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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Today’s misadventures of our malevolent minority-elect president* begin with his hometown newspaper publishing a picture with the caption ‘Pee Brain’ as his melt down over former FBI Director James Comey’s book begins, a large majority of Americans aren’t buying our dimwitted dip shit’s lies about Mueller and want him to be allowed to finish his ongoing investigations, once again our dysfunctional dumb ass decided to commit more war crimes by bombing Syria in retaliation of unsubstantiated accusations of gas attacks with no evidence whatsoever, war crimes and pardons are the reflection of a felonious fake president trying to distract from his impending implosion, the multitude of lies being used to justify committing more war crimes, trying to act presidential while committing more war crimes will not work in saving Trump plus a lot more.

Donald Trump’s Hometown Newspaper Just Burned Him With A Savage Nickname article from The Huffington Post. –

His home town newspaper gives our malignant minority-elect president* a new nickname – Pee Brain.

Majorities back investigations of Trump from Russia to alleged hush money (POLL) article from Good Morning America on Yahoo! News. –

By more than 2 to 1 margins Americans want to get to the truth about Trump’s criminal endeavors, which speaks volumes about how ‘popular’ Trump is.

The Most Important News out of Jim Comey’s Explosive New Book article from Mother Jones. –

There are a lot more revelations about our dimwitted dip shit than golden showers and little hands…

American mainstream rejects Trump’s condemnation of Mueller probe article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

More on how the majority of Americans aren’t buying Trump’s demonization of Mueller over his Russia scandal and criminal investigations and actually believes he needs to be allowed to complete them:

“At a certain level, public-opinion polls on federal criminal investigations seem unimportant. After all, law-enforcement officials are not politicians, and while they serve the public’s interests, they also have a job to do that has little to do with popular will.

That said, I tend to keep an eye on polling related to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, not because public attitudes should shape the direction of the investigation, but because I’m interested in whether the Republican campaign to undermine public confidence in the probe is working.

Donald Trump, for example, has characterized the investigation itself as “illegal” and “corrupt.” His allies in Congress and conservative media have mounted a spirited campaign against Mueller, the FBI, and the Justice Department, which collectively have become a bete noire for the right.

The American mainstream isn’t buying it…”

Trump ‘pee tape’ alibi contradicted by testimony of his personal bodyguard article from Think Progress. –

The hits just keep coming for America’s most corrupt-ever president* as his lies continue unraveling his defense of his multitude of crimes.

What the new GOP offensive against James Comey is really about article from The Week. –

It’s all about trying to save America’s worst-ever president’s* lying ass as more of his crimes, perversions and malfeasance are revealed – and it won’t work.

Trump Cares More About Firing Mueller than Striking Assad article from Alternet. –

How our Twitter tyrant keeps shooting himself in the foot and looking like a total moron with his ignorance on full display.

Trump authorizes military strikes in Syria article from The Hill. –

History repeats itself as once again, based on virtually no evidence whatsoever and unsubstantiated accusations, our dysfunctional dumb ass has decided to engage in committing more war crimes:

“President Trump announced Friday he has ordered “precision strikes” against Syria in response to an apparent chemical weapons attack by the forces of Syrian leader Bashar Assad.

Speaking at the White House, Trump said the operation was launched in coordination with the armed forces of France and the United Kingdom. The strikes are targeting sites related to Syria’s chemical weapons program.

Trump said that last weekend’s gas attack was a “significant escalation” of the Syrian government’s efforts to inflict pain on its own citizens.

“These are not the actions of a man; they are crimes of a monster instead,” the president said…”

Rachel Maddow Drills Trump For Using Syria Strike As Russia Distraction article from PoliticusUSA. –

The ignorant irony of our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator – a monster illegally bombing another monster over another conveniently timed gas attack which has all the earmarks of a false flag – in committing more war crimes to distract from his imminent demise as his Russia scandal, his financial crimes and his many obstructions of justice investigations land on his doorstep.

Troubling Signal Seen as Trump Pardons Cheney Sidekick Scooter Libby article from Common Dreams. –

Yet another distraction in preparation for all the pardons coming down the pike as he tries to weasel his way of the massive cluster you-know-what from all the ignorance and greed our nefarious narcissist has created for himself.

‘How will this defeat ISIS?’: Internet explodes in outrage after Trump announces ‘unlawful’ military strikes in Syria article from The Raw Story. –

Yet more observations that our lackluster lame duck president* illegally bombed Syria to distract from the rabid vultures of law and order circling his illegitimate presidency.

Republicans and Democrats blast Trump for bombing Syria without legal authority article from Think Progress. –

Abusing self-proclaimed Executive Power – especially when you’re a fake, illegitimate president* – is pissing off a lot of people and could expedite a quicker end of Trump’s failing presidency:

“President Trump announced the U.S. has launched “precision” strikes in Syria in coordination with France and the United Kingdom on Friday night.

During the speech, Trump pointed to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons last April and last week as a reason for the strikes and called out Russia and Iran for their association with “the mass murder of innocent men, women and children.” The al-Assad regime killed at least 34 people when it launched two separate chemical attacks on Douma last week, according to a Bellingcat analysis.

However, his speech never mentioned any plans to consult with Congress on the decision, which has been granted the authority to declare war by the U.S. Constitution. The decision to attack Syria without seeking congressional approval was condemned by both Republicans and Democrats.


Trump Reportedly Now Fears Michael Cohen Corruption Investigation More Than Mueller Probe article from Alternet. –

And he should, since all the skeletons from Trump’s endless corruption were probably in Cohen’s possession.

Bombshell Drops As Mueller Has Proof Of Trump/Russia Collusion article from PoliticusUSA. –

Trump’s lies over his Russia scandal keep falling apart and all the distractions in the world aren’t going to save his corrupt, ignorant ass.

Right wing media allies turn on Trump over Syria article from The Raw Story. –

Who would have thought that an illegal air strike in Syria would turn the right wing media against Trump? Amazing…

As Trump and May Claim Concern for Syrian Civilins, Critics Slam Leaders for Anti-Refugee Stance article from Truthout. –

Trump and his cohorts in his latest war crime don’t care about Syrian civilians – or any others for that matter – and they never will but it makes a good sales point while trying to cover your treasonous ass:

“While President Donald Trump’s address to the nation suggested that he and his counterparts in France and the United Kingdom launched airstrikes out of concern for Syrian civilians, a number of critics pointed out that the leaders have shown little compassion for those same innocent people as nations have debated taking in Syrian refugees in recent months.

Under Trump, the number of Syrian refugees who have been granted asylum and resettled by the U.S. has plummeted, dropping from more than 12,000 in 2016 to half that number last year. Less than 100 of the war-torn nation’s 5.5 million refugees are expected to be allowed into the U.S. by the end of the current fiscal year in September.

“If the Trump administration truly cares about the fate of Syrian civilians, it can do far better in resettling Syrian refugees,” wrote the International Rescue Committee on Friday evening. “More than 40 people were reportedly killed in the suspected chemical attack on Douma, in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta. That is as many Syrians who have been admitted to the United States as refugees this year.”…”


Having Bolton helping him call the shots is giving our numb nutted nimrod enough rope to completely hang himself and he has no room at all to talk about the atrocities in Syria…

Trump’s First Big Test: a Crisis for All of Us article from CounterPunch. –

How our Ignoramus-in-Chief’s deteriorating mental capacities are proving problematic for the U.S.

Pentagon Sucks the Air Out of Trump’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ article from The Daily Beast. –

It appears our demented delinquent was just blowing smoke when claiming ‘mission accomplished.’

Trump Confirms That He Is Using The Military As Russia Distraction article from PoliticusUSA. –

Trump is in the toilet and trying to act presidential and committing war crimes while trying to deflect from scandals will not work for him – not now, not ever:

“Trump made it clear with his Saturday morning tweets that he is trying to hide behind the military to distract from the Russia investigation.

Trump tweeted:


Was Trump’s Strike on Syria Justified? article from Slate. –

In a word, no, but it is worth looking at both sides of the story.

Was Trump ‘wagging the dog’ with strikes in Syria? article from ThinkProgress. –

More are questioning our big Orange turd ball’s motives in his ‘wag the dog’ war criminal moment when – again – illegally bombing Syria.

Scholar of fascism explains why Trump’s ‘Desert Stormy’ airstrike is a total sham article from The Raw Story. –

Trump’s detrimental mental deficiencies are growing exponentially as he flails through what is left of his disastrous presidency.

The President is a Fool article from Talking Points Memo. –

If our lackluster pile of crap president* is in office long enough he may start trying to renegotiate the TPP and that is unacceptable:

“The President is saying he might want to rejoin TPP.

From the Post …

President Trump told top administration officials Thursday to look at rejoining the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the multination trade agreement he pulled the United States out of shortly after taking office.

Rejoining the pact would be a major reversal as Trump escalates a trade conflict with China. The Pacific Rim trade deal was intended by the Obama administration as a way to counter China’s influence, but Trump criticized the pact as a candidate and pulled the United States out of the pact in early 2017…”

What Just Happened article from The Strategic Culture Foundation. –

Investigations into the alleged Syrian gas attack will still commence over the objections of the U.S. despite Trump’s latest illegal attack on Syria so things could get interesting in the near future.

Attacking Syria: Thumbing Noses at Constitution and Law article from Washington’s Blog. –

It appears that this year’s illegal attack on Syria won’t benefit Trump as much as the one he perpetrated almost a year ago did as the real world is growing wary of his dystopian dipshittery.

Trump and allies approach World War III in Syria, on literally no evidence article from Salon. –

Illegally invading another country with literally no evidence whatsoever of crimes being committed – Iraq redux – is a crime for which Herr Frump as well as the leaders of Britain and France need to be held accountable.

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