Misadventures of a minority-elect President 204

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

We begin today’s misadventures of our malevolent minority-elect president* with the chaos presented over his televised Parkland shooting charades which revealed more of his many mental deficits, the walls in Trump’s land of delusion are closing in on our dimwitted dip shit, our national embarrassment couldn’t have survived this long without having friends in low places, like his obstructions of justice, Trump’s conflicts of interest keep growing exponentially, our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator’s affinity for other corrupt, ruthless dictators is yet again on full display, yet another of our fake president’s* fake news claims is about to come back and bite his big Orange ass, the endless cesspool of profound corruption engulfing Trump are taking a massive toll, how Trump bungled his trade war and why it will fail, the list of financial crimes and potentially treasonous crimes against our fraudulent Liar-in-Chief are piling up plus much more.

The return of the chaos president article from The Week. –

Trump’s televised political charades over the Parkland shooting helped reveal that he is nothing short of delusional and that he has some serious mental deficits.

Trump Repeats Nixon’s Folly article from The Atlantic. –

Trump just can’t seem to stop emanating Nixon in many ways, this time with his stupidity over Trade wars.

Trump confidant dumped millions in steel-related stock last week article from Think Progress. –

One week before Trump ignorantly announced his plans for steel and aluminum tariffs, a close family friend dumped millions of dollars in steel stock… more of Trump’s collusion rears its ugly head.

Trump Is Depressed, Angry, and Reportedly Losing His Mind article from PoliticusUSA. –

The walls in our dimwitted dip shit’s land of delusion are caving in:

“Multiple White House insiders describe Trump as depressed, angry, and losing his mind.

NBC News reported:

“On Wednesday evening, the president became “unglued,” in the words of one official familiar with the president’s state of mind. A trifecta of events had set him off in a way that two officials said they had not seen before: Hope Hicks’ testimony to lawmakers investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, conduct by his embattled attorney general and the treatment of his son-in-law by his chief of staff. Trump, the two officials said, was angry and gunning for a fight, and he chose a trade war.

The New York Times reported, “Mr. Trump is isolated and angry, as well, according to other friends and aides, as he carries on a bitter feud with his attorney general and watches members of his family clash with a chief of staff he recruited to restore a semblance of order — all against the darkening shadow of an investigation of his ties to Russia.”…”

Closing the circle of collusion article from Salon. –

Investigations, indictments and guilty pleas over collusion with Russia are doing serious damage to Trump in his ongoing Russia scandal.

15 times Trump bragged about his economic genius that are especially awkward now article from Think Progress. –

The profound stupidity from the national embarrassment we call president* never ceases.

Milbank: Nepotism, cronyism keep President Trump afloat article from The Columbian. –

Trump wouldn’t have survived this long without having many friends in low places to keep his duplicitous ass afloat…

Trump Is Coming Apart as the World Comes Apart Around Him article from Esquire. –

You can only lie and fabricate false news for so long before it comes roaring back to bite your big Orange ass:

“This week has been different. For all the times we’ve all said, “Well, that’s the one that will do this in,” this deranged camel seemed to have a back capable of bearing an infinite number of straws. But, this week, it seems as though somebody had substituted bricks for the straws, and the camel was looking as wobbly as it ever has. There’s not a part of either of the president*’s careers that Robert Mueller isn’t prying open. The FBI wants to talk about his daughter now. One of his most loyal aides left abruptly. There are reports that he’s trying to unload his daughter and son-in-law, that his national security adviser’s days are numbered, that his lead economic adviser is groping for the ripcord, that he’s about ready to throw his attorney general out the window, and that his chief of staff considers the job to be a punishment from Above.

Each of these individual situations has touched off an ongoing tantrum. In addition, he’s tweeting ever more erratically every morning, and he’s tossing out policy proposals like Mardi Gras beads no matter what the consequences are for the country, the world, and the people who work for him. And, overseas, he’s scaring the hell out of our allies and our adversaries are popping corks. Hell, Vladimir Putin is doing a Dr. Evil imitation just for laughs.

It’s coming apart on him and he’s coming apart as it does. It is dawning on people that signing onto this plague ship was not a good career move, something that’s been obvious since the middle of last year. This is not a good situation for anyone because he’s liable at this point to do anything. This thing is a runaway train. There is no way to stop it. This week has been different.

“The production of Please, Mister, Don’t Cut Our Funding is paid for by viewers like you. And the Kochs.”…”

Ethics experts say their ‘fear has been realized’ as Trump faces one of his most consequential conflicts of interest yet article from Business Insider. –

Like his endless conflicts of interest, Trump’s ethical issues keep growing exponentially.

The psychological condition that really explains Donald Trump’s twisted worldview article from The Raw Story. –

Being a nefarious narcissist is the least of Trump’s multitude of mental deficiencies…

What Next for Trump: War? article from Counterpunch. –

Normally that might be an option but given America’s worst-ever president’s* profound stupidity, he would muck that up too.

Before launching a risky trade war, Trump became ‘unglued’ article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Trump wouldn’t look so stupid if he were actually capable of thinking before he does something, but he’s not:

“When it comes to the administration’s trade policies, Trump World is deeply divided. Many of the president’s top advisers on the economy, foreign pollicy, and national security teams have urged him not to impose new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. On the other hand, Donald Trump himself seems to like the idea, as do some in the Commerce Department.

The divisions were on display early yesterday when competing White House factions sent wildly contradictory signals to the press about what the president would do.

Overnight, however, Trump made clear to the public that he’d picked a side, announcing that he not only wants to start an international trade war, he also believes “trade wars are good and easy to win.”

What we didn’t know was that this president – who has an astonishing habit of blindsiding his own team with surprise policy pronouncements – made this decision “without any internal review by government lawyers or his own staff.” In fact, NBC News reports today that Trump announced his decision after a meeting with executives from the aluminum and steel industries…”

Nine Notorious Dictators, Nine Shout-Outs From Donald Trump article from The Atlantic. –

Our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator has an affinity for other corrupt, ruthless dictators and wants so badly to be one.

Donald Trump’s bubble presidency article from The White House. –

Reality, fact and truth have no place in our demented delinquent’s alternate reality.

DOJ Report To Knock Trump’s Favorite FBI Foil Over Leak That Helped Trump’s Own Campaign article from The Huffington Post. –

Yet another of our fake president’s* fake news claims is about to fall apart and make him look like more of a liar.

Trump Draws Laughs at Gridiron Dinner, But He Remains the Real Joke article from Splinter News. –

There’s a first time for everything as the President* actually made jokes with the media he abhors and constantly cries fake news about and some of his jokes were actually good:

“Whoever wrote Donald Trump’s half–hour comic speech at Saturday night’s Gridiron Club dinner at a DC hotel ballroom actually managed to deliver some zingers. For the first time in over a year, journalists may even have been laughing with The Donald instead of at him (along with crying).

The roast, a cameras–off tradition among presidential administrations and members of the media since 1885, might have been therapeutic for Trump, who has been under legal fire like no other president in history. It truly must be exhausting creating so much daily chaos that he probably can’t even remember the last person he insulted. Just hours before the Gridiron started, Trump insulted journalists again by calling them “CRAZY!” in a tweet, and claiming they are “being mocked all over the world.”

Maybe he was just getting warmed up. His jokes not only targeted journalists—although there were plenty of digs at reporters and Democrats in equal measure—but also members of his administration and his own family, some of whom were sitting right next to him. The sharpest punch line of the night was about his own wife, or rather, about the first lady’s ire over Trump’s alleged penchant for trysts with porn stars and prostitutes.

“So many people have been leaving the White House. It’s actually been really exciting and invigorating…I like turnover. I like chaos. It really is good,” Trump said, according to a transcript provided to Talking Points Memo by pool reporter Hunter Walker. “Now the question everyone keeps asking is, ‘Who’s going to be the next to leave: Steve Miller or Melania?’”…”

‘This is not going to end well’: Trump’s friends and allies are worried he’s spiraling out of control – and they say this time is different article from Business Insider. –

The endless cesspool that is the profound corruption of Trump, his ilk and the miscreants he surrounds himself with are taking a major toll on America’s most corrupt-ever president*.

Trump Raises Alarm by Praising Chinese President’s Power Grab at Private Mar-a-Lago Fundraiser article from Truthout. –

More on our illegitimate minority-elect president’s* desire to destroy Democracy and become America’s dimwitted despot…

Impeachment Time Is Here As Trump Friends War Of Presidential Madness article from PoliticusUSA. –

More on the deepening cesspool of profound corruption that is imploding Trump’s already failed presidency.

‘Bigger than Watergate!’ Trump launches furious Twitter rant accusing Obama of election meddling article from The Raw Story. –

In lieu of actually doing anything about stopping the alleged Russian election meddling, our Twitter tyrant again ranted against his predecessor to try and blame him for it:

“President Donald Trump on Monday unleashed a furious tweet accusing former President Barack Obama of doing too much and too little to stop Russia from helping him get elected president.

“Why did the Obama Administration start an investigation into the Trump Campaign (with zero proof of wrongdoing) long before the Election in November?” Trump asked. “Wanted to discredit so Crooked H would win.”

Directly after accusing Obama of doing too much to interfere in the election to help Hillary Clinton win, Trump said that Obama didn’t do enough to stop Russia from undermining Clinton’s candidacy.

“Unprecedented,” he wrote. “Bigger than Watergate! Plus, Obama did NOTHING about Russian meddling.”…”

How Donald Trump is remaking the law in his own image article from CNN. –

Trump has violated so many laws over his fraudulent career, including while occupying the White House, that karma will catch up eventually and completely shatter his delusional alternative reality.

New details shed light on when (and why) Trump World paid a porn star article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Trump world paid the porn star days before the 2016 election to keep her quiet.

New reports show Trump’s pathetic indifference to Russian meddling article from Think Progress. –

Rather than do something to prevent it from happening again, our lying Ignoramus-in-Chief is too busy trying to blame his predecessor.

How Trump bungled his trade war article from The Week. –

Simply by opening his ignorant mouth and watching Fox faux News – his Ministry of Propaganda:

“President Trump sparked another international frenzy when he abruptly announced substantial new tariffs on steel and aluminum, of 25 and 10 percent respectively. Both partisan Democrats and free trade-worshipping neoliberals immediately panicked. “Protectionism” has been a dirty word in elite circles for decades, and that combined with general disgust towards Trump to make the move seem like sheerest madness.

It’s hard to say just what will happen as a result of Trump’s action. But we can say that insofar as he is trying to achieve some kind of positive economic effect, he’s going about it in the worst possible way.

Now, Trump’s tariffs are not nearly as objectionable as the liberal freakout would suggest. As David Dayen points out, Presidents Obama, Bush II, Clinton, and Reagan also put through steel tariffs, all with different details but in the same general ballpark as the Trump tariffs. The results were not much of anything, positive or negative — probably because they were short-lived political stunts more than a considered strategy.

The case for some kind of overhaul of the international trade order — going much further than haphazard tariffs on a couple random commodities — is actually very strong. As former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis writes in his book The Global Minotaur, the basic problem with unregulated international trade is that imbalances develop between surplus and deficit countries. Without a mechanism to continually recycle the surpluses back into the deficit countries, the result is eventual crisis and years of depression, as seen in Greece and Spain…”

Trump wags the dog: His ‘trade war’ may be a sign of desperation article from Salon. –

Since Trump can’t become America’s dimwitted despot for life, ignorantly starting a trade war will have to do for now.

Why Trump will get cold feet on trade article from The Week. –

Because the stock market will continue tanking and the fraudulent ‘experts’ on Fox faux News will change his mind.

A Blockbuster New Yorker Story Sheds Light on Christopher Steele, and, Yes, the ‘Pee Tape’ article from Esquire. –

It seems much that was written in the so-called Steele dossier was in fact confirmed as true…

The Trump Administration Is Using Fake Terrorism Statistics to Scare You About Immigrants article from The Nation. –

As with everything else Trump says and does, fabricated fallacies and lies are used to justify his dystopian agenda:

“When you see an immigrant or a foreign visitor, especially from a Muslim country, should your first thought be that you might be looking at a possible terrorist?

Clearly, that’s how the Trump administration wants Americans to react. It was the message in the president’s first address to Congress a year ago last week when he declared that “the vast majority of individuals convicted of terrorism and terrorism-related offenses since 9/11 came here from outside of our country.” At that time, he urged that the US immigration system be reshaped because “we cannot allow a beachhead of terrorism to form inside America.”

There’s a misleading omission in Trump’s formulation, though: Homegrown fanatics have killed many more Americans on US soil than foreign-born terrorists have. The disparity grows much wider if you include mass killings carried out not for any religious or ideological cause but (as we have recently been tragically reminded) by mentally troubled individuals. Indeed, in just two such shootings in the last five months in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Parkland, Florida, deranged shooters with assault rifles killed more than three times as many people as all foreign-born jihadists have killed in this country in the last 16 years.

Another key fact is missing, too: Only a fairly small number of those “terror-related” convictions were for acts committed or planned in the United States. Many more involved support, in various forms, for terrorist activity in other countries…”

British intelligence reportedly told the CIA months before the election that Trump’s campaign had illicit contacts with Russia article from Business Insider. –

Intercepted communications between the Trump campaign and Russia are quite revealing and don’t paint a pretty picture for Trump.

The ‘Pure Madness’ of Our Vigilante President article from Common Dreams. –

Why Trump won’t do anything about guns or gun control since he’s owned by the NRA.

Porn Star Pay-Offs And Insider Trading: Rachel Maddow Shines Spotlight On Trump’s Money Crimes article from PoliticusUSA. –

There are a host of financial and potentially treasonous crimes America’s most corrupt-ever president* is responsible for and should be locked up for.

Trump’s President-for-Life ‘Joke’ Reveals His True Impulses article from The Daily Beast. –

Trump jokes about being America’s forever president* but deep down he’s actually not kidding:

“Was Donald Trump making a joke Saturday when he told supporters at a private fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago that America should consider the idea of a president for life just like China? Yep. But if you think Trump’s joke didn’t reveal his true feelings, you simply don’t get comedy.

There are different forms of comedy. You have the scripted type like Trump engaged in at Saturday night’s Gridiron dinner. Those jokes are written in advance, typically by professional comedy writers. We don’t know if Trump had any input into the crafting of the comedy material, but clearly he reads them in advance and has to approve them. For example, this joke Trump told at the dinner was funny and calculated to make Trump more likable because of its self-deprecating nature: “My staff was concerned that I couldn’t do self-deprecating humor.” Trump then quipped, “And I told them not to worry, nobody does self-deprecating humor better than I do.”

Then there are the jokes that people tell that are not part of any script. Rather, these jokes often reveal what the person truly believes. We’ve all told jokes or made comedic comments that are simply truth wrapped in humor.

We have all heard the concept that there’s often truth in jest. That’s not just a line often attributed to Shakespeare’s King Lear (“In jest, there is truth”) but more importantly, psychologists have backed up this theory…”

Is Donald Trump a cult leader? Expert says he ‘fits the stereotypical profile’ article from Salon. –

If he is, it’s one of America’s most stupid cults that ever was but a minority of moronic minions still support him…

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