Misadventures of a minority-elect President 162

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Today’s misadventures of our minority-elect president begin with mounting evidence that he is indeed a lame duck president, pondering whether or not Trump will resign before Mueller finishes his investigations, a brief look at the fodder that fuels Trump’s psychopathic Twitter tantrums in his land of delusion, our popular vote losing president is having a major crisis of legitimacy – primarily because he is now and always has been illegitimate, more on the many reasons it’s time for our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator to go, the list of crimes committed by the Trump family continues growing, our Liar-in-Chief has told over 1,000 lies in his first 7 months in office – making George W. Bush look good and a lot more.

Donald Trump Is a Lame-Duck President article from The Atlantic. –

Ya think!?! That has been obvious for quite a while…

The State of Trump’s Brain article from CounterPunch. –

Dissecting our demented delinquent’s narcissistic disorder and his deteriorating mental capacities, which is compounded by his growing ignorance…

How can Trump be so stupid? article from The Week. –

It’s easy when you’re born that way – more on how Trump is dragging himself down supporting neo-Nazis and White Supremacists.

The world takes note of Trump’s ‘failure of character’ article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

America’s worst-ever president is the laughing stock of the world:

“Former CIA Director John Brennan, watching Donald Trump’s reaction to Charlottesville unfold in recent days, wrote a letter to CNN yesterday, arguing that the president, though “his words and his actions,” is “putting our national security and our collective futures at grave risk.”

Brennan added that Trump is poised to do “lasting harm to American society and to our standing in the world.”

It’s that last point that may need a brighter spotlight. Much of the American mainstream has recoiled in response to seeing a president defend racist activists, but no one should forget that we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed.

The Economist, based in London, published a brutal piece in its new issue on Trump’s “failure of character,” featuring a cover in which Trump is depicted shouting into a white megaphone – which also happens to be a Klansman’s hood….”

After Attack in Spain, Trump Invokes ‘Vile’ Myth Celebrating Mass Execution of Muslims article from Common Dreams. –

Once again our dimwitted dip shit invokes rebuked lies as truth – despite claiming he needed to know the facts first about Charlottesville…

Trump Will Resign Before Mueller Finishes Investigation, ‘Art of the Deal’ Writer Says article from AlterNet. –

Speculation from Trump’s ghost writer that he will resign due to his corrupt, imploding lame duck presidency…

Here’s The Strange World President Trump Sees Whenever He Looks At Twitter article from The Huffington Post. –

A brief explanation on how Trump gets his inspiration from Twitter in his land of delusion.

The upside of Trump’s moral abdication article from The Week. –

America’s worst-ever president is showing his true colors and his intention of taking this country backwards:

“One big danger with modern-day presidents has been that they are too eager to improve the nation’s moral health. They either hector the country to atone for its past sins (Barack Obama). Or they aggressively push it to the promised land of moral perfection (Teddy Roosevelt who declared that he would do “battle for the Lord” to improve mankind during his term). But President Trump’s antics since the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville confirm that with him we face the opposite danger: He will destroy the moral progress this country has made over the last 250 years.

Fortunately, ordinary Americans are waking up to that reality and rather than looking to the alleged conscience-in-chief to beat back the rising tide of racism and bigotry, they are taking matters in their own hands. This may well prove to be a healthy development that will strengthen national morality by decentralizing it.

America’s founders were suspicious of presidents playing moral hero; James Madison even maintained that a president should have “no particle of spiritual jurisdiction.” But not in their wildest dreams could they have imagined that the country would one day be led by a moral moron who not only lacks moral common sense but also any feeling for this country’s moral history.

The two fixed lodestars in America’s moral map were set by its great struggles against slavery and Nazism. One can question the means that the nation deployed against these two evils but not that they were worth fighting. After all, they represent an affront to every sacred principle this country stands for — equality, liberty, and justice. America sacrificed over 750,000 soldiers (not counting the Confederate casualties), more than all its other conflicts combined, in the service of these two causes…”

DONALD TRUMP’S CRISIS OF LEGITIMACY article from The New Yorker. –

Trump is and always has been illegitimate – it’s his dubious actions and preference for White Supremacy and neo-Nazi’s that’s causing his crisis…

New Bill Would Require Donald Trump To Undergo Mental Health Evaluation article from The Huffington Post. –

Being of unsound mind may soon prove problematic for our delusional Hitler-aspring wannabe dictator.

Senate Republicans getting fed up with Trump article from The Hill. –

Soon our demented delusionist will end up isolating himself from everyone and possibly facing impeachment…

Robert Reich: Enough of This Madness. Trump Must Go Now article from Newsweek on Yahoo! News. –

How Trump has destroyed destroyed Democracy and desecrated his illegitimate presidency:

“We have endured Donald Trump for seven months.

Although he has had few legislative victories, he has almost single-handedly destroyed the moral authority of the presidency of the United States at home and abroad, brought us to the brink of a nuclear war without consulting anyone, and sown division and hatred.

He has given encouragement and legitimacy to the ugliest in America.

How can this nation endure another 41 months of this man?…”

The worst week of Trump’s presidency keeps happening article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Each passing week brings more bad news for our popular vote losing president – even when you think it can’t get any worse.

Why Trump Could Be Gone Before 2020 article from CounterPunch. –

More on the many reasons our delusional man-boy in the White House won’t last a full term…

Time to Impeach Trump article from Truthout. –

Even more reasons why it’s time for Trump to go…

EXCLUSIVE: Emails Say Whole Trump Family Participated In SoHo Hotel Criminal Enterprise article from The Stern Fact. –

When Trump and his business ties are investigated it will bring the complete corrupt Trump family down:

“It’s beginning to look like Special Counsel Mueller will catch President Trump and his three eldest children committing the first ever reality TV show assisted financial crime, all collaborating in a $350 million dollar bank fraud.

Three weeks ago, Bloomberg News reported that Mueller is focusing on the lower Manhattan Trump Soho Hotel deal and Vanity Fair reported today that new emails reveal the Trump family’s participation in a criminal enterprise there.

The Russian money trail leads right through the president’s troubled project in downtown Manhattan. A series of e-mails reveals new details.

Tonight, we’ve obtained leaked copies of those emails which are embedded below…”

The Company Trump and His Supporters Keep article from Dorf on Law. –

On the juvenile actions of our Liar-in-Chief and the moronic minions that unflinchingly support him.

Donald Trump’s True Allegiances article from The New Yorker. –

Trump has always been a White Supremacist so it’s not surprising that he supports them and neo-Nazis to anyone paying attention.

Bannon’s Ouster Welcomed, But Much Bigger Problem Remains in White House: Trump article from Common Dreams. –

America’s most corrupt president – the gift that keeps on giving – keeps getting himself in deeper shit with each passing day…

Trump Breaks a Taboo – and Pays the Price article from The Atlantic. –

In showing his true allegiances with neo-Nazis and White Supremacists the mentally unstable degenerate we call a president is fueling a resistance as well as his downfall:

“Taboo and sacredness are among the most important words needed to understand Charlottesville and its aftermath. Taboo refers to things that are forbidden for religious or supernatural reasons. All traditional societies have such prohibitions—things you must not do, touch, or eat, not because they are bad for you directly, but because doing so is an abomination, which may bring divine retribution. But every society also makes some things sacred, rallying around a few deeply revered values, people, or places, which bind all members together and make them willing to sacrifice for the common good. The past week brought violent conflict over symbols and values held sacred—and saw President Trump commit an act of sacrilege by violating one of our society’s strongest taboos.

The “Unite the Right” rally was an effort to mobilize and energize a subset of the far-right around its own sacred symbols—including swastikas and confederate flags—by marching to another symbol that is its members believed was under attack, a statue of Robert E. Lee. The psychological logic of the rally was to bind white people together with shared hatred of Jews, African Americans, and others, under a banner and narrative of racial victimhood and racial purity. Marching and chanting in unison has been shown to intensify feelings of oneness and social cohesion. The psychology of sacredness and its function in binding groups together is essential for understanding the method and the motives of the marchers.

Now look at the trail of desecration that stretches from the Friday night march across the grounds of the University of Virginia to Trump’s press conference the following Tuesday. UVA students treat “the lawn” at the heart of the original campus as hallowed ground, and most of them revere “Mr. Jefferson” as the (morally complicated) founder of the university. (I taught there for 16 years, and came to share those quasi-religious feelings.) This is why it made emotional sense to some students to rush out and “defend” a statue of Jefferson by surrounding it—unarmed—as a throng of torch-bearing armed white supremacists approached. There is no reason to think that the marchers would have vandalized the statue, but their unopposed presence would have contaminated it.

That torchlight march, and the main rally the next day, gave the country the shocking spectacle of fellow Americans chanting “Jews will not replace us” while making Nazi salutes and anti-black slurs. It was a rejection—a desecration—of the story shared by most Americans in which we are not a nation based on “blood and soil,” we are a nation of immigrants who accepted the American creed. That creed includes the idea that “all men are created equal.” Americans know that we do not yet live up to our aspirations, but publicly accepting the premises of the nation’s founding documents is a requirement for political leadership in America. To deny those premises is blasphemy, and so white supremacism, the KKK, and neo-Nazis are by definition blasphemous…”

As Trump controversies intensify, Mar-a-Lago faces cancellations article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Blow back builds as the growing not-so-silent majority becomes disillusioned with Trump’s growing scandals…

The Lies on Afghanistan Trump Will Now Tell article from Common Dreams. –

As with his two predecessors, our Liar-in-Chief will continue illegal wars in the Middle East based on fraudulent rationale and lies to further enrich the Military-Industrial Complex.

1,000 lies and counting: Fact checker catalogs astonishing number of Trump untruths in just 7 months article from The Raw Story. –

It’s difficult to believe that we could find another ‘president’ that makes George W. Bush look good…

Trump’s Base Goes Ballistic Over His ‘Unlimited War’ article from The Daily Beast. –

Breaking another campaign promise by continuing illegal war in the Middle East is pissing off Trump’s dwindling base:

“President Donald Trump acknowledged on Monday night that the new Afghanistan strategy he unveiled is a reversal of his long-held objection to the very idea of having a U.S. military presence in the country.

But in announcing a ramp up of U.S. forces with no defined timeline for their departure, Trump tailored and mangled and obscured the policy to such a degree so as to make it both difficult to understand and—he hopes—palatable to his base. At one point, he asserted that his strategy was to have no publicly-stated strategy at all.

“We will not talk about numbers of troops or our plans for further military activities,” Trump told a crowd of servicemen at Virginia’s Fort Myer on Monday.

President’s have made abrupt foreign policy reversals before, often breaking with campaign pledges when presented with a new set of geopolitical realities. Trump’s reversal stands out not just for the outright vehemence with which he previously argued that America needed to put an end to its 16-year-long war—Trump has called for total US withdrawal from Afghanistan and for handing the country over to an army of mercenaries—but also because of what it says about his foreign policy at large. In the seven months since taking office, Trump has expanded military operations in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Libya and, now, Afghanistan. And that’s in addition to an escalated nuclear standoff with North Korea…”

Here Are the Hard Numbers on the War in Afghanistan Trump Left Out of His Speech article from Truthout. –

As usual, Trump lied and/or omitted some relevant facts, this time on continuing the illegal occupation in Afghanistan.

Trump’s War on Terror May Prove Even More Deadly Than George W. Bush’s article from AlterNet. –

Having a mentally deranged president continuing an illegal war in Afghanistan could create a major humanitarian disaster.

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