Misadventures of a minority-elect President 183

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Today’s misadventures of our pathetic, illegitimate, popular vote losing president begin with his outrageous, never-ending boasts which reveal just how desperate he has become to try and prove he is legitimate despite the obvious, Trump and his ilk have lied repeatedly (84 times so far) about his fraudulent tax reform scam, there is more than ample evidence that proves our Imbecilic leader did indeed obstruct Justice, still waiting for the evidence to back up all of Trump’s bogus claims and lies, how we are reminded on a daily basis that Trump has serious cognitive deficits and is unable to control his delusional mind, preparing for a major meltdown as our fake president’s fake news comes roaring back to bite his big Orange ass despite trying to blame Hillary Clinton, Mueller indictments make you wonder why our lackluster lame duck leader hired the people he did while campaigning, our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator almost has enough rope to hang himself as his Russia scandal engulfs him, it turns out our illegitimate president is a bigger war criminal than his predecessor and much more.

Trump’s Boasts Are Growing Progressively More Outrageous, Desperate and Pathetic article from Alternet. –

There is growing desperation from our national embarrassment to try and prove that he is legitimate, despite the fact that he has proven repeatedly that he is not.

The big lie about their tax plan that Trump and his top advisors have already told 84 times article from Think Progress. –

Trump’s lying repeatedly about his fraudulent tax reform scam does not make what he says true.

The White House’s Official Position Is That Anyone Who Accused Trump of Harassment Is Lying article from Splinter. –

Because, you know, everyone who calls out America’s worst-ever president as the fraudulent, lying, pussy-grabbing predatory piece of shit that he is for his crimes and other malfeasance is always lying.

Lawmakers Want to Forbid Trump From Launching Unauthorized Preemptive Strike Against North Korea article from Common Dreams. –

Allowing a psychopath with diminished mental capacities to be in charge of America’s nuclear weapons is a really bad idea:

“With diplomacy between Washington and Pyongynag on its “last legs” and President Donald Trump continuing to ratchet up tensions, scores of U.S. lawmakers just introduced legislation to prevent him from launching a pre-emptive strike against North Korea.

Denouncing Trump’s “reckless” conduct, Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee, explained why many feel the president needs to held in check. “During the campaign,” he said, “people feared a President Trump with the power to initiate a nuclear conflict—less than a year later, those fears are far too close to being realized.”

Conyers was joined by fellow Democrat Sen. Edward Markey of Massachusetts in sponsoring the bicameral legislation (pdf), called the “No Unconstitutional Strike Against North Korea Act of 2017,” which was introduced Thursday. Among the 61 co-sponsors are two Republicans—Reps. Thomas Massie of Kentucky and Walter Jones of North Carolina.

The legislation states: “The American people, America’s allies in Asia, and the entire world have been deeply troubled by escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula.” It calls for no Pentagon or other federal agency funds to be used to launch a first strike against North Korea unless Congress has given approval…”

Trump Has A Breakdown After First Charges Approved In Mueller Russia Investigation article from PoliticusUSA. –

As his Russia scandal continues imploding his illegitimate administration, our dimwitted dip shit desperately tries to shift our focus to Hillary Clinton.

The Many Pieces of Evidence Suggesting Trump Obstructed Justice article from Alternet. –

There is more than enough evidence to prove that our Imbecile-in-Chief did indeed obstruct Justice – repeatedly.

Trump’s bizarre obsession with his obviously questionable intelligence article from The Raw Story. –

If there were any truth to his delusional lies, our lackluster lame duck president wouldn’t be obsessed with trying to convince the public that he’s intelligent – when he repeatedly shows that he is not…

Trump is guilty of conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman article from Salon. –

Obviously, since Trump is neither:

“It was the spring of 1970, and I was in a shitload of trouble in the Army when the powers that be at Fort Carson, Colorado, decided to charge me with Article 133 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, “Conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.” They were looking for a way to run me out of the Army because I had had the temerity to suggest after I had lost two soldiers in my platoon to heroin that we had a real problem with hard drugs in the Army. Soldiers were coming back from Vietnam with heroin habits, and the Mob was moving into the towns near Army posts and supplying this new market with the drug the addicted soldiers craved. One soldier in my platoon had been shot in the stomach with a sawed-off shotgun because he was dealing, and the Mob didn’t want rogue operators like him poaching on their market.

After two guys in my platoon died, another of my men came to me and admitted that he was addicted and wanted to get detoxed and rehabilitated. I put him in my car and drove him to the post hospital and together, we went to check him into their rehab unit. When the nurse asked him how much he was drinking, he explained that alcohol wasn’t his problem. He was addicted to heroin. The nurse picked up the phone and called the MPs. Within an hour, he was under arrest and in the stockade going through withdrawal cold turkey.

The offense I committed was to suggest to the commanding general at Fort Carson, (then) Major General Bernard Rogers, that he should order an amnesty program so that soldiers seeking treatment for heroin addiction could get rehabbed, not arrested. In a meeting in his office, Rogers told me if he instituted such a program, he would lose his career. I told him I wasn’t really interested in his career, because I had two guys in my platoon who hadn’t lost their careers, they’d lost their lives.

This was not the way a second lieutenant was supposed to talk to a major general, and after spending every one of my 22 years on the earth in the Army and having a general for a grandfather, I knew it. I had had more men die in six months than a typical platoon lost in the same amount of time in Vietnam. I knew that I had just signed the death warrant for my Army career, but I didn’t give a shit. I was finished being a good little West Point graduate and lieutenant. The Army I had grown up in wasn’t the Army I was serving in. It was coming apart at the seams. Fifteen percent of the 5th Mechanized Infantry Division was addicted, and Rogers knew it. The Pentagon knew the problem was a huge one, not only in Vietnam, but all over the Army. They weren’t going to do anything about it because it would be bad for the Army’s image…”

Trump Often Says He Has Proof For His Claims. But He Never Comes Through. article from The Huffington Post. –

In typical Trumpian fashion our Liar-in-Chief’s bluster about having proof – as with everything he says – is nothing but deceitful rhetoric that only his minions believe.

Trump’s dubious claim that a border wall will help with opioids article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Numb nuts in the White House dubiously claims that his wall – which U.S. taxpayers, not Mexico will pay for – will help curb the opioid epidemic.

You Don’t Need to Be a Shrink To Understand Trump’s Mind article from Alternet. –

On a daily basis we are reminded – by his thoughts and deeds – that Trump has severe cognitive deficits and is not in control of his delusional mind.

A year on from Trump’s pussy grab, nothing has changed article from The Guardian. –

A year after the egregious claims of our pussy-grabbing predatory president’s escapades blared over the PA system, the only thing that’s changed is what’s playing on the radio:

“Our intentions are good but our memories are short. It was exactly a year ago that the recording of Trump boasting about that “pussy grab” led to an online flood of women sharing their own experiences of sexual assault. There were the formative flashings, the inappropriate doctors, there were women who relived the abuse they’d suffered as children, tweeting into space and risking plenty in order to affect change.

It was exciting! Do you remember 2016? When hope existed? Before the sky turned orange, and the winds came? That whole campaign felt important, a step forward. It felt as if by shining this honest light on women’s daily harassments and horrific assaults men would understand the gritty texture of our lives and never cross a boundary again. It felt big, like there was no going back.

Men responded to that outpouring with shock. They’d known it happened of course, they just hadn’t known. After publishing a column about that thread of assaults I received a load of emails from readers with their own stories – something had been uncorked, and women who’d never talked before about the crap they’d faced at 15 were encouraged now to shout about it. Partly out of solidarity. There was a huge feeling of warmth, of arms being linked, a reminder that you should not feel shame about having been victimised by a shitty man. But mainly these women were choosing to dredge up some of the worst moments of their lives in order to kick at the struts holding up powerful men, and to prevent a similar thing happening to somebody else.

And then time happened. It is one year later, and all that’s different is what’s playing on the radio. Post-Weinstein, women have been sharpening their experiences, again of harassment and assault, again into little hashtagged spears. A Twitter campaign is not the perfect solution to inequality, sure. Lumping Weinstein in with every other sexist dick in the world seems often to be very kind on Weinstein. But again shock has been expressed. People had known it happened of course, they just hadn’t known, their memories now the length of half a piece of string. Which has left me standing here like, “Wait…?” Squinting as though watching a Black Mirror Christmas special on a very small screen, a story where every year as winter rolls in women’s memories are harvested, our minds sluiced out with milk ready for spring. Because we literally Just. Did. This. We told these stories, we talked about what it meant, we prepared ourselves for a change that never came…”

White House Crumbling As 71 Percent Of Americans Call Trump A ‘Dangerous Low Point’ For U.S. article from PoliticusUSA. –

It’s only taken a little over 9 months for Americans to realize just how dysfunctional and illegitimate our minority-elect president and his administration are.

Russia inquiry: Donald Trump sends barrage of angry tweets as charges reported article from The Guardian. –

Prepare for a major meltdown as our fake president’s fake news comes roaring back to bite his big Orange ass…

Opinion: Trump Spin Tactics Are A Clear Sign Of His Guilt article from PoliticusUSA. –

As I’ve noted repeatedly since Trump was ‘elected,’ his words and actions are those of a guilty man and his time for accountability is rapidly approaching.

It Is Just Mind-Boggling That Trump Controls Our Military article from Alternet. –

Actually it’s even more mind-boggling that the perfect argument for birth control ever became president:

“Preventing a nuclear war between the United States and North Korea may be the most pressing challenge facing the world right now.

Our childish, ignorant, and incompetent president is shoving all of us — especially the people of Asia — ever nearer to catastrophe. While North Korea probably hasn’t yet developed the missiles to deliver a nuclear warhead to the U.S. mainland, it certainly has the capacity to reach closer targets, including South Korea and Japan.

But what can ordinary people do about it? Our fingers are far removed from the levers of power, while the tiny digits of the man occupying the “adult day care center” we call the White House hover dangerously close to what people my age used to call “the Button.” Nevertheless, I think there may still be time to put our collective foot on the brakes, beginning with the promise of a bill currently languishing in Congress.

Meanwhile, many of us who were born in the post-World War II years are re-experiencing nightmares we thought we’d left safely in the past…”

Here’s why Trump’s ‘everyone in DC is a criminal’ response to Russia allegations should worry Republicans article from The Raw Story. –

Because Trump is going to cost the GOP big time in ways they aren’t even aware of yet.

Swamp Things: More Than 50% of President Trump’s Nominees Have Ties to the Industries They’re Supposed to Regulate article from The Daily Beast. –

Offering yet more evidence that in addition to being a psychopathic liar, Trump is as corrupt as they come.


More on the fraud that is Trump’s tax reform scam and the price Americans will pay if it passes.

This is how Republicans will try to distract you from Trump’s campaign manager being indicted article from Think Progress. –

False distractions are coming from Fox News, The Wall Street Journal and other right-wing organizations as well as Trump’s Twitter feed:

“The intensification of Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s potential collusion with Russia — as the first indictments were handed down for President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and former business associate Rick Gates — has triggered an impassioned counter-narrative from the right. The reaction is seemingly coordinated, with similar arguments against Mueller appearing in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, Fox News, and Trump’s Twitter feed.

It’s all nonsense.

The purpose of the narrative is not accuracy but distraction. It’s a series of complex, interlocking claims with little connection to reality. But it’s the best the right can come up with to discredit Mueller and the outcome of his investigation.

If you spend any time on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll see these claims being made over and over again in the days ahead. This guide will help you make sense of the noise…”

UNPRESIDENTED – A Complete Breakdown Of Donald Trump’s 40th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt. –

Never a dull moment with the gift that keeps on giving and his duplicitous administration…

How not to resond to Paul Manafort’s criminal indictment article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Trump and his ilk are trying to blame the FBI for their malfeasance, but the question of why you would hire someone like that in the first place is making them all look foolish.

Trump’s worst mistake may be the lousy people he hires article from Yahoo! News. –

And he has hired A LOT of lousy people, which could easily result in the end of his failed presidency.

This could be the most important revelation in all of today’s Trump-Russia news article from Vox. –

Little has been mentioned about the Trump adviser – George Papadopoulos – who spilled the beans and who he may have spilled them to:

“Amid a flurry of new developments in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, there’s one revelation that’s particularly dramatic.

That is: A low-level Trump adviser was told as early as April 2016 that the Russians had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton, in the form of “thousands of emails.”

It’s a potentially crucial new piece of information that raises even more questions about just what, exactly, the Trump campaign knew about the Russian effort to hack and release leading Democrats’ emails — and whether they had collaborated with or advised that effort in any way.

The Trump adviser in question is George Papadopoulos — a foreign policy adviser to the campaign who, it was revealed in a document unsealed Monday, had been arrested back in July for making false statements to the FBI, and now appears to have made a deal to cooperate with Mueller’s probe into Russian interference…”

Trump’s meltdown in anticipation of indictments is telling article from The Washington Post on An Hour A Day. –
Trump’s meltdown in anticipation of indictments is telling

Trump has been acting like a guilty man all along and his meltdowns are about to go into overdrive.

The Mueller Three Versus the Watergate Seven article from Slate. –

The many reasons why our Ignoramus-in-Chief is in much deeper trouble today than Nixon was back in his day.


Our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator is getting trapped by his Russia scandal so expect him to lash out – albeit stupidly – and try to put an end to it while he digs himself a bigger hole…

Top Six Trump Admin. Crimes Thath Ought to Bring Indictments article from Common Dreams. –

The many crimes of our illegitimate president and the miscreants he calls his administration – which have nothing to do with the obvious obstruction of justice or collusion:

“1. Jeff Sessions lied under oath, saying he never met with any Russian official during the Trump presidential campaign. He met the Russian ambassador twice. The GOP impeached Bill Clinton for perjury in what was a minor personal matter, but stand by Sessions despite his perjury regarding a matter of national security. Mueller should indict.

2. Scott Pruitt met with the CEO of Dow Chemical last spring. Twenty days later, he decided not to ban Dow’s chlorpyrifos pesticide from being sprayed on food. The problem with chlorpyrifos is that it can have a negative impact on brain development in fetuses and small children. We should look into whether young Trump was exposed to it or something similar in the late 1940s. Evangelicals, the main support base for Trump, are always going on endlessly about abortion being a genocide and are continually interfering with women’s constitutional right to have one. So you would think they’d be up in arms about a pesticide that could harm an embryo, right? Not so as anyone could tell. Pruitt’s own Environmental Protection Agency scientists have confirmed the dangers of chlorpyrifos but he ignored them. This is child endangerment and child abuse on a massive scale. I’d say, even a high crime and beyond a misdemeanor. Jail time would be appropriate.

3. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke swung a $300 mn. contract to rebuild Puerto Rico’s electrical grid to a tiny company on the verge of bankruptcy with two employees, Whitefish, which happens to be based in Zinke’s home town. That is corruption pure and simple. Puerto Rico has annulled the contract, quite rightly. Imagine if Trump had tried to treat Houston that way! Somebody should indict.

4. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin also allegedly perjured himself when he denied that the company he headed, OneWest, engaged in robo-signing (backdating mortgage documents and forging them) even though there are substantial indications that the company did so. Mnuchin is the reincarnation of Ebenezer Scrooge. He actually made people homeless for being 27 cents behind on their mortgage. Now he is seeking one of the largest transfers of wealth to the US rich since the days of Andrew Carnegie…”

GOP Lawmakers Quickly Throw Support Behind Robert Mueller As Russia Scandal Sinks Trump article from PoliticusUSA. –

Some of Trump’s GOP brown shirts are changing course and abandoning their illegitimate leader which won’t bode well from Trump.

Manafort and the dominoes: Here’s why Donald Trump is losing sleep article from Salon. –

Trump’s past fraudulent business dealings include money laundering and a host of other crimes and that scares Trump as it should.

Trump’s Outsider Campaign Is Backfiring article from Bloomberg News. –

More on the moronic miscreants our dubious president has hired.

Trump Is Killing Record Numbers of Civilians article from Truthout. –

Turns out our popular vote losing president is also a bigger war criminal than his predecessor:

“During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump advocated killing innocent families of suspected terrorists. “When you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families,” he declared. Besides the immorality of killing innocents, the targeting of civilians violates the Geneva Conventions.

The George W. Bush administration unlawfully detained and tortured suspected terrorists. Determined not to send more suspects to Guantánamo, Barack Obama’s administration illegally assassinated them with drones and other methods, killing many civilians in the process.

Now the Trump administration is killing record numbers of civilians and weakening the already-flimsy targeted killing rules Obama put in place.

In 2013, the Obama administration promulgated a set of requirements regarding targeted killings “outside areas of active hostilities” in a Presidential Policy Guidance (PPG)…”

The real Republican collusion article from The Week. –

The real collusion involves the GOP brown shirts protecting their demented delusionist while aiding and abetting him.

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