Misadventures of a minority-elect President 172

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Our minority elect president begins his misadventures today with another off-the-wall rant during a political rally in Alabama where he once again showed the endless depths of his ignorance, trying to run his failing presidency like his fraudulent businesses isn’t boding well for Trump or anyone else, the many mental deficiencies of our lackluster lame duck Liar-in-Chief, every time Trump claims he’s not racist he sounds even more racist and much more.

Watch As An Out Of It Trump Rants About NFL Player Protests And Reenact The Apprentice article from PoliticusUSA. –

Once again Trump’s ignorance was on full display during his rally in Alabama where he revealed the endless depths of his idiocy.

The Homewreckers: How Trump Cronies Are Sabotaging the American Dream article from Truthout. –

By putting corrupt cronies in key cabinet posts America’s worst-ever president is purposely trying to destroy everything America stands for.

Is Trump a White Supremacist? Yes, But So is America article from CounterPunch. –

Our impotent imbecile in the White House is – among many other things – a racist who is making America’s racial divide worse.

LeBron James Dismantles ‘Bum’ Trump: Visiting White House Was Honor ‘Until You Showed Up’ article from PoliticusUSA. –

The bloviating butt wipe we call president picked yet another Twitter battle he can’t win:

“Donald Trump’s feud with professional athletes escalated rapidly on Saturday, with the most high-profile player in the NBA taking to Twitter to lambast the president.

Responding to Trump’s childish temper tantrum about Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry, LeBron James called the president a “bum” and said that is used to be a “great honor” to go to the White House before he showed up.

The Cleveland star’s tweet:

While Curry and James are often facing off against each other on the basketball court – they’ve clashed in the last three NBA Finals – the reckless man in the White House has given them a reason to join forces…”

Donald Trump and the Depressing Politicization of Everything article from The Atlantic. –

Because our minority-elect president has no mandate and no actual agenda, he has to disrupt everything via Twitter, highlighting the endless depths of his profound stupidity.

Trump May Have Broken the Law When Calling for Boycotts if the NFL Doesn’t Fire Peaceful Protesters article from PoliticusUSA. –

If there is one thing our Loser-in-Chief specializes in, it’s routinely breaking the law, so far with total impunity.

Trump Is Trying to Run the Government Like His Businesses: This Is Really Bad News for America and the Globe article from Alternet. –

Our dimwitted dip shit can’t run his businesses, let alone the government and it’s not boding well for anyone.

As Plot To Hide His Crimes Fails, A Former Prosecutor Says The One Word That Terrifies Trump article from PoliticusUSA. –

Trump has repeatedly obstructed justice and soon he will pay a price for it:

“Former federal prosecutor Preet Bharara explained why the word obstruction should terrify Trump during an interview on CNN.

BHARARA: So, that’s great.

Look, I think everything you see from our armchair seats suggests that Robert Mueller is going to chase down everything that might suggest a crime has been committed by any associate, colleague, relative of the president, and also the president himself.

That does not mean that there will be a referral to the House of Representatives for impeachment. That does not mean there’s going to be a charge against anyone…”

Trump’s Shocking Recklessness article from The Atlantic. –

Having a mentally unbalanced man-boy in the White House is entertaining, but extremely dangerous…

Trump Rants About Repeal Failure: ‘I’m Not Going To Own It!’ article from Crooks and Liars. –

After pushing his fraudulent healthcare replacement bill, Trump is going to own its failure as well as he does all his other ones.

Trump promising huge tax cut; focus on taxes vs health care article from The AP on Yahoo! News. –

With passage of his fraudulent healthcare bill virtually doomed, our lackluster lame duck president moves on to his next massive failure – tax cuts.

A Group of Experts Wrote a Book About Donald Trump’s Mental Health – and the Controversy Has Just Begun article from Mother Jones. –

Since being ‘elected’ the incompetent idiot in The White House has illustrated repeatedly that he has a serious mental deficiency:

“There will not be a book published this fall more urgent, important, or controversial than The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, the work of 27 psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health experts to assess President Trump’s mental health. They had come together last March at a conference at Yale University to wrestle with two questions. One was on countless minds across the country: “What’s wrong with him?” The second was directed to their own code of ethics: “Does Professional Responsibility Include a Duty to Warn” if they conclude the president to be dangerously unfit?

As mental health professionals, these men and women respect the long-standing “Goldwater rule” which inhibits them from diagnosing public figures whom they have not personally examined. At the same time, as explained by Dr. Bandy X Lee, who teaches law and psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine, the rule does not have a countervailing rule that directs what to do when the risk of harm from remaining silent outweighs the damage that could result from speaking about a public figure—”which in this case, could even be the greatest possible harm.” It is an old and difficult moral issue that requires a great exertion of conscience. Their decision: “We respect the rule, we deem it subordinate to the single most important principle that guides our professional conduct: that we hold our responsibility to human life and well-being as paramount.”

Hence, this profound, illuminating and discomforting book undertaken as “a duty to warn.”

The foreword is by one of America’s leading psychohistorians, Robert Jay Lifton. He is renowned for his studies of people under stress—for books such as Death in Life: Survivors of Hiroshima (1967), Home from the War: Vietnam Veterans—Neither Victims nor Executioners (1973), and The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide(1986). The Nazi Doctors was the first in-depth study of how medical professionals rationalized their participation in the Holocaust, from the early stages of the Hitler’s euthanasia project to extermination camps…”

UNPRESIDENTED – A Complete Breakdown Of Donald Trump’s 34th Unpresidented Week As POTUS article from Rantt. –

Needless to say – like most of his other weeks – it wasn’t very good for him…

The wrong president to claim the high ground on patriotism article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

It’s impossible to believe after all his ignorant dipshittery that Trump is anything remotely resembling patriotic.

The echoes of Jim Crow in Trump’s invective against black athletes article from The Week. –

On Trump’s ability to make every delusional rant sound racist…

How Donald Trump tries to ‘improve race relations’ article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

For someone allegedly trying to ‘improve race relations’ our national embarrassment is failing miserably:

“I think the president believes it is his role to improve race relations.” That was the line Marc Short, the White House’s legislative affairs director, shared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” yesterday.

How’s that working out?

The latest racial firestorm began on Friday night, when Donald Trump delivered a rambling speech in Alabama in which the president reflected on, of all things, sports. He noted, for example, that “they” are “ruining” the NFL by trying to reduce brain injuries. “You know, today, if you hit too hard, right, they hit too hard, 15 yards, throw him out of the game,” Trump complained.

And if that were all he’d said, that would’ve merely been odd. But the president went much further:…”

Trump fixates on NFL protests – while ignoring the disaster in Puerto Rico article from Salon. –

Because nothing says presidential as well as acting like a Twitter tyrant does while ignoring everything else…

Trump reportedly ignored White House aides ahead of U.N. speech article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Which explains why he came off as sounding like such a moronic buffoon to world leaders during his U.N. speech.

‘Private briefings,’ warrants, and wiretaps – here are the dizzying Trump-Russia developments you may have missed article from The Business Insider on Yahoo! News. –

A partial list of the growing revelations from Trump’s Russia scandal.

White House Bully Disrespects, Embarrasses America article from Common Dreams. –

Our incorrigibly inept imbecile in the White House – who incorrectly thought starting a fight with the NFL and the NBA was a good idea – has shown his true colors from day one:

“Among the offensive comments made by Donald Trump on Saturday night in Atlanta were those he made about the game and its players not hitting or being hit as hard now as once was the case in the National Football League. Trump believes it’s the rules and penalties related to tackles that are causing the NFL to lose viewers and fans. He thinks it’s a soft game now played by soft players protected by too many limiting rules — soft players who Trump believes are the ones disrespecting the American flag by kneeling during the National Anthem. Huh? Since when does it warrant a presidential tongue lashing for a silent, non-violent protest of racial injustice by a black player? Trump’s vulgarity and tone-deaf narcissism is far more threatening to any respect-worthy image of these United States. Trump brings shame and embarrassment to our national identity.

Another glimpse of the dysfunction in the Trump mindset is his belief that Sen. John McCain is a weak loser because he was a Vietnam POW. At the time he made those comments, Trump said he didn’t see McCain as a hero because he likes people who don’t get caught. This week, Sen. McCain announced he will vote “no” on the latest ACA/Obamacare repeal and replace measure called the Graham-Cassidy bill. It is the second time McCain has voted “no” on a healthcare overhaul offered by his fellow Republicans in the 115th Congress. He may be a loser to Trump, but McCain has been consistent in his call for the Senate to return to “regular order,” as more thoughtful and considered. Many Americans agree with McCain.

Now, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) is not saying we love what the NFL has done in many instances, perhaps most especially with regard to domestic violence and sexual assault tolerance. Nor are we celebrating all things John McCain has done as we strongly believe peace is better than war and that healthcare is a human right. But we do not believe professional sports players are too soft because they don’t want their brains turned to mush from repeated concussions or other injury or that U.S. senators who spend time as POWs are losers because getting caught is weak.

We find it offensive that Trump makes us all guilty by association every time he spews his petty, crass, arrogant and weak displays of envy and insult. His words are heard around the world, and millions of us wonder how we can ever apologize to others on this planet enough for this ugliness unleashed upon the earth. All Americans are not like this bully. We are fighting back, no matter how daunting, and we do not accept the injustice and distrust he peddles as a tool to come out ahead of others. He is no artist of any deal. What Trump is has been painfully clear for some time…”

Trump Is Ignoring Puerto Rico’s Suffering article from Slate. –

Trump’s negligence is amazingly similar to the last appointed GOP president we were stuck with and his response to Hurricane Katrina.

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