrupt – which also matters – due in large part because he’s aided and abetted by the GOP Congress, especially the Senate.

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 95th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt Media. –

A look at how Trump’s presidency makes unhinged look like an understatement:

“Trump’s first major typo after winning the election was spelling Unprecedented incorrectly. He infamously tweeted “Unpresidented.” This typo is a personification of his administration: An impulsive, frantically thrown together group of characters with virtually no oversight. After Trump was sworn in, I started writing the weekly “Unpresidented” column, analyzing his every move. This is week 95.

When it comes to Donald Trump’s presidency, unhinged is an understatement.

We’ve seen unrelenting efforts to undermine the Constitution and democratic norms.

We’ve seen unbelievable assaults on our collective fact-based reality…”

Trump’s Military Deployment to the US-Mexico Border Is Illegal article from Truthout. –

Which should really surprise no one since virtually everything else he does is illegal too…

The vulgarity and violence of Donald Trump article from The Week. –

On the consequences of having an profoundly corrupt and ignorant man-boy running a country.

Trump’s Lies Are a Virus, and News Organizations Are the Host article from The Atlantic. –

A look at how journalists are complicit in spreading Donnie’s lies and conspiracy theories and how they can do better – partially by identifying them as what they are before repeating them.

Nicole Wallace Shows How Trump Is Exactly Like Sarah Palin article from PoliticusUSA. –

Aside from the fact that both are dumber than dirt and in way over their heads, there are a multitude of other similarities as well:

“Nicolle Wallace compared Trump to Sarah Palin while discussing how they both were exposed in national television interviews for the entire country to see.

Wallace said, “In the same way that Katie Couric’s interview with Sarah Palin revealed her staggering deficiencies as a vice presidential candidate and the yawning gaps in her knowledge about world events and policy, Chris Wallace’s Sunday interview with Donald J. Trump reveals that nothing is sacred. Not an American hero who commanded the operation that took down Bin Laden. Not a national holiday which America pays tribute to the men and women of the military who give their lives to protect our freedom and security. Not the man who serves as the president’s chief of staff or the woman who enacts his hard-line immigration policies. Nothing and no one is spared from Donald Trump’s obsession with himself.”


Has America reached peak hate under Trump, and where do we go next? article from The Daily Kos. –

On the many examples that reveal the time for consideration and leniency towards Trump’s moronic minions is long gone, and they need to start being held accountable:

Trump has told more than 6,420 lies as president, and his total abandonment of truth is eroding American democracy as we know it article from Business Insider. –

In averaging 30 lies a day Trump has created – intentionally – an environment of ‘post-truth’ in America in his ongoing effort to realize his despotic delusions of grandeur.

Donald Trump’s endless lying is meant to undermine free thought and democracy – and lead us into fascism article from Alternet. –

More on the Donald’s desperate attempts to implement his despotic delusions of grandeur to become America’s supreme – albeit profoundly corrupt and idiotic – leader.

‘Fundamentally Incompetent And Embarrassing’: Rachel Maddow Shreds Trump’s Wildfire Response article from PoliticusUSA. –

On the dangers of having an utterly incompetent moron running the country:

“Rachel Maddow went off on Donald Trump on Monday night, blasting him for what she called a “fundamentally incompetent and embarrassing” response to the deadly California wildfires.

The MSNBC host said, “There is just something toxic about having the leader of the country there in the middle of that catastrophe and him being so profoundly unable to get even the basic simple human stuff right.”


Trump says Ivanka emails ‘fake news’ and unlike Clinton controversy article from The Hill. –

Except for the glaringly evident problem that they are just like the Clinton controversy and are anything but ‘fake news’ despite the claims from our fake president*.

Trump reportedly ‘afraid’ to visit troops in combat zone article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Despite his lies of being ‘too busy’ – all he does is golf and watch Fox faux news – Trump, for some reason, actually believes that his life is in danger and people want to kill him, which is why he only goes to rallies and ignorant photo ops…

Trump Blames Hillary Clinton For Ivanka’s Email Scandal article from PoliticusUSA. –

Sad! Still trying to place the blame on everyone but himself – or in this case his moronic daughter – to deflect from his multitude of ongoing crimes:

Trump thinks he should again be named Time magazine’s Person of the Year article from AOL. –

Life is so good in Trump’s land of delusion that he actually believes he should be Time magazine’s person of the year:

“Donald Trump knows who Time magazine should pick for 2018’s Person of the Year award, and it’s no surprise: Donald Trump.

At an impromptu press encounter at the White House Tuesday before leaving for Thanksgiving, which he will spend at Mar-a-Lago, Trump was asked who should receive the magazine’s honor this year.

“I can’t imagine anybody other than Trump,” the president said, meaning himself. “Can you imagine anybody other than Trump?”

Trump was Person of the Year in 2016, the year he was elected president. Other presidents, including Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, Harry S. Truman and Ronald Reagan, have been chosen twice…”

Are We About to Face Our Gravest Constitutional Crisis? article from Common Dreams. –

On the potential of Donnie trying – albeit failing like everything else he does – to perpetrate a coup to enhance his despotic delusions of grandeur.

Rachel Maddow Drops A Thanksgiving Impeachment Hammer On Trump article from PoliticusUSA. –

Trump’s constant Obstructions of Justice while interfering – desperately trying to derail his evolving Russia scandal – are going to get his ass into a hole he’ll never be able to slither out of:

‘Reckless, lawless’ Trump has made it clear he’s using the power of his office for money and revenge article from Alternet. –

Which is exactly why his list of crimes keeps growing – and why the melt downs are coming more fast and furious.

The Military Has Become Trump’s Favorite Prop article from The Atlantic. –

Despite being too chickenshit to serve and illegally using the Military on U.S. soil, Trump is afraid to go visit them overseas:

“Nearly four years ago, my colleague James Fallows wrote a cover story in The Atlantic labeling the United States a “chickenhawk nation.” Americans today “love the troops, but we’d rather not think about them,” he wrote. “The American military is exotic territory to most of the American public. As a comparison: A handful of Americans live on farms, but there are many more of them than serve in all branches of the military.”

If those trends were apparent at the start of 2015, they are visible in crisp, high-definition detail in the Trump era.

Nearly two years into his term as president, Donald Trump has yet to visit American troops in a combat zone, though the president is reportedly now considering a visit as public pressure intensifies. Trump’s vexed relationship with the military exemplifies and amplifies the vexed relationship that Fallows described: Trump never served, but he is more than happy to use the military as a tool—both to solve real problems, and as a political prop for bogus ones. He frequently speaks about the need to keep the military strong. But he is unwilling to actually visit soldiers who are in the field, and often takes shots at those who have served honorably. Trump is the perfect chickenhawk president for a chickenhawk nation.

While none of this is new, a trio of recent incidents brought the president’s indifference to the fore. First, while on a visit to France to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the armistice that ended World War I, Trump skipped a visit to a cemetery, citing bad weather that he said prevented his helicopter from flying. Back in the United States, he stayed home on Veterans Day, holding no public events and visiting neither Arlington National Cemetery, just across the Potomac in Virginia, nor Walter Reed, the military medical center in Northwest D.C. The same week, he opted out of a visit to the 5,800 soldiers he’d dispatched to the U.S.-Mexico border, leaving Secretary of Defense James Mattis to lead the trip…”

The Saudi financial ties Donald Trump doesn’t want to talk about article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Trump lied bigly – as usual – when he said he didn’t have financial ties to Saudi Arabia…

How Media, Tech, and News Networks Normalize Trump’s Propaganda article from Counter Punch. –

A look at how Trump does nothing but lie and use propaganda to rile his moronic minions and how he’s enabled by the media and tech companies who push his lies instead of revealing them for what they are.

Obama Puts Trump To Shame By Volunteering At Food Bank While This President Golfs article from PoliticusUSA. –

While wasting millions of taxpayer dollars and illegally enriching himself at Mar-a-Lago golfing and shirking presidential duties, his predecessor was helping the homeless:

Trump Backed Out Of Planned Mueller Interview Because Questions About ‘Corrupt Intent’ article from PoliticusUSA. –

It stands to reason that the Donald wouldn’t want to answer questions like that since his corrupt intent has been obvious since he was ‘elected:’

“Donald Trump was scheduled to sit down for an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller in January, but he backed out after learning the topics investigators wanted to discuss.

According to The Associated Press, “The date had been picked, the location too, and the plan was penciled in: President Donald Trump would be whisked from the White House to Camp David on a quiet winter Saturday to answer questions from special counsel Robert Mueller’s team.”

More from the AP:

But as the Jan. 27, 2018, date neared and Mueller provided the topics he wanted to discuss, Trump’s lawyers balked. Attorney John Dowd then fired off a searing letter disputing Mueller’s authority to question the president. The interview was off…”

Donald Trump is terrified – as he should be article from Alternet. –

Trump’s lies are coming back to bite his desperate ass and he’s not handling it well.

Adam Schiff Is Loading Up To Investigate Trump Money Laundering article from PoliticusUSA. –

Once the Democrats take control of the House of Representatives in January, Trump is totally screwed and will be going down in flames:

Mexico’s incoming government just embarrassed Donald Trump article from The Raw Story. –

Which isn’t difficult to do with our gift that keeps on giving… every time Trump’s delusions make him lie about speaking with a dignitary it’s usually just one of his blustery fairy tales that results in a Tweet that he foolishly believes is sacred law…

Donald Trump Cries Fake News over ’60 Minutes’ Story About Child Separation Policy article from Deadline. –

Sad! Every time Trump gets busted breaking laws, terrorizing immigrant children and families or buried under mountains of evidence revealing that he belongs behind bars instead of in the White House, it’s fake news – despite the fact that it is indeed very real:

“It’s no surprise that Donald Trump wasn’t of fan of 60 Minutes’ story on his child separation policy that split families earlier in June. He took to Twitter to share his opinions, naturally.

“.@60Minutes did a phony story about child separation when they know we had the exact same policy as the Obama Administration,” he wrote. “In fact a picture of children in jails was used by other Fake Media to show how bad (cruel) we are, but it was in 2014 during O years.”

He continued: “Obama separated children from parents, as did Bush etc., because that is the policy and law. I tried to keep them together but the problem is, when you do that, vast numbers of additional people storm the Border. So with Obama seperation is fine, but with Trump it’s not. Fake 60 Minutes!”

In June, Trump received a fair share of backlash when families were being separated at the border. He quickly signed an executive order ending his policy. Now, with the migrant caravan inching closer to the southern border of the United States and authorities firing tear gas at said migrants and asylum seekers, the conversation about immigration has reached another boiling point…”

New Book Gives Voice to Trump’s Claims of a Vast Conspiracy Against Him article from The New York Times. –

Yet more of the Donald’s moronic minions are trying to justify the dubious conspiracy theory claims against him that have no basis in reality or evidence backing their propaganda.

Trump Goes Nuts After 60 Minutes Exposes Horrors of His Child Camps article from PoliticusUSA. –

Trump took to Twitter to lie and show how mentally unbalanced he is when his terrorism against migrant children was revealed in all its dubious glory:

A Complete Analysis Of Trump’s 96th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt Media. –

Yes, yet another week of malfeasance from our wannabe dictator, and as usual it too was a doozy…

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