At What Point Does Fabricating Fake News Become Criminal?

When CA Republican Rep. Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and his staff created a fraudulent memo – apparently in collusion with President* Donald J. Trump who has repeatedly obstructed Justice since being ‘elected’ – in efforts to ‘vindicate’ Trump in his ongoing Russia scandal and put an end to it while trying to provide cover for Trump to fire the Director of the FBI, it raises a lot of questions.

Nunes – who has since started his own fake news site – started leaking information on his ‘memo’ to Fox faux news who in turn ‘reported’ about it while trying to create a scandal that didn’t exist and pushed for the release of it, aided by millions of bots that are alleged to be of Russian origin that promulgated their fake news on Twitter, Facebook and a host of other right-wing ‘News’ sites and social media platforms to try and deflect from Trump’s failed attempts to shut down the multitude of scandals currently burning down the walls of his imploding White House. Nunes’ attempts to help Trump backfired spectacularly.

But the depths of unbridled idiocies from Trump and Nunes didn’t stop there.

Unsatisfied with one round of fake news over the dud he called a memo, despite the continuing fallout from it, Nunes created two more fake news stories that have also been repeatedly proved as nothing but fraudulent attempts to exonerate his leader. So far Trump and his propagandists are 0-for-3 in trying to kill investigations into his ongoing Russia scandal, but Nunes has hinted that he may have 5 more memos to release. It’s unknown if Trump ever colluded with Russia to be elected, but his many Obstructions of Justice are glaringly evident.


Nunes has a history of colluding with Trump, and as previously, the exponential stupidity over a fabricated political propaganda ‘memo’ created by President Donald Trump’s lapdog who is allegedly leading the charades of an ‘investigation’ into the bottomless pits of Trump’s profound corruption have turned into quite the political theater which makes them both look compromised.

Nunes and his many GOP cohorts in the U.S. Congress, in collusion with Trump and his enablers in the ‘media,’ are funneling fake news to the minority he calls his base frantically trying to save what is left of his failing presidency as he faces multiple Obstruction of Justice and Money Laundering charges in addition to the charges he potentially faces from his oft over-hyped Russia scandal.

In his typical fashion of acting instead of thinking, Trump never dreamed that epitomizing Nixon and releasing a fabricated memo he appears to have collaborated on would dig his hole a little deeper. This is definitely not the first time Trump has failed to vindicate his fraudulent actions with fake news, propaganda and his usual lies and it won’t be the last.


Trump and his GOP enablers wouldn’t be so desperate to try and derail the investigations into his endless malfeasance if he didn’t have something – okay, many things – to hide. It would be comical were it not for the fact that having a corrupt GOP establishment routinely trying to exonerate the corrupt, delusional leader of the GOP could easily be construed as Treason as well as aiding and abetting in trying to cover up his crimes.

The irony of many of Trump’s ignorant out bursts – having a fake president calling damaging information against him fake news while constantly spewing it, calling out Democrats who didn’t clap for his State of the Union speech Traitors while potentially committing Treason, etc. – are entertaining, but they only serve as distractions from his endless chicanery. Creating bogus Conspiracy Theories also serve as nothing more than distractions from his imploding presidency that is drowning in cesspools of corruption. All of Trump’s delusions, as well as his enablers, are based on fantasies, not facts.

The fraudulent actions of Nunes and the rest of the GOP that continue trying to protect their profoundly corrupt, malevolent minority-elect leader are quite revealing and makes them look just as guilty. Accusing the press and Trump’s opponents of bias – for simply stating the obvious truth about Trump’s depths of corruption – and trying to cover up his dirty deeds while dissembling cherry-picked evidence and purposely ignoring the facts that prove them wrong is not only extremely stupid, it reveals just how depraved U.S. politics have become.

Democrats have a counter memo that totally refutes the Nunes memo and of course Trump – having a lot to hide – refused to release it but Congress did release a redacted version of it that totally blows Nunes’ memo out of the water. The Democratic memo puts Trump in a bad spot and makes his lapdog look like a total fool and eventually, someone will be in deep kimchi for designing their fraudulent scheme. The only question is who. The Nunes memo does not vindicate Trump; it only makes the obstructions of justice cases against him stronger but the question remains: At what point does fraudulently fabricating fake news to cover a corrupt president’s* ass become a crime?

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