Misadventures of a minority-elect President 265

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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

We begin today’s misadventures of our malevolent minority-elect president* with why it’s time to remove him from office due to the cesspool of corruption and stupidity that is taking his illegitimate presidency down, the imminent implosion begins as reports of his inadequacy and mental deficiencies take center stage – despite his delusional denials, our Terrorist-in-Chief can’t seem to stop terrorizing immigrant children and families, a closer look at why America’s most corrupt-ever president* wants a piece of shit like Kavanaugh appointed – to keep him out of prison once his Russia scandal concludes, making history for all the wrong reasons, our gift that keeps on giving keeps shooting himself in the foot and a lot more.

The 25th Amendment: It’s Time For Trump To Leave The Presidency article from Rantt Media. –

Why it’s time to remove our dimwitted dip shit from office due to the cesspool of corruption and stupidity that is taking his already failed presidency down.

Trump Responds To NY Times Op-Ed With Rant Proving That He’s Crazy article from PoliticusUSA. –

Our fake president’s* war on fake news is making him look even more foolish as revelations of his mental instability lead to a demonstration of just how unfit for office he is:

Trump Will Be Remembered Into the Distant Future in a Way No other American President Is Likely to Be article from Alternet. –

Herr Frump will be remembered for making history for all the wrong reasons, including being illegitimate, treasonous and the most corrupt president* in U.S. history…

‘The End Is Near’: Rachel Maddow Declares Trump Presidency Near-Dead As Op-Ed Shocks D.C. article from PoliticusUSA. –

Our lackluster lame duck president* vehemently denies the reports of his inadequacy and mental instability to no avail as everyone knows he’s going to go down hard:

“Rachel Maddow said on Wednesday that “the end is near” for the Trump presidency as White House officials appear to be warning the country that “the president is nuts and unfit and the senior people who work around him know it.”

The MSNBC host said the stunning revelations should get the attention of Republican lawmakers who are currently in the process of ramming through a Supreme Court nominee picked by the same unfit president.

“The end is near,” Maddow said. “Maybe in the form of the invocation of the 25th amendment by the vice president of the United States and the majority of the president’s cabinet.”

Bob Woodward, Bane of Presidents, Turns His Fire on Cheeto Jesus article from The Daily Beast. –

Regardless of how our Lord of the Lies and his criminal cohorts try to spin it, the truth is clear: this illegitimate presidency is a major disaster.

Bombshell revelations about the Trump White House: It’s even worse than we feared article from Salon. –

Whoever the patriotic ‘resistance’ in our demented delinquent’s dysfunctional White House is that is supposedly containing Trump is doing a lousy job as yet more proof of his total incompetence and stupidity comes to light.

The Incapacitated President article from Slate. –

This country has serious problems when our national embarrassment’s own aides don’t trust him to lead it and the only people that can stop him – his GOP brown shirt enabling Gestapo – pretend that everything is all right and his mental deficiencies and corruption don’t exist.

Hannity Guest: Science Proves Trump Is The ‘Most Sound-Minded’ President Ever article from The Huffington Post. –

Our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator’s Ministry of Propaganda is desperately trying to show our mentally deficient idiot is of sound mind – despite the obvious:

Excerpts from Bob Woodward’s upcoming book, Fear, claim that White House chief of staff John Kelly described President Donald Trump as “unhinged” and “an idiot.”

An op-ed by an anonymous senior official published in The New York Times on Wednesday said Trump’s instability has prompted talk among Cabinet members of invoking the 25th Amendment to remove the president from office.

But a guest on Fox News said Trump ? a self-described “stable genius” ? was of sound mind…”

Things Are Not Going to Plan in Trump’s U.S. Trade Deficit Wars article from Bloomberg. –

Our Liar and Thief’s moronic trade wars aren’t helping his disastrous presidency, only hindering it more.

Trump Ghostwriter Calls The President A Mentally Ill Criminal That Must Be Removed From Office article from Bloomberg. –

Profound mental issues have plagued Benedict Donald for many years, but lately they have increased at an alarming rate:

There is no heroism in covering for an unfit president article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

By ignoring, aiding and abetting our nefarious narcissist’s criminal authoritarian tendencies, profound ignorance and incompetence, his enablers are just as guilty as he is and need to recognized as what they are.

Trump administration wants permission to jail immigrant children and families longer article from ThinkProgress. –

Our Terrorist-in-Chief can’t seem to stop terrorizing immigrant children and families:

“The Trump administration Thursday filed proposed rules that would allow the government to detain migrant children for long periods of time while their parents face immigration court.

The proposed rules, which will be published in the Federal Register on Friday, would withdraw the government from the 1997 Flores Settlement Agreement that limits how long the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Health and Human Services (HHS) can hold migrant children in detention, where children can be detained, and whom the government can release children to.

The administration has accused migrants, when they crossing into the U.S. illegally, of bringing their children in order intentionally to skirt harsh immigrant detention.

“Today, legal loopholes significantly hinder the Department’s ability to appropriately detain and promptly remove family units that have no legal basis to remain in the country,” Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen told The Washington Post in a statement. “This rule addresses one of the primary pull factors for illegal immigration and allows the federal government to enforce immigration laws as passed by Congress.”…”

Trump’s Biggest Crime Isn’t Being Covered by the Mainstream Media article from The Nation. –

On the many crimes – some of which have gone unnoticed – committed by America’s most corrupt-ever president* that will eventually need to be addressed…

Obama Obliterates Trump While Calling On America To Stand Up To The Bully article from PoliticusUSA. –

It took a while but our lackluster Liar-in-Chief is finally being called to account by his predecessor who – righteously so – calls on America to stand up to his bullying, corrupt ass:

Trump Doesn’t Care About Violence Against the Press article from Rolling Stone. –

The violent rhetoric and incorrigible idiocies generated at Blitzkrieg Bozo’s campaign rallies are dangerous and probably criminal.

The fake resistance inside the Trump administration article from The Week. –

If there really was ‘resistance’ inside our feckless fuhrer’s corrupt administration, people would be doing a lot more than they allegedly are to stop him:

“The resistance to President Trump has spread to inside the White House itself — or so claims the anonymous author of a remarkable New York Times op-ed.

This unnamed “senior official” in the Trump administration heralds these self-declared “unsung heroes” who “have gone to great lengths” to thwart a president described as “impetuous, adversarial, petty, and ineffective.” Without the resistance inside the White House, he suggests, we’d all be screwed.

This bombshell op-ed was just one part of this week’s endless palace intrigue from the Trump administration. There’s also the looming publication of a Bob Woodward book detailing yet more shocking stories of incompetence, paranoia, and petulance inside the administration. Woodward, too, relied on the anonymous testimony of current and former administration officials to share the straight dope on Trump with the American public. These leakers and resisters clearly think they’re performing some sort of public service by whispering to us from behind their veils of anonymity.

What a crock…”

My Favorite Trump Fuck Up From His Absurd Montana Rally Was Him Trying to Say ‘Anonymous’ article from Splinter News. –

It appears our Marmalade miscreant’s speech impediments – in addition to his mental deficiencies – are getting worse:

Barack Obama Makes the Case Against Trump article from The Atlantic. –

Now that President Obama is back building up his opposition’s base, our Mango Mussolini – who has been trying to destroy his predecessor’s legacy for almost two years – is really going to blow a gasket, which inevitably means more meltdowns, tantrums and infantile behavior.

The Noose Tightens As The Trump Organization Is Under Investigation For Campaign Finance Violations article from PoliticusUSA. –

Our dystopian Orange dip shit wouldn’t be in so much trouble were he not so completely corrupt and now he’s in real danger of facing State charges which he can’t pardon himself out of.

Crisis, Chaos and Corruption: Here Are Recent Examples of Each in the Trump Era article from Alternet. –

Less than half way through his scandal-ridden term, Trump’s authoritarian aspirations – fueled by his profound corruption and obvious mental deficits – and completely incompetent tenure has cemented his legacy and resulted in his failed presidency:

“Sen. Cory Booker has been in the news a lot recently, questioning Judge Brett Kavanaugh aggressively on racial profiling during U.S. Senate hearings on his nomination for the U.S. Supreme Court. And the centrist New Jersey Democrat, during his frequent cable news appearances, has not only had much to say about Kavanaugh’s nomination by President Donald Trump, but also, the Trump Administration in general.

Appearing on MSNBC, Booker characterized the Trump era as one of “the 3 C’s: crisis, chaos and corruption”—and it was, to be sure, an accurate assessment. For President Donald Trump and his administration, there has been no shortage of the 3 C’s in recent weeks. And with the 2018 midterms only two months away, this is the last thing the Republican Party needs.

Here are recent examples of crisis, chaos and corruption in the Trump era.


Labor Day Weekend is when political campaigns enter the home stretch in the United States. Campaigns check their poll numbers, frantically trying to assess their strengths and weakness as Election Day draws closer—and if the 2018 midterms will be a referendum on Trump’s presidency, a Washington Post/ABC News poll released just before Labor Day Weekend was not the type of news Republicans wanted to hear. According to the poll, only 36% of Americans approve of Trump’s performance as president; 60% disapprove, and 53% disapprove strongly. And that disapproval includes an appetite for impeachment: the poll found that 57% of American women favor impeaching the president, although “only” 49% favor impeachment when both men and women are factored in…”

Week 68: Trump Lawyer’s Biggest Fear Revealed: the President Under Oath article from Policito. –

Putting our demented delusionist under oath would end his illegitimate presidency since he’s incapable of telling the truth in his alternate reality.

Echoes of Watergate in Trump tumult article from The AP on Yahoo! News. –

There is no such thing as coincidence when it comes to our Cinnamon Hitler’s emulations of Richard Nixon and it’s only going to get worse for him.

Overlap in Kavanaugh nomination, Trump Russia probe becomes clear video from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

The reason America’s worst-ever president* wants to appoint a piece of shit like Kavanaugh to the highest court in the land is because he believes he’ll stay out of prison once the results of his Russia scandal are revealed:

Behind Trump’s obsession with social media suppression article from Politico. –

Our Twitter tyrant’s obsession with controlling all social media is aimed at making sure that nothing negative about him and the cesspools of corruption dragging his already failed presidency further down the drain is revealed:

“Increasingly isolated and prone to conspiracy theories, President Trump in recent weeks has become fixated on the idea that the country’s largest tech giants — Google, Facebook, and Twitter — are silencing his conservative base.

Trump has come to view his supposed mistreatment at the hands of Silicon Valley as emblematic of a wide-reaching campaign to undermine his presidency, according to a half dozen current and former administration officials and others close to the White House.

Even though he doesn’t use a computer and is seen by those around him as tech neophyte, the president knows a powerful wedge issue when he sees one. As he has throughout his political career, Trump is amplifying for maximum potency a more nuanced idea already coursing through the conservative ecosystem – just as he’s cast the press as an “enemy of the people” and dismissed NFL players who kneel during the national anthem in protest of police brutality.

“What President Trump is an expert at is gauging what his supporters care about,” said Andy Surabian, a Republican strategist and former White House aide. “This issue has really risen up – on par with issues like immigration, judges and the Second Amendment – in terms of issues that Trump supporters care about.”…”

Trump and Chaos article from Counter Punch. –

A reminder that everything involving our Cheeto-in-Chief’s malignant tenure involves nothing but chaos – corruption, deception, lies and extremely stupid conspiracy theories – pertaining to his delusional alternate reality.

There are more parallels right now between Watergate and the Trump White House than ever before article from The AP on Business Insider. –

On the many similarities between the criminal currently occupying the White House now and Nixon’s Watergate which ended with him resigning.


Underneath all the bullying, bluster and bull shit of our dysfunctional Orange dumb ass lies a dickless-tator that will never accomplish much more than eventually ending up behind bars because he’s too stupid to be too dangerous.

Trump has spent a THIRD of his time as president on ‘Trump properties’ – about 25% playing golf article from The Daily Kos. –

The impotent imbecile that bitched about his predecessor taking time off and playing golf continues illegally enriching himself at taxpayer expense by wasting time on his own properties and playing golf:

“When Trump was publicly not invited to be anywhere near the late Senator John McCain’s funeral, he did what he does best—he went golfing!* Many felt that this was a prime example of Donald Trump’s pettiness. It was. It was also the Don’s default scam-level. You see, Donald Trump doesn’t really want to be president but he does seem to enjoy golfing and being around golf-type stuff. He also enjoys having the American taxpayer front the bill.

According to new reports, Trump has spent around $77 million in American citizens’ money playing golf. This includes over $300,000 for domestic golf cart rentals. According to the NBC News tracker, Trump has spent 196 days on “Trump Properties,” and 153 on “Golf properties.” In his first 595 days as president.

He’s spent 72 days at Mar-a-Lago, 14 days at Trump International Hotel Washington, DC, 8 days at Trump Tower, and a luxurious day at Trump International Hotel Waikiki. And his golf course visits include 67 days at Trump National Bedminster, 42 days at Trump International West Palm, 39 days at Trump National Potomac Falls, and 2 days at Trump National Jupiter…”

This week in Trumponomics: Trump chokes off good news, again article from Yahoo! News. –

Once again our gift that keeps on giving shot himself in the foot due to his rapidly depleting mental capacities and corruption.

Carl Bernstein Delivers A Wake Up Call To America About Trump article from PoliticusUSA. –

While there are many similarities between our Orwellian Orange Charlatan and Nixon, the obvious mental issues plaguing our current president* make it a little different and more dangerous:

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