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Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

We begin our minority-elect president’s misadventures today with a pro-Trump rally wishing to bring a million supporters to Washington failing miserably after mustering a little over a thousand instead, our Twitter tyrant once again reveals that he’s not competent to hold the office of President, still trying to replace Obamacare with his third fraudulent healthcare bill, why and how the greatest threat we face in America is the illegitimate impotent idiot in the White House, Trump reveals yet again why he is our national embarrassment and never will be presidential during his UN address as the reality of his imploding presidency continues and much more.

Pro-Trump rally that sought to bring one million supporters to Washington musters little over a thousand article from The Independent on Yahoo! News. –

Supporters of America’s worst-ever president hoping to bring a million people to Washington to show solidarity with our Loser-in-Chief could barely find a thousand people to attend.

‘Incapable of serving safely as president’: More mental health experts question Trump’s stability article from The Raw Story. –

‘Incapable of serving safely as president’: More mental health experts question Trump’s stability

Each passing day brings yet another revelation that our lame duck lackluster leader is extremely mentally unstable.

Trump retweets doctored GIF of him hitting Hillary Clinton with golf ball article from Market Watch. –

Our Twitter tyrant again got out of hand when he tweeted a doctored GIF of him hitting Hillary Clinton with a golf ball.

A Ranking of Trump’s Sunday Morning Tweets From Least to Most Insane article from Slate. –

A small example of our national embarrassment’s Twitter tirades that do nothing but make him look like the impotent moron that he really is:

“The president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, woke up on Sunday morning raring to tweet. Starting at 7:40 a.m., after his breakfast Big Mac, Trump began firing off a string of missives, ranging from loopy to outright unhinged. The president, since he has nothing else to do, clearly scoured the responses to his tweets finding a few meme-type graphics and gifs to retweet because, sure, that’s what normal presidents of normal countries do before its citizens wake up.

The president tweeted or retweeted 15 times on Sunday morning. Here’s an official ranking of the top eight of Trump’s Sunday morning tweets from least to most insane:

8. The president’s newfound love of maps continues unabated. So he retweeted this gem from his mentions.

7. Trump with arrows. Pointing up. Sure. RT...”

Stephen King Has A Chilling Diagnosis For Donald Trump’s Mind article from The Huffington Post. –

King notes that Trump has a seriously ‘fucked-up mind’ – and it’s worth noting that Trump’s tweets are meant to serve as nothing more than a distraction from his failing presidency.

Trump’s ‘election integrity’ group is waging war on the right to vote article from The Guardian. –

A closer look at our popular vote losing president’s fraudulent ‘voter integrity commission’ created to try and justify his dubious claims that 3.5 million people voted illegally – whose only intention is to disenfranchise and suppress as many non-Republican voters as they can.

Trump’s Tax Plan Is Indefensible article from Truthout. –

Yet more revelations that Trump’s tax reform scam is nothing but another attempt to steal from the poor to give to the rich.

Opinion: Donald Trump Embodies The Dumbing Down of America article from PoliticusUSA. –

On how a con man only has to be smarter than those he’s trying to con regardless of how ignorant he truly is:

“A con man doesn’t necessarily have to be very smart. All that is required is to be smarter than the targets of his con. Eight months into his presidency Donald Trump has provided proof positive that America is wrought with ignorance and epic stupidity. Look no further than his voter base to unearth evidence of the erosion of our national IQ.

Unraveling the rise of Donald Trump to the highest office on the planet is not a difficult task. He spoke to the conscious of a segment of America that had been silenced by political correctness. His brash, outlandish speeches ignited a smoldering fire of cultural chaos and reintroduced the idea of Jim Crowism to a new generation. However what can’t be misunderstood is that Donald Trump is only a symptom, not the cause of the disease.

Racism is sewn into the fabric of America, as American as apple pie and hot dogs. It’s also a direct derivative from ignorance. America has devolved into an intellectual wasteland. Donald Trump represents the intellectual deficiency of America, and his supporters readily engage in and embrace his stupidity.

Consider that the recent summit between Trump and Democrats which resulted in an apparent handshake deal regarding DACA and border security – that allegedly didn’t include the construction of a wall – drew outrage and disbelief from his disillusioned base. Trump campaigned on the foundation of bias and bigotry, and his backpedaling on immigration solutions infuriated his voters…”

Trumpcare Is Back, More Brutal and Deadly Than Ever article from Truthout. –

The zombie that is Trumpcare 3.0 – which is worse than his two previous efforts – is rearing its ugly head again…

Paul Krugman: Calamity Awaits If Americans Don’t Snap Out of It, and Fast article from Alternet. –

More on the deceitful disaster that is Trumpcare 3.0.

Why Is Trump’s Legal Team So Messy? article from The Atlantic. –

Possibly because they – like the profoundly corrupt psychopath they represent – are known for all the wrong reasons.

Under Trump, Most Americans Lack Basic Knowledge to Understand Current Events, Study Finds article from Newsweek on Yahoo! News. –

Our dimwitted dip shit is making America ignorant again as many of his supporters are unfamiliar with basic civics knowledge:

“When the public hears news of a travel ban proposed by Donald Trump being struck down in whole or in part by the courts, it should recognize the interaction between the executive and judicial branches of government and remember that freedom of religion is protected by the First Amendment. When the public reads about Trump’s campaign promise to build a wall, it should be aware that he cannot act unilaterally to make it a reality, but rather that he’ll need the legislative branch to provide funding. And when the public hears fiery rhetoric about deportation, it should be aware that even people who are in the United States illegally have the right to due process under the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause.

Unfortunately, many Americans lack fundamental civics knowledge, according to the recent Constitution Day Civics Survey by the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, and therefore cannot understand current events.

“In light of the information in the news about First Amendment issues, the ignorance of the public about the First Amendment is startling,” Kathleen Hall Jamieson, director of APPC, tells Newsweek. “So there are times in which one needs knowledge about the Constitution to make sense of what’s happening in the news environment,” she adds. “In particular when rights are at issue it’s important that people understand what their rights are as they read the news.”

The results, published on September 12, reveal that more than half of Americans (53 percent) believe people in this country illegally have no protections under the Constitution. If that weren’t startling enough, only about a quarter (26 percent) of Americans can successfully name all three branches of government, with one-third of respondents unable to name a single branch, 27 percent who knew one branch and 13 percent who knew two…”

Hillary Clinton Considers Destroying Trump By Challenging The Legitimacy Of The 2016 Election article from PoliticusUSA. –

If it’s revealed – albeit there is no evidence that anything was hacked – that there was Russian interference, Clinton will challenge our illegitimate leader’s ‘win.’

Mueller’s Russia Probe Looks Like an ‘Organized Crime Syndicate’ Investigation article from Alternet. –

There is little if any evidence of Russian interference in the election, but there is a major trail of corruption with Trump and his business dealings that could destroy his failed presidency.

The Greatest Threat Facing America article from Counterpunch. –

The greatest threat this country faces is the illegitimate, impotent idiot we have in the White House.

Fact-checking Trump’s U.N. speech reveals a number of inaccuracies article from Think Progress. –

Unsurprisingly – as all he ever does is lie – America’s Imbecile-in-Chief told some whoppers during his embarrassing, poorly written speech as the U.N.:

“In a speech delivered Tuesday to the United Nations General Assembly, President Donald Trump made a number of claims and assertions as he once again established his support for an “America First” approach to foreign policy and the world.

“I will always put America first just like you, the leaders of your countries, should put your countries first,” Trump told officials assembled from across the globe.

That attitude was made clear throughout his speech; Trump threatened to annihilate North Korea and slammed both Iran and Venezuela, while defending U.S. action on international aid and refugees. But there were a number of inaccuracies in Trump’s speech — many of which, once unpacked, reveal a far different picture than the one the president presented.

The United States isn’t doing enough to help refugees
As a presidential candidate, Trump ran on a hardline anti-refugee platform. “If I win, they’re going back,” he said of Syrian refugees in 2016, calling refugees in general the “ultimate Trojan horse.”…”

Stephen Miller Censors Internal Report on Refugees to Push Nakedly Xenophobic Agenda article from Alternet. –

A Trump cabal study confirms that refugees added $63 billion dollars to the U.S. economy over the last decade but they refuse to release it because it reveals one of their bigger lies about Trump’s illegal immigration scheme…

Trump’s Dark Vision for the World article from Slate. –

Treating his embarrassing U.N. speech as a rally revealed the darker side of Trump’s ‘America first’ agenda.

Trump Vomits Hatred All Over The United Nations General Assembly transcript and video of Trump’s rant at the UN from Information Clearing House. –

The one in which Trump reveals yet again why he is and always will be our national embarrassment and will never be presidential…

The Trump Nightmare: How It Ends article from Common Dreams. –

Speculation that when charges against Trump and his Cabal come out the GOP will ask him to resign – which is quite possible:

“I don’t have a crystal ball, but I find the following scenario increasingly plausible. Let me begin by giving away the punch-line: When Robert Mueller’s report comes out, the Republican leadership will quickly huddle, and tell Trump that he needs to resign or face impeachment.

Why is this prediction other than wishful thinking? For starters, Trump could not do a better job of alienating the Republicans in Congress, whom he needs to save his bacon, if it were his deliberate plan.

He insults Mitch McConnell personally. Then he makes separate deals with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, first on the debt extension, then on the Dreamers, and next quite likely on taxes, and perhaps on climate change.

The far-right base is enraged at Trump as never before. Breitbart has become an anti-Trump screed…”

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