Misadventures of a minority-elect President 194

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

We begin today’s misadventures of our malevolent minority-elect president with an extremely embarrassing book that will undoubtedly accelerate the end of his failed presidency, why the debates over Trump’s mental deficiencies – which he has repeatedly proven he is suffering from – don’t matter, our lackluster lame duck president isn’t taking credit for his biggest accomplishments for obvious reasons, our national embarrassment’s complete corruption and ignorance have been a matter of public record for decades so it’s a mystery as to why his enablers in Washington continue aiding and abetting him – which makes them just as guilty as he is, our fake president’s war on fake news serve as distractions from his failed presidency, understanding how and why our idiotic Twitter tyrant tweets is key to identifying and ending his corrupt regime, our demented delinquent speaks at a 4th grade level – which is the lowest of the last 15 U.S. Presidents, Trump approval ratings reveal he’s the least popular president – by far – to enter a second year in office, Trump’s fraudulent ‘voter integrity commission’ found zero evidence of voter fraud, Trump’s violations of the emoluments clause and conflicts of interest are making him millions, America is paying a heavy price for the damage being inflicted by our Delusional Orange Menace, our racist Shit for brains president with no mandate just can’t stop showing his true colors and a lot more.

The Wildest Moments From ‘Fire And Fury,’ The Trump Book Everyone Is Talking About article from The Huffington Post. –

Some of the more memorable excerpts from the book are highly embarrassing to America’s worst-ever president and it could easily play a major role in ending his failed presidency.

‘An Idiot Surrounded by Clowns’: Why Trump (Still) Sits in the White House article from Counterpunch. –

A look at how our dimwitted dip shit got to occupy the White House and why he’s still there.

6 Things Trump Actually Deserves Credit For article from Alternet. –

Our lackluster lame duck president likes taking credit for his bogus accomplishments – most of which have absolutely nothing to do with him – so he needs to be recognized for his failures too.

Is President Trump Mentally Ill? It Doesn’t Matter article from Talking Points Memo. –

Trump has repeatedly proven that he has serious mental deficits and it will prove disastrous for this country if something isn’t done:

“We are now back on to the feverish debate about whether or not Donald Trump is mentally ill or suffering from the onset of dementia. The most important thing to know about this debate is that it simply doesn’t matter. Diagnoses are something for trained professionals and even they are challenged to make them without a proper in-person examination. But again, it doesn’t matter.

For public purposes, clinical diagnoses are only relevant as predictors of behavior. If the President has a cognitive deficiency or mental illness that might cause him to act in unpredictable or dangerous ways or simply be unable to do the job, we need to know. But My God, we do know! We see him acting in these ways every day – and not just in multiple news reports from an abundance of different news organizations. We see it with our own eyes: in his public actions, his public statements, his tweets. All the diagnosis of a mental illness could tell us is that Trump might be prone to act in ways that we literally see him acting in every day: impulsive, erratic, driven by petty aggressions and paranoia, showing poor impulsive control, an inability to moderate self-destructive behavior. He is frequently either frighteningly out of touch with reality or sufficiently pathological in his lying that it is impossible to tell. Both are very bad.

It is now widely believed that President Reagan showed early signs of his later Alzheimers diagnosis during the latter part of his presidency. How much or whether it affected his ability to carry out his duties is less clear. But that is a very different case. The kinds of subtle lapses in memory or cognition that might hint at such an affliction would be very difficult for the public to be aware of, especially if his staff is making efforts to conceal them. We don’t have that problem here.

It is also important to understand the nature of mental health diagnoses. Neurological disorders and lapses of cognitive function are different and something I know less about. But a key element of most DSM-V diagnoses is the degree to which the behavior or affect impairs normal life functions. Can you hold down a job? Can you carry on healthy or functional relationships with other people? Can you sleep and take basic care of your health? This fact is important for a number of reasons. But it highlights an important fact: the nature of clinical diagnoses of mental illness are heavily informed by the need for and potential efficacy of treatment. The framework of these clinical definitions simply don’t line up well with the issues that are important to ask about public officials, which are more or less entirely about behavior…”

Donald Trump Goes Full Fredo article from The Atlantic. –

Our national embarrassment’s complete corruption and incompetence have been a matter of record for decades so it remains a mystery as to why he was ever allowed to run for President and why his enablers in Washington continue aiding and abetting his crimes – which makes them just as guilty as Trump is.

Our Narcissist In Chief article from The Huffington Post. –

The many reasons it’s time to take a look at the obvious psychological unfitness of our nefarious narcissist and do something about it.

Fake President Moves His Fake News Awards Show From Monday To January 17 article from PoliticusUSA. –

Our fake president’s war on fake news awards will serve as yet another distraction from his corrupt malfeasance and incorrigible ineptitude.

The Definitive Guide to Understanding the Sinister Tactics Behind Trump’s Tweets article from Alternet. –

Understanding how and why our idiotic Twitter tyrant tweets is key to understanding how corrupt he is and stopping it:

“Over the past two years, Trump’s Twitter habits have been honed and polished into an art form. And really, he is a master at it. Maybe after Mueller takes him down, he can write “The Art of the Tweet.” Until then, Americans will continue to reel from unfiltered posts like his most recent threats to North Korea and play the absurd game of trying to tell if our lives are immediately under threat or not.

But one scholar of linguistics and philosophy has masterfully deciphered the strategy behind Trump’s tweets, and it’s just the tool we need going into 2018.

Berkeley professor George Lakoff posted a master key to classifying Trump’s tweeting method this week, and it’s blown up on Twitter.

Looking back on Trump’s most outrageous tweets, they can almost all be classified into one of four buckets. Lakoff explains the taxonomy in fuller detail in a comment thread…”

Why Republican leaders will stand by Trump no matter what article from The Week. –

Trump’s corrupt GOP brown shirts and their leaders in Congress will continue aiding and abetting Trump’s crimes because he will sign anything they put in front of him without question and without reading what he’s signing.

Trump shows how not to answer questions about mental stability article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

It’s simple: deflect, distract and avoid the questions while hoping they’ll go away quietly without anyone noticing…

Donald Trump’s lawyers don’t want Robert Mueller to interview him article from Salon. –

Duh!… Though they should allow it just to see how many times he inserts his foot in his mouth and to provide more comedy relief for late night TV.

Robert Reich: Just How Stupid Is Trump? article from Alternet. –

Obviously pretty fucking stupid:

“For more than a year now, I’ve been hearing from people in the inner circles of official Washington – GOP lobbyists, Republican pundits, even a few Republican members of Congress – that Donald Trump is remarkably stupid.

I figured they couldn’t be right because really stupid people don’t become presidents of the United States. Even George W. Bush was smart enough to hire smart people to run his campaign and then his White House.

Several months back when Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Trump a “f—king moron,” I discounted it. I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to serve in a president’s Cabinet, and I’ve heard members of other presidents’ Cabinets describe their bosses in similar terms.

Now comes Fire and Fury, a book by journalist Michael Wolff, who interviewed more than 200 people who dealt with Trump as a candidate and president, including senior White House staff members…”

Trump Speaks At Fourth-Grade Level, Lowest Of Last 15 U.S. Presidents, New Analysis Finds article from Newsweek. –

Since before our delusional delinquent took office it has been obvious that he speaks at 4th grade levels to anyone paying attention…

Donald Trump is the emperor with no clothes – and the media’s playing along article from Quartz on Yahoo! News. –

Someone noticed how Trump surrounds himself with sycophants and demands they all praise him, regardless of how delusional his alternate reality really is.

Global Journalism Watchdog Honors Trump for ‘Overall Achievement in Undermining Global Press Freedom’ article from Common Dreams. –

Our fake president won a press oppressor award for his continuous war on fake news with his own fake news and achievements.

Trump repeatedly promised to fully cooperate with Mueller. Things are changing quickly. article from Think Progress. –

Given Trump’s history of repeatedly lying under oath, allowing him to testify – aside from the obvious profound ignorance and Trump’s mental deficiencies – would be a bad idea for Trump:

“For months, President Donald Trump, through his attorneys, has repeatedly promised to fully cooperate with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, which includes the Trump campaign’s possible collaboration with Russian agents and potential obstruction of justice.

But now that Mueller has expressed an interest in interviewing Trump himself, according to multiple reports, Trump’s legal team is having second thoughts.

In August, when it was reported the Mueller was issuing subpeonas in connection with Trump Jr’s meeting with Russian agents, White House lawyer Ty Cobb promised full cooperation in a statement to CNN:

Ty Cobb, special counsel to the President, said he wasn’t aware that Mueller had started using a new grand jury…”

Dianne Feinstein Releases Transcript Of Fusion GOP Co-Founder’s Testimony On Russia article from The Huffington Post. –

Feinstein said “the American people deserve the opportunity to see what he said and judge for themselves” and she’s right.

A Complete Breakdown Of Donald Trump’s 50th Unstable Week As POTUS article from Rantt. –

Keeping up with the latest week’s malfeasance of our dysfunctional president and his administration.

The New Gilded Age: First Time Arrogance, the Second Time Vengeance article from Counterpunch. –

On how Trump and the GOP are trying desperately to roll this country back a 100 years and more.

Challenging Trump’s Language of Fascism article from Truthout. –

Trump and his ilk have the Orwellian language down so it’s up to us to fight back. Learning how to recognize it goes a long way towards putting an end to it:

“George Orwell warns us in his dystopian novel 1984 that authoritarianism begins with language. Words now operate as “Newspeak,” in which language is twisted in order to deceive, seduce and undermine the ability of people to think critically and freely. As authoritarianism gains in strength, the formative cultures that give rise to dissent become more embattled along with the public spaces and institutions that make conscious critical thought possible.

Words that speak to the truth, reveal injustices and provide informed critical analysis begin to disappear, making it all the more difficult, if not dangerous, to hold dominant power accountable. Notions of virtue, honor, respect and compassion are policed, and those who advocate them are punished.

I think it is fair to argue that Orwell’s nightmare vision of the future is no longer fiction. Under the regime of Donald Trump, the Ministry of Truth has become the Ministry of “Fake News,” and the language of “Newspeak” has multiple platforms and has morphed into a giant disimagination machinery of propaganda, violence, bigotry, hatred and war.

With the advent of the Trump presidency, language is undergoing a shift in the United States: It now treats dissent, critical media and scientific evidence as a species of “fake news.” The administration also views the critical media as the “enemy of the American people.” In fact, Trump has repeated this view of the press so often that almost a third of Americans believe it and support government-imposed restrictions on the media, according to a Poynter survey. Language has become unmoored from critical reason, informed debate and the weight of scientific evidence, and is now being reconfigured within new relations of power tied to pageantry, political theater and a deep-seated anti-intellectualism, increasingly shaped by the widespread banality of celebrity culture, the celebration of ignorance over intelligence, a culture of rancid consumerism, and a corporate-controlled media that revels in commodification, spectacles of violence, the spirit of unchecked self-interest and a “survival of the fittest” ethos…”


Which really shouldn’t surprise anyone…

Trump Staged A Meeting To Prove His Leadership Instead He Looked Like A One Term President article from PoliticusUSA. –

Having an ‘open’ meeting on immigration with Congressional leaders was supposed to make the president look relevant but, as usual, Trump make himself look incredibly stupid.

Trump, the ‘Very Stable Genius,’ Is Falling Apart as Mueller Seeks Interview article from Alternet. –

Trump’s words and deeds raise questions as to whether it is corrupt or nuts… the answer is both:

“The tide of discussion of President Trump’s mental competence is rising along with the alarm of the president’s lawyers. As special prosecutor Robert Mueller seeks an interview with President Trump, the president’s legal representatives are grappling with the challenge of a talkative client who alternates between self-serving lies and self-destructive truths while sowing doubts among his own closest aides about his mental stability.

While Trump has proclaimed himself, via Twitter, to be a “very stable genius,” the members of his staff have their doubts, according to Michael Wolff, author of Fire and Fury,a book about the first year of the Trump presidency. Wolff wrote that “100 percent” of the people close to the president with whom he spoke concluded Trump was “incapable of functioning in his job.”

The publication of Wolff’s book coincides with a report earlier this week that revealed a dozen Capitol Hill lawmakers met with a psychiatrist to question the president’s mental health, as well as stories that Mueller wants to interview Trump in the next few weeks.

Ty Cobb, Trump’s personal lawyer, is exploring the possibility that Trump could answer questions in writing or submit an affidavit—anything it seems but speaking in person with the former FBI director and his team of experienced prosecutors. One federal prosecutor called Cobb’s plan “laughable.”…”

The President Is Not Fit for Office article from Slate. –

Why impeachment and the 25th amendment probably won’t work and why it’s important to vote if you want change.

President Trump has made more than 2,000 false or misleading claims over 355 days article from The Washington Post. –

And that number will climb exponentially – especially since he still has time before his first full year is completed…

Oops! White House admits it has zero evidence of voter fraud in 2016 election article from Think Progress. –

The sham commission put together by our demented delusionist to try and justify his lies about millions voting illegally – which he claimed is why Clinton won the popular vote by almost 3 million – found no evidence of voter fraud during its short tenure.

Trump Under Oath Is a Different Person article from The Atlantic. –

If our incorrigible Liar-in-Chief’s past is any indication – and you can bet it is – he is going to dig his own grave:

“Sometime soon, President Trump is likely to be deposed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team. Several outlets, beginning with NBC News on Monday, report that Trump’s lawyers are negotiating with Mueller about the president testifying under oath, though Mueller has made no formal request so far.

The specific importance of such a deposition is hard to judge. Trump’s lawyers, who also appear to have leaked word of the discussions to the press, present it as a sign that Mueller is nearing the end of his investigation, though they have previously, and incorrectly, predicted the probe would be over by Thanksgiving or Christmas. The New York Times reports that Mueller seems interested in topics that would imply more of a focus on the possibility of obstruction of justice than on collusion with Russia during the campaign, but that is somewhat speculative.

Assuming the deposition occurs, Trump will make political history as only the fifth sitting president to be deposed, following in the footsteps of Ulysses Grant, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and, most consequentially Bill Clinton—whose lie about not having a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky in a 1998 deposition led to his impeachment. For Trump, however, depositions are familiar territory. In 2012, he said during a deposition that he had done more than 100 over the course of his career.

Transcripts, and in one case video, of three depositions taken over the last decade provide a fascinating look into how the prolifically dissembling president behaves when he is under oath. The Donald Trump who emerges from these depositions is the same but different from the one familiar to Americans today. He is just as apt to bluster and braggadocio, and sometimes peevish. But within the confines of conference rooms and offices, he is calmer, more restrained, and more deliberate than his public persona, and with the tether of his oath holding him back, often acknowledges when he is wrong or has misrepresented things in the past…”

If This Is Making America Great, We’re In Trouble article from Common Dreams. –

Making fraudulent billionaires and corporations wealthier while inflicting more pain and suffering on millions of Americans – including a large chunk of the minority that ‘elected’ him – isn’t making America great. It’s should be criminal.

Trump Wants Sen. Dianne Feinstein Charged With A Crime Even Thought She Did Nothing Illegal article from PoliticusUSA. –

Releasing the Fusion GPS transcript really pissed off our criminal president who claims Feinstein’s actions were illegal even though they weren’t.

Trump Epitomizes the Personal Failures He Tries to Pin on Black Folks article from Alternet. –

When our racist president’s failures come back to bite his big orange incredibly ignorant ass…

Trump Administration Waives Punishment For Convicted Banks, Including Deutsche – Which Trump Owes Millions article from The International Business Times. –

Having a corrupt, fraudulent minority-elect president is working out well for large corrupt banks and corporations:

“The Trump administration has waived part of the punishment for five megabanks whose affiliates were convicted and fined for manipulating global interest rates. One of the Trump administration waivers was granted to Deutsche Bank — which is owed at least $130 million by President Donald Trump and his business empire, and has also been fined for its role in a Russian money laundering scheme.

The waivers were issued in a little-noticed announcement published in the Federal Register during the Christmas holiday week. They come less than two years after then-candidate Trump promised “I’m not going to let Wall Street get away with murder.”

Under laws designed to protect retirement savings, financial firms whose affiliates have been convicted of violating securities statutes are effectively barred from the lucrative business of managing those savings. However, that punishment can be avoided if the firms manage to secure a special exemption from the U.S. Department of Labor, allowing them to keep their status as “qualified professional asset managers.”

In late 2016, the Obama administration extended temporary one-year waivers to five banks — Citigroup, JPMorgan, Barclays, UBS and Deutsche Bank. Late last month, the Trump administration issued new, longer waivers for those same banks, granting Citigroup, JPMorgan, and Barclays five-year exemptions. UBS and Deutsche Bank received three-year exemptions…”

The Working White House article from Slate. –

Information on how Trump’s duplicitous distractions cover the egregious policies he and his administration are implementing to destroy the population while building up the dark money that helped his campaign.

Coal baron’s ‘action plan’ became Trump policy initiatives article from The AP on Yahoo! News. –

Why many of Trump’s egregious ‘policies’ are becoming his standard operating procedures – to enrich him and his fraudulent friends.

If we lived in a functioning democracy, this would be a major scandal article from Think Progress. –

Trump’s multiple violations of the emoluments clause and conflicts of interest are making him millions and no one know where the money comes from.

After Becoming President, Trump has Sold Millions in Real Estate in Secret Deals article from Newsweek. –

Trump’s corruption is becoming clearer with each passing day:

“Even after taking office, President Donald Trump has sold more than $35 million worth of real estate last year to secretive buyers.

Trump sold 41 luxury condo units in Las Vegas last year to people who used limited liability companies (LLCs), which allow them to hide their identities, a USA Today report found. The president can withdraw profits from these sales at any time using a trust that names him as the sole beneficiary but is managed by sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump.

Before Trump signed the GOP tax bill into law in December 2017, a last-minute tax break was added for real estate investors who use LLCs, partnerships and S corporations to make deals.

The number of buyers using LLCs to purchase property from Trump climbed even before the tax break was announced last year. A mere 4 percent of buyers used the secretive shell companies in the two years before Trump became the Republican nominee. A year later, the number dramatically increased to nearly 70 percent, according to USA Today…”

The Orange Menace – and the Even More Dangerous Party That Stands With Him article from The Nation. –

This country is paying a horrible price for the damage being done by our delusional Orange Menace and the GOP – which is just as guilty as he is – continues enabling him.

Trump team paid porn star $130K to keep quiet about extramarital affair article from The New York Post. –

One month before our malignant minority-elect president began his campaign a porn star was paid a hefty sum to keep quiet about an affair.

The World Unites to Denounce Donald Trump’s Racist ‘S**thole’ Comments article from Truthout. –

Our racist Loser-in-Chief can’t seem to stop shooting himself in the foot to deflect attention away from the damage he’s doing to this country.

White House simply can’t overcome Trump’s racist presidency article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

The only ones foolish enough to celebrate Trump’s racist rhetoric are the minority of minions that ‘elected’ him:

“In the fall, after Donald Trump and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly clashed publicly with Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.), Trump World faced repeated questions about the president and his provocative views on race. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders grew exasperated by the entire discussion.

“The media continues to want to make this and push that this is some sort of a racially charged … White House,” the president’s chief spokesperson told reporters.

Of course, if Sanders doesn’t want Americans to see Trump’s presidency as racist, she should probably focus her concerns less on the media and more on her boss.

President Donald Trump referred to Haiti and African nations as “shithole countries” during a meeting with a bipartisan group of senators at the White House, a Democratic aide briefed on Thursday’s meeting told NBC News….”

Trump Meets Every Major Criteria for an Authoritarian Leader article from Alternet. –

Look at the actions and words of our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator and the pattern becomes crystal clear.

Thoughts on Shithole and Racist Xenophobia At the Heart of Trumpism article from Slate. –

On the damage done to the word ‘shithole’ by associating it with our Shithead and his incorrigibly inept failed xenophobic presidency.

‘Time’ magazine cover depicts President Trump with his hair on fire article from USA Today. –

The time is long overdue for the media to start telling it the way it is in regards to America’s worst-ever president.

The Problem Isn’t Just That Trump’s a Racist. It’s That He Keeps Acting On His Racism article from Common Dreams. –

Allowing our Shit for brains president to make policies based on prejudice is making America look foolish:

“I am the daughter of two immigrants who moved our family to the United States for a better life and richer opportunities.

I am an immigrant.

I am a former White House aide.

I am Haitian-American.

And on Thursday, President Trump called my homeland a “shithole.”…”

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