Misadventures of a minority-elect President 165

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Today’s misadventures of our minority-elect president begin with his evolving Russia scandal which – in addition to epitomizing how profoundly corrupt, greedy and ignorant his fraudulent empire is – is going to eventually cost him his illegitimate presidency, plugging his own merchandise during his Texas trip, being called out on an old tweet from our dimwitted dip shit about Obama acting presidential while standing in a puddle is soooo apropos, Trump starts pushing his tax cut scam while perpetrating his Hurricane Harvey hero scam, Trump can’t even handle a crisis without showing how much of a failure he is and a lot more.

Trump’s Shadowy Moscow Deal: Could This Be the Key That Unlocks the Whole Russia Scandal? article from Truthout. –

The more we find out about Trump’s Russia scandal, the more illegitimate his presidency looks.

Son Says Media Coverage of President Would Drive Anyone to Suicide article from Newsweek on Yahoo! News. –

Sadly, Trump brings on all the negative coverage himself… if he quit acting like the perfect argument for birth control and started acting presidential – and representing everyone, not just the minority that elected him – coverage would be better.

Donald Trump Keeps Plugging His Own Merchandise During Hurricane Harvey article from The Huffington Post. –

Always trying to make a buck while exploiting millions shamelessly… quite the humanitarian.

Trump’s Business Dealings Come Back to Haunt Him article from The Atlantic. –

Lying about his failed attempt to start a development in Moscow while running for President epitomizes the profound corruption, greed and ignorance or our lackluster lame duck leader:

“Donald Trump the man has always been indistinguishable from Donald Trump the business, and since winning the election last November, both have been indistinguishable from Donald Trump the president.

That creates a range of problems, from the legal to the ethical to the logistical. In the latest instance, the porous boundary between Trump’s business and political lives is a new front in the investigation into his ties to Russia. Even as Trump was running for president in 2015, the Trump Organization was continuing a years-long effort to build a tower in Moscow.

Central to the effort were Felix Sater, a colorful Russian figure who had worked with Trump on Trump Soho, a debacle of a development in New York City, in addition to having done shadowy work for the U.S. government and having mob ties and a history of securities fraud; and his childhood friend Michael Cohen, a Trump attorney and hanger-on.

“I know how to play this and we will get it done,” Sater wrote to Cohen in November 2015, in an email reported by The New York Times. “Buddy our boy can become President of the USA and we can engineer it. I will get all of Putins team to buy in on this.”…”

Against Trump, Republicans Are All Talk and No Action article from The Nation. –

Our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator’s GOP brown shirts talk tough but remain complicit in aiding and abetting his duplicitous ass.

Trump Makes Devastating Hurricane All About Trump article from The Huffington Post. –

As usual, it’s always all about himself, not those that have been devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

Chances of Trump Impeachment at High Point article from Alternet. –

Focusing attention on our Loser-in-Chief’s fraudulent business empire will go farther towards removing him from office than focusing on the overhyped Russia scandal.

‘Right-wing stoogery’: Morning Joe perfectly explains how all Trump policies are ultimately ‘scams’ article from The Raw Story. –

For America’s worst-ever president it’s all about ratings, crowd size and forwarding his multiple scams to enrich himself:

“MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said President Donald Trump doesn’t actually care about most of the policies he promotes — he only cares about aggravating his enemies.

The “Morning Joe” host said the ban on transgender troops — which the president announced on Twitter, surprising military officials, and was then slow-walked by Defense Secretary James Mattis — was a perfect example of Trump’s careless approach to policy.

“Donald Trump’s saying, ‘I really don’t want to do this, I’ve got to throw red meat to the crazies in my base, why don’t you give me some cover here,’” Scarborough said.

Scarborough agreed with guest Noah Rothman, associate editor of Commentary, that Trump communicates almost exclusively to his base — which they described as the “fringe of the Republican party.”…”

Trump Didn’t Meet With Any Hurricane Harvey Victims While in Texas article from Newsweek on Yahoo! News. –

As usual our demented delinquent was all about showmanship, not empathy as he hyped his Texas trip to use Hurricane Harvey’s devastation to deflect from his imploding presidency.

IN THE TRENCHES OF TRUMP’S LEAK WAR article from Vanity Fair. –

An inside look at the Trump administration’s losing battle against leaks and the media…

This Old Donald Trump Tweet Is Going Viral Again For 1 Obvious Reason article from PopSugar on Yahoo! News. –

An old tweet from our dimwitted dip shit about Obama standing in puddles and acting presidential is soooo apropos…

Trump steered clear of storm victims during Texas visit article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Trump tries to make his predecessor look bad but he’s actually making himself look A LOT worse:

“The fact that Donald Trump went to Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey is not surprising. It’s been common for many years to see presidents travel to areas hard hit by disasters, meeting with officials on the ground, and offering support to victims.

But reading Politico’s report, it’s clear Donald Trump can’t stop being Donald Trump.

It was a presidential trip to a deluged state where the president didn’t meet a single storm victim, see an inch of rain or get near a flooded street.

But the daylong visit, during which President Donald Trump spent far more time in the air than on the ground, gave the optics-obsessed president some of the visuals he wanted, as he checked in on the government apparatus working on relief efforts and was buoyed by a roaring crowd of locals…”

Who won’t Trump pardon? article from The Week. –

That’s easy: anyone who’s not racist, neo-Nazi, a White Supremacist or anyone who actually deserves it…

Herr Donald, Sheriff Joe, Hurricane Harvey, and the Fate of the Republic article from CounterPunch. –

On the delusional dipshittery of our illegitimate president and the damage being done by his incorrigibly corrupt incompetence.

As Trump Begins Tax Reform Push, Critics Rip Plan as Fact-Free, Trickle-Down ‘Scam’ article from Common Dreams. –

Big corporations should be paying their fair share of taxes, not having them cut so CEO’s can become richer.

‘They thought they’d get Abe Lincoln and they end up with Don Rickles’: MSNBC panel rips Trump voters article from The Raw Story. –

Some will never change but some will finally wake up to the fact that Trump is a fraud and they were conned:

“Political journalists in a panel discussion on MSNBC on Wednesday discussed video of a shocking MSNBC focus group in Pittsburgh, PA in which people who voted for President Donald Trump in November seemed genuinely horrified at how his presidency has turned out.

“Abject disappointment,” said one voter. “Extremely disappointed — because regardless of what he wants to get done, whatever that may be, he has got to be his own worst enemy. He couldn’t be any worse at achieving goals in politics.”

The overwhelmingly negative reviews that the Pittsburgh voters gave Trump show that his supporters are not all unified behind him in his current struggles. His base may be eroding, in spite of political observers’ belief that Trump’s fans will support him no matter what.

Politico’s Jake Sherman said that part of the irony of the currently paralyzed Trump administration is that Trump ran on his reputation as “this great dealmaker.”…”

THE TRUMP DUMP – Day 222 (August 30, 2017) article from Medium. –

Another way of tracking the daily misadventures of the minority-elect miscreant..

The Flood of Trump-Russia News Beneath the Recent Chaos article from Mother Jones. –

The moronic miscreant we call president hid behind the Hurricane Harvey disaster but that didn’t stop more bad news from coming his way.

Most Americans Strongly Dislike Trump – but the Angry Minority That Adores Him Controls Our Politics article from Alternet. –

Allowing a dwindling minority of minions that adore our fraudulent failure of a president to dictate policy in Washington is unacceptable.

Trump and Manafort get big reminder that pardon power does not extend to state crimes article from The Washington Post. –

Trump foolishly thinks he can pardon himself and his fraudulent ilk out of being charged, but that only applies to Federal crimes:

“Politico reported Wednesday that New York’s attorney general Eric Schneiderman is now working with special counsel Robert S. Mueller III in the probe of financial transactions involving Paul Manafort, a story independently confirmed by The Washington Post by a source familiar with the investigation.

While the involvement of Schneiderman could produce nothing and is in an early stage, the news sends an important message to President Trump: his pardon power does not extend to state crimes.

In the event Manafort or anyone else is charged under New York law, or threatened with indictment, there will be nothing Trump can do about it.

His “power to grant reprieves and pardons” only covers “offenses against the United States,” according to Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution…”

Trump Reportedly Pitched a Fit Over the Meager Attendance at His Phoenix Rally article from Alternet. –

Actual evidence of his base shrinking pissed our national embarrassment off because he can’t handle reality.

Trump’s narcissism is poisoning America article from The Week. –

Our delusional gift that keeps on giving is having serious issues with actually being a leader – for obvious reasons…

Trump Hates the Antifascist Movement; Let’s Refuse to Follow His Lead article from Truthout. –

Trump’s spastic presidency has resulted in creating a large movement that opposes him so labeling everyone that hates neo-Nazi’s and White Supremacists as ‘antifa’ to rile his base is causing him some serious blow back.

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