Misadventures of a minority-elect President 168

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Today’s misadventures of our popular vote losing president begin the tie between our national embarrassment and evangelicals – offering yet more evidence that politics and so-called religion don’t mix, Trump’s decision to end DACA is going to haunt him for quite a while, our fake president and his moronic minions are still waging a war on fake news despite promulgating nothing but fake news themselves, Trump’s GOP brown shirts – surprised and angry at him as they may be – are still covering his corrupt ass by not allowing the release of his tax returns, Trump pivots to work with Democrats to toss Republicans under the bus as he realized how much people really hate him, new evidence destroys Trump’s Syrian gas attack fairy tale, more on our Loser-in-Chief’s fraudulent voter integrity commission, trying to use the hurricanes as a reason to push his tax reform scheme and taking lessons from our previous popular-vote losing president in fabricating weapons that don’t exist to try and justify his illegal actions and war crimes in Syria and much more.

The death rattle of the Trump evangelicals article from The Week. –

Evangelicals are losing faith in our national embarrassment – for good reason – offering yet more evidence of why politics and religion don’t mix.

Why Trump’s Dreamer nightmare won’t go away anytime soon article from The Guardian. –

Partially because, like most of his other idiotic decisions, America’s worst-ever president made his decision based on lies and misinformation provided by the miscreants he appointed to his duplicitous administration.

Whatever happened to the money from Trump’s inaugural committee? article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

As with his other conflicting endeavors since being ‘elected,’ it’s probably being used fraudulently to line his pockets and bribery.

Trump’s Minions in Government Carrying on His Attacks on Legitimate Media article from Alternet. –

Our fake president is still spewing fake new while crying about fake news:

“Scott Pruitt appears to be the most Trump-like member of Donald Trump’s cabinet, and now the federal agency he is tasked with leading, the Environmental Protection Agency, has officially adopted the president’s most pernicious habit.

When Trump recently visited hurricane-ravaged Houston he praised the Coast Guard while knocking the journalists tasked with covering the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

“Think of it, almost 11,000 people by going into winds that the media would not go into . . . unless it’s a really good story,” Trump said, before gesturing toward the media.

That same day, the Associated Press published a story about the flooding of toxic waste sites in Houston, noting that Scott Pruitt’s EPA was still not on the ground. The agency responded in Trump-like fashion, attacking the press to distract from legitimate questions…”

Appeals court: Grandparents not part of Trump’s travel ban article from The AP on Yahoo! News. –

Trump’s Muslim Ban 2.0 gets shot down in court again…

Trump a threat to our future article from The Las Vegas Sun. –

A letter to the editor about the dangers of our ‘elected’ fake president.

If Republicans are surprised that Trump betrayed them, they haven’t been paying attention article from The Week. –

Ironically, many – including the minority that voted for him – haven’t been paying attention to the fact that he has been betraying virtually everyone aside from those closest to him…

To Serve Himself, Trump Just Set the GOP on Fire article from Truthout. –

Our demented delinquent couldn’t care less about the political process, only himself:

“There has never been one moment, not one, when I believed Donald J. Trump would develop even marginal leadership skills once he became president. I never expected the much-ballyhooed “pivot” that would come just as soon as he realized how serious his job is and that we all might die if he screws up. The thought frankly never occurred to me. Waiting for a 71-year-old plutocrat to “mature” is not a high-yield use of my day. This is the guy who shouted, “Have a good time, everybody!” at a building filled with Harvey refugees.

Which is what made Wednesday so thoroughly fascinating. The man with the political instincts of a lobbed brick somehow closed out the day with a multi-dimensional checkmate maneuver that took down a number of large birds with one throw. The fact that Trump’s motives were entirely self-involved only adds frosting to the cake.

Republican leadership in Congress wanted to tie Harvey relief to a bill that would lift the debt ceiling for 18 months, effectively removing it as an issue in the 2018 midterms. The Democrats agreed, but wanted 3 months instead of 18. The GOP said no, Speaker Ryan rose up in high public dudgeon over the very idea of “playing politics” with the debt ceiling … and then Trump came down the mountain and abruptly made the deal with the Democrats, upending even his own Treasury Secretary in the process.

The Republican Party’s motto should be “Wait, what?” from here on out. Trump’s Democratic deal for three months of debt ceiling relief hit congressional Republicans like a bucket of bat urine. There was an almost feral recoiling within the ranks. With that deal, Trump ensured the Democrats could still campaign on the debt ceiling in 2018, and left them in a stronger negotiating position for future legislation…”

GOP again moves to help keep Trump’s tax returns secret article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Trump’s GOP brown shirts are pissed off at him and some aren’t speaking to him, but they’re still covering his corrupt ass.


Our lackluster lame duck president can’t go it alone despite all his lies and misconceptions as the last 7 plus months have shown and give him time – and some more rope – and his dubious failed presidency will implode completely.


Trump’s lame duck presidency, like most of his fraudulent business empire, is completely corrupt, which begs the question of how much damage he’ll have inflicted once he’s removed from office.

It’s finally dawned on Trump how much people ‘hate’ him – and he’s pivoting to a new strategy article from Business Insider on Yahoo! News. –

Our incorrigibly inept leader is a slow learner but there may be a glimmer of hope for him:

“President Donald Trump is adopting a new approach to governing after a rocky start to his term.

One adviser told Axios’ Mike Allen that after seven months in office, the president finally realized, “people really f—ing hate me.”

Trump’s decision this week to work with House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, and Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer, may signal that he’s open to pivoting to a different strategy after hovering at record low levels of popularity during his first seven months in office: working across the aisle.

Earlier this week, Trump sided with congressional Democrats to bundle Hurricane Harvey relief funds, a three-month debt-limit increase, and a three-month continuing resolution to keep the government funded. The decision pitted Trump against leaders of his own party who wanted a longer extension on the debt ceiling…”

The Wall Street Journal’s Trump problem article from The Guardian. –

The Wall Street Journal – once a respectable resource, now owned by Rupert Murdoch who brought us FOX faux news – is having a problem with credibility over its normalization of Trump’s duplicitous lame duck presidency.

How Trump launched the biggest regulatory rollback in American history article from The Week. –

Through the use of dubious Executive Orders – since he has no mandate – Trump is destroying regulations implemented to protect Americans in essence selling out to corrupt corporations that own him.

Did Bannon and Breitbard Fabricate a Media Decoy to Distract from Trump’s Biggest Scandal? article from Alternet. –

How the fraudulent co-chair of our fake president’s ‘voter integrity commission’ sham tried to make fake claims about fake news real.

A New Hole in Syria-Sarin Certainty article from Consortium News. –

More evidence emerges showing that Trump’s Syrian Gas Charades are nothing but a fabricated fairy tale by the Trump Cabal:

“The U.S. mainstream media is treating a new United Nations report on the April 4 chemical weapons incident in Khan Sheikhoun as more proof of Syrian government guilt, but that ignores a major contradiction between two groups of U.N. investigators that blows a big hole in the groupthink.

Though both U.N. groups seem determined to blame the Syrian government, the frontline investigators from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) reported that spotters of departing Syrian military aircraft from Shayrat airbase did not send out a warning of any flights until late that morning – while the alleged dropping of a sarin bomb occurred at around dawn.

The report by the U.N.’s Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic noted that “two individuals interviewed by the OPCW claimed that on the morning of 4 April the early warning system did not issue warnings until 11 to 11:30 a.m., and that no aircraft were observed until that time.”

If the OPCW’s information is correct – that no warplanes took off from the government’s Shayrat airbase until late in the morning – then the Trump administration’s rationale for launching a retaliatory strike of 59 Tomahawk missiles at that airfield on April 6 is destroyed…”

Now Trump is an ‘independent’ president? Give us a break article from Salon News. –

Delusional pundits in Washington are doing their damnedest to make our dimwitted dip shit look good – and failing miserably…

A History Of Donald Trump’s Tasteless Comments About 9/11 article from The Huffington Post. –

Trump has a long history of tasteless comments which highlight the irony of his celebrating the largest false flag attack in American history on 9/11…

Trump sees hurricanes as a reason to ‘speed up’ push for tax cuts article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

And the majority sees Trump’s ‘election’ as a reason to get rid of the electoral college….

When the President is a Ponzi Scheme article from CounterPunch. –

On the fraud that is our president and his economic agenda – or the lack thereof:

“In 1993, I arrived one fall evening in the Romanian city of Cluj. The railway station was mysteriously full of people, and the city outside was crowded and frenetic. I was mystified. Why did this rather obscure Transylvanian outpost suddenly seem like New York City?

My contacts in Cluj eventually provided me with an explanation. Romanians were flocking to a “bank” based in Cluj called Caritas that was giving out eight to one on the investment. News that the payouts had turned several people into millionaires was attracting hordes of people eager to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity. The upscale stores in town had difficulty keeping their luxury goods in stock for consumers flush from their payouts.

It didn’t last long. Caritas was a pyramid scam. The first investors received the promised return, but they were paid out of the receipts of the next round of investors. Ultimately, one in five households in Romania were invested in the scam. But like all pyramid scams — also known as Ponzi schemes — Caritas eventually collapsed, with nearly half a billion dollars in debt. This economic catastrophe fell hardest on the people with the least amount of money and the most desperate hopes of advancement.

The other insidious part of the story is that quite a few people invested in Caritas knowing that it was a fraud. But they calculated that they could get in and out before the pyramid disintegrated…”

The ACLU Destroys Trump’s Fake Voter Fraud Commission With One Sentence article from PoluticusUSA. –

The ACLU simply noted that there are more people on the commission than Kris Kobach has convicted of voter fraud in Kansas.

Echoes of Iraq – WMD Fraud in Syria article from Consortium News. –

In addition to making appointed President George W. Bush look good, Trump and his cabal are going with the same game plan of fabricating weapons and incidents that don’t exist to justify their illegal actions and war crimes in Syria…

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