Misadventures of a minority-elect President 203

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Trump’s campaign using a photo of a Florida school shooting survivor in an email asking for donations begins today’s misadventures of our malevolent minority-elect president*, Trump is methodically destroying the systems in place to protect every American from fraudulent financial institutions, how Trump’s tantrums over his Russia scandal distract from the miscreants – crooks and liars – he surrounds himself with, the profoundly ignorant delusions from our cowardly draft-dodging president* are growing more egregious with each passing day, Trump obviously doesn’t know what a ‘witch hunt’ is, investigations into Trump’s finances will prove extremely entertaining, some of the predicted dire disasters from Trump’s fraudulent tax reform scam are coming to fruition, Trump provides yet more ammo to add to his growing list of obstructions of justice, the freak show that supports our dubious Orange dip shit is freaking out because he wants to take their guns away, only 406 days in office and Trump has already told almost 2,500 lies and much more.

Trump Campaign Used Photo of Florida School Shooting Survivor in Email Asking for Donations article from Newsweek. –

Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign egregiously used the photo of a Parkland shooting survivor in an email asking for donations.

Citing Duterte, Trump Reportedly Wants to Execute All Drug Dealers article from Truthout. –

Our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator keeps showing his true colors – and it has nothing at all to do with Democracy or the Rule of Law…

Trump is tearing up the system that protects ordinary Americans from financial scams article from Vox. –

Trump is systematically destroying the protections from fraudulent financial institutions that screwed over millions of Americans, including the minority that ‘elected’ him.

Trump’s Real Scandal Is Hiding in Plain Sight article from The Atlantic. –

Our national embarrassment’s Russia scandal is distracting from the scandals created by the miscreants in his administration – crooks and liars – Trump surrounds himself with:

“There was a time when the White House’s frequent denials of collusion with Russia appeared largely defensive. Over time, however, their primary purpose has morphed. These days, the denials serve instead to distract from the ever-clearer picture of a president surrounded by crooks and liars.

“Consistently we have said there was no collusion,” Ivanka Trump told NBC News Monday. “There was no collusion. And we believe that Mueller will do his work and reach that same conclusion.” That echoes her father and a White House statement from February 16, after Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted a group of Russians for interfering in the election. “President Donald J. Trump … is glad to see the Special Counsel’s investigation further indicates—that there was NO COLLUSION between the Trump campaign and Russia and that the outcome of the election was not changed or affected,” the press secretary wrote.

Collusion with Russia may or may not turn out to be a real scandal, depending on what Mueller finds, but it is not the only scandal. (Indeed, while the question of whether any crime was committed remains open, the contacts with Russia that are already known, from George Papadopoulos to the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting, make these denials ring hollow.) The scale of dishonesty and criminality that is now apparent is an enormous scandal in its own right.

On Friday, Rick Gates pleaded guilty to conspiracy against the United States and making false statements. He faced a much longer slate of charges, but agreed to cooperate with Mueller. Gates’s troubles with the truth were so severe that he went to the outlandish length of lying to Mueller during a meeting about a plea deal. (It didn’t work, and ended up producing one of the charges to which he pleaded guilty.) Gates came into the Trump orbit through his mentor and business partner Paul Manafort, who served for a time as Trump campaign chairman, but that shouldn’t cloak his deep involvement in Trump world: He was deputy chairman of the campaign, staying on after Manafort was ousted in August 2016; he served as deputy chair of the Trump inaugural committee; and he helped found America First Policies, an outside support group, remaining there until he was pushed out as his legal troubles increased…”

Trump (aka Cadet Bone Spurs) Brags: ‘I’d Run in There Even If I Didn’t Have Weapon’ article from Common Dreams. –

The duplicitous delusions emanating from the our cowardly draft-dodging president* over the Parkland shooting continue growing more ignorant with each passing day.

These Are The Real-Life Effects Of Trump’s Obamacare Sabotage article from The Huffington Post. –

Premiums will rise exponentially and millions will lose their coverage, all willingly enabled by America’s most corrupt-ever president*.

Trump may not fully understand what a ‘witch hunt’ is article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

The GOP’s Hillary Clinton Benghazi conspiracy theory was a completely fabricated witch hunt. The investigation(s) into Trump’s Russia collusion is a borderline witch hunt, but the investigations into his Obstructions of Justice and Money Laundering are very real.

Donald Trump’s Morning Tweetstorm Shows a Man Who Is Deeply Afraid article from Alternet. –

Trump began his morning tweeting about the ‘Witch Hunt’ over his Russia scandal while again trying desperately to deflect blame:

“Donald Trump started his morning by tweeting quotes lifted from a two-day old episode of Fox & Friends and finished them off with his own version of a primal scream. It all gives the impression of someone who is very, very nervous about what the day will bring.

Today is the day when Hope Hicks—the person who supposedly acts as a proxy for Trump when it comes to email messages, the person who has been there for the campaign, the transition, and the White House, the person who White House staff consider Trump’s “real daughter,” is slated to testify before the House Intelligence Committee. And by using detailed, careful evaluation, it may be possible that this is causing Trump some stress.

Trump tweeted “WITCH HUNT!”

Donald Trump started his morning by tweeting quotes lifted from a two-day old episode of Fox & Friends and finished them off with his own version of a primal scream. It all gives the impression of someone who is very, very nervous about what the day will bring…”

The president’s Trumpinator fantasy article from The Week. –

Trump’s delusional claim that he would run into the shooting at Parkland and take care of the shooter with his bare hands is hilarious and complete bull shit.

Rick Gates May Have Sealed Trump’s Fate Once and for All article from Alternet. –

Gates may have spilled the beans on our dimwitted dip shit to Mueller regarding Trump’s Russia scandal when he was arrested.

REVEALED: Mueller is probing Trump’s financial ties to Russia as he weighed his presidential run article from The Raw Story. –

Mueller’s ongoing investigations into Trump’s finances will prove disastrous for our lackluster lame duck president*.

Shocker: Democrats’ predictions about the GOP tax cut are coming true article from The Washington Post. –

Some the predicted disasters emanating from Trump’s fraudulent tax reform scam are beginning to come to fruition and it will only get worse:

“When Republicans put together their tax bill last year, it was not much of a surprise to see that its centerpiece was a gigantic corporate tax cut, lowering the statutory corporate rate from 35 percent down to 21 percent. This cut accounted for about $1 trillion of the bill’s total $1.5 trillion cost, but Republicans said it really wasn’t about helping corporations at all.

No, the real target was the workers: Corporations would take the money and use it to create new jobs and raise the wages of those working for them, as trickle-down economics did its magical work.

Democrats, on the other hand, said it was a scam. They charged that workers would see only a fraction of the benefits, and instead corporations would use most of their windfall for things like stock buybacks, which increase share prices and benefit the wealthy people who own the vast majority of stocks.

And of course, most of the news media treated this argument in the standard he said/she said manner: Republicans say this, Democrats say that, and the truth lies in some secret location we may never actually reach…”

Trump annoyed that ‘heart-wrenching’ school shooting is distracting people from how great he is article from The Daily Kos. –

Trump gets so lost in his land of delusion that he gets upset when he’s not being recognized as the legend that he is in his own mind…

Trump slammed Clinton over handling of classified info. That looks like hypocrisy now article from NBC News. –

The man who gave visiting Russians classified Intel during their White House visit and whose family can’t get top security clearance to view classified documents they’ve had access to for over a year is once again looking like a hypocritical moron while trying to concoct a conspiracy theory against Hillary Clinton to deflect from his profound corruption.

Trump Cries ‘Witch Hunt’ And The Jokes Just Write Themselves article from The Huffington Post. –

Some hilarious reactions to our Ignoramus-in-Chief’s dubious claims of his Russia scandal investigations being a ‘witch hunt.’

Trump’s Tax Scam article from CounterPunch. –

More on the fraudulent scam that is Trump’s tax reform:

“The December 2017 tax deform legislation, The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) will cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations and their stockholders, will raise health care premiums, further endanger the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve and the environment, and it will lead to further cuts for flawed but still important social and public welfare programs such as Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps, Pell grants, etc. unless we build active resistance to these cuts and movements that go beyond demanding that we maintain the status quo.

Recent History of Tax Reform

For forty years, income and wealth in the United States has been growing more unequal. The top 1% takes about 20% of all income, which is double their share from 40 year ago. The poorest 20% of the population earns about 3% of all income– 120 times less per household. Why is this the case? The growing power of capitalists, growth of global capitalism, weaker unions, automation, and the fall in real minimum wage have constituted a one-sided class war.

Federal income taxes have made incomes somewhat more equal, as those with higher incomes are taxed at higher effective rates than those with lower incomes. However, changes in federal tax laws under Reagan, George W. Bush and now Trump have made federal taxes less and less progressive by primarily cutting taxes on high-income people. The highest rate of taxation went from 90% before Kennedy to 70% before Reagan to below 40% today. WA State taxes also are among most regressive, meaning lower income people pay a higher proportion of income in taxes…”

Donald Trump and his ‘bunch of criminals’ article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Passing blame for the miscreants Trump appointed and surrounds himself with isn’t working out very well for Trump.

Lehigh University Faculty Votes to Rescind Trump’s Honorary Degree article from Alternet. –

Citing Trump’s character (or lack thereof), probably compounded by his profound corruption and ignorance, cost our demented delusionist an honorary degree from 1988.

Trump Thought the Rules Didn’t Apply – and Now He’s Paying the Price article from The Atlantic. –

Delusionally deciding that he’s above the law and disobeying all the rules is coming back to bite our big Orange turd ball in the ass.

Will Trump Follow Through On Guns? He Didn’t Do So On Immigration. article from The Huffington Post. –

With all the lies he never stops telling and all the broken promises it’s hard to imagine why anyone would actually believe him:

“WASHINGTON ? President Donald Trump convened lawmakers at the White House for something unusual in today’s politics: a substantive, unscripted discussion of a contentious issue in which the president broke with party orthodoxy, all on camera.

In the made-for-TV event on Wednesday, Trump struck a moderate tone and encouraged a group of Republicans and Democrats to act quickly on a comprehensive gun reform package. He chided Republicans in the room for their unwillingness to stand up to the National Rifle Association, the nation’s top gun lobby group. He even expressed support for ideas like universal background checks and raising the minimum age at which one can purchase an assault weapon.

Trump’s move to the middle, which comes nearly two weeks after the horrific school shooting in Parkland, Florida, elicited smiles and fist pumps from several Democratic senators in the meeting. It even took some Republicans by surprise.

“I thought it was fascinating television, and it was surreal,” Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas), who sat next to the president, told reporters afterwards…”

Trump Gave Mueller The Ammo To Bury Him On Obstruction Of Justice article from PoliticusUSA. –

Actually, Trump has repeatedly given Mueller plenty of ammo to bury him on Obstruction of Justice…

Mike Rogers Gives a Warning as Trump’s Swamp Drowns Washington article from Alternet. –

The bottomless pit of corruption that is America’s worst-ever president* and his ilk are drowning and it couldn’t happen to more deserving pieces of shit.

How Trump’s Saturday Night Massacre Might Start With Jeff Sessions article from The New York Daily Intelligencer. –

As his Russia scandal continues heating up, Trump is growing more desperate to try and derail it.

Beware, President Trump: Robert Mueller is just getting started article from Salon. –

Trump’s Russia woes are just getting started, and he is going to freak:

“Despite all the guilty pleas among people associated with the Trump campaign and the growing pile of evidence about Russian interference in the 2016 election, members of the press have pushed a narrative that special counsel Robert Mueller could only go after President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice. After all, that was the heart of the case against former President Richard Nixon back in the day. (He was never shown to have known about the “third-rate burglary” at the Watergate.) And for some, it seems inconceivable that Trump could possibly have colluded with a foreign government — possibly because he’s too unorganized and inept to have pulled it off.

As it turns out, Mueller can walk and chew gum at the same time. He’s lately been questioning witnesses about just what Trump knew about all this Russian interference and when he knew it. He’s been inquiring specifically about whether Trump knew about the hacking of Democratic emails in advance and whether or not he might have had a hand in their “strategic release.” NBC reported:

Mueller’s investigators have asked witnesses whether Trump was aware of plans for WikiLeaks to publish the emails. They have also asked about the relationship between GOP operative Roger Stone and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and why Trump took policy positions favorable to Russia.

The line of questioning suggests the special counsel, who is tasked with examining whether there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election, is looking into possible coordination between WikiLeaks and Trump associates in disseminating the emails, which U.S. intelligence officials say were stolen by Russia…”

Trump shows why there’s no point in talking to him about policy article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Trump has no desire to learn anything about policy, he’s only interested in showmanship and delusional TV reality ratings.

Trump’s transubstantiation of falsehood into truth article from The Week. –

Regardless of how many times he tries, repeating lies does not make them true. Besides, Trump is only interested in selling himself regardless of the costs…

White House Is Steamrolling Congress When It Comes to Executive Privilege article from BuzzFlash. –

The games our profoundly corrupt leader and his White House play to avoid testifying over his ever-growing Russia scandal.

Trump’s biggest fans on the internet are freaking out about his comments on gun control article from Think Progress. –

The freak show that supports our dubious Orange dip shit is freaking out over his desire to take guns first and allow due process second:

“Wednesday, when he appeared to endorse the idea of expanded background checks as part of a “beautiful” comprehensive bill that would also feature age restrictions on buying certain weapons and removing guns from the hands of the mentally ill. In the bipartisan meeting, Trump also accused Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) of being “afraid of the NRA.”

Trump has a well-documented history of flip-flopping between Republicans and Democrats on important issues. Nonetheless, the backlash from conservatives and the National Rifle Association (NRA) to the president’s comments on gun control was swift. “Strong leaders do not automatically agree with the last thing that was said to them,” Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) said. “We’re not ditching constitutional protections simply because the last person the president talked to today doesn’t like them.” The NRA meanwhile called the proposals “bad policy that would not keep our children safe.”

But the reaction was noticeably less diplomatic on the Trump-friendly part of the internet. Breitbart labelled Trump “The Gun Grabber” and accused him of ceding the Democrats’ “Wish List.” The article had nearly 16,000 comments, with the top-rated comment calling the gun control proposals “an outright betrayal by this president of the constitution and everyone of us who elected him to stand up for it.”

But if Breitbart commentators were outraged, it was nothing compared to r/The_Donald. The pro-Trump subreddit and one of the biggest internet communities supporting the president. There, Trump’s bipartisan meeting triggered a fury which The_Donald posters took out on both the president and each other. “What the actual fuck was that? That was certainly not 4D chess pedes,” one user named malikobama1 posted. “That was honestly just a terrible move. Between that an immigration my patience is truly wearing thin.”…”

White House staffers are scrambling to find ‘a way out’ of the Trump admin – but nobody wants to hire them article from The Raw Story. –

LOL. Can’t imagine why…

Seriously, Imagine if Obama Had Done What Trump Has article from The Daily Beast. –

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to be a Trump apologist – for obvious reasons.

One of Trump’s Most Devious Tactics to Try to Silence His Critics article from Alternet. –

When all your bloviated bull shit and corruption is called out for what it is, simply threaten to take them to court.

President Trump has made 2,436 false or misleading claims so far article from The Washington Post. –

If Trump actually lasts 4 years, he will set all kinds of records as America’s most corrupt-ever Liar-in-Chief:

“In the 406 days since he took the oath of office, President Trump has made 2,436 false or misleading claims, according to The Fact Checker’s database that analyzes, categorizes and tracks every suspect statement uttered by the president.

That’s an average of six claims a day.

When we first started this project for the president’s first 100 days, he averaged 4.9 claims a day. Slowly, the average number of claims has been creeping up.

Our interactive graphic, created with the help of Leslie Shapiro and Kaeti Hinck of the Post graphics department, displays a running list of every false or misleading statement made by Trump. We also catalogued the president’s many flip-flops, since those earn Upside-Down Pinocchios if a politician shifts position on an issue without acknowledging he or she did so…”

The 16 Most Insane Trump Scandals – This Month article from Alternet. –

February is a short month, but that didn’t stop the Trump train wreck from crashing and burning.

Donald Trump Is Stumbling Into Authoritarianism article from Rantt. –

Our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator has always planned on trying to destroy Democracy while emulating the dictators he supports.

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