Misadventures of a minority-elect President 216

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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Today’s misadventures of our malevolent minority-elect president* begin with our pussy grabbing predator’s guide to sexual assault awareness month, a look at the damage being done to this country by our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator as Democracy spirals downward towards despotism, our Twitter tyrant’s latest distractions aren’t working, stupid is going to hurt as our dimwitted dip shit keeps taking advice from his Ministry of Propaganda, the number of crimes committed by our numb nutted nimrod since taking office continue climbing, Holocaust survivor compares Trump to Nazi Germany, Trump’s fraudulent tax reform will implode the U.S. economy, America’s most corrupt-ever president* explodes after his lawyer is busted – for obvious reasons and a lot more.

Donald Trump’s Guide To Sexual Assault Awareness Month. article from Extra Newsfeed. –

The never-ending irony of our pussy grabbing president’s proclamation of sexual assault awareness month.

Dissatisfied with Americans’ attitudes, Trump picks his own approval rating article from Rachel Maddown on MSNBC. –

Our fake president* was so tired of being the least popular leader in U.S. history that he decided to create his own delusional approval rating.

America’s Descent Into Despotism article from CounterPunch. –

On the damage being done to this country by our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator and the moronic minority of minions that support his profoundly corrupt and ignorant ass.

Exposing Trump’s Border Lies: A Checklist article from The Daily Beast. –

The delusions behind all of Trump’s Border Wall fantasies are endless, and his claims about why he wants to build it and send the military there are all lies:

“CALI, Colombia—President Donald Trump issued a flurry of bewildering statements over the last week concerning immigration and an alleged “point of crisis” along the U.S. border with Mexico. The upshot of all this is that POTUS wants soldiers to defend the southern frontier, at least until his ever-loving wall—which he also claimed is under construction—can be completed.

“We’re going to be doing things militarily,” Trump said on Tuesday. “Until we can have a wall and proper security, we’re going to be guarding our border with the military.”

Trump’s decision to deploy thousands of troops to the border, which is already heavily patrolled by state and Federal agents, drew a swift rebuke from the Mexican senate. In a unanimous vote, lawmakers urged an end to all bilateral security cooperation. There hasn’t been a cooperation breakdown like that between the U.S. and Mexico since the days of Pancho Villa, and such a move would be an unprecedented disaster for anti-cartel and drug interdiction efforts.

But what of the reasons cited for this mass mobilization across four southwestern states? Given the costs to taxpayers, the danger of angering one of our most important trading and security partners, and the sacrifices that will have to be made by both the troops and their families, one would expect a sitting U.S. president might only move to militarize our border due to some “clear and present danger” that required it…”

Over one year into his presidency Trump blames Obama for latest Syria gas attack in Twitter blitz article from The Raw Story. –

Our Twitter tyrant is busily distracting from his endless cesspools of corruption with his delusional Twitter rants – which, contrary to his ignorant beliefs, don’t work.

Trumpcare Is Coming To Iowa, Ad Your State May Be Next article from The Huffington Post. –

Trumpcare – a more destructive, quasi-fraudulent form of Obamacare is going to devastate Iowans that can’t afford health insurance or have pre-existing conditions.

How Trump Channels the 1970s article from The Atlantic. –

America’s most corrupt-ever president’s* war on fake news, attacks against the FBI and DoJ etc. are designed to erode trust in any institution – a tactic utilized by Dictators – but he’s too stupid and corrupt to carry out his skullduggery effectively.

Fox News Is Advising Trump And Acting As His Cabinet article from PoliticusUSA. –

Stupid is going to hurt this time for our dimwitted dip shit for listening to his Ministry of Propaganda:

“Trump is getting his immigration policy from people on Fox News who are telling him ideas that are impractical, illegal, or unconstitutional.

Axios reported that Trump had made DHS Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen his immigration scapegoat, “Since then, she’s taken on an unforgiving role: having to shoot down the president’s frequently unvetted immigration enforcement ideas (including a recent suggestion to send active duty military — not simply National Guard — to the border.) A senior administration source said some of Trump’s unvetted ideas are coming from people outside the White House, including Fox News personalities. The source added that Nielsen fully supports the president on the wall and on closing loopholes, but often had to be “Ms. No.” Trump was being fed legally unvetted ideas that would look flashy on TV but are of dubious operational value.”

Trump isn’t just taking cues from Fox News. Fox is his shadow cabinet

The idea that Trump was getting his ideas from watching Fox News was bad enough, but it turns out that it was even worse than many Americans suspected. People who talk on Fox News for a living who mostly have no government experience at all are acting as a shadow cabinet for Trump. Presidents often turn to outside advisers when they want a different point of view, but Trump is ignoring the people that he chose to serve in his cabinet and has made people with no qualifications his de facto cabinet…”

Presidential historian Gil Troy: Donald Trump has committed ‘a crime against the American people’ article from Salon. –

Actually Trump has committed a multitude of crimes – for which he will eventually be held accountable after his failed presidency completely implodes.

Pardon offers? Trump Russia interference violates Constitution and his oath article from The Detroit Free Press. –

Our numb nutted nimrod has committed numerous crimes since being ‘elected’ and added scores more to his ongoing Russia scandal.


On the direction our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator is taking this country as it has become blatantly obvious to anyone paying attention.

Trump’s Syrian whiplash article from The Week. –

Trump can’t seem to figure out what to do about Syria except possibly commit more war crimes:

“On Saturday, the genocidal government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad once again murdered its own citizens with chemical weapons, in a gruesome attack on the rebel-held suburb of Douma. Dozens of innocent civilians were killed, in nightmarish and unforgettable ways that should disturb anyone with a conscience. But the likely U.S. response — some sort of temporary Tomahawk missile barrage — will accomplish little other than confirming that serious people in Washington still believe that you can send a message of resolve with some guided missiles. The only thing recipients will hear is that Washington remains painfully confused about what it wants in Syria.

President Trump responded to the attacks not with a carefully prepared speech or quiet, behind-the-scenes diplomacy, but rather with one of his loopy, name-calling tweets. On Sunday, he banged out the following: “If President Obama had crossed his stated Red Line In The Sand, the Syrian disaster would have ended long ago! Animal Assad would have been history!” Like most everything that escapes the president’s mouth, his statement was both disingenuous and absurd. Even had the Obama administration gone through with what would had been a significant and broad planned strike against Assad’s assets in 2013, it would not have ended the war, nor would it have toppled the regime absent a massive U.S. military mobilization that the voting public didn’t want and would not have stood for.

The president’s revisionist history is one problem. The other is that everything the Trump administration has done since coming into office has seemed explicitly designed to keep Assad in power. The United States has almost completely withdrawn itself from peacemaking efforts, ceding the initiative, the narrative, and the ultimate terms of the settlement to Moscow and the so-called Astana Process it is executing along with its junior partners in Istanbul and Tehran. If the understaffed, graveyard-shift Trump foreign policy team has any issues with this outcome, it certainly has not made much noise about them yet. It may very well be the only feasible path to stopping the bloodshed.

The Trump administration has also tacitly admitted, time and again, that its options in Syria aren’t much different than those ultimately contemplated and decided upon by the president’s predecessor. Trump’s brief and limited airstrikes last year in response to another chemical weapons attack illustrated the total emptiness of Obama’s foreign policy critics. Remember, according to hawkish opponents, it was Obama’s refusal to enforce the administration’s chemical weapons “red line” in 2013 that apparently invited Putin’s aggression and Assad’s escalation of the conflict. Yet here we are, a year after the U.S. did what all of the military scolds had been telling it to do all along, with the Assad regime still apparently unafraid of using chemical weapons…”

The futility of Trump’s outrage article from The Washington Post on The Sacramento Bee. –

His constant – albeit useless – lies about immigration coupled with his inability to get U.S. taxpayers to pay for his border wall is really irritating our Ignoramus-in-Chief.

Political Reality May Finally Be Catching Up To Trump article from The Daily Kos. –

Maybe there is hope for the moronic minority of idiots that actually supported his Orange ass…


Relying on his fatally flawed gut to dictate his policy isn’t playing out very well for our demented delinquent, and his moronic trade war is no exception.

Trump Tax Scam Implodes As CBO Says Deficit To Balloon article from PoliticusUSA. –

More on the fraudulent failed joke that is Trump’s tax reform scam:

“Trump and the Republicans promised that their tax cuts for the rich would pay for themselves, but a new CBO analysis revealed that deficit is going to balloon under Trump.

Reuters reported, “Despite stronger-than-predicted economic growth ahead, the CBO said the deficit will grow to $804 billion in fiscal 2018, which ends on Sept. 30, up from $665 billion in fiscal 2017. The deficit is how much Washington’s spending exceeds its revenues. CBO forecast 3.3 percent growth in 2018 in gross domestic product, a broad measure of the economy, and 2.4 percent GDP growth in 2019. In the next few years, deficits will “grow substantially” before stabilizing in 2023, resulting in a projected cumulative deficit of $11.7 trillion for 2018-2027, the CBO said.”

In a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, Senate Democratic Leader, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said, “The CBO’s latest report exposes the scam behind the rosy rhetoric from Republicans that their tax bill would pay for itself. From day one, the Republican agenda has always been to balloon the deficit in order to dole out massive tax breaks to the largest corporations and wealthiest Americans, and then use the deficit as an excuse to cut Social Security and Medicare. The American people deserve a Congress that is focused squarely on helping the middle class, not patronizing Kabuki theatre –like sham ‘balanced budget’ votes – from Republicans who blew up the deficit to benefit wealthy special interests.”

The Republican theory of the tax cut paying for itself was a big lie. The Republicans theorized that they would give a massive tax cut to the wealthy and corporations who would then take that money and reinvest back into the economy which would spur growth and increase wages and jobs. What has actually happened is that the wealthy and corporations took the money used to buy back stock or pay down debt, and sat on the rest…”

‘I’ve never seen him like this before’: White House sources say Cohen raid ignited Trump’s ‘untethered’ rage article from Alternet. –

Since the FBI wouldn’t raid anyone – generally anyway – without there being evidence of a crime committed, it’s a pretty sure bet that Trump has A LOT to hide and his presidency is on the precipice of imploding.

Rachel Maddow Explains Why Michael Cohen Is The Key That Locks Trump Up article from PoliticusUSA. –

Raiding his personal lawyer’s home and office could prove disastrous for America’s worst-ever president* and he knows it.

The Truth About an Untethered Trump article from Robert Reich. –

America’s most corrupt-ever president* is going to have some serious explaining to do in the near future, and if there is such a thing as ‘Justice’, should end up being put behind bars.

Trump Admitted To Obstruction Of Justice On Live TV Following FBI Raids article from PoliticusUSA. –

The ‘danger to our country’ Trump refers to is delusional. It’s only dangerous to his profoundly corrupt, imploding presidency as his list of crimes against the U.S. continues growing exponentially:

“Shortly after the news broke that the FBI raided the offices of Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, the president became unglued on live television, calling the ongoing investigation a witch hunt, attacking Attorney General Jeff Sessions and suggesting he may just fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

As legal and political analyst Seth Abramson pointed out shortly after Trump’s lash-out, it’s hard not to view the president’s remarks on Monday as anything other than an admission of obstruction of justice.

Seth Abramson tweeted “BREAKING: How is this NOT a televised confession of Obstruction of Justice by a U.S. president?

“It’s a total witch hunt. I’ve been saying it for a long time. I’ve wanted to keep it down.”

“I’ve wanted to keep it down”? WHAT?

This happened this hour.”…”

Impeachment Is the Republicans’ Latest Boogeyman for the 2018 Elections article from Esquire. –

The midterms are going to prove extremely entertaining as Trump freaks out over them – provided he’s still in office…

UNPRESIDENTED – A Complete Breakdown Of Donald Trump’s 63rd Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt. –

A look at the most recent disastrous week of our nefarious narcissist’s imploding presidency.

Every criticism of the Republican tax plan is proving true article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Many were right when they criticized Trump’s fraudulent tax reform scam and now the GOP and Trump are going to pay a big price.

Donald the Animal Stays In Syria article from CounterPunch. –

Trump lied about pulling the troops out of Syria and is responsible in large part for the latest (supposed) Syrian gas attack:

“Another chemical weapons at the hands (supposedly) of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The public was bombarded with images of victims of the attack. Where have been the images of Donald Trump’s victims? If the liberal media really is opposed to Trump as they say, why haven’t they been as outraged about Trump’s crimes?

Donald Trump went on to call Assad an animal. But what has been Donald Trump’s record in the region? Historically awful. He now is responsible for over three-quarters of the civilian’s deaths in the U.S. war against ISIS. What seemed unspeakable under Barack Obama has proved to be too soft under Trump.

For all the media’s hatred of Donald Trump, where is the coverage of the civilians he has killed? Where are the photographs of those dead children? If anything, they want Trump to be more bloodthirsty. When Trump contemplated leaving Syria last week, The New York Times ran two op-eds on the subject, both critical of the move. One article proposed that Trump was creating ISIS 2.0 by pulling out of the region and the other said that Trump’s strategy was “no way to run a war.” Isn’t that the point though? We should have no interest in running a war in Syria. The Washington Post also warned about the U.S. emboldening ISIS by pulling out of Syria in two separate op-ed pieces last week. Horrified by my findings, I dug further. CNN also was no fan of Donald Trump’s plan to leave Syria. A sinister headline read: “Is Vladimir Putin Trump’s top adviser on Syria?” Next I looked onto MSNBC, who showed a clip from last week titled “We should not abandon the fight”. Still, astoundingly, the liberal media was in consensus against Trump’s plan to withdraw. Fox News was no better. They claimed that Trump was repeating Obama mistake’s by leaving Syria. I dug through arguably America’s five most trusted media sources and none of them ran an opinion that supported the President’s plan to leave Syria.

The left, at its worst, gets too caught up in the details of these blackouts. The timing of the chemical weapons attack is of course, rather curious. Why would Assad use chemical weapons right after Trump said he wanted to leave Syria? And why did the same sequence occur a year ago? On March 30th, 2017, Trump softened on Syria. On April 4th, 2017, a chemical weapons attack occurred. The signs point to the U.S. and their friends being behind these attacks if we strictly look at the timing. But this is all rather flimsy. These attacks both also occurred around April Fool’s Day, and no one would ever read into that. Now maybe Assad knows that the U.S. presence is essential to destabilizing the region. Or quite possibly, Assad had nothing to do with the attacks. I always lean towards blaming the U.S. but Russia’s presence within Syria has been brutal too. We just don’t know. So rushing to judgement, let alone military intervention, seems absurd. No matter who one “feels” is responsible. This is all assuming too that military intervention would help even if we did know the details. It hasn’t before and it won’t here…”

Chris Christie destroys Trump’s ‘witch hunt’ claim about Mueller article from Think Progress. –

Trying to play the victim in his multitude of ongoing scandals isn’t going to work too well for our demented delusionist.

Trump abruptly cancels planned South American trip as scandals explode around him article from Alternet. –

Trump’s growing desperation to distract from all the scandals his profoundly corrupt ass is responsible for is becoming glaringly evident.

Trump’s lies travel well in ‘news deserts’ article from Think Progress. –

Fake news is what has kept our fake president in the public eye for over a year now…

The Trump administration is falling apart article from The Week. –

Profound corruption coupled with profound stupidity can only last so long before it implodes completely:

“The ongoing meta-scandal over President Trump’s astounding corruption reached perhaps its highest level to date Tuesday, when the FBI raided the offices and hotel room of his personal attorney — and the Republican Party’s Deputy National Finance Chair — Michael Cohen. Agents reportedly picked up documents related to l’affaire Stormy Daniels, but also some other things that haven’t been made public yet.

This only adds to the chaos of a presidency that is already entangled in multiple corruption scandals and bleeding top-level personnel by the day. This administration is falling apart.

As Marcy Wheeler points out, Trump himself made things dramatically worse for Cohen when he earlier denied that he knew anything about the $130,000 in alleged hush money paid to Daniels, or the non-disclosure agreement supposedly signed on her behalf. Signing a contract on behalf of a client without their knowledge is grounds for disbarment in New York state. (But on the other hand, if Trump did know about the NDA and hush money — and let’s be honest, he pretty much had to have known — then that very likely puts him afoul of one of the remaining shreds of campaign finance law.)

More broadly, as several legal analysts argued, raiding the offices of the president’s personal lawyer is not something law enforcement would do on a whim. The suspicion of criminal activity must have been all but ironclad — especially given how the raid happened. It was the product of information uncovered by the Mueller investigation, but not carried out by his team. He passed off a tip to the Department of Justice, which must have referred it to the acting U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, Geoffrey Berman — who replaced Preet Bharara after a highly unusual personal interview with Trump…”

The pardon power can be used in the commission of a crime by the president article from The Raw Story. –

Pardoning some of his cohorts in his ongoing Russia scandal could come back to haunt Trump if he commits more crimes while doing it.

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