Misadventures of a minority-elect President 214

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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Today’s misadventures of our malignant minority-elect president* begin with his pathological lies that his supporters don’t seem to care about, Trump’s despotic delusions of grandeur take center stage as our fake president’s* war on fake news continues, a look at the upcoming ruination facing those that were stupid enough to support the corrupt president* that’s going to destroy their lives, out Twitter tyrant’s distractions are paying off as his corrupt cabinet prepares to unleash his dystopian agenda to fuck consumers over, relying on his profoundly corrupt, inept instincts isn’t working out well for Trump, it has become blatantly obvious that our little Orange turd ball has lost what little was left of his ignorant mind plus lots more.

Trump Pathologically Lies To His Supporters And They Just Do Not Seem To Care article from PoliticusUSA. –

Our national embarrassment lies pathologically about everything but his supporters don’t care how much he lies or how corrupt he is.

Trump Piles More Support On Sinclair While Local Affiliate Revolts article from Talking Points Memo. –

Still trying to bolster the fraudulent ‘News’ company serving in addition to Fox faux news as his Ministry of Propaganda to try and spew his lies as truths.

Trump’s trade war will punish Trump country worst of all article from Salon. –

The minority of morons that still support our lackluster lame duck president* are going to pay the biggest price for his moronic tariff war.

Trump launches second day of attacks against the media article from Politico. –

Trump’s despotic delusions of grandeur: crying fake news while promulgating it to distract from his corruption as his war against the media and truth continues:

“President Donald Trump spent a second day Tuesday attacking CNN and other mainstream media outlets while defending Sinclair Broadcast Group, the local news giant whose anchors were required to deliver an on-air monologue denouncing “the troubling trend of irresponsible, one sided news stories plaguing our country.”

“The Fake News Networks, those that knowingly have a sick and biased AGENDA, are worried about the competition and quality of Sinclair Broadcast,” the president wrote online, defending a broadcaster which employs a former administration official as a commentator and is known at a corporate level for its conservative-leaning reporting. “The ‘Fakers’ at CNN, NBC, ABC & CBS have done so much dishonest reporting that they should only be allowed to get awards for fiction!”

But where Trump spread around his anger on Monday morning, lobbing criticism at the Mexican government, Democrats and his own Justice Department in addition to the media, the president seemed predominantly focused on the press on Tuesday, albeit with posts about immigration and his own poll numbers as well.

Trump is scheduled to face reporters Tuesday at a press conference alongside heads of state from the Baltics, although multi-lateral press conferences with foreign leaders are typically brief affairs limited to two questions each from the American and visiting press. Trump has not held a formal press conference by himself since February 16, 2017…”

This is what Donald Trump raw and uncut looks like article from CNN. –

Many examples of the numerous ways our perfect argument for birth control is unfit to be in the White House and should be behind bars where he belongs.

Trump’s monumental deception unravels article from The Hill. –

Unsurprising given that all his lies and deceptions eventually come roaring back to bite his ignorant Orange ass.

UNPRESIDENTED – A Complete Breakdown Of Donald Trump’s 62nd Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt. –

A look at the most recent week of our dimwitted dip shit’s failed presidency.

Paul Krugman: Trump’s Supporters Have Voted for Their Own Economic Ruin article from Alternet. –

A look at the upcoming ruination facing those that were stupid enough to support the corrupt piece of shit president* that’s going to destroy their lives:

“The parts of America that elected Donald Trump voted for their own economic destruction. Sure, he campaigned on a promise that he would magically bring back long-closed factories and their long-long jobs, but as we’ve learned many times over, that was always a lie.

America is incredibly polarized and especially so along economic lines. “Some parts of America, mainly big coastal cities, have been getting much richer, but other parts have been left behind,” writes Paul Krugman in his Tuesday column. “On the political side, the thriving regions by and large voted for Hillary Clinton, while the lagging regions voted for Donald Trump.”

That doesn’t mean life is perfect in coastal cities—the soaring housing costs alone disprove that—only that “regional economic divergence is real and correlates closely, though not perfectly, with political divergence.”

Krugman points to Mississippi, which is America’s poorest state. “In the 1930s,” he argues, “per-capita income in Mississippi was only 30 percent as high as per-capita income in Massachusetts. By the late 1970s, however, that figure was almost 70 percent—and most people probably expected this process of convergence to continue. But the process went into reverse instead: These days, Mississippi is back down to only about 55 percent of Massachusetts income.”…”

Why Trump is more popular than ever article from The Week. –

Actually the title is a little misleading as Trump is still one of the most unpopular president’s in U.S. history and will never get out of the cellar, despite the minority of minions that still support him.

Trump Falls Apart In Front Of The World When Asked About Russia article from PoliticusUSA. –

Undoubtedly because Russia has something on Trump and they helped ‘elect’ his fraudulent ass…

Why Are There No Consequences for Trump’s Tweets? article from BuzzFlash. –

Because Twitter is afraid to do anything about it, regardless of the fact that anyone else would be banned for doing what our Twitter tyrant does.

Trump Calls Every American Who Doesn’t Want To Be Controlled By Putin Stupid article from PoliticusUSA. –

More on Trump trying to justify his ignorance about Russia, this time calling Americans stupid – which only applies to the minority of minions that ‘elected’ him:

“Trump claimed that only very stupid people don’t want to get along better with Russia, and by getting along better Trump meant being controlled by Putin.

Video of Trump calling people fighting for US democracy stupid:

Trump said, “Ideally, we want to get along with Russia. Getting along with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. Now, maybe we will, maybe we won’t. Nobody has been tougher on Russia but getting along with Russia would be a good thing not a bad thing. And just about everybody agrees to that except very stupid people.”

The very stupid people are fighting against Trump and Putin…”

‘Beyond Disturbing’: Trump Says He’s Working on Plans to Deploy Troops Along US-Mexico Border article from Common Dreams. –

Once again creating enemies and facts to justify his profound stupidity – this time by wasting Military resources and placing them along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Trump Official Lays Out Point-By-Point Plan To Screw Over Consumers article from Vanity Fair. –

While Trump distracts from his dystopian agenda being carried out by his profoundly corrupt cabinet with his tumultuous tweets and other idiotic actions, his complete disdain for the people of this country is about to become painfully evident.

Trump is finally making investors nervous article from Vox. –

America’s worst-ever president* likes to take credit for the stock market rising – despite not being responsible for it – but never takes credit for it when it tanks.

President Trump Is Still Posing as Anonymous Source to Leak Favorable News to Reporters: New Book article from People. –

If this is true, Trump is still tooting his own horn and leaking inside information – most likely to distract from all the actions created by his fatally flawed DNA:

“Even as president, Donald Trump is still trying to court and control positive press for himself — even if that means getting on the phone with reporters as his own “anonymous source.”

Ronald Kessler claims in his new book, The Trump White House: Changing the Rules of the Game, that Trump has a number of journalists he frequently contacts, and leaks to on the condition that he be identified only as one of his own unnamed staff members.

“Trump phones Maggie Haberman of the New York Times directly, as well as Philip Rucker of the Washington Post, and Jonathan Swan of Axios, feeding them stories attributed to ‘a senior White House official,’ creating the impression the White House leaks even more than it already does,” Kessler writes. “In other cases, the media has picked up reports on what Trump himself has said to his friends.”

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said that the president is particularly obsessed with his depiction in what he thinks of as his “hometown paper,” the New York Times, despite Haberman’s unfavorable stories…”

Mueller Reportedly Is Making A List Of All The Stuff Trump Has Done In Office article from The Huffington Post. –

Since our numb nutted nit wit has done a lot of corrupt things in office, you can rest assured that will be quite a lengthy list.

Silence speaks volumes: how Trump’s Twitter feed reveals his blind spots article from The Guardian. –

Our Twitter tyrant loves bullying and tweeting all kinds of lies and delusions, but the things he remains silent about, including the rising losses on the stock market – speak volumes as to the type of fatally flawed personality he possesses.

Opinion: Trump Era Corruption – Where’s the Outrage? article from Roll Call. –

The hypocrisy of America’s most corrupt-ever president* and the one thing he does better than Bill Clinton did.

We Have a President Who Governs Like He Read Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Blink’ article from Alternet. –

Having a moron in the White House that relies on his delusional instincts over anything else isn’t working out so well and will eventually implode his alternate reality:

“In the last few weeks President Trump has replaced both his secretary of state and his national security advisor. Each move came amid reports that he was acting on instinct. This is a matter of no little significance. A lot is riding on his gut — nothing less than the possibility of war. Both of his new hires are said to be hawks eager for war with both Iran and North Korea. As a headline in Slate announced: “It’s Time to Panic.”

But it gets worse. Almost certainly when Trump hails his gut he has in mind something else besides experience. And that’s his animal instincts. That’s the feeling he gets when he decides on the spot it’s time to clobber somebody, say something outrageous, or take a bold risk. As his own aides have confessed, Trump doesn’t know when he wakes up in the morning what he plans to do that day. He just does it.

In a way his is the Malcolm Gladwell presidency. Gladwell argues in his bestseller Blink that people are often better off trusting their instincts rather than reason. This is not as crazy as it may sound. This is because our unconscious brain works faster than our conscious brain. A rich social science literature built around the insights of German psychologist Gerd Gigerenzer and others confirms that our unconscious brain can be helpful in a variety of situations from catching a baseball to deciding when to duck so a flying rock misses your head.

But is this a prudent approach in politics? There are many reasons to doubt it, as even Gladwell sorta acknowledges in his book in a chapter on Warren Harding, the only chapter dealing with politics. In Gladwell’s telling, voters picked Harding because he looked like a president.* As Gladwell admits, this was a mistake. Harding wasn’t cut out to be our chief executive as experience quickly showed. When given conflicting advice by different experts he expressed bewilderment. When making appointments he installed incompetent and corrupt people in high positions of authority. And I haven’t even mentioned his having sex with a lover in a White House closet…”

‘CRIME!’ Trump lashes out at Democrats over border security in early morning Twitter rant article from The Raw Story. –

It’s appearing more obvious that our demented Orange turd ball has lost what little he had left of his ignorant mind.

Trump Is Right! He *Is* The Best! At Being Least Popular article from PoliticusUSA. –

Well, at least our demented delusionist is right about one thing…

Donald Trump reportedly happy to learn he’s the subject of a criminal investigation article from ThinkProgress. –

When Mueller pens a report highlighting the high crimes and misdemeanors of the most corrupt president* this country has had the displeasure of having in office, our demented delinquent won’t be too happy.

Mueller’s assurances that Trump is not a ‘target’ don’t mean much article from Politico. –

What the profoundly corrupt, demented dip shit in the White House doesn’t understand about his many ongoing investigations:

“The office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller appears to be trying to entice President Donald Trump into an interview by assuring him last month that he is not a “target” of its investigation and is only a “subject” of the probe, at least for now, a source familiar with the discussions told POLITICO.

The recent assurance that Trump is not officially a target — first reported by the Washington Post — may not be worth much, since offering what prosecutors consider to be a false statement can easily tip someone over into the target category after an interview, lawyers said.

More significant, some said, is Mueller’s intention to write a report on his findings about Trump’s potential obstruction of justice in the probe, according to the Post. Mueller has no obligation to submit a written report on any of his findings and it had not previously been known that he intends to write one. There is no assurance that such a report would be provided to Congress or become public.

When it comes to an interview, some formal and informal advisers to Trump have been urging him not to sit for an interview because of the legal peril it could create. Several of the guilty pleas Mueller has already netted in his investigation are for false statements made in interviews with FBI agents working for his office…”

Essential Politics: Twenty-four hours of President Trump article from The Los Angeles Times. –

The many ways one moronic president can show so much stupidity in one day.

Trump and his troll army declare war on ‘caravan’ of migrants fleeing persecution article from The Southern Poverty Law Center. –

All of Trump’s racist tirades about ‘migrants’ in Mexico that aren’t even coming to America led to his moronic placement of the military at our borders.

Red-State Voters Are Starting to Panic Over Trump’s New Tariffs article from Alternet. –

Trump’s whole new level of stupidity over his tariff war with China are going to cost his voters dearly.

Circle Tightens in the Russia Probe: We Know the President Is Under Investigation article from Truthout. –

Trump’s Russia scandal is growing more interesting with each passing day:

“Donald Trump must have awakened on Tuesday, turned on “Fox & Friends” and downed at least three Diet Cokes in quick succession, because his morning tweetstorm was verging on frantic. Of course, he’s been tweeting frantically for several days now so perhaps, as the Washington Post’s Daniel Drezner speculated, he’s “trying to return to his brand as an angry outsider” in order to motivate his base to come out for the 2018 election. Personally, I think Trump is scared to death that his followers are angry that he hasn’t fulfilled his promises on immigration. That might explain all this fulminating about “caravans” invading the country and his pledge to send the military to guard the border.

It’s also likely that the pressure of the Russia investigation is starting to get to him. “Fox & Friends” does a nice job of keeping the bad news from his followers, but Trump keeps up with the latest real news for obvious reasons. On Tuesday, he learned that special counsel Robert Mueller had filed documents in response to former campaign manager Paul Manafort’s claim that Mueller had exceeded his mandate by indicting Manafort for money laundering and other crimes before he joined the Trump campaign. Mueller revealed that a memo last August from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is overseeing the case, had given him explicit permission to pursue this line of inquiry.

This is the first documented evidence that Rosenstein is behaving as one would expect a career prosecutor to behave and telling Mueller to go where the evidence takes him. Whether Trump understands this is unclear but if he happened to tune in to something other than Fox News he would have heard plenty of experts say that the redactions in the Rosenstein memorandum indicate that there is much more evidence that remains under seal. That couldn’t have made the president happy.

Trump made a couple of TV appearances with the leaders of the Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and took a few questions, which he hasn’t done often in recent days. He bragged about his accomplishments, denigrated the press, referred to his former rival as “Crooked Hillary” and forced the foreign leaders to sing his praises, much as he has occasionally done with his cabinet members…”

This is the single most alarming thing Trump has done article from The Week. –

Working in tandem with the latest arm of his Ministry of Propaganda – Sinclair broadcasting – to try and cast a more favorable view of his moronic corruption and incompetence speaks volumes.

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