Misadventures of a minority-elect President 197

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

We begin today’s misadventures of our malevolent minority-elect president with his constant addition of obstruction of justice charges, the White House is still trying to make their lying leader look good, the GOP’s repeated attempts to protect their corrupt leader could easily be construed as Treason, Trump’s criminal actions – aided and abetted by a corrupt GOP-led U.S. Congress – have put this country in a perilous position, Trump administration reveals the true state of the union with their desire to arrest Sanctuary City Mayors, despite a somewhat presidential moment during his scripted teleprompter speech – which of course he lied about the size of – Trump is not and never will be presidential, our demented delinquent has cemented his place in history as the worst, most corrupt president* in U.S. history after one year in office, our Liar-in-Chief wouldn’t be trying so desperately to derail the investigations into his many crimes if he didn’t have something to hide and much more.

Sometimes, white House Staff Have a Legal Duty to Disobey the President article from Truthout. –

When the president* tries to order you to do something illegal – like firing Mueller before he unloads on Trump’s obstruction of justice and money laundering charges – his staff are obligated to disobey.

It’d be great if Trump were right about the economy, but he’s not article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Trump likes to brag about our ‘booming’ economy, but the only ones whose economy is booming are the frauduelnt billionaires and corporations our dimwitted dip shit and his GOP brown shirts just gave morally corrupt tax breaks to.

TONIGHT: #PeoplesSOTU to Counter Trump Agenda and Amplify the Resistance article from Common Dreams. –

Trump by no means speaks for the majority of Americans, only the Plutocrats and corrupt billionsaires pulling his strings.

White House Repeats Lie Claiming Americans Don’t Care About Russia Investigation article from PoliticusUSA. –

As usual the White House is trying to make their lying Ignoramus-in-Chief look good, and as usual it’s not working:

“White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, yet again, claimed that most Americans don’t care about the Russia investigation during the daily press briefing on Monday.

When asked if Donald Trump had plans to mention the Russia probe during his first State of the Union address scheduled for Tuesday night, Sanders said:

I think we’ve addressed it every single day that we’ve been here. It’s one of the questions you guys ask over and over and over again. In fact, we spend more time on that than we do any other topic, despite the fact that time and time again, poll after poll says that frankly no one cares about this issue, and it’s certainly not the thing that keeps people up at night. We’d love to talk about all of the things that do, and my guess is that will be the focus of the president’s State of the Union tomorrow.

The White House has been trying to push the narrative that no one outside the media cared about the Russia probe since Trump took office, insisting that the public cares more about “everyday” issues like jobs and taxes…”

The Many Failed Vindications of Donald J. Trump article from The Atlantic. –

It would be comical were it not for the fact that having a corrupt GOP establishment routinely trying to exonerate the corrupt, delusional leader of the GOP could easily be construed as Treason.

Social scientist: Trump’s lies are no doubt rampant, but the types of lies break human norms article from The Daily Kos. –

Our lackluster lame duck president is setting records for the amount of pernicious lies he tells on a daily basis.

The Real State of the Union Is Awfully Precarious article from The Daily Beast. –

Trump’s criminal actions – aided and abetted by the GOP-led U.S. Congress – have put this country in a perilous position.

UNPRESIDENTED – A Complete Breakdown Of Donald Trump’s 51st Racist Week As POTUS article from Rantt. –

A look back America’s worst-ever president’s latest week of profoundly inept chicanery:

“This week, Donald Trump didn’t just insult dozens of countries and the Americans who descended from them, he insulted America.

America isn’t just a country; it’s an ideal. America is the notion that regardless of your past, ethnicity, age, or the amount of money you are born into, you can become something greater. America has a checkered past, but the defining principle that makes America great is the fact we are constantly pursuing a more perfect union. We strive to learn from our mistakes, not go back to a time where those mistakes were made. The beauty of America is in its imperfection and our collective pursuit of perfection.

It was this ideal that moved America from being a country that once enslaved and labeled black people as three-fifths of a person, to one that elected Barack Hussein Obama to become leader of the free world.

It was this ideal that struck my own parents when they were just teenagers in Sierra Leone. They saw America as a house on a hill, beaming with limitless opportunity. Anyone can make it there, no matter where they’re from, they thought. And they were right…”

Trump Officials Are Exploring Mass Arrests of US Mayors article from Truthout. –

This is the sad state of the union under our national embarrassment’s leadership: wanting to arrest Mayors of Sanctuary Cities for doing the right thing…

Second Trump-Russia dossier being assessed by FBI article from The Guardian. –

It appears there is yet another dossier that reveals our national embarrassment’s ties to Russia.

Ahead of the State of the Union, Trump is in a ‘remarkably weak position’ article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Given the state of his presidency and corruption, Trump really has no business giving a SOTU address, let alone being president.

Leaked Trump Infrastructure Plan is a Blueprint for Corporate Subsidies article from Counterpunch. –

Yet another Trump scam designed to privatize everything and make his corrupt cronies rich at our expense:

“The Trump administration’s plans to rebuild infrastructure in the United States have been leaked, and it appears to be as bad as feared. At least three-quarters of intended funding will go toward corporate subsidies, not actual projects. It is possible that no funding will go directly toward projects.

There’s no real surprise here, given that President Donald Trump’s election promise to inject $1 trillion into infrastructure spending was a macabre joke. What is actually happening is that the Trump administration intends to push for more “public-private partnerships.” What these so-called partnerships actually are vehicles to shovel public money into private pockets. These have proven disastrous wherever they have been implemented, almost invariably making public services more expensive. Often, far more expensive. They are nothing more than a variation on straightforward schemes to sell off public assets below cost, with working people having to pay more for reduced quality of service.

That is no surprise, as corporations are only going to provide services or operate facilities if they can make a profit. And since public-private partnerships promise guaranteed big profits, at the expense of taxpayers, these are quite popular in corporate boardrooms. And when those promises don’t come true, it taxpayers who are on the hook for the failed privatization.

The collapse earlier this month of Carillion PLC in Britain put 50,000 jobs at risk, both those directly employed and others working for subcontractors. The holder of a vast array of government contracts for construction, services and managing the operations of railways, hospitals, schools and much else, Carillion received contracts worth £5.7 billion just since 2011. Overall, an astonishing £120 billion was spent on outsourcing in Britain in 2015…”

Could This Be Trump’s True Motivation for Releasing the Nunes Memo? article from Alternet. –

Because Trump is an inveterate liar and won’t be able to stop himself from committing perjury under oath, which is an impeachable offense.

5 things you should know about the Trump economy article from Think Progress. –

It’s not nearly as good as our Liar-in-Chief claims it is, in fact it’s much worse.

How the Swamp Drained Trump article from The Atlantic. –

Instead of giving power back to the people, Trump has tightened the screws and given Washington insiders exactly what they wanted.

State of The Union Review: Donald Trump Will Never Be Presidential, Just an Embarrassment article from Indie Wire on Yahoo! News. –

Despite a somewhat presidential approach to giving his scripted teleprompter speech – much of which was filled with false information – Trump is not and never will be presidential:

“So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause. That quote, from “Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith,” has felt prescient ever since the 2016 election. But with the Trump Administration continuing to undermine the very foundation of this country’s institutions, including the Department of Justice and the FBI, it has never been more apropos than what Americans witnessed on Tuesday night at one of the longest State of the Union addresses in history.

Or perhaps we are living in the bizarro world, which would explain the “State of the Uniom” typo as seen on the official tickets to the speech. And it would explain the fact that a Arizona congressman actually asked the Capitol Police and Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday to check identification of everyone at the address and “arrest any illegal aliens in attendance.”

This is America, 2018.

Like your five-year-old nephew who gets a gold star for showing up to preschool, and a trophy just for making it to the soccer field, Donald Trump earned brownie points just for being able to read a teleprompter without making a fool of himself. It’s those low expectations that earn accolades time and time again that Trump “looked presidential” just by actually stringing multiple sentences together at the same time — which, granted, has indeed become a feat for this chief executive. “If his nose isn’t running, and he isn’t burping, he did a great speech,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said of Trump’s low expectations in a chat with fellow Democrats on Tuesday, according to Politico…”

Trump Bombs In His First State Of The Union As America Has Caught On To His Con article from PoliticusUSA. –

More on the dubious speech given by our demented delinquent during his self-aggrandizing speech that the majority of Americans were able to see right through.

For Donald Trump, A Historic First Year For All the Wrong Reasons article from Common Dreams. –

After telling more than 2,000 lies and showing his true fraudulent colors on many occasions, Trump has cemented his place in history as the Worst, most corrupt president* America has ever had.

Donald Trump Just Asked Congress to End the Rule of Law article from Slate. –

Asking our corrupt GOP-led Congress to give him unprecedented and unquestionably antidemocratic powers reveals our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator’s true intentions.

The chilling attack on liberal democracy buried in Trump’s speech article from Think Progress. –

Trump wants his cronies – and the miscreants in his administration – to be able to fire those who won’t do his bidding:

“President Donald Trump spent the bulk of his first State of the Union address touting his tax policy and laying out an immigration proposal that would advance many white nationalist organizations’ top priorities.

Buried within the speech, however, was a proposal that would fundamentally rework the balance of power between civil servants and political appointees — and strike a deep blow to the rule of law in the process.

“I call on the Congress to empower every Cabinet Secretary with the authority to reward good workers,” Trump said, “and to remove Federal employees who undermine the public trust or fail the American people.”

On the surface, this proposal may seem benign — who doesn’t want public employees who “fail the American people” to be removed? But laws protecting civil servants against politically motivated firings are one of the foundations of liberal democracy…”

Trump talks and talks … but only his actions speak article from The Des Moines Register. –

Trump’s endless lies are so commonplace that they shock no one, but his deceitful actions always speak louder than his words.

Why Trump’s Support Is Slipping article from Counterpunch. –

Hmm, it might have something to do with his endless lies, crimes and draconian policies that counteract every lie he told his supporters…

4 New Trump Corruption Stories From the Last Day Alone article from New York Magazine. –

Only the demented delusionist in the White House can bring about new revelations of corruption virtually every day…

Trump erroneously claims record State of the Union ratings — even though Obama, Bush and Clinton had more article from The New York Daily News on AOL. –

Trump still has issues with size as revealed by his lie about his pathetic State of the Union address:

“President Trump still has a problem with audience size.

The commander-in-chief erroneously touted Thursday that the 45.6 million people who watched his first State of the Union was the most-watched ever.

“Thank you for all of the nice compliments and reviews on the State of the Union speech,” Trump tweeted, noting his favorite Fox News lead with 11.7 million viewers. “Delivered from the heart!”

But television ratings tracker Nielsen Company announced Wednesday that Trump’s State of the Union had 2 million fewer viewers than President Obama’s first State of the Union address eight years earlier…”

Trump is engaged in a slow motion Saturday Night Massacre article from Salon. –

Trump’s growing desperation at stopping Mueller’s Russia scandal investigation is obvious as he continues lying and making himself look like a bigger idiot – which is incredibly difficult to do…

The Worst of the Worst article from The New York Book Review. –

Trump has made history for being the biggest liar to ever occupy the White House.

Here comes ‘The Memo’: It’s a desperate, last-ditch gambit article from Salon. –

Trump wouldn’t be so desperate to try and derail the investigation into his many crimes if he didn’t have something to hide.

Trump tells GOP retreat he’s ready for Mount Rushmore article from Yahoo! News. –

Our nefarious narcissist just can’t seem to get enough of himself and his delusional, non-existent ‘accomplishments’:

“President Trump appeared to be in a jovial mood at a GOP retreat in West Virginia on Thursday, boasting about how his administration has “fulfilled far more promises than we’ve promised.” And without quite saying so himself, he claimed Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, once told him that he is “the greatest president in the history of our country.”

“And I said, ‘Does that include Lincoln and Washington?’” Trump recalled. “And he said, ‘Yes.’ I said, ‘I love this guy.’”

A spokesman for Hatch told a reporter for the Guardian newspaper that the senator has said Trump “can be” the greatest president ever to hold the office, but never said he “is” the greatest ever.

Trump’s remarks at the annual gathering of Republican members of Congress at the Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, W.V., came a day after the train taking lawmakers there hit a dump truck, killing the driver of the vehicle…”

Trump Has Already Broken All of the Promises He Made to Workers During the State of the Union article from Truthout. –

Trump neglected to mention the many ways he’s hurting workers, or the fact that he has outsourced more jobs overseas in his first year than any other president.

After legal setbacks, Trump administration races to Supreme Court article from PoliticusUSA. –

Appointing corrupt judges to try and help advance your corrupt agendas could start paying off for Trump, though not so much for Democracy and the rest of us.

Jim Hightower: Why the Majority of Americans Despise Trump’s Washington article from Alternet. –

It seems our self-aggrandizing adolescent in the White House is having a hard time maintaining life in his alternate reality as the majority opposing him continues growing.

Memogate: Nunes’s secret document turns out to be yet another scheme from the Trump White House article from The Daily Kos. –

Yet more evidence that Trump and his GOP brown shirts are inching closer to committing Treason:

“Asked if he had worked with the White House in crafting the #ReleaseTheMemo memo, The Daily Beast reports Devin Nunes’ telling reply.

During Monday’s contentious closed-door committee meeting, Rep. Mike Quigley, a Democrat, asked Nunes point-blank if his staffers had been talking with the White House as they compiled a four-page memo alleging FBI and Justice Department abuses over surveillance of President Trump’s allies in the Russia probe.

According to sources familiar with the exchange, Nunes made a few comments that didn’t answer the question before finally responding, “I’m not answering.”

In his earlier “unmasking” scandal, what Nunes presented as information revealed to him by his own sources within the intelligence community turned out to be a deception coordinated by Nunes, Michael Flynn protege Ezra Cohen-Watnick, and White House attorney Michael Ellis. As the farce that Nunes had returned to the White House to brief them on information that had been generated by the White House unraveled, Nunes was forced to step aside from further involvement in the Russia investigation and sent to stew on the sidelines…”

Donald Trump Is Distractor-in-Chief article from Buzzflash. –

On the many ways our ignorant piece of shit in the White House perpetuates distractions to deflect from his many means of malfeasance.

Devin Nunes didn’t read the intel behind his own memo article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

The memo released by Trump to try and manipulate the investigation against him is based on propaganda and fake news that will come back and bite Trump’s big orange ass.

Trump’s All-Out Attack on the Rule of Law article from The Nation. –

Trump is only adding one more nail to his coffin while cementing obstruction of justice charges as his land of delusion is about to come crashing down.

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