Misadventures of a minority-elect President 200

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

We begin today’s misadventures of our malevolent minority-elect president* with an explanation of how he duped the minority of morons that ‘elected’ him and the irony of how he has become exactly the opposite of what he allegedly campaigned on, how Trump’s White House is rotting from the head down, the never-ending lies and corruption that spew from Trump and his illicit White House, Trump sells out consumers to his fraudulent Wall Street cabal, our demented delinquent’s already dilapidated mental deficit is worsening as the investigations into his endless corruption inch closer to taking down his already failed presidency, our dimwitted dip shit’s claims of surrounding himself only with the best people are coming back to haunt him, why our nefarious narcissist may want to rethink his profoundly ignorant war on the FBI, Trump has a tantrum because everyone knows that the immigration issues are his fault and no one in Congress voted for his fraudulent immigration bill, Trump’s expensive extramarital excursions are coming back to haunt him, Trump’s issues with keeping his little pecker in his pants will probably play a role in bringing down what is left of his failed presidency, the dangers posed by our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator’s authoritarian actions, why millions still support our flatulent Ignoramus-in-Chief and so much more.

Candidate Trump would have been disgusted by the Trump presidency article from The Week. –

Partially due to the fact that our national embarrassment has broken every campaign promise made to the minority of morons that were foolish enough to believe him…

Paul Krugman: Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Was Always a Scam article from Alternet. –

Not surprising that virtually everything Trump gets involved in is a scam because he’s such a fraudulent idiot.

Mental health professionals argue Trump’s mind is grounds for impeachment article from The Week. –

Our pathological Liar-in-Chief has some serious mental issues that keep making themselves egregiously known and some argue that he should be impeached for it.

The White House is rotting from the head down article from The Hill. –

Shit rolls down hill, and with America’s most corrupt-ever president* currently occupying the White House, there is a LOT of shit:

“As the saying goes, the fish rots from the head down; and there is a stench coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The antidote to this rot? The powerful #MeToo movement, sensible, patriotic Republicans with spines and the 2018 elections.

This past week has seen a White House in freefall (and to say that about a White House in constant chaos speaks volumes), with a president, a chief of staff and senior aides embroiled in a crisis of competency and character that inevitably turned into a crisis of communications of the highest order.

The resignation of staff secretary Rob Porter has unmasked a White House uninterested in protecting women in abusive relationships and, instead, protects the alleged abuser, especially if he is doing a good job. They did not care. Plain and simple.

Reportedly, the highest ranking senior aides, including White House general counsel Don McGahn and chief of staff John Kelly, have known for months, if not a whole year, about the horrific allegations of domestic abuse by two ex-wives and a girlfriend of Porter’s. They weren’t just rumors, either. The concerns were brought to them by the FBI. They did nothing; plain and simple…”

Exposing Our ‘Populist’ President as a Naked Plutocrat article from BuzzFlash. –

On the never-ending lies and corruption that spew forth from the biggest conman to ever occupy the White House.

How the White House Gamed the Security-Clearance System article from The Atlantic. –

The same way it games everything else: ignore laws, morals, reality and the truth, lie about everything and keep everything secret in attempts to keep your crimes covered up.

The Ghost of Fascism in the Age of Trump article from Truthout –

More on the endless cesspool of corruption emanating from Trump and his White House aided and abetted by his Ministry of Propaganda – led by Fox faux news.

Consumer Protection Agency’s New Mission Under Trump? Not Protecting Consumers article from Common Dreams. –

In revealing his true colors yet again, America’s most fraudulent-ever president* intentionally screws over every American consumer while enabling more fraud and negligence to big banks, predatory lenders, and Wall Street anc Co:

“The Trump administration continued its relentless effort to defang the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) on Monday by proposing massive budget cuts to an already underfunded agency and releasing a new mission statement that completely abandons the bureau’s previous commitment to protecting consumers from predatory corporations.

The CFPB’s new five-year strategic plan (pdf)—crafted by Trump budget chief and acting CFPB director Mick Mulvaney—replaces the agency’s former number one goal of “prevent[ing] financial harm to consumers while promoting good practices that benefit them” with a vaguely worded pledge to “ensure that all consumers have access to markets for consumer financial products and services.”

Ira Rheingold, executive director of the National Association of Consumer Advocates, said in an interview with the Financial Times that the bureau’s new mission statement is “a disgrace” and argued it could increase the likelihood of mass fraud.

“We had a financial crisis because of the abuses in the industry and now it appears they will serve those institutions,” Rheingold added…”

Devin Nunes Is Now Accused Of Obstructing Justice As Trump’s Russia Cover-Up Cracks article from PoliticusUSA. –

Trump’s lead GOP brown shirt – who has repeatedly shown that he’s actually more stupid than Trump – could soon pay a price for helping Trump obstruct justice in his ongoing Russia scandal investigation.

Trump is stoking his base again – only now, it’s helping Democrats article from The Daily Kos. –

Stoking his base has fired up the majority that oppose him and it’s costing him and the GOP big time.

It Took Him More Than a Week, But Trump Finally Said He’s ‘Totally Opposed to Domestic Violence’ article from Common Dreams. –

As yet another scandal engulfed Trump’s White House in more lies and deceptions, Trump supported a wife beater who claimed he was innocent, then finally says he’s opposed to domestic violence.

The Terrifying Danger of Trump’s Deteriorating Mental Health article from Alternet. –

Our demented delinquent’s already evident mental deficit is worsening due to the investigations into his corruption that will end his failed presidency:

“Don’t be fooled by the happy lull of the Winter Olympics.

“We are not in a static situation,” Dr. John Gartner said, at a presentation on presidential mental health and nuclear weapons in Washington on Monday. “We are in a deteriorating situation. And every day that goes by we are at greater risk of total nuclear annihilation.”

The sporting competition in South Korea has governments and leaders spouting bromides of peace and friendship, at least for a couple of weeks. There is talk of reconciliation between North and South Korea, independent of White House wishes. South Koreans are fascinated by the “Ivanka Trump of North Korea.”

All the while, the danger posed by Trump’s control of nuclear weapons continues to grow, says Gartner, founder of Duty to Warn, a group that argues President Trump is not mentally fit for office. He spoke at a National Press Club forum sponsored by Need to Impeach, the campaign bankrolled by billionaire investor Tom Steyer…”

Trump Hates the Poor article from U.S. News. –

Trump’s fraudulent budget will devastate the poor and the elderly, which makes one wonder why so many of them were stupid enough to vote for him…

President* Trump’s Crack Team Is Screwing Him Over (Again) article from Esquire. –

Our dimwitted dip shit’s claims of surrounding himself with only the best people are coming back to haunt him.

Trump’s revolving door of shame article from Yahoo! News. –

More on the many miscreants – who are unable to obtain proper security clearances – Trump calls great people and surrounds himself with.

UNPRESIDENTED – A Complete Breakdown Of Donald Trump’s 55th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt. –

Trump’s failed presidency is always entertaining as revealed by his most recent week of ineptitude:

“Rob Porter. Roger Ailes. Roy Moore. Bill O’Reilly. Donald Trump.

These men have a few things in common: They’ve all been accused of abusing women, and they’ve all been defended by Donald Trump.

In these abusers, President Trump sees himself. And in their victims, he sees the women who have accused him of sexual assault. Not to mention the fact his own ex-wife Ivana previously accused him of beating and raping her. This is why the President still can’t bring himself to condemn domestic abuse.

For supporters of the President, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to vouch for his character, as each day Trump adds yet another dose of indefensible depravity to our national discourse…”

A history lesson for President Trump on FBI abuses article from Think Progress. –

Why our nefarious narcissist might want to rethink his profoundly ignorant war on the FBI.

White House accused of ‘unforgivable’ security clearance lapses article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Having a White House full of felons is proving problematic for our failed president*.

The Terrorist Violence That Trump Ignores article from Truthout. –

Hint: It all has to do with White Nationalists and his White Supremacy supporters.

Donald Trump Finds a Way to Blame the Victims of the Florida School Shooting article from Alternet. –

Notice with Trump that it’s always everyone else’s fault when White Supremacists and White Nationalists kill others:

“Following a familiar script, President Donald Trump took to Twitter Thursday morning to opine about the deadliest high school shooting in U.S. history. Just like he did after the shootings in San Bernardino and Orlando during his presidential campaign, Trump suggested that people around the shooter who did not sufficiently inform authorities were partially at fault.

“So many signs that the Florida shooter was mentally disturbed, even expelled from school for bad and erratic behavior. Neighbors and classmates knew he was a big problem. Must always report such instances to authorities, again and again!” Trump tweeted.

Trump tweeted “Negotiations on DACA have begun. Republicans want to make a deal and Democrats say they want to make a deal. Wouldn’t it be great if we could finally, after so many years, solve the DACA puzzle. This will be our last chance, there will never be another opportunity! March 5th.”

And he also tweeted “So many signs that the Florida shooter was mentally disturbed, even expelled from school for bad and erratic behavior. Neighbors and classmates knew he was a big problem. Must always report such instances to authorities, again and again!”…”

Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Is to Spend Less on Infrastructure article from The Nation. –

Funny how every single policy that Trump tries to shove down the public’s collective throats is nothing but a massive fraud.

Of Course the President Obstructed Justice article from Talking Poimts Memo. –

It has been obvious for quite a while that our malignant minority-elect president* has routinely obstructed justice.

Trump Throws A Tantrum After His Immigration Bill Gets The Fewest Votes In The Senate article from PoliticusUSA. –

Trump’s problem is that everyone is aware that his fraudulent, racist immigration bill is a joke and he’s going to pay the price for it.

Who’s in Charge of the Classified Intelligence About Trump? Trump. It’s a Problem article from Truthout. –

When the president* is in charge of deciding what information about him gets released, a multitude of issues become blatantly clear:

“Ever since the House Intelligence Committee voted to release Rep. Devin Nunes’ now-legendary “memo,” and then sent it up to the White House for presidential permission to declassify it, I’ve been wondering: How is it possible that the subject of an investigation gets to look at the evidence against him and decide whether or not it sees the light of day? There’s no appeal of President Trump’s decision in a case like that. He has the ultimate and unquestioned power to do it. Is there any other situation in our society where this could happen?

There’s been surprisingly little discussion of this bizarre circumstance. It came up briefly during this week’s annual assessment of global threats before the Senate Intelligence Committee, when Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., quizzed FBI Director Christopher Wray on the subject:

According to the White House statement, the president was the one that authorized the memo’s declassification. Do you believe there’s an actual, or at least appearance, of a conflict of interest when the president is put in charge of declassifying information that could complicate an ongoing investigation into his own campaign?

Wray demurred from offering an opinion on that, merely stating that it was within the president’s authority to decide on declassification. Harris pressed further, asking if he would hand over sensitive information on the Russia investigation if the president asked. Wray replied, “I’m not going to discuss the investigation in question with the president, much less provide information from that investigation to him.” That’s pretty unequivocal…”

Trump Had an Extramarital Affair with a Playboy Model and Tried to Pay Her Off: Report article from Alternet. –

Trump’s extramarital excursions – that he apparently paid good money to keep quiet – are coming back to haunt him.

There’s a Pretty Good Chance President Trump Is Being Blackmailed article from New York In

Trump’s issues with keeping his little pecker in his pants will probably aid in bringing down what is left of his failed presidency.

President Trump’s Russia denialism is grounds for impeachment article from USA Today. –

Much of what Trump says – while doing the exact opposite – is probably also grounds for impeachment.

Trump Blasts Dems On DACA. Which He Ended. article from The Huffington Post. –

As usual, our lackluster lame duck president is trying to shift blame for what he did on Democrats:

“President Donald Trump excoriated congressional Democrats on Friday, accusing them of abandoning young people in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

“Cannot believe how BADLY DACA recipients have been treated by the Democrats…totally abandoned!” Trump tweeted. “Republicans are still working hard.”

Yet, the reason that Congress is trying to come up with an immigration bill is because Trump suspended DACA in September, putting at risk deportation relief for 700,000 undocumented people who were brought to the U.S. as children.

Trump tweeted “Cannot believe how BADLY DACA recipients have been treated by the Democrats…totally abandoned! Republicans are still working hard.”…”

Why a Government Run by Oligarchs Is Very Deadly article from Alternet. –

On the dangers posed by our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator’s authoritarian actions.

Trump’s Jerry Springer administration article from The Week. –

On the duplicitous disaster that is Trump’s fatally-flawed personality and profoundly corrupt failing presidency.

American Carnage article from Counterpunch. –

It’s always entertaining to see how Trump opens his mouth to insert one foot while extracting the other when responding to a killer of innocent children in yet another school shooting incident committed by a MAGA-hat wearing teen from the suburbs that has been trained in properly using rifles by an NRA grant funded shooting program.

3 Reasons Why Millions Still Support Trump article from Alternet. –

Hint: Stupidity, ignorance, racism and a host of other fatal personality traits play a major role:

“It’s incomprehensible to many of us that people could support a president who, in Bernie Sanders’ words, “is compulsively dishonest, who is a bully, who actively represents the interests of the billionaire class, who is anti-science, and who is trying to divide us up based on the color of our skin, our nation of origin, our religion, our gender, or our sexual orientation.”

Based on various trusted sources and a dab of cognitive science, it’s fair to conclude that there are three main reasons for this unlikely phenomenon.

1. Trump’s Followers Believe They’re Better Than Other People

Nationalism, exceptionalism, narcissism, racism. They’re all part of the big picture, although it’s unfair to simply dismiss Trump people as ignorant racists. Many of them are well-educated and wealthy. But well-to-do individuals tend to feel entitled, superior, uninterested in the people they consider beneath them, and less willing to support the needs of society. Thus many wealthy white Americans are just fine with Trump’s disdain for the general population…”

Trump’s anger boils over with Russia probe article from The Hill. –

Despite his claims of never denying Russian involvement in our elections – which he claimed many times – and claims of no collusion, Trump’s lies are coming back to destroy his alternative reality.

Trump’s anti-immigrant enforcers want to team up with Trump’s spies. Watch out. article from The Week. –

Making the Border Patrol an ‘Intelligence’ Agency would prove disastrous while enabling more crimes by Trump.

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