Misadventures of a minority-elect President 206

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Today’s misadventures of our malevolent minority-elect president begin with keeping his aides in the dark as usual while he makes foolish decisions, still diligently trying to take this country back a hundred years to totally destroy it, America’s most corrupt-ever president’s* lies about Stormy Daniels are becoming glaringly evident, our mentally deranged dotard may not meet with little rocket man as it appears that the so-called meeting may have been nothing more than another con, the hazards of dealing with a childish president*, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for our nefarious narcissist to accept the fact that he is indeed illegitimate, our demented delinquent still can’t take responsibility for his own massive failures, Trump’s despotic delusions of grandeur were once again on display during his recent campaigning tirades, Trump’s fraudulent tax reform scam is already unraveling, Trump actually believes he can lie to the lead investigator in his Russia scandal with no repercussions while making history as the most corrupt president* to ever occupy the White House, our popular vote losing president is still lying about his popularity and lots more.

Trump’s go-to move remains the same: blindsiding his own aides article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

As usual our national embarrassment creates his own chaos daily while keeping his aides in the dark.

Paul Krugman: Trump Could Unravel One of FDR’s Signature Achievements article from Alternet. –

On the many ways our dimwitted dip shit is intentionally trying to take this country back a hundred years.

The Stormy Daniels saga is more than just a sex scandal article from Think Progress. –

Indeed. It’s more evidence of how Trump has repeatedly broken the law and why he belongs behind bars.

Trump’s Sons and Wealthy Friends Will Benefit From Legalizing Elephant Kill Trophies article from BuzzFlash. –

Always doing his damnedest to make sure he or his family and friends can profit at everyone else’s expense:

“On March 1, Donald Trump’s Interior Department lifted the ban on importing big-hunting elephant kill trophies to the United States. Trump, in the past, claimed he was not a fan of safaris and the killing of large animals in Africa for sport. However, as he’s done on a large number of policies, Trump has changed his mind.

Maybe he did so because safari hunting is a rich man’s sport. Maybe it was a family matter. After all, a 2017 Guardian article states that “Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump are prolific big-game hunters and during the 2016 campaign, images re-emerged of the pair on a 2011 hunting trip posing with animals they had killed on safari, including an elephant, a buffalo and a leopard.”

The Trump male heirs are passionate braggarts about shooting down sought-after prey in Africa, including animals that potentially face extinction.

According to an article in Live Science, big-game hunting and killing date back thousands of years:…”

Trump’s Latest Pardon Shows The Best Way To Get One: Go On Fox News article from Huffington Post. –

If you commit a crime and need a presidential pardon, go on Fox faux news so the moron in the White House sees it…

Trump’s story on Stormy Daniels starts to fall apart article from Think Progress. –

Surprise, surprise, once again America’s most corrupt-ever president* lied….

Trump Demands Mueller End His Investigation In Exchange For Interview article from PoliticusUSA. –

Delusions run deep in Trump’s alternate reality where he thinks he can end an investigation into his profound corruption – good luck with that.

The White House Is Already Walking Back the North Korea Summit. Because It Was a PR Stunt. article from Slate. –

Ever the con artist showman, never the star:

“On Thursday, a landmark deal was announced from the White House. President Donald Trump had agreed to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and that country would continue freezing nuclear and missile tests. For at least the third time in the past 24 years, North Korean leadership also would agree to seek to denuclearize the peninsula, the holy grail of diplomacy in the region.

Trump was reportedly so excited about the agreement that he popped his head into the White House briefing room to tease it. When ABC News’ Jon Karl asked the president if the announcement would be about negotiations, Trump responded excitedly, “It’s almost beyond that. Hopefully, you will give me credit.”

The media did give Trump the credit he desired. The news dominated the cable networks for a short while. The New York Post on Friday morning led with the headline “The Kim and I: Jong-un, Trump to Summit Over Nukes.” The New York Times led with the headline “North Korea Asks for Direct Talks, and Trump Agrees” and the subhead “Meeting With Kim on Nuclear Program Could Happen Within 2 Months.” That piece of news was based on a direct quote from South Korea’s National Security Adviser Chung Eui-yong, who in his announcement said that “President Trump … said he would meet Kim Jong-un by May to achieve permanent denuclearization.” The Washington Post, for its part, offered a slightly more skeptical subheadline to its lead story: “President’s bellicosity secures a diplomatic coup—for now.”

By Friday afternoon, the press quietly learned that “for now” should be considered a major caveat for this White House. Press secretary Sarah Sanders repeatedly told reporters that the meeting would not take place without “concrete actions” from North Korea. When pressed on what that would look like, Sanders said they would have to denuclearize…”

All the crazy things Trump wants you to believe about the Stormy Daniels scandal article from The Week. –

Being a profoundly corrupt pathological lying moron and too stupid to keep all his lies straight is going to haunt America’s Worst-Ever President*.

Me Orange Hulk! On Managing a Child President article from CounterPunch. –

It’s hard for our nefarious narcissist to accept the fact that the majority that didn’t ‘elect’ him can’t stand him.

Donald Trump’s Relentless Scandal-Fixer: The Many Mysterious Doings of Michael Cohen article from Truthout. –

Only a morally corrupt, ethically challenged moron would actually sell his soul to our lackluster lame duck president*.

Trump Blames Others For His Failure And Wants To Fire His White House Inner Circle article from PoliticusUSA. –

Being a demented delinquent comes with blaming everyone else for your failures:

“Donald Tr*mp Doesn’t Give a F*ck.

According to a new report from Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair, Donald Trump is about to “You’re fired” multiple members of his inner White House circle. Those (un)fortunate souls include H.R. McMaster, John Kelly, Jared Kushner and even Trump dife (“dwaughter?”) Ivanka.

Sherman tells us that high off his defiance of the cooler economic heads in his administration (#tariffsaredumb), Trump feels no fear of Republican party leaders, and astonishingly, even less shame than ever.

Sherman describes this approach as “going full MAGA,” a phrase that’s likely a little closer to “whole Megillah” than Trump and his cronies are comfortable with…”

There is no audience for Boris Epshteyn’s pro-Trump propaganda, so Sinclair forces it on people article from Media Matters. –

Why it’s important to recognize the Sinclair Broadcasting pro-Trump propaganda for what it is – and a perfect example of why you should just turn it off and ignore it…

Pennsylvania Speech Shows Again that Trump Wants to Be a Dictator article from Splinter News. –

Our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator just can’t stop stupidly revealing his true intentions.

Trump Claims He’s More Popular Than Obama, Tells Voters To Ignore Low Approval Ratings article from Newsweek. –

Despite his oft-repeated lies about being more popular than his predecessor, Trump in not now nor will he ever be as popular as his predecessor.

White House accidentally implicates Trump in Russia probe: He ‘would be aware of any efforts’ to collude article from The Raw Story. –

There is probably very little if anything that goes on in Trump’s land of delusion that he is unaware of:

“White House Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah on Sunday seemed to acknowledge that President Donald Trump would likely be complicit if special counsel Robert Mueller finds that his 2016 campaign colluded with Russia to win the presidential election.

ABC host Jonathan Karl asked Shah during an interview on the This Week program if the president would “keep his word” and testify before Mueller’s investigation.

“He also said that would be in consultation with his attorneys,” Shah hedged.

“He said 100 percent to me,” Karl recalled…”

Trump’s hastily passed tax law is error-riddled article from ThinkProgress. –

Less than a few full months in and Trump’s fraudulent tax reform scam needs parts of it rewritten.

The world turns on Trump over tariffs article from Politico. –

The massive stupidity of Trump’s tumultuous trade war is becoming apparent.

Trump’s Tariff Decision May Be His Most Complicated Bungle Yet article from Esquire. –

More on our demented delusionist’s stupidity over starting a trade war he can’t win.

Trump Thinks He Is Going To Be Able To Lie To Mueller And Get Away With It article from PoliticusUSA. –

Our pathological Liar-in-Chief thinks he’ll be able to lie to Mueller about his Russia scandal and nothing will happen:

“Trump has convinced himself that he can lie to Robert Mueller under oath and get away with it.

Video of Dep. Press Sec. Raj Shaw on Trump’s plans to testify under oath:

Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

KARL: All right, well let’s get to another topic where you can give me specifics, the Russia investigation. The president has told me twice now, once last year and once this year, that he will meet and talk to the special counsel, answer questions under oath. I assume the president plans to keep his word on that?…”

Mueller Has Trump & Co. Pinned Down article from Alternet. –

Trump’s lies about his Russia scandal are being blocked on many fronts which explains why he is panicking over it.

Trump’s Perversion article from Slate. –

How our Ignoramus-in-Chief rewards America’s enemies and punishes its friends because all he can talk and think about is himself.

Veteran CIA agent on Trump: ‘Corruption like we’ve never seen before’ article from Salon. –

Why having an absolute profoundly corrupt moron in the White House intentionally dumbing down the country is worse than his Russia scandal.

Trump’s ‘intuition’ is a poor substitute for evidence and reason article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Probably because Trump’s ‘intuition’ is just as ignorant as the genius brain he claims to have:

“Peter Navarro has become a prominent adviser to Donald Trump on trade issues, and he told Bloomberg Politics the other day how he approaches his role in the White House.

Speaking to Bloomberg on March 7, Navarro heaped praise on his boss and described his own role as that of an enabler.

“This is the president’s vision. My function, really, as an economist is to try to provide the underlying analytics that confirm his intuition. And his intuition is always right in these matters,” Navarro said.

Perhaps it’s worth pausing to note what an “adviser” to the president is supposed to do: advisers advise. They offer guidance based on research, judgment, and subject-matter expertise. An economist, in particular, is not supposed to start with someone’s intuition and then work backwards to bolster the preconceived idea. It’s a classic example of post-policy thinking…”

Trump’s ‘Shithole’ Remark Comes Back To Haunt Him In New Immigration Lawsuit article from Talking Points Memo. –

In typical fashion of being incapable of thinking before speaking or tweeting, Trump’s remarks on immigration came back to bite his stupid big Orange ass.

Trump is clearly not ‘the ultimate deal-maker and negotiator’ article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

In fact, the only thing our malevolent misfit is good at is lying, cheating and defrauding others.

Who ISN’T corrupt in the Trump White House? article from The Daily Kos. –

That’s a good question since it appears that all the miscreants Trump surrounds himself with and appointed are corrupt.

Trump mistakenly brings renewed attention to his unpopularity article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Always the popular vote losing, lying president*:

“Donald Trump’s poor poll numbers tend not to generate as much attention as they used to. The president is unpopular; we all know he’s unpopular; and there’s no reason to make a fuss about routine, predictable news.

Trump, however, wants to talk about it anyway.

“Rasmussen and others have my approval ratings at around 50%, which is higher than Obama, and yet the political pundits love saying my approval ratings are ‘somewhat low.’ They know they are lying when they say it. Turn off the show – FAKE NEWS!”

Well, someone’s lying, but in this case, I don’t think it’s political pundits…”

Trump wants a ‘phase two’ of tax cuts article from CNBC. –

Because his first fraudulent claims of tax reform for all his rich friends wasn’t enough…

Donald Trump and His Lawyers Are Bungling the Stormy Daniels Story in Spectacular Fashion article from GQ. –

Trump’s lawyer could end up facing disbarment and the fallout for Trump could prove quite entertaining.

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