Misadventures of a minority-elect President 215

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Trump like a diaper from Interest

We begin today’s misadventures of our malevolent minority-elect president* with his delusional definition of winning compared to that of most of the country that still can’t stand him, Trump’s Russia and corruption scandal investigations are going to prove extremely entertaining before the 2018 midterm’s and there will be hell to pay, how a flawed nondisclosure agreement coupled with hush money could be the end of our pussy grabbing president*, instead of impeaching our demented delusionist, Congress and the public should focus on indicting him for his high crimes and misdemeanors, more of the lies about Trump’s fraudulent tax reform scam are making themselves known, when you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance you baffle them with your bullshit, bully people, make false accusations, lie continuously and hope your idiotic supporters don’t know any better, our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator show his true Sociopathic colors and a lot more.

Tired of winning yet? You’re not alone. article from Yahoo! News. –

Our national embarrassment’s definition of winning is extremely different than that of most people who still can’t stand him.

Former WH lawyer: ‘people are starting to realize this administration has been corrupt from day one’ article from The Daily Kos. –

Anyone familiar with our dimwitted dip shit’s past business dealings and crimes has been well aware that his illegitimate presidency has been corrupt from day one.

Trump Is Sweating Bullets As Mueller Probes Russians Funneling Money To His Campaign article from PoliticusUSA. –

Follow the money in our fraudulent Orange con man’s businesses and presidential campaign and you’ll see a lot of interesting things…

Why Mueller’s Move on Trump Is the Beginning of the Endgame article from Alternet. –

Trump’s Russia scandal is going to play a big role in the 2018 midterms as more revelations of his profound corruption come to light:

“With the Washington Post’s revelation that President Trump is not the “subject” of criminal investigation, special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s strategy for completing his probe is coming into view.

Mueller has pinned down Trump with two grand juries, issuing a wide net of indictments on diverse charges that have kept the president off-balance. The sentencing of Alex van der Zwaan, a Dutch lawyer working for indicted Trump aide Rick Gates, underscored a message for the president: those who lie to investigators face swift consequences.

What has seemed like an interminable inquiry now looks like it will terminate in a one-two punch: an interview with Trump followed by a report on the question of obstruction of justice.

All of this may well happen before the 2018 midterm elections…”

Trump claims his favorite conspiracy theory is ‘not a conspiracy theory’ article from Think Progress. –

Actually it is a conspiracy theory… it’s just that Trump can’t handle the fact the he is indeed an illegitimate president* who lost the popular vote bigly…

Presidential whiplash stokes immigration crisis to justify troop surge article from CNN. –

How making up a crisis based on watching Fox faux news led to our demented delinquent ordering troops to the border.

To Defend ‘Must-Run’ Commentaries, Sinclair Forces Stations to Use Commentary by Former Trump Aide article from Truthout. –

Using America’s largest fraudulent media conglomerate as his Ministry of Propaganda is starting to cause a back lash for America’s worst-ever president*.

Trump’s dangerous economic gambles article from The Week. –

Having a moronic president* that actually believes he’s a genius could prove disastrous to America’s economy, especially with his stupidity over his tariff war with China:

“President Nixon famously observed that the U.S. economy was so strong “it would take a genius” to wreck it. But maybe that’s not quite right. Maybe it only takes an American president who thinks he’s a genius — or to be more specific, “a very stable genius.” At the very least, it might take only a reckless American president who is willing to take tremendous risks with little potential upside based on either misinformation or raw emotion.

And that seems to be what America has right now with Donald Trump. The president could be spending 2018 building on his 2017 tax cuts and his deregulation efforts. Investors seemed to really like all that traditional Republican “pro-growth” stuff. Stocks rose 20 percent last year, and it’s reasonable to assume enthusiasm for Trumponomics 1.0 played some role.

But now we’re getting the more populist Trumponomics 2.0, and it’s no upgrade. Trump has decided to launch a clumsy trade war with China and start a Twitter fight with Amazon, one of America’s most successful and popular companies. Investors haven’t liked this version of Trumponomics at all. Stocks are off about 7 percent since Trump in late January announced steep tariffs on imported washing machines and solar panels. And the Amazon attacks have fed into a declining tech sector where investors were already spooked by Facebook’s recent troubles over data privacy.

It is hard to fully explain the level of self-sabotage happening right now in Washington thanks to Trump, all of which is being reflected in the market’s current woes. Let’s start with trade. Although Trump might think “trade wars are good, and easy to win,” the historical evidence strongly suggests they are not. There’s a reason why all the economists in a recent survey agreed that Trump’s February plan for sweeping steel and aluminum tariffs would make most Americans worse off…”

Trump claims immigrant women are being raped at unprecedented levels article from Think Progress. –

Anyone with half a brain shouldn’t be surprised by Trump’s never-ending lies since that’s all he ever does…

Trump’s Extravagant Travel Expenses Being Scrutinized from PoliticusUSA. –

Raping U.S. taxpayers to fraudulently enrich themselves seems to be a tradition – and problematic – for the Trump family.

Trump supporters keep bearing the brunt of Trump’s agenda article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

The minority of moronic minions that were stupid enough to vote for America’s most corrupt-ever president* are bearing the brunt of Trump’s fraudulent agenda but the rest of us are paying the price too.

Stormy Daniels Going Public Is Pussy Grabbing Back article from The Nation. –

A flawed nondisclosure agreement coupled with the hush money Daniels was paid could easily be the end of our pussy grabbing president*:

“My aunt thinks Stormy Daniels will bring down Donald Trump. Not because the American public won’t accept a president who had an affair with a porn star while his wife was nursing their new baby. Trump’s fans will probably like him all the more for his walk on the wild side. His evangelical army has already forgiven him—that is, the 40 percent who don’t believe it’s fake news. After all, Trump wasn’t president in 2007, so it doesn’t count. And what about King David? He had plenty of concubines and God loved him anyway.

No, says my aunt, it’s not the sex that will bring him down; it’s the nondisclosure agreement, sealed with a $130,000 payment apparently made by Trump’s hapless lawyer Michael Cohen, which could be seen as an illegal campaign contribution. Trump’s fans wouldn’t care about that either, of course. They already know he’s dishonest, or else they’ve persuaded themselves that God is using Trump as His instrument, just like King David, and so He can’t be expected to observe the niceties of federal election law.

There would be a kind of poetic justice if Trump was the victim of his own licentiousness—talk about pussy grabbing back!—and if his assumption that he could buy anyone off came back to bite him. Still, I’m a little skeptical that Stormy will save us. If a small financial irregularity could ruin Trump, wouldn’t that have happened already? The man violates the laws of business every single day—in fact, the plethora of scandals may be part of the problem: The news media don’t have time to delve into any one before the next one pops up, and it’s too much for the public to stay focused on. It’s just “Trump being Trump.”

Still, Stormy is great: She’s smart, plainspoken, unashamed, and funny. As she is quick to remind people, she is not just an adult-film star; she also directs and writes screenplays. Even if you aren’t a porn aficionado, you’ve probably seen her on-screen: She’s done cameos in Judd Apatow’s The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up. (“She’s very nice and super smart and great to work with,” Apatow says.)…”

Mueller Probe Now Includes Trump’s Business Associates article from The Daily Beast. –

It’s going to be a long Summer for our nefarious narcissist. Once Mueller follows the money Trump is going to be in deep cocka.

Donald Trump Basically Just Said He Should Lose the Litigation With Stormy Daniels article from Slate. –

Implausible deniability isn’t going to save our Ignoramus-in-Chief’s lying ass this time.


How not to act presidential while allegedly having a ’round table discussion on tax reform,’ choosing instead to float more conspiracy theories to prove that you’ve lost what little was left of your demented mind.

Forget About Impeaching Trump article from Politico. –

Instead of impeaching our demented delusionist, Democrats need to focus on indicting him for his high crimes and misdemeanors:

“Special counsel Robert Mueller’s cryptic message to Donald Trump’s attorneys—that the president is being investigated but is not currently a criminal target—is certain to intensify talk of impeachment. As Princeton University professor Keith Whittington told the Washington Post in response to the news, while Trump could still become a criminal target, “The president’s personal risk is primarily on the impeachment front.”

But if Mueller believes that Trump needs to be held accountable for any violation of law, he cannot expect Congress to do the accounting. There is only one mechanism that has any chance of working, and it is not impeachment. It’s indictment.

Impeachment is a dead end because the congressional jury pool is tainted. Mueller has been systematically demonized for weeks by Trump and his allies. For example, earlier this week Fox News host Sean Hannity warned of a proverbial “civil war … if Robert Mueller is so pompous and so arrogant and so power hungry and so corrupt” that he would accuse Trump of a crime (as if that’s the only motivation Mueller could possibly have). In turn, more than half of Republicans disapprove of Mueller’s handling of the investigation, giving House Republicans no incentive to get crosswise with their base and support impeachment.

Even if Democrats take control of the House after the November elections, and unify around impeachment (both big ifs), a two-thirds vote of conviction in the Senate is almost surely impossible. In the wildest Democratic midterm election fantasy—a complete sweep of every 2018 Senate contest—Democrats would reach 58 seats, leaving them nine short of a two-thirds supermajority. Realistically, several more than nine Republicans would be needed to convict. But good luck finding even that many who would play Brutus to Trump’s Caesar. The only Republican senators who have vocally criticized Trump got hounded out of running for reelection and won’t be around to convict an impeached president…”

Trump Tax Cuts Flop As Job Growth Plunges To 103,000 article from PoliticusUSA. –

The lies about Trump’s fraudulent tax reform scam are making themselves known, and it’s not pretty.

‘Concerned’ Evangelicals Plan To Meet With Trump As Sex Scandals Swirl article from NPR. –

There is nothing remotely religious about ‘evangelicals’ that support a corrupt, pathological lying pussy grabbing president*…

Trump asked CIA official why drone strike didn’t also kill target’s family: report article from The Hill. –

Our War Criminal president* has no problem with killing civilians illegally by drone and wondered why a terrorist’s family wasn’t taken out too.

Draining the swamp – of expertise article from Extra Newsfeed. –

Pondering why we need other qualified professionals but not presidents:

“The United States is a nation of credentials. We demand qualified doctors and lawyers. We define scientists and academics by where they studied and what they’ve published. The entire notion of sport celebrates the talent and training necessary to be the best. In nearly every professional industry (far too many, by some measures), we’ve crafted standards to measure and convey expertise and experience.

The reasons for doing so are often obvious. The accused deserve representation by a capable lawyer. The sick deserve treatment by a trained surgeon. The student deserves qualified teachers. But this nearly universal expectation has roots in something more fundamental. It reflects a culture of hard work and striving, contributing to an idea that expertise matters, and that it is derived from effort. It empowers people to specialize, raising the collective bar of what society can accomplish. It helps build a sense of trust among individuals and institutions, among communities and the larger systems that make up our world.

But there’s one glaring exception to this expectation. There’s one line of work in which expertise is not just ignored but shunned, where experience signifies not strength but rather weakness or even corruption, where credentials that in any other field would be met with demand by employers are instead met with disdain. That field is government, and the employer is the voter. The job, today, is the presidency.

Admittedly, “president of the United States” has a job description unlike any other. The presidency is a public trust with public obligations. The president, especially abroad, speaks for an entire nation. The presidency has unique responsibilities, such as unifying the country in times of crisis or tragedy, that distinguish it from most other jobs for which customers traditionally demand expertise and experience. It’s also different in that only those who’ve held the job can fully grasp its burden. As President Obama said in his 2016 DNC speech, “nothing truly prepares you for the demands of the Oval Office.”…”

Trump Accused of ‘Peddling Lies’ Over Voter Fraud Claim article from Alternet. –

More on our illegitimate president’s* lies about voter fraud. CA Secretary of State Alex Padilla was correct when he noted that the only fraud is the one currently occupying the White House…

The Justice Dept disagrees with Trump about the legality of collusion article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Trump says ‘no collusion’ which actually means he’s guilty as hell, given that he’s incapable of ever telling the truth, and even his own Justice Dept disagrees with him.

Trumpism: Speak Loudly and Carry a Big Stick article from The Atlantic. –

When you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance you baffle them with your bullshit, bully everyone, make false accusations and lie, and hope that your idiotic supporters don’t know the difference.

Trump Gloats That His Trade War Is Going To Hurt The American People article from PoliticusUSA. –

Only an idiot would support our big Orange turd ball knowing he’s intentionally trying to screw everyone in the U.S. – including his supporters:

“Trump admitted that there is going to be a trade war and that it is going to hurt the American people in a radio interview, but he also happily proclaimed that a trade war would make the US stronger.


First, Trump blamed all previous recent presidents for his trade war, “We don’t have a trade war. We’ve lost a trade war because for many years, whether it is Clinton or the Bushes or Obama, all of our presidents before have for some reason it just got worse and worse.”

Later, in the WABC interview, Trump admitted that the trade war will hurt the American people, “So I’m not saying there won’t be a little pain. But the market’s gone up 40%, 42%. So we might lose a little bit of but we’re going to have a much stronger country when we are finished and that’s what I’m all about. We have to do things that other people wouldn’t do. So we may take a hit and you know what? Ultimately we’re going to be much stronger for it. But it is something we had to do.”…”

White House has some serious legal questions to answer about Pruitt’s scandals article from Think Progress. –

Trump knew what he was doing putting a corrupt piece of shit oil industry shill in charge of the EPA to destroy it and he needs to be held accountable.

In Display of ‘Actual Sociopathy,’ Trump Reportedly Asked CIA Why Drone Didn’t Also Kill Target’s Family article from Common Dreams. –

In his typical ignorant fashion, our Sociopathic Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator shows his true colors.

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