Misadventures of a minority-elect President 169

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

We begin today’s misadventures of our popular vote losing president with more of his delusions as he tries to salvage what little is left of his failing presidency, the many lessons we’ve learned about Trump after the start of his failed presidency, using another crisis to try and make it all about himself, being a lackluster lame duck president hasn’t stopped Trump from inflicting serious damage while everyone was distracted by his idiocy and other malfeasance, more on Trump’s Syrian war crimes after his failed Syrian gas attack false flag, still pretending his tax reform scam is legit and not another scam to screw the country over, growing dissatisfaction from Trump’s dwindling base, our fake president is losing his war on fake news and a lot more.

Trump Might Be About to Launch His Dumbest Gambit Yet to Save His Presidency article from Alternet. –

Despite a temporary surge in popularity, our national embarrassment is not presidential nor will he ever be regardless of who he works with in the U.S. Congress.

6 Months of Trump, 6 Lessons Learned article from Populist.com. –

In addition to his diminishing mental capacity, a few of the things we’ve learned include the fact that Trump lies all time, he only cares about himself and he’s incapable of leading a country…

How Trump Is Destroying America article from The Atlantic. –

America’s worst-ever president’s delusional belief that he is above the law and accountable to no one is going to sink his failing presidency.


Where they will try and support our Liar-in-Chief’s claims that he won the popular vote and make it easier for the GOP to win elections by suppressing everyone else:

“Last week, much of official Washington rejoiced after President Trump made a deal with senior congressional Democrats to forestall a government shutdown, provide aid to hurricane victims, and raise the debt ceiling until December. The deal, some observers claimed, marked Trump’s long-awaited pivot to conventional Presidential leadership and a bipartisan style of governing. Some praised this maneuver as statesmanlike, while others denounced it as a betrayal of the President’s fellow-Republicans, but there was something close to consensus that Trump had jettisoned the hard-right politics expressed at the beginning of his term in office and begun a new and different chapter.

This is, to put it charitably, nonsense. Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer, the top Democrats in Congress, understandably accepted a modest political gift from the President; Trump, by agreeing to just a three-month extension of the deadlines, gave the opposition party somewhat more leverage when the next negotiation takes place, before the end of the year. But, notwithstanding the developments of last week, which mostly amount to inside baseball, the course of the Trump Presidency is set, and conservatives are still very much in charge.

A vivid example of the right-wing hegemony in the Trump Administration will be on display today, when the Presidential Advisory Commission on Voter Integrity convenes for the second time. It is difficult to imagine a more cynical enterprise than this commission, which Trump appointed after he claimed (falsely) that the casting of illegal votes last November accounted for his loss of the popular vote, which Hillary Clinton won by a margin of nearly three million. Trump named Kris Kobach, the Kansas secretary of state, who has been the nation’s leading advocate for restrictions on voting rights, as the vice-chair of the commission. (Vice-President Mike Pence is the chair.) Kobach will preside at today’s meeting, which will convene in Manchester, New Hampshire. (To further confuse matters, the meeting will be hosted by New Hampshire’s longtime secretary of state, Bill Gardner, a Democrat who also sits on the commission but who has, in the past, been skeptical of voter-fraud charges.) The choice of this location is characteristic of the incompetence and malevolence that is at the heart of the vote-suppression agenda.

Hillary Clinton and Senator Maggie Hassan—who defeated the Republican incumbent, Kelly Ayotte—both won narrow victories in New Hampshire, in 2016. Kobach has claimed that those results are suspect because out-of-state voters may have cast ballots for the Democrats. Last Wednesday, the speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, Shawn Jasper, a Republican, released data showing that six thousand five hundred and forty people had registered to vote using out-of-state driver’s licenses. Using such licenses for voter registration is legal in the state, but it was pointed out that only a thousand and fourteen of these people later obtained a New Hampshire license. This, Kobach suggested in a column that he wrote last week for Breitbart, means that most of those voters never lived in New Hampshire at all…”

Trump exploits 9/11 anniversary to promote himself, just like he did 16 years ago article from The Daily Kos. –

America’s worst-ever president loves manipulating crises to make it all about himself and 9/11 was no exception.

How Trump Is Ending the American Era article from The Atlantic. –

How our demented delinquent’s inability to think before he speaks is destroying America’s standing in the world.

Trump could be removed for political incompetence – using the 25th Amendment article from The Washington Post. –

The incompetent gift that keeps on giving could easily be removed from office according to legal professionals, though realistically he never should have been put in the White House to begin with…

Trump Promised to Hire the Best People. He Keeps Hiring the Worst article from Alternet. –

For those who haven’t figured it out yet, when Trump promises something, he’s full of shit:

“According to 2016 election exit polls, only 38% of voters considered Donald Trump qualified to be president. 17% of those who thought him unqualified voted for Trump anyway, perhaps because he promised that as a wealthy businessman, he would be able to hire the best people to advise him. That was a claim his daughter Ivanka explicitly made in her speech at the Republican National Convention:

Unfortunately, Trump has not lived up to this promise. In many cases he’s hired some of the worst people imaginable.

Who worse to lead the EPA than a man whose primary qualification is having sued the agency 14 times on behalf of polluting industries? Who worse to lead the Midwestern states EPA than a woman who the EPA cited for failure to control air pollution in Wisconsin and who deleted all mention of human-caused climate change from her department website? Who worse to lead the Department of Energy than a man who wanted to eliminate the department (until he forgot – oops)? Who worse to be the Department of Agriculture’s chief scientist than a right-wing birther radio host with no scientific background? And these are only the administration officials in positions related to energy and the environment.

There are of course exceptions where Trump nominated people who are at least qualified for the job, but in many cases it’s hard to imagine worse choices…”

President Trump And Racial Politics: An Embarrassing Administration article from The Huffington Post. –

On the toll our racist dimwitted dip shit is taking on this country while his malfeasance is being normalized by the media.

Know this: Trump has killed or weakened 860 regulations article from The Seattle Times. –

Being a lackluster lame duck hasn’t stopped Trump from inflicting serious damage while everyone was distracted by his idiocy and malfeasance…

Register Voters Like Guns? Trump’s Bogus ‘Voter Fraud’ Commission Is Just Trolling the US article from Truthout. –

Trump’s fraudulent voter integrity commission is beginning to appear to be as stupid as the moron that created it…

Keith Olbermann: Donald Jr.’s Testimony Will Be Trump’s Downfall article from Alternet. –

Leave it to his idiotic son – the apple never falls far from the tree – to provide the testimony to end his father’s failed presidency:

“According to commentator Keith Olbermann, Donald Trump Jr.’s testimony before a Senate intelligence committee is all but wrapping up a case against President Donald Trump for Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Reflecting upon statements made by Trump Jr. back in July with his recent testimony, Olbermann connected the dots on the investigators’ plans to call in Trump’s inner circle – both past and present — to testify.

“What we know from the first false Trump Jr. statement in July, the one he [President Trump] either dictated or weighed in on, they were apparently overruled,” Olbermann explained. “What Mueller is apparently trying to do with [White House Communications Director Hope Hicks] is similar to what he is doing with White House Counsel McGahn — a crime occurred in real time.”

“Trump Jr lied, at least once, about why there was a meeting,” he continued. “He lied at least once about what the meeting was about. He lied about how many people were at the meeting. He lied about everything about the meeting. [Trump attorney Jay] Sekulow lied at least twice about about Trump at least contributing to the writing of the statement. If the Washington Post story about Trump writing the statement is correct, then Huckabee Sanders lied about Trump not dictating it.”…”

Too Little Integrity, Too Late article from Slate. –

The second meeting of our Loser-in-Chief’s fraudulent voter integrity commission revealed that many are beginning to realize just how much of a sham they actually are.

How Donald Trump Lied to Conceal His Moscow Business Partner article from Mother Jones. –

Regarding some of the many lies and falsehoods our Liar-in-Chief told about his Russia ties and business dealings while running for president before being ‘elected.’

Trump Is Trying To Take Health Insurance Away From 32 Million Americans Before September Ends article from PoliticusUSA. –

Our delusional dip shit is still trying to destroy the lives of millions of Americans affected by Obamacare, including much of his ignorant base that was foolish enough to vote for him.

Mueller is coming for the Trump syndicate article from The Week. –

A closer look at the ties – deep personal corruption – between Trump and his cabal:

“When Michael Flynn signed on with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign despite not really knowing the candidate personally, the reason seemed obvious: Flynn was pretty much the only retired senior military officer who publicly supported Trump. The two also shared a certain outlook on the world, particularly a penchant for insane conspiracy theories of both the anti-Muslim and anti-Democrat variety. But it turned out that Flynn shares something else with his ex-boss: a deep personal corruption, which made him a perfect candidate for entry to the Trump inner circle.

That characteristic of the president’s orbit — that so many of those around him are in one way or another versions of himself — is providing the fuel for special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, which may have started with Russia’s involvement in the 2016 campaign, but is going to reach much farther. And lots of people around Trump are going to find themselves in big trouble.

Let’s start with Flynn, who is looking more and more like pretty much the last person who should ever have been near a classified briefing. Flynn was tossed from the White House after a brief tenure as national security adviser after lying about his contacts with Russian officials, but as time went on, we learned of even more alarming things he had done. Just before Trump’s inauguration, as he was working on the transition with Obama administration officials, Flynn reportedly stopped an American military operation against ISIS that the Turkish government opposed — without informing anyone that Turkey had paid him half a million dollars to represent their interests (he later retroactively registered as a foreign agent).

And this week we learned that during the transition Flynn pushed for the incoming administration to promote a private-sector plan to build nuclear reactors across the Middle East — and you guessed it, he was reportedly being paid by the companies backing the plan…”


Probably because it was Trump’s first Syrian war crime with no legal basis since it was conducted after his failed Syrian false flag gas attack…

Trump pretends his tax plan won’t be a giveaway to the wealthy article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Trump’s fraudulent tax reform scheme is nothing but another scam to make the rich richer while screwing over the rest of us.

Fact check: President Trump’s tax plan and ‘the rich’ article from USA Today. –

More evidence that Trump is lying about his fraudulent tax reform scheme.

There Is No Such Thing As a Good Trump Voter article from Alternet. –

Minions that voted for and support our illegitimate popular vote losing president are just like him:

“As if any further evidence was needed, the last few weeks have provided ample proof to arrive at a single conclusion: There is no such thing as a good Trump voter. This may be a hard pill to swallow for those with loved ones who voted for Trump. “But she’s such a sweet grandma,” you might think, or, “My father spends his spare time rescuing kittens from trees.” In the best-case scenario, Trump support is the result of extraordinary gullibility, massive ignorance of how the world works and disenchantment with the system. But we know by now that none of those excuses get to the heart of the matter. Trying to rationalize the Trump voter is what good people do. And good people do not vote for Trump.

The rationalization appears in a million editorials. Almost minutes after Trump won the election, out came a veritable cavalcade of think pieces about why the rural working class voted for him. (Trump actually won every economic class of whites, which makes this a perversion of the term “working class.”) These articles mostly focused on white men, ignoring the fact that vast swaths of the working class are neither white nor male. (In fact, long-term labor force projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics predict people of color will become a majority of the American working class in 2032.) Regardless, one question remained: what could possibly have made “working-class” people vote for someone who has shown nothing but utter disdain for the working class and never worked a day in his life? Having grown up in a county populated mostly by the working class—and the fairly religious—I can tell you exactly why they voted for Trump.

Crawford County, Pennsylvania, the town where I spent the first 18 years of my life, first voted in a presidential election in 1888. Twice it went for the Grand Old Party before going Democrat for William Jennings Bryan in 1896. In 1912, the people of Crawford voted for Teddy Roosevelt, eschewing both Democrat and Republican parties, but by 1916, the county went blue again for Woodrow Wilson. Beyond that, Crawford has never not voted for the GOP presidential candidate. In fact, even when neighboring counties, or the entire western part of the state went purple or blue, Crawford has remained steadfastly Republican. (Case in point: In 1992, when Bill Clinton was elected, of the 23 counties in Western and Central Pennsylvania, only three voted for Bush and only one had a higher percent of voters going to the GOP. Clarion County’s 41.2 percent was higher than Crawford’s 40.8 percent but with far few people: 6,477 to 14,112.) For the most part, it hasn’t even been close. Hoover got 71 percent. Eisenhower got 65 percent and 66 percent. Trump garnered 66 percent as well.

In a post-election study by The Nation, race, gender and sexual orientation predicted Trump support, independent of partisanship, ideology, education levels, and any other factor. Looking at the 2010 census, where of the 88,765 people living in Crawford County, 97 percent are white, it’s not hard to connect who these people voted for with the reason why. The argument could be made that if anyone other than Hillary Clinton had run, Trump would have lost the county, but that proposition only strengthens the study results. Presented with a woman, voters in this county (and counties around the country with the same ethnic make-up, voting history, median household income, etc.) went with their base instincts: If there is a choice between a man and a woman, vote for the man. If there is a choice between a white man and a black man, vote for the white man. (Just 43.8 percent of Crawford County voted for Obama in the historic 2008 election and a measly 39 percent pulled the lever for him in 2012.)…”

Trump Tries To Profit Off Of Hurricane Irma Victims By Using Florida Visit To Sell Hats article from PoliticusUSA. –

Deja vu as our popular vote losing moron again tries using a natural crisis to immorally try and profit off a national crisis.

Will America Accept Refugees From Trump’s White House? article from The Atlantic. –

It remains to be seen how America will respond to the miscreants that started working for the impotent idiot in the White House and have since left or been removed.

Trump’s fiercest supporters don’t actually want him to be president article from The Week. –

Which is funny when you consider that the majority of American’s don’t want him to be president either…

Has Trump Alienated a Key Segment of His Base? article from Alternet. –

Yes, and he keeps alienating more on a daily basis – because he lied to them from the start:

“Reports of a deal between Donald Trump and Democratic leaders to protect undocumented migrants who arrived in the US as children have generated ripples of doubt among the president’s supporters, some of whom were alarmed by Trump’s statement on Thursday that “a wall will come later”.

Trump’s campaign promise to build a wall along the US border with Mexico was a main selling point that led conservative elected officials such as Justin Simmons, a state representative in Pennsylvania, to throw their support behind the real-estate developer turned politician.

For Simmons and others, reports that Trump had cut some sort of deal on immigration – one that apparently did not include funding for a border wall – over a cozy White House dinner with House minority leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer raised a red flag.

“I’m actually disappointed in that deal by the president,” Simmons said. “I think a lot of people are starting to wonder if he’s going soft on that issue. I do not agree with that deal. I think had the wall been a part of the deal, I’d be fine with it, but I’m not OK with it at all.”…”

Trump Inc.: Inside the President’s Not-So-Blind Trust article from Truthout. –

Trump’s illegal and immoral conflicts of interest are going to end up doing him some serious damage when all is said and done.

‘A Duty to Warn’ and the Dangerous Case of Donald Trump article from Common Dreams. –

It has been obvious from day one that Trump suffers from a mental deficit and everyone is beginning to talk about it.

The Case For Impeachment Just Got A Lot Stronger As New Documents Prove Trump Crimes article from PoliticusUSA. –

The myriad list of crimes committed by our illegitimate minority-elect president keep growing – and will not stop as evidence of Trump’s profound corruption continues appearing.

Trump’s ‘fake news’ attack lost its power this week article from The Washington Post. –

Our fake president is fighting a losing battle on ‘fake news’:

“An amazing thing happened this week.

News outlets that President Trump has branded “fake news” reported Trump agreed in principle to grant long-term legal status to DACA recipients — a big item on Democrats’ wish list — without securing funding for a Southern border wall in return. Trump said the media and the Democrats who say they negotiated with him were mischaracterizing the situation.

Given a choice of whom to believe, reliably pro-Trump commentators, such as Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter and Mike Cernovich chose the media, Charles E. Schumer and Nancy Pelosi over the president.

Mark it down: This is the week that Trump’s “fake news” attack lost its power…”


On the autonomous dipshittery of our mentally challenged Twitter tyrant and how ignorant his delusional rants often appear.

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