Misadventures of a minority-elect President 167

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

We begin today’s misadventures of our popular vote losing president with reflections on his insanity from those closest to him as his lackluster lame duck presidency continues imploding, more on the many reasons our Liar-in-Chief never tells the truth, our national embarrassment just killed another successful Obama-era immigration program in his haste to make America white again, among his multitude of corrupt and illegal acts since deciding to run for office and being ‘elected’ our Loser-in-Chief has found all kinds of ways to rip off Americans while enriching his own fraudulent ass, more on the lies used by Trump and his racist Attorney General to discriminate against DREAMers, poll finds majority of Obama turned Trump voters are having buyers remorse, still repeating the same lies about his tax reform scam and much more.

Aide says Trump ‘is insane’ article from Capitol Hill Blue. –

The failure of his illegitimate presidency is causing our minority-elect president to lose what little is left of his unsound mind.

The Real ‘Fake News’ Crisis article from Consortium News. –

Revelations on how a fake president has done such a good job fabricating false claims of fake news.

The methodical madness of Donald Trump: Don’t underestimate him. article from USA Today. –

Pondering whether our dimwitted dip shit is really that ignorant or if it’s all a ploy…

It doesn’t matter if Donald Trump is ‘crazy’ – what matters is whether he can be stopped article from Salon News. –

It’s truly sad how ignorant Trump’s minions are:

“A portion of our country also managed to fall deeply in love with Donald Trump — a “reality” TV star who maintains an even more tenuous relationship with reality than did his hero, the much more lovable Ronald Reagan. Trump and Reagan have opposite temperaments — Reagan eternally sunny, Trump ever dark, but both sell similar societal delusions. Trump manages to be truculently wrong on every existential question facing humanity — denying global warming, encouraging pollution, promoting resource depletion, enjoying saber rattling, opposing population and gun control, escalating obscene inequality, and trampling on civil rights protections. He has the demeanor of a circus barker, the integrity of a con man, the temperament of a neighborhood bully, the breathtaking ignorance of an arrogant know-nothing, the political instincts of a führer, and the policies of a tribal nationalist.

All the problems that are inherent in American exceptionalism are now very badly compounded by Trump exceptionalism. Trump doesn’t qualify for a mental disorder, but he does present with one of the world’s best-documented cases of lifelong failure to mature. He is a boy/man who expects everything to go his way and experiences the world as an extension of himself. Other people exist only to do his imperious bidding, admire his great deeds, and gratify his enormous wants. This is perfectly age-appropriate behavior in a young child, but is perfectly inappropriate in a president. Trump fancies himself the nation’s Big Brother, but he is really our neediest Big Baby. Trump is bad, not mad, but we the people are mad for having elected such a terribly flawed person to the most powerful position in the world. His heady rise was surprisingly undeterred by his consistent pattern of boldfaced lying; constant flip-flopping; irresponsible incitement to violence; and self-congratulatory bigotry, racism, and sexism. Blustering, bullying, and bravado play well on reality TV but can be disastrous in real life when you are running a country. No one less qualified to be president has ever won the office. No one so dangerous to our democracy has ever been given its most powerful position.

Trump is an unlikely messenger bearing an unwelcome message about the sanity of our body politic. He has revealed and unleashed a deeper streak of delusional denial in a larger segment of U.S. society than even I would have thought possible. Thomas More’s hope for a utopian America has decayed into a Trumpian dystopia. Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” (stolen, appropriately enough, from Ronald Reagan) disguises policies that in fact make America small, fearful, angry, petty, and vicious. Karl Marx once quipped, “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.” The Trump phenomenon marks what I dearly hope will be a bottom in both American tragedy and farce…”

Trump’s Lies Are Literally Tearing us Apart article from Medium. –

Trump doesn’t lie to mislead, he lies to try and drag us down into his twisted alternate reality.

For everyone’s sake, Trump needs to stop bluffing so badly article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Trump’s twisted alternate reality is so convoluted that it’s hard to take him seriously, especially when he’s bluffing about everything and it’s making him look even more foolish.

Trump’s Trial Balloons – Preludes to Authoritarianism article from Counter Punch. –

America’s worst-ever president is doing his damnedest to turn American into an authoritarian state where he becomes a dictator that everyone worships.


After a rough August, September may be the month that pushes our demented delinquent over the edge:

“Irma isn’t the only Category 5 hurricane headed for the United States. As the nation heads back to work today, refreshed from Labor Day weekend, a perfect storm of political crises is brewing over Washington, D.C., where Donald Trump is running from a long summer of scandals straight into an autumnal minefield.

September, of course, was supposed to be when the administration would make its big push for tax reform, which is still, ostensibly, the top item on Team Trump’s agenda. Republicans, who also need some kind of legislative win before the 2018 elections, want the fall’s focus to be on taxes, too. “People are feeling optimistic because they do not see failure as an option. They’ve put all of their eggs in one basket now, and that basket is tax reform,” a source told Politico. “The fear of failure on this will cause people to agree with things they may not normally agree to.” Unfortunately, September is also shaping up to be filled with one crisis after another for the administration, which could derail tax reform entirely. Even before Trump unexpectedly tossed an ultimatum on comprehensive immigration reform to Congress, the White House was facing a nuclear North Korea; the continual prospect of a trade war with China; a budget showdown over a spending bill to keep the government running; a negotiation over the debt ceiling and funding for Trump’s border wall; and the ever more clear, very present danger of Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Hurricane Harvey may have solved some of these problems by forcing lawmakers to temporarily set aside their differences and pass a disaster relief bill. The House is expected to pass legislation to fund the recovery effort—Trump has asked for nearly $8 billion—and the Senate is expected to add an amendment raising the debt ceiling before sending it back. That’s good for the people of Texas and it’s also good for the U.S. as a whole, because it will mean not rattling markets, to say nothing of defaulting on our debt, potentially losing our triple-A rating, and shaking up the global financial system. Harvey may also give Trump an out to walk back his August threat to shut down the government if Congress does not allocate funds to build his border wall, kicking the can down the road until another likely budget showdown in December.

For every crisis that is accidentally solved for Donald Trump, America’s drama-loving president creates another. On Tuesday, Trump announced (via Attorney General Jeff Sessions) that he will be ending Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, the Obama-era rule that currently protects undocumented immigrants who came to the country as children from deportation and allows them to apply for renewable two-year work permits. Trump has reportedly agonized over the consequences, or at least the optics, of clearing the way for mass deportation of some 800,000 people who grew up in America, but believes the DACA program is illegal. Facing the threat of a lawsuit from several state attorney generals, the president gave Congress six months to find a legislative solution or else shoulder the responsibility for the ensuing political firestorm. Which means that Republicans—who, again, were planning to focus on tax reform—will now also have to resolve one of the party’s stickiest, most divisive political issues with a March deadline hanging over their heads…”

Trump Ends Obama-Era Protection for Undocumented Immigrants article from The Atlantic. –

Being a coward of unsound mind and not having the balls to do it himself, our national embarrassment had his Attorney General – who flat out lied to him about it and many other things – make the announcement.

‘Toxic to Democracy’: New Project Reveals Corrupting Web of Trump Empire article from Common Dreams. –

Among his multitude of corrupt and illegal acts since deciding to run for office and being ‘elected’ our lame duck Loser-in-Chief has been finding all kinds of ways to rip off Americans while enriching his own fraudulent ass…

Trump Can’t Score a Win article from Slate. –

Trump’s inability to pass legislation – not just destructive Executive Orders, many of which aren’t even legal – with his GOP brown shirts in charge the U.S. Congress speaks volumes as to how incompetent he really is.

Rescinding DACA is part of Trump’s plan to make America white again article from Think Progress. –

Purging non-white voters will be next for Trump and his fraudulent ‘voter integrity commission’ so ending DACA is a logical place for him to start in his quest to make America white again:

“In a speech announcing the Trump administration’s change of policy on Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions called roughly 800,000 young immigrants who have benefited from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program “illegal aliens” whose arrival in the country cost Americans jobs and created “terrible humanitarian consequences.”

Neither claim is true — rescinding DACA will actually hurt the economy and cost the country tens of thousands of jobs — but Sessions, Trump’s designated spokesperson for the occasion, did not care. Restricting immigration is a major prong in Trump’s plan to make America white again, and Sessions and others in the administration have a singular focus on turning back the clock to a time before civil rights laws when the United States looked far more white than it does today.

Part of the pre-civil rights era policy that Trump would like to see reinstated is a time when the United States blocked immigration from non-white countries. Until the passage of the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965, the United States set quotas on immigration from certain countries, largely limiting the arrival of people from places outside of northern and western Europe. But the law, signed by President Lyndon Johnson, fundamentally changed the United States’ policy and immigration skyrocketed. In 1960, seven out of eight immigrants were from Europe. As of 2010, nine out of ten immigrants come from places other than Europe.

“No law passed in the 20th century altered the country’s demographic character quite so thoroughly,” Tom Gjelten, the author of A Nation of Nations: A Great American Immigration Story, noted in the Atlantic…”

US Foreign Policy is as Bellicose as Ever article from Counter Punch. –

Under our incorrigibly incompetent idiot in the White House and neocons still in charge, America’s foreign policy is as dysfunctional as ever.

A president who doesn’t know where he’s going can’t lead article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Having an illegitimate leader who has no idea what he’s doing isn’t boding well for America…

The inhumanity and lies of Trump’s DACA suspension article from The Week. –

Ending something relevant due to lies and misconceptions from moronic miscreants in your administration isn’t going to go well for Trump.

Trump Is Making Millions Selling Access to Lobbyists and Corporate CEOs at His Golf Clubs article from AlterNet. –

In yet more lies and conflicts of interest, our delusional dip shit in the White House is profiting at our expense:

“When it comes to buying access and influence with Donald Trump, lobbyists and corporate CEOs who want things from the government can skip the campaign middleman and put money directly into Trump’s pockets while getting access to him at his most relaxed and sociable. It’s as easy—if not cheap—as getting a membership at one of his favorite golf clubs, and now we know some of the people involved, because USA Today has done important investigative work digging through golf handicap records to identify members of Trump’s clubs, whose members are not public:

Members of the clubs Trump has visited most often as president — in Florida, New Jersey and Virginia — include at least 50 executives whose companies hold federal contracts and 21 lobbyists and trade group officials. Two-thirds played on one of the 58 days the president was there, according to scores they posted online. […]

The review shows that, for the first time in U.S. history, wealthy people with interests before the government have a chance for close and confidential access to the president as a result of payments that enrich him personally. It is a view of the president available to few other Americans.

Among Trump club members are top executives of defense contractors, a lobbyist for the South Korean government, a lawyer helping Saudi Arabia fight claims over the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the leader of a pesticide trade group that sought successfully to persuade the Trump administration not to ban an insecticide government scientists linked to health risks…”

Don’t Let Trump Hide Behind the Constitution in Ending DACA article from Just Security. –

Trump and his racist Attorney General have no idea what the U.S. Constitution is let alone how to read it…

Trump said he would turn the GOP into the party ‘of the American worker.’ How’s that going? article from The Los Angeles Times. –

Unsurprisingly – since all he ever does is lie – not too well.

There’s A Potential Crack In Trump’s Base: Supporters Who Once Voted For Obama article from The Huffington Post. –

While polls aren’t completely reliable since a sliver of the entire population actually takes them, more than one have shown that many Trump voters are regretting it.


At the rate he’s going, not very well:

“As interviews go, it wasn’t exactly a model of clarity. In May 2016, on assignment for Time, I called on the putative Republican presidential nominee at Trump Tower to talk about presidential literacy—the core knowledge, including a sense of the history of the office itself, that our greatest presidents have brought to the highest levels. Trump’s mind, however, was fixated on the present and on himself, chiefly polls and the number of Republican rivals he’d knocked off.

We did talk about his criticism of NATO, which he said he had given little thought to before being asked a question by Wolf Blitzer on CNN. His answer—that the alliance was obsolete and that other nations weren’t pulling their financial weight—had, he admitted to me, come “off the cuff,” adding, “I’m an intuitive person. I didn’t read books on NATO—you do.” (In an interview with Megyn Kelly last year, Trump professed to being Too Busy To Bother With Whole Books, Insisting, “I read passages. I read areas. I’ll read chapters.”)

Presidents don’t need to be professors, but experience tells us that reading the odd book or two (or even three—a man can hope) can make a significant difference in the Oval Office. Thucydides said he wrote his histories for “those who want to understand clearly the events which happened in the past and which (human nature being what it is) will at some time or other and in much the same ways be repeated in the future.” If the Greek historian was right—and he usually was—Trump’s historical illiteracy may wind up being as costly as John F. Kennedy’s grasp of the past was beneficial.

When the news came on the morning of Tuesday, October 16, 1962, Kennedy’s first reaction was personal. “He can’t do this to me,” the president said as he was briefed, in bed, about Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev’s deployment of Soviet missiles in Cuba—an act that put nuclear weapons less than 15 minutes away from Washington, D.C. In those first moments of one of the most perilous weeks in human history, Kennedy called his brother Attorney General Robert Kennedy with the news. “Oh shit. Shit! Shit!,” R.F.K. said, when he saw the photos of the missiles…”

Trump repeats false claim about US and taxes article from Newsweek on The Raw Story. –

Trump repeats false claim about US and taxes

Despite his and his minion’s lies as Trump starts pushing his fraudulent tax reform scam, the U.S. does not pay the highest taxes – quite the opposite.

Donald Trump, Weakling article from Alternet. –

Despite the bluster and threats, our Ignoramus-in-Chief is a cowardly pussy.

The First White President article from The Atlantic. –

Trump’s rise to the presidency – based on White Supremacy – is all about destroying his predecessor’s legacy.

Trumps Tweets and Witness Tampering – Where to Draw the Line article from Just Security. –

Information on another way our Twitter tyrant breaks the law – intimidating witnesses on Twitter:

“Discussion of Donald Trump’s possible criminal wrongdoing since assuming the presidency has focused most intensely on classical obstruction of justice. Those matters involve whether the president impeding investigations into Michael Flynn and Russian election interference, and are reportedly under scrutiny by special counsel Robert Mueller and the Senate Judiciary Committee.

But Trump may yet cross another line that risks embroiling him in criminal conduct, and which he seems willing to perform very publicly on Twitter: intimidating witnesses.

Over the years, Trump has used his Twitter account to target many different people. They now include potential witnesses in Mueller’s investigation. One is Sally Yates, the fired acting attorney general who warned the White House that Flynn may be compromised and that Flynn had misled Vice President Mike Pence about his conversations with the Russian ambassador. Ahead of her testimony before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee in May, Trump suggested Yates leaked classified information to the press. He tweeted, “Ask Sally Yates, under oath, if she knows how classified information got into the newspapers soon after she explained it to W.H. Counsel.”

Another is Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who was a senior adviser to the Trump campaign. On top of the interest in his own interactions with Russians, Sessions is likely an important witness in the firing of Comey and in events surrounding Comey’s Valentine’s Day meeting with Trump, at which Comey says Trump pressured him to drop the Flynn investigation. Trump ratcheted up the pressure on Sessions in recent weeks, describing him on Twitter as “beleaguered” and “VERY weak,” and may well return to this theme if and when Sessions’ involvement is back in the news…”

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