Misadventures of a minority-elect President 263

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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

We begin today’s misadventures of our malevolent minority-elect president* with a satirical look at what the U.S. presidency has become since he was ‘elected’ by a minority, our fake president continues his war on fake news by tweeting about a fake conspiracy theory to distract from his failed presidency, how everyone in Trumpland is corrupt, his desperation to deflect from his Russia scandal is growing, still bragging – though lying – about accomplishments that don’t exist, our gift that keeps on giving screws over federal employees after passing his fraudulent tax reform scam and his popularity is tanking – to the lowest it has been since being ‘elected,’ our angry creamsicle is growing more psychotic as the bubbles burst in his land of delusion and much more.

17 Great Things About Donald Trump Dumbing Down The Presidency article from Extra Newsfeed. –

A satirical look at what the U.S. presidency has become courtesy of our dimwitted dip shit, including the fact that morons now have a famous Orange mascot…

Trump Wants To Regulate Google After He Saw Some Fake News About Rigged Search Results article from PoliticusUSA. –

After watching his Ministry of Propaganda’s faux news report over a conspiracy theory that has already been repeatedly debunked, our Twitter tyrant decided to tweet about it to distract from his imminent implosion, and now thinks he’s going to regulate it since it’s ‘rigged:’

Trump Is Reportedly Very Jealous of All the Attention John McCain Is Getting Because He’s Dead article from Splinter News. –

Our gift that keeps on giving just loves showing us – almost on a daily basis – that he has serious mental deficiencies and is totally unfit to occupy the White House.

What? Me Deplorable? article from Counter Punch. –

How stupidity and malfeasance have become the political norm under America’s most corrupt-ever president*:

“In the Age of Trump, American politics has come to resemble a drearily formulaic, militantly lowbrow, cutthroat, reality TV show. As per the formula, each day’s news all but invites us to imagine a contest in which the most deplorable wins – gets to stay on the island, as it were, or to avoid being fired.

Trump would be a strong contender in his own right, though, if he were still only a sleazy, politically connected, wheeler-dealer flimflam man with bad taste, too much money, and a penchant for riding around in golf carts, nobody would pay him any mind. There are plenty more where he came from, and most of them are more interesting than he is.

But he is the president, and therefore cannot be ignored.

Indeed, so far from being ignored, corporate media can’t find time to talk about anything else. He came out on top in the electoral circus, and there is nothing to do now but deal with the consequences…”

The President Is a White-Nationalist Mob Boss – and His Base Doesn’t Care article from The Nation. –

As Donald’s despotic delusions of grandeur continue unraveling due to his profound corruption and stupidity, the minority of minions that support him will also unravel – and why it’s time to stop giving them both a microphone to dominate the news cycles.

In Trumpland Everyone is Corrupt article from Counter Punch. –

How having a profoundly corrupt feckless fuhrer – who engaged in criminal activities to be ‘elected’ – who appoints nothing but corrupt cronies that help him engage in his criminal activities is destroying this country and needs to be stopped.

Trump Now Insists It Was China Who Hacked Clinton’s Emails article from Crooks and Liars. –

Our Lord of the Lies is growing more desperate to distract from his growing Russia scandal, and now he’s taken to spreading another phony conspiracy theory courtesy of a right-wing propaganda site to try and take the heat off his criminal actions:

Trump’s NAFTA stunt article from The Week. –

More on the latest distraction spewing forth from our Liar and Thief that is his farcical non-existent Mexico trade deal:

“Has President Trump gotten his NAFTA deal?

After months of inconclusive negotiations, Trump announced Monday that the U.S. and Mexico have ironed out their major disagreements over the North American Free Trade Agreement. Without getting into the specifics, the president said the new bilateral agreement — which notably does not include Canada, the third signatory of NAFTA — is “elegant” and “very special” for farmers and manufacturers. He seemed most concerned, however, with the name itself. “We are going to call it the United States-Mexico Trade Agreement, and we will get rid of the name NAFTA,” Trump said. “It has a bad connotation because the United States was hurt very badly by NAFTA.”

This is key. Trump is nothing if not a master brander, and there’s a good chance that a rebranding exercise is all this will be.

The big criticism of NAFTA is that it wiped out American jobs — as many as 600,000 of them over two decades, one progressive critique found. (And though Trump is unlikely to care, it’s worth mentioning that NAFTA also likely destroyed the livelihoods of over a million small farmers in Mexico.) So the key question over changing NAFTA has always been whether a revamped agreement can bring those American jobs back…”

Trump Is Threatening America With Violence If Republicans Lose The Midterm Election article from PoliticusUSA. –

Our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator loves trying to use fear and bullying – as well as propaganda and lies – to intimidate, but as usual he will inevitably scare no one but the minority of mini me’s that still support him:

Trump doesn’t seem to realize his new trade deal isn’t a trade deal article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Like his farcical Helsinki and North Korea summits, his so-called trade deal with Mexico will also end up being nothing but a fraudulent farce dreamed up by our national embarrassment.

Trump’s crusade against anonymous sources is a sham. Here are the receipts article from Think Progress. –

Bitching about anonymous sources in the ‘fake media’ while tweeting about anonymous sources in the fake right wing media is making our impotent imbecile look extremely stupid.

Trump tells Christian leaders he changed key tax law (but he didn’t) article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

The lying Orange piece of shit in the White House loves bragging about accomplishments that don’t exist, though some are stupid enough to believe him:

“One of Donald Trump’s more unnerving habits is bragging about accomplishments that don’t exist in reality. To hear the president tell it, for example, he’s already solved the North Korea nuclear crisis, begun construction on a border wall, extracted major concessions from our NATO allies, and struck history’s largest trade deal with Mexico.

None of those things have actually happened, but Trump doesn’t appear to care. The Republican routinely brags about imagined triumphs, insisting that his made-up accomplishments are real.

He did it again this week during striking remarks to a group of evangelical Christians at the White House. NBC News reported:

In a closed-door meeting with evangelical leaders Monday night, President Trump repeated his debunked claim that he had gotten “rid of” a law forbidding churches and charitable organizations from endorsing political candidates, according to recorded excerpts reviewed by NBC News…”

After Killing Thousands Of Puerto Ricans, Trump Says He Did A Fantastic Job article from PoliticusUSA. –

After his horrible response to Puerto Rico’s disastrous hurricane, America’s worst-ever president* is delusional enough to actually believe he did a fantastic job – despite more people dying from it than Katrina:

Trump’s latest misleading attack on Google, explained article from The Verge. –

If our Marmalade miscreant spent as much time actually learning how to do his job as he does peddling bull shit conspiracy theories due to his delusions, he might be a little more popular – though probably not since he is the most corrupt idiot to ever occupy the White House…

Trump In Freefall As New Poll Shows Majority Of Americans Trust Mueller Not President article from PolitiusUSA. –

Duh… Anyone foolish enough to believe our Orwellian Orange Charlatan deserves what they get.

White House Aides Are Growing Alarmed at Trump’s Behavior: ‘He’s Watching TV and Relying on His Gut Instincts’ article from Alternet. –

The bubbles in our Mango Mussolini’s delusional alternate reality are popping, and he’s not handling it well:

“White House officials are growing alarmed as an increasingly isolated President Donald Trump tunes them out in favor of television news.

The president rants against the media on a nearly daily basis on Twitter, but he spends hours watching TV every day — and his aides say that factors heavily into his decision-making process, according to Washington Post reporter Robert Costa.

“The way it’s really described to me by a lot of Trump sources is that the president is isolated,” Costa told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “He has these aides and advisors he counts on, but he’s really watching television and relying on his own gut instincts.”

“That’s caused some alarm inside the president’s circle,” he added, “that as he becomes more besieged by political and legal problems that he could rely more on the fiery types around him and his own gut instincts than bringing in establishment Republicans.”…”

Please be sensitive to our snowflake president’s need for safe space article from The Week. –

Comrade Cheetolini’s bogus conspiracy theory claims about Google rigging his rankings are all due to the fact that mainly bad results show up when you google him for obvious reasons – he’s a terrible president* whose corrupt actions outweigh the non-existent accomplishments he keeps trying to brag about…

Trump says 2017 Lester Holt interview was doctored and it was a big scandal. This never happened. article from ThinkProgress.

Herr Frump keeps trying – albeit failing as with everything else he does – to rewrite history as he again desperately tries to say he never said what he actually said.

Firing Sessions Won’t Save Trump, or His kids, From the Law article from Truthout. –

Firing Sessions Won’t Save Trump, or His Kids, From the Law

No amount of obstruction is going to save our dysfunctional dumb ass from the coming apocalypse of his imminent implosion due to his exponential corruption charges.

Even Fox News Slapped down Trump’s baseless claim NBC was caught ‘fudging’ Lester Holt interview article from Salon. –

Our demented delusionist’s Ministry of Propaganda is having no part of Trump’s latest Lester Holt conspiracy theory to deflect from his imminent implosion:

“President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Thursday morning to make a baseless accusation against one major personality from NBC News, while regurgitating an accusation about another in a way that actually hurts his own image.

“What’s going on at @CNN is happening, to different degrees, at other networks – with @NBCNews being the worst. The good news is that Andy Lack(y) is about to be fired(?) for incompetence, and much worse. When Lester Holt got caught fudging my tape on Russia, they were hurt badly!” Trump claimed in an early Thursday morning tweet.

Even Fox News, Trump’s favorite cable news giant, called him out for the baseless claim…”

Trump’s Top Targets in the Russia Probe Are Experts in Organized Crime article from The Atlantic. –

There’s a reason for that… if you look at our fraudulent Orange man-boy’s money laundering businesses and his other financial chicanery – and follow the money – the reason for it becomes blatantly obvious.

‘Absolutely Repulsive’: After $1.5 Trillion Tax Giveaway to the Rich, Trump Cancels Modest Pay Raise for Federal Workers article from Common Dreams. –

After immorally and unethically pushing his fraudulent tax reform scam down our throats, our treacherous Ignoramus-in-Chief screws federal employees out of a 2 percent raise.

Donald Trump’s approval rating sinks to lowest of his presidency article from The Guardian. –

The majority that didn’t ‘elect’ the worthless Orange piece of shit currently occupying the White House don’t approve of him and want the Mueller investigations to continue.

Trump Disapproval at Record High As Half Want Him Impeached article from PoliticusUSA. –

More on the downward spiral of our lackluster lame duck president* as his growing unpopularity makes his already failed presidency slither further out of control:

“A new ABC News/Washington Post opinion poll released on Friday morning has a lot of bad news for the president. In the poll, disapproval of Donald Trump is at a record high, with fully 60% of voters saying they disapprove of his performance in office. And with 53% saying they “strongly disapprove” of Trump the news could hardly be worse for him or the Republican Party with just two months until the watershed midterm elections.

Only 36 percent of respondents said they approve of Trump, matching his all-time low in that category also.

“60% disapprove of Pres. Trump, numerically the highest of his presidency; 53% disapprove strongly, the first time more than half have said so in an @ABC News/WaPo poll.”

Just Hours After Ordering Pay Cut for Millions of Public Workers, Trump Proposes $100 Billion Gift to Richest 1 Percent article from Alternet. –

After claiming we couldn’t afford $25 Billion in raises for federal employees, most of which would get a 2 percent pay raise – due to his fraudulent tax reform scam to his corporate masters – our delusional dip shit wants to give them even more at our expense without Congress getting involved.

Trump Rants, Declares Mueller Investigation ‘Illegal’ article from Crooks and Liars. –

Our fake president* is losing his war on fake news big time and the only ‘illegal’ things are all the treasonous acts he has committed against the U.S.

It’s the Corruption, Stupid article from Common Dreams. –

On the damage being done by the cesspool of Trump’s culture of corruption.

Howard Dean Warns That Trump May Be Getting Psychotic article from PoliticusUSA. –

As the bubbles burst in our Angry creamsicle’s land of delusion, his mental deficiencies are getting increasingly worse:

“Former governor and DNC Chair Howard Dean said that he thought Trump might be getting psychotic after the president’s recent Twitter outbursts.


Dean said on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber when asked if the White House is prepared for a Democratic House takeover, “I think they are pretty much wholly unprepared to do anything. Trump is a guy who just thinks in the moment. He has no plan. I actually thought the other day when he was making all those really crazy tweets he might be getting psychotic. So I don’t think there’s any long-term planning. I think the staff tries to engage in long-term planning but you’ve got these neo-Nazi types like Stephen Miller running around. He has an agenda, not the end good of America, but he sucks Trump in every time. There’s an incredibly short-sighted group of people. The ones that have a long-term vision can’t get anything done because Trump is unmanageable.”…”

Is Donald Trump just a liar or has he lost his grip on reality? article from The Raw Story. –

A look at lesser known stories about Trump diminishing mental capacities from this past week that went unnoticed due to his exponential corruption.

Trump declares mission accomplished in his bid to make America great again article from Yahoo! News. –

Using his delusional accomplishments in his alternate reality to distract from his failed presidency isn’t going to bode well for our losing Liar-in-Chief.

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