Misadventures of a minority-elect President 191

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

We begin today’s misadventures of our malevolent minority-elect president with an explanation of why his corrupt tenure will do serious damage to America – though it will eventually be undone once he’s out of office, how our lackluster lame duck loser president is emboldening racists and bigots, our national embarrassment is the least popular first-year president ever despite his lies to the contrary, hardcore evidence that our demented delinquent is guilty as hell of colluding with Russia before the 2016 election, a breakdown of our demented delusionist’s 47th failed week of his presidency, Trump’s approval rating keeps tanking and the White House blames it on bad press – without mentioning that he’s the reason he keeps getting bad press, despite the never-ending lies from the White House, majority of Americans believe our Sexual Predator-in-Chief needs to be investigated, watching his GOP brown shirts piling praise on our aspiring dickless-tater raises questions about his authoritarian tendencies – once you get past the gag reflex, by ignoring all the crimes, lies and fallacies of our malignant minority-elect president, Americans are only helping him and his corrupt cabal make things worse and much more.

Why the Trump Era Won’t Pass Without Serious Damage to America article from Common Dreams. –

It will take time to undo the damage done by America’s most corrupt-ever president, but it can be done.

The Uncanny, Frightening Ways That Trump’s America Mirrors Hitler’s Germany article from Alternet. –

On the many ways our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator is desperately trying to turn Democracy into an Authoritarian state.

White House Melts Down After The New York Times Exposes Trump For Emboldening Racists article from PoliticusUSA. –

How our lackluster lame duck loser of a president has emboldened racists and bigots despite vehemently denying it.

‘A reckless con man s president’: LA Times burns Trump to the ground in brutal editorial article from The Raw Story. –

How a corrupt Electoral College enabled the election of a fraudulent con man and the price we’re paying for it:

“Writing in the LA Times, author and human rights activist Ariel Dorfman took the American electorate to task for electing “a reckless con man as president,” adding the country is now facing a reckoning.

Dorfman admitted that he is tired of hearing about investigations into Russian collusion in the 2016 election of President Donald Trump when the focus should be on how in the hell did American voters let his election happen.

“What is it, in our American soul that allowed the Russians to be successful?” he asked.

“Those were not Russians voting in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, handing the election to the Republican candidate by a bit more than 80,000 votes. They were American men and women,” Dorfman wrote. “As were the 62,984,825 others who decided that such a troublesome, inflammatory figure expressed their desires and dreams. Trump could be impeached or resign, or his policies could simply implode under the weight of their malice, divisiveness and mendacity, and the country would still be defined and pressed by the same conditions and dread that enabled his rise.”…”

The Trump Administration’s Streak of False Claims Is Still Going Strong article from Truthout. –

The lies coming out of America’s worst-ever president and his corrupt administration continue unabated…

American Taliban article from Salon. –

On the endless destruction being perpetrated by Trump and his GOP brown shirts that control Congress against the American people.

From Populism to Donorism: The GOP’s Authoritarian Rule Disregards American Majority article from PoliticusUSA. –

More on the endless destruction being perpetrated by Trump and his GOP brown shirts that control Congress against the American people.

Trump’s 2017: Least Popular First-Year President Ever Despite His Boasts article from Newsweek. –

Regardless of his lies, Trump is making history for all the wrong reasons, including being the least popular first-year president ever:

“According to President Donald Trump, his administration has been one of the most successful in American history. But the public strongly disagrees.

The Republican Trump is now the least popular first-year president in the country’s history and a vast majority believes he has failed to keep the promises that won him the White House, according to two new Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research polls.

The results showed a poor approval rating for Trump. The president received a 32 percent rating, marking Trump as the least-popular commander-in-chief since approval ratings were recorded. Conversely, Trump received a 67 percent disapproval rating.

Those figures also included a “quarter” of Republicans disapproving of Trump’s first year in office, perhaps suggesting the billionaire’s hold on his base is slipping…”

E.J. Dionne: The Republican tax bill is not just bad, it’s corrupt article from The Salt Lake Tribune. –

The way Trump and the GOP is pushing their fraudulent tax reform scam through Congress along with how bad it really is makes it totally corrupt and illegal…

With lists of ‘forbidden’ words, Trump World goes Full Orwell article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Trying to restrict the truth with a list of ‘forbidden’ words is just another attempt at Trump’s desire to be a dictator and make the public unaware.

Robert Reich: American Oligarch’s Day of Reckoning Is Nigh article from Alternet. –

Trump, the GOP and the fraudulent billionaires they represent are going to pay a heavy price for screwing the American public with their tax reform scam.

Everyone has figured out how susceptible Trump is to flattery – except Trump article from The Week. –

Trump can’t stand bad publicity or being perceived negatively – despite the fact that the majority never has liked or respected him – so it’s a big deal that his comrade Putin said something nice to him:

“President Trump is struggling at home, which may help explain why he was so excited to hear that a certain special someone was saying nice things about him last week. In a televised address, Russian President Vladimir Putin praised Trump’s handling of the American economy and said of the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, “This is all dreamed up by people who are in the opposition to Trump so as to make sure that everyone thinks that what he’s doing and working at is illegitimate.”

After some time spent drawing hearts all over his latest copy of Kremlin Beat magazine, Trump decided to pick up the phone and call. Asked later about their conversation, Trump said, “It was great. He said very nice things about what I’ve done for this country in terms of the economy.”

Any other person might have asked, “I wonder if Putin has any ulterior motives for complimenting me?” But not Trump, and this was hardly the first time he had basked in the glow of a compliment from Putin. Through much of the 2016 campaign, when Trump was asked why he was so reluctant to criticize Putin’s authoritarian rule, he would respond that he couldn’t possibly, because Putin had complimented him. “They want me to disavow Putin,” he said at one rally, but he couldn’t because “he said Trump is a genius.” Or another time: “He called me brilliant. He said very nice things about me.” Or another time: “Putin says Trump is brilliant, I love that when he says I’m brilliant.”

As it happens, Putin’s words were mistranslated; the term he used was closer to “colorful” than “brilliant.” But the Russian leader learned a lesson: Give Trump a compliment, and he’ll do pretty much whatever you want…”

Amazing CIA bombshell that proves Trump is either compromised or delusional article from The Daily Kos. –

More evidence that our demented delinquent is guilty as hell of colluding with Russia.

Here Is The Plan If Trump Fires Mueller: Unleash Hell On Trump article from Crooks and Liars. –

If our Ignoramus-in-Chief tries to stall his Russia scandal by firing Mueller, he is going to have a revolt on his hands.

Americans Are Allowing Trump To Turn U.S. Into Russia, Garry Kasparov Warns article from Yahoo! News. –

Allowing our Loser-in-Chiefs tirades against the press, the law and all the bullying distractions on Twitter isn’t boding well for Americans.

UNPRESIDENTED – A Complete Breakdown Of Donald Trump’s 47th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt. –

A complete breakdown of our demented delusionist’s 47th week as our malevolent minority-elect president:

“Trumpism limped out of this week badly bruised while the resistance left with one hand held high in victory and the other tweeting #NetNeutrality, #ProtectMueller, and #StopGOPTaxScam.

Decency (and black women voters) won the battle in Alabama, but the resistance against the GOP’s agenda is far from over.

Internet freedom took a blow with the repeal of net neutrality, and the GOP’s tax cuts looked primed to pass.

New developments pushed Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation forward while the GOP’s propaganda machine continued to try and pull it backward…”

The Even More Dangerous Case of Donald Trump article from CounterPunch. –

On the dangers of having a minority-elect psychopath in the White House and the price the majority could pay for it.

Republicans are acting like Trump’s guilty article from The Week. –

Probably because there is extremely little doubt that he is guilty…

Trump’s approval ratiing just entered a league of its own article from CNN. –

Trump is officially the worst, most corrupt-ever president in the history of the U.S…

Champion of the ‘Little Guy’? Trump’s Actions Tell Another Story article from The New York Times. –

The minority that ‘elected’ him – as well as the majority of us that didn’t – shouldn’t be surprised that he is screwing the country over:

“WASHINGTON — President Trump rarely misses a chance to offer himself up as the champion of “forgotten” Americans, men and women who feel ignored or derided by elites and believe, as he frequently says, that the “system is rigged” against them.

“You will never be ignored again,” he said this month at a campaign-style rally in Pensacola, Fla., a phrase that became the banner headline the next morning in the local newspaper.

But this week, the president hopes to sign with great fanfare a tax bill that would deliver its largest benefits, not only in dollar terms but also as a percentage increase in income, to corporations and the wealthiest Americans. His own family stands to gain from tax breaks maintained or extended for corporate real estate ventures, and his heirs have reason to celebrate the doubling of the exemption from estate taxes: Under the bill, the Trump children and grandchildren could inherit $22 million tax free, though they would have benefited more from a cut in the estate tax rate or an abolition of the tax altogether.

Last week, the Federal Communications Commission, led by Mr. Trump’s pick as chairman, Ajit Pai, reversed the Obama-era policy known as net neutrality, over the objections of consumer groups and owners of small internet businesses, who fear that without the protection, giant internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon will charge internet companies for offering “fast-lane” speeds, slow down the content of companies that do not pay or even block them. Consumers could be charged variable rates for internet access, depending on which websites they visit…”

Welcome to The Trump Family Swamp article from Common Dreams. –

It should come as no surprise that our contraceptive-inducing president and the garbage he calls family are illegally enriching themselves at our expense…

The Trump Exoneration Lie article from Slate. –

Despite the lies – which never end – from the White House, the majority of Americans believe our Sexual Predator-in-Chief needs to be investigated.


Trump is about to lose it when he finds out he won’t be exonerated from his Russia scandal – and it will prove highly entertaining to see how he reacts.

Donald Trump Falsely Claims Tax Bill Means ‘We Have Essentially Repealed Obamacare’ article from The Huffington Post. –

Trump lied again: Passage of the GOP/Trump fraudulent tax reform scam repealed the Obamacare mandate requiring penalties, not Obamacare:

“WASHINGTON ? President Donald Trump on Wednesday heralded Republicans’ tax bill for its provision repealing the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate by incorrectly asserting that the health care law as a whole had been repealed.

“When the individual mandate is being repealed, that means Obamacare is being repealed,” Trump said at a Cabinet meeting that seemed to double as his airing of grievances before the holidays. “We have essentially repealed Obamacare, and we will come up with something much better.”

This is demonstrably false. The law still remains, after Republicans’ failed efforts to repeal it earlier this year. Republicans have devised ways to fundamentally weaken Obamacare’s provisions because they have not yet figured out how to repeal it outright, as HuffPost’s Jonathan Cohn reported.

GOP lawmakers added the elimination of the individual mandate to the tax bill, partly as a concession to some Republicans who had held out supporting the bill and partly as a way to offset the economic costs of it…”

Donald Trump Is Mad His ‘Meaningful’ Tax Bill Is Not Getting Enough Praise article from Newsweek on Yahoo! News. –

Our nefarious narcissist can’t believe the majority is upset that they’re being screwed over by his fraudulent tax reform scam…

Face facts, America. Donald Trump is a success. Let’s count the ways. article from USA Today. –

How our illegitimate president and the miscreants in his administration twist lies and fraud into truth to try and make the idiot in the White House look good.

Why Trump’s cabinet meetings have a cult-like quality article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Because our demented delinquent has temper tantrums when you don’t lavish praise on him for his non-existent accomplishments.

The Most Frightening Aspect of Trump’s Tax Triump article from The New Yorker. –

Having his GOP brown shirts piling praise on America’s aspiring dickless-tater raises a few red flags – though it is comical once you get past the gag reflex:

“Donald Trump has scored a legislative victory with staggering costs. The price of the tax bill has to be measured not only in the loss American society will face in the increase in inequality, in the impact on public health, and the growth of the deficit, but also in the damage to political culture inflicted by the spectacle of one powerful man after another telling lies of various sorts.

All along there has been Trump claiming that the bill was a “gift” to the middle class. That this assertion appears to have no basis in fact has not affected the President’s statements. The President’s Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, maintained that his department had run the numbers and had shown that the tax bill would pay for itself. It appears that he lied, not so much about the result of the Treasury’s study but about the existence of the study itself: the Times reported last month that the analysis had not been done.

This was a Trumpian lie, which is distinct from other kinds of political lying. It might be called a power lie: its purpose is not to convince the audience of something that isn’t true but to demonstrate the power of the speaker. Trump tweets blatant lies, repeatedly, to show that he can—and that by virtue of his bully pulpit, his words, however absurd, always have consequences. Mnuchin showed that he can do the same thing, and that he has more power than the opposition.

The bill’s passage occasioned an orgy of false public ritual. It began when the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson, led the Cabinet in prayer, which included offering thanks “for a President and for Cabinet members who are courageous” and “for the unity in Congress that has presented an opportunity for our economy to expand.” (Not a single Democrat, in either chamber of Congress, voted in favor of the bill.) Following the prayer, Trump called on his Vice-President the way a teacher might cold-call on a pupil. For a full two minutes, Pence dutifully offered thanks for the President’s “middle-class miracle”; he said that he was “deeply humbled, as your Vice-President, to be able to be here.” Trump looked stern as he listened, nodding slightly, his arms crossed below his chest…”

The Most Dangerous Man on Earth article from Common Dreams. –

Dealing with the dangers and delusions of having an illegitimate, minority-elect president who has repeatedly shown that he is out of his mind and unfit for office in the coming New Year.

Donald Trump’s Holiday Gift to America: A Fundamental Crisis article from Mother Jones. –

By ignorning all the crimes, lies and fallacies of our malignant minority-elect president, Americans are only helping him and his corrupt cabal make things worse.

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