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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

We begin today’s misadventures of our malevolent minority-elect president* with yet more confirmation that he is indeed an illegitimate president who appears to have had help in ‘winning’ the election despite massively losing the popular vote, the noose from his Russia scandal is tightening as his claims of ‘witch hunt’ have been blown away and it’s becoming blatantly obvious that he’s guilty as hell of what he’s being investigated for, our fake president’s* war on fake news continues as the world comes crashing down on his alternate reality in his land of delusion, our impotent imbecile sucking up to his hero on Twitter before his upcoming Helsinki love fest while ranting more delusions – again – to try and create more distractions, lots of information on our Marmalade Miscreant’s treasonous treachery while sucking up to his hero during the ‘summit’ with Putin in Helsinki and so much more.

Donald Trump is an illegitimate president – and here is why article from The Raw Story. –

Being aided and abetted by his Russian cohorts in ‘winning’ the election despite massively losing the popular vote reveals just how illegitimate his presidency is.

Will Trump Keep Pushing Putin’s Lies About Attacking America? article from The Daily Beast. –

Of course he will – the only thing our Liar and Thief knows how to do is lie his ass off repeatedly and he’s incapable of ever telling the truth.

Mueller’s New Indictment of the Russian Hackers Is Full of Clues About Connections to Trump World article from Slate. –

Our dimwitted dip shit’s delusions of ‘witch hunt’ are full of holes as mountains of evidence are making it appear that his delusions are pure fodder designed to distract from his momentous guilt.

Mueller Has The Goods – All of the Goods article from Esquire. –

Our feckless fuhrer should start having more meltdowns as it’s becoming more obvious that he is guilty as hell of what he’s being investigated for:

“Goddamn them all.

Goddamn the hackers. Goddamn the journalists who laundered the pilfered material. Goddamn any of them who treated Roger Stone as a source, or as a cute prankster, instead of the nasty vandal he’s always been. Goddamn the pundits who chortled over the pilfered material. Goddamn the politicians who profited from the hacking. Goddamn the politicians who minimized the hacking. Goddamn the politicians who still stonewall about the hacking. Goddamn the “activists” who ranted about “McCarthyism” when anybody pointed out that the 2016 presidential election had been poisoned from afar. Goddamn them all as traitors, if not to the American nation, then to everything that ever made that nation worth the bother.

They conspired, wittingly or unwittingly. They colluded, wittingly or unwittingly. They are accessories, before and after the fact, to the hijacking of a democratic election. So, yes, goddamn them all.

Bob Mueller dropped the first of many shoes on Friday. Rod Rosenstein announced the indictment of 12 Russian intelligence officers on charges of helping to ratfck the 2016 presidential election under the noms de ratfck “DCLeaks” and “Guccifer 2.0.” Rosenstein went out of his way to say that no Americans were named in the indictment, so the White House grabbed onto that as though it were the last floating deck chair off the Lusitania. But it is very clear from the indictment that Mueller has the goods, all of the goods, and that nothing is going to slow him down or knock him off pace. (Notice how the indictment details how seriously the Russians took the president* appeal to them to find HRC’s “lost” emails.) The mills of the gods and all that…”

Emboldened by Trump, Proud Boys’ confrontations raise concers in the Northwest article from The Seattle Times. –

Yet another shining example of one of the many detrimental ways our racist Mango Mussolini is infesting this country – and why it needs to be stopped.

Day 540: Another crazy coincidence: the Russians started trying to hack Clinton the day Trump publicly asked them to article from Medium. –

More on the ‘coincidence’ of our fascist Orange wannabe Authoritarian’s involvement in the ‘Witch Hunt’ that he keeps desperately claiming to be innocent of – despite the obvious.

President Trump’s Useful Idiocy article from CounterPunch. –

There may be some light at the end of the tunnel as many of Trump’s moronic mini me’s are starting to realize that the stupid fuck they ‘elected’ – aided in large part by a fatally-flawed Electoral College – is doing them more harm than good.

Trump opens a rift in press corps as he disses CNN as ‘fake’ and Fox News as ‘real’ article from Politico. –

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Our fake president’s* fake war on News is but an excuse to continue trying to silence those that speak the truth about him and his criminal cabal while trying to justify the lies and delusional embellishment’s emanating from his Ministry of Propaganda to try and make him something he’s definitely not while trying to normalize his profound corruption:

“President Donald Trump’s attack on CNN as “fake news” and his quick pivot during a news conference in Britain to “real network” Fox News opened a rift among the press corps, with some journalists saying Fox should have come to the defense of the rival news outlet.

During the news conference alongside British Prime Minister Theresa May, when CNN’s Jim Acosta attempted to ask a question, Trump responded, “CNN is fake news. I don’t take questions from CNN.”

Over Acosta’s protestations, Trump then called on Fox’s John Roberts, instead.

“John Roberts from FOX, let’s go to a real network,” Trump said…”

High Water Mark of Trump Presidency: Collapse Beckons article from The Daily Kos. –

It’s only a matter of time before the rest of our dimwitted dip shit’s failed presidency collapses, though he’s helping it along bigly…

A Complete Breakdown Of Donald Trump’s 77th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt Media. –

A look back at the most recent disastrous week of our illegitimate, minority-elect president*.

The Numbers Don’t Lie: President Donald Trump Has Become Increasingly Dishonest article from Alternet. –

No shit…

As He Is Under Criminal Investigation, Trump Is Sucking Up To Putin On Twitter article from PoliticusUSA. –

Trump priorities from Pinterest

It’ll be interesting to see what or if anything happens from our impotent imbecile’s upcoming love fest in Helsinki with his hero but rest assured there will be more bluster and bull shit lies spewing from his lips:

“Trump took to Twitter to suck up to Putin and tell him that his World Cup was the best ever ahead of their summit meeting.

Trump tweeted:

This is Trump diplomacy in action. Flatter dictators and authoritarians while hoping that they play nice and give you something that you want. Instead of kissing up to Putin, Trump should have been threatening not to show up at this summit unless the 25 Russians that Mueller indicted for crimes during the 2016 are turned over for prosecution. A president who is under investigation who under investigation for potential crimes against his own country probably shouldn’t be kissing up to the mastermind behind those crimes…”

President Trump calls media ‘the enemy of the people’ article from AOL. –

Yet more on our fake president’s* asinine war on fake news and trying to create more duplicitous distractions on Twitter.

Trump calls the European Union a foe of the United States article from Yahoo! News. –

More on our Twitter tyrant’s desperate attempts to distract with false accusations and fake news before meeting – privately so he can kiss his ass and lie about what really happened – with his idol in Helsinki.

A comprehensive guide to the relationship between Sinclair Broadcast Group and the Trump administration article from Media Matters. –

How Sinclair Broadcasting became the latest arm of Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda to try and dubiously prop up his failing presidency and push his conspiracy theories, distractions and lies.

Trump Lies So Much That Journalists Now Measure Things Like ‘Dishonesty Density’ article from Splinter News. –

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America’s most corrupt-ever president* is incapable of telling the truth or facing reality and it’s really starting to make him look more foolish:

“Only with someone like Donald Trump as president would journalists have to come up with scientific indicators to measure and describe the extent of the president’s dishonesty and untrustworthiness.

But because Trump’s a serial liar, we’re in uncharted territory here.

Daniel Dale, the Washington bureau chief at the Toronto Star, said he has come up with the “first detailed statistical analysis of Trump’s dishonesty.” Many reporters have been keeping track of Trump’s lies, which has been no small feat. As Dale pointed out last year, Trump lied about the weather on the day of his inauguration. The next day, he lied about the crowd size. He lies about seemingly everything, even when there is no apparent advantage to doing so.

The Star analyzed no fewer than 1,340,330 words Trump has said since his inauguration speech on Jan. 20, 2017 through July 1 of this year. The newspaper said it had found 1,929 false claims during that period. But, Dale added, “Readers wanted more than just this raw number. They asked us, for example, to explain why the number of false claims per week has increased since early 2017. The key question: is Trump just talking more, or are his words denser with dishonesty than they used to be?”…”

Trump claims ‘many, many protests in my favor’ in London article from ThinkProgress. –

Still unable to accept the fact that he is illegitimate is making life good in America’s worst-ever president’s* land of delusion.

Mueller Has the Goods – All of the Goods article from Esquire. –

Like it or not our demented delinquent’s legal issues over his endless corruption are quickening his already almost daily meltdowns as accountability and karma come calling.

The Most Incompetent Demagogue In History article from The Huffington Post. –

On the many failures and delusions of our lackluster lame duck president* and his equally corrupt cabal and the damage being done to this country because of it.

Trump Kisses Up to Putin as the Leaders Disappear for Private Summit article from The Daily Beast. –

Trump & Putin from Pinterest

And so our Lord of the Lies begins his potentially treasonous alone time adventures with his puppet master in private – which if history is any indication, is not a good thing:

“The much-anticipated summit between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin started on one astonishing note of agreement—that the U.S. was responsible for the hostility between the two countries, not Russia.

The tweet from Trump blaming U.S. “foolishness” for the degeneration of the relationship between the two countries kicked off the day as the two men met in Helsinki, Finland, and it didn’t take long for the Russian foreign ministry to quote-tweet the President saying simply: “We agree.”

That note of accord will be met with huge discomfort back home where most diplomats and senior officials believe that the tensions with Russia stem from Putin’s flagrant disregard for international law. In 2014, he annexed Crimea—the first such land-grab in Europe since the disintegration of the Soviet Union; his military was responsible for the shooting down of Flight MH17 over Ukraine, killing 298 people; he backed President Assad’s brutal regime in Syria; and is accused of using a deadly nerve agent to poison five people, killing one, in Britain.

On Friday, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller unsealed indictments claiming that Putin’s intelligence apparatus had hacked into the email accounts of American politicians in order to subvert U.S. democracy…”

In disastrous press conference, Trump defended Putin, blasted Americans article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Our Marmalade Miscreant’s treachery was on full display as he once again capitulated to his hero while making himself look extremely treasonous.

Here Are the 6 Most Outrageous Moments from the Trump-Putin Press Conference article from Alternet. –

More on our dystopian Orange ass wipe’s treasonous actions while sucking up to his favorite dictator in Helsinki.

Putin couldn’t have asked for much more from his press conference with Trump article from ThinkProgress. –

Yes, even more on the so-called ‘summit’ between our treasonous minority-elect president* and his hero from Russia in Helsinki.

The Trump-Putin summit was a repulsive spectacle. It was also pointless. article from The Week. –


Huge Trump problem from Pinterest

The fact that Trump spent at least two hours meeting in secret with Putin during his farcical ‘Russia summit’ isn’t going to make him look legitimate or innocent of anything:

“If you were expecting President Trump and his Russian counterpart to say anything of interest about Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation of the 2016 election in Helsinki on Monday, you were always going to be disappointed. Frank language about possible collusion was about as likely as real-life evidence of the apparently unkillable liberal slash fiction in which Trump and Vladimir Putin are lovers who ride flying unicorns together. The pee tape, if it exists, is safe inside a Kremlin MacBook.

Whatever words the two might have exchanged about interference by Russians in our last presidential contest — a reality as incontestable as the similar efforts made by the United States in Russia and countless other countries across the world — away from the cameras and microphones could have been hugely significant. Or they might have been the same throwaway nonsense we all heard. We will probably never know.

The televised portion of the summit was a carnival that took place inside an actual hall of mirrors. Candelabras flared above rococo gilt in the Finnish presidential palace while two important men said absolutely nothing for an hour straight. It was a baroque festival of lib-owning obfuscation, a calculated and immediately successful attempt to elicit over-the-top responses to the anti-revelation of non- or pseudo-facts. The two presidents informed us that war in Syria is bad, that business is good, that peace is a desirable goal, that soccer balls make nice gifts for children.

There was a certain amount of high-level trolling on Monday. Standing on the dais beside the leader of a country whose intelligence service has been accused of hacking the server of an American political party, Trump insisted that it is in the best interests of the United States and Russia to “collaborate” on issues related to online security, something I have never heard even the most craven of the president’s Republican defenders suggest. Putin even jokingly alluded to his own career as an intelligence officer. Hardy har…”

Fox News Top former Political Correspondent says Trump is STILL colluding with Russia article from The Daily Kos. –

Hard to believe a former member of Our Liar and Thief’s Ministry of Propaganda actually said this, but it is looking more and more like he is correct:

Fox News Turns On Trump After Putin Press Conference Disaster article from PoliticusUSA. –

Again, it’s a bad sign when your Ministry of Propaganda starts turning on you because of your apparent treasonous actions:

AWKWARD: Putin refuses to deny that he has ‘pee tapes’ during press conference with Trump article from The Raw Story. –

Our gift that keeps on giving just can’t seem to get a break as his actions speak louder than his moronic words, and his idol refused to deny that he had any damaging info on Trump during their farcical summit.

Putin’s poodle: Trump sells out U.S. intelligence agencies with the world watching article from The New York Daily News. –

At least we now have confirmation of why our demented delusionist keeps crying ‘witch hunt’ and other bluster to claim his innocence – despite the obvious:

“Before the entire world Monday, the self-styled tough-guy, America-First President revealed himself to be Russian President Vladimir Putin’s poodle.

Putin flatly denied what every U.S. intelligence agency has concluded, what new indictments by Special Counsel Robert Mueller now underline: That agents of the GRU, the intelligence agency Putin used to work for and still leads, spearheaded 2016 presidential election interference.

The Russian president counters the mountain of evidence with an empty and robotic assertion: “the Russian State has not interfered and will never interfere in internal American affairs.”

Associated Press reporter — and Daily News alum — Jonathan Lemire gave Trump a binary choice: “who do you believe?”…”

Donald Trump: The ‘blame America first’ president article from The Washington Post. –

The fact that Herr Frump does nothing but lie, misinform and try to distract from his heinous criminal endeavors while blaming everyone else speaks volumes as to how profoundly corrupt he really is, especially when he does it so blatantly while visiting dictators.

‘Treasonous’ And ‘Disgraceful’: Critics Slam Trump’s Performance At Putin Summit article from The Huffington Post. –

The hits just keep coming for our Ignoramus-in-Chief’s treachery during his farcical Russia summit which doesn’t appear to bode well for him.

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