Misadventures of a minority-elect President 156

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Our minority-elect president’s misadventures today begin with members of his own party admitting they’re leader is a major problem as his mental capacities continue diminishing, why Trump’s propaganda is growing more useless with each passing day, our Liar-in-Chief caught making up phone calls with world leaders and the Boy Scouts while losing what little credibility he has left – which is little if any at all, Trump’s ignorance and distractions are proving costly to Americans, being of unsound mind it’s easy for Trump to make himself great in his land of delusion, pondering whether or not Trump is a pathological liar or taking cues from a Russian propaganda playbook with his constant spewing of lies as his popularity hits another all-time low, much of the minority that ‘elected’ our fraudulent lame duck president are beginning to realize they were conned and much more.

‘We Pretended That the Emperor Wasn’t Naked’ article from The Atlantic. –

Some in the GOP are beginning to admit our popular vote losing president has some serious deficits.

Robert Reich: House Republicans Are Convinced Trump Is out of His Gourd article from AlterNet. –

America’s worst-ever president’s diminishing mental capacity is beginning to have serious repercussions…

Trump’s approval rating is historically low. It’s also terrifyingly high. article from The Week. –

The fact that a third of this country still approves of America’s worst-ever president speaks volumes.

Making Sense of the Big WaPo Story and the False Statement article from Talking Points Memo. –

More on the latest grounds for bringing our lame duck Loser-in-Chief up on obstruction charges:

“Straight news reporters have to work within many important conventions. These both limit the scope of their work but are equally critical to doing that work properly and effectively. I was reminded of this when reading last night’s blockbuster report in The Washington Post.

The kernel of the Post report is a much more total and dramatic report of something we knew more tenuously in near contemporaneous reports a month ago: that President Trump had himself been involved in crafting the original statement that his son Don Jr. released in response to the original New York Times report about his June 2016 meeting with that Russia lawyer. That alone represented a stunning failure on the part of his aides. Since they implicated the President in both the knowledge of those events and whatever misstatements were included in the response to them – something with possibly severe legal implications. What the Post now reports is that not only was Trump the apparently sole author of the false statement – he apparently dictated the copy – but that he overruled his top aides and advisors to construct that false statement.

This is a fact of immense consequence.

Based around that central nugget of news are several other points which become clear on reading. One is the Kushner team’s interest in transparency. This is not credible, to put it mildly. That doesn’t mean the factual account is untrue in its narrow particulars. It may have been Kushner lawyer Abbe Lowell’s strategy with the particular evidence of this meeting or in conversations with the Post for this story. But the global message is hardly credible…”

Trump points to dubious proof of his supposed historic greatness article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Being of unsound mind the president is able to create all kinds of greatness with no effort whatsoever.

The Two Explanations for Trump’s Meddling in the Russia Investigation article from The Atlantic. –

Our national embarrassment is hellbent on making sure he ends up facing Obstruction of Justice charges – and foolishly think’s his corrupt ass is above the Law.

A Small Yet Soul-Crushing Illustration of Donald Trump’s Utter Economic Illiteracy article from Slate. –

Not surprising given Trump’s utter illiteracy over everything else…

Trump has lost his gift for propaganda article from The Week. –

Trump has no credibility because all he does is lie all the time so everything he says is propaganda:

“Ask a true-believing Trump partisan what makes the president good at his job, and they’re likely to tell you how great his instincts are. “I think he’s got some of the best political instincts in the world, and perhaps in history, if you think about it,” said poor Anthony Scaramucci before he was shown the door. President Trump may not know a lot about the details, but he just feels something in his gut that points him toward victory.

It’s not a crazy idea — after all, he did become president when no sane person thought it was possible. And one of the best examples was his intuitive grasp of how to tickle the darker nerve endings of America’s id. He may not have been running careful studies to determine his message, but he sensed what would resonate with the kinds of voters he was after.

But now, as president, Trump is turning out to be a terrible propagandist.

The last person who would admit this is Trump himself, given his ample self-regard and the fact that over the course of his life he has given more thought to manipulating public opinion through the media than nearly any other topic, the possible exceptions being real estate and the looks of women (and girls — shudder) he encounters. This is a man who from early in his career worked assiduously to build a media image, even going so far as to call reporters claiming to be a publicist named “John Barron” or “John Miller,” then extolling his own financial success and sexual desirability. To a great degree, he was successful; although he was always a target of ridicule, he also made his name synonymous with, if not class and luxury, at least shamelessly vulgar ostentation…”

Boy Scouts ‘Unaware’ of Call Trump Said He Received From Organization Praising Jamboree Speech article from TIME on Yahoo! News. –

Trump lied – surprise, surprise – about praise he received from his rally speech at the Boy Scout Jamboree last week.

Maybe Don’t Tell President Trump Any of Your Secrets article from Gizmodo. –

Trump hates leaked secrets about himself but has no qualms whatsoever about giving secret information to Russians.

Trump Came In As A Weak President, And He’s Made Himself Weaker article from FiveThirtyEight. –

Don’t take lessons from Trump on being presidential, or successful for that matter…

Trump is doing irreparable harm to the White House’s credibility article from CNN. –

Trump’s lackluster knowledge of much of anything coupled with his constant deflections and distractions are costing him:

“(CNN) – In the past week, three senior White House staff members have either been fired or resigned. The staff shake-up, which ended with Gen. John Kelly being appointed as President Trump’s new chief of staff, was supposedly done to impose a new level of discipline to a presidency that has been derailed by chaos, scandal and a complete lack of major legislative achievements.

Unfortunately, a staff shake-up won’t solve the problem in the White House. That’s because the problem in the White House is Donald Trump.

That unfortunate truth was made crystal clear Tuesday when Politico published a full transcript of President Trump’s July 25 interview with The Wall Street Journal from the Oval Office. The interview transcript is, frankly, bizarre — and includes many incoherent, rambling statements that do not make sense.

It’s an alarming read, particularly when you remember that the person who is struggling to speak authoritatively or coherently on virtually any topic is the same person that is in charge of America’s military might and its nuclear launch codes…”

Trump’s Dangerous Delusions on Police Brutality article from CounterPunch. –

Trump’s dangerous delusions extend far beyond police brutality…

Trump’s ‘3 am phone call’ is coming – and his response should ‘should terrify us all’: GOP strategist article from The Raw Story. –

What could happen if our demented delinquent actually has to handle a crisis he didn’t create himself.

Trump is about to make America much crueler to unionized workers article from Think Progress. –

The two miscreants Trump wants to appoint to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) want to destroy unions and those that belong to them.

Trump Has Quietly Accomplished More Than It Appears article from The Atlantic. –

Buried under all the chaos, conflicts of interest, ethics violations and other skullduggery Trump uses to distract are important issues going unnoticed which are undermining everyone:

“Imagine, if you will, that there is a shadow government.

The actual government, the administration of Donald Trump, is coming off the worst week of his presidency, although there haven’t been any smooth weeks. Trump’s top legislative priority, repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, seems dead for the moment. (Tax reform? Forget it.) His administration has set a new standard for chaos and dysfunction, rolling through staffers the way other administrations run through, well, legislative initiatives. Trump’s foreign policy remains inchoate and ineffective. Meanwhile, a special counsel investigation looms over the entire administration, threatening both its legitimacy and legal jeopardy for some of its members.

Things are going considerably better for the shadow government. With the Trump administration’s chaos sucking up all the attention, it’s been able to move forward on a range of its priorities, which tend to be more focused on regulatory matters anyway. It is remaking the justice system, rewriting environmental rules, overhauling public-lands administration, and greenlighting major infrastructure projects. It is appointing figures who will guarantee the triumph of its ideological vision for decades to come.

The trick here is that the administration and this shadow government are one and the same. Even as the public government sputters, other elements of the Trump administration are quietly remaking the nation’s regulatory landscape, especially on the environment and criminal justice…”

Boy Scouts: Top leaders didn’t call Trump to praise speech, as the president said article from The Los Angeles Times. –

Maybe the Boy Scouts should give our dimwitted dip shit a badge in pathological lying…

Trump introduces merit-based immigration system that will favor applicants ‘who can speak English’ article from The Week. –

There is no end to the discriminatory escapades from Trump, the miscreants in his administration and the GOP-led U.S. Congress.

Donald Trump vs. The Rule of Law article from Truthout. –

Trump and the trash he calls his administration have no regard for the rule of law and believe – albeit incorrectly – they are above it and it doesn’t apply to them.

Trump Is Now Personally Implicated in a Coverup – Although We Still Can’t Be Sure What He’s Hiding article from AlterNet. –

With all the deception and obstruction coming from Trump’s White House it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what he’s trying to hide but his actions make it obvious that he can no longer deny it:

“We may have finally reached the point at which it’s no longer tenable to offer President Trump the benefit of the doubt about his motives for trying to obstruct the Russia investigation. He is in so far over his head with this job, and so lacking in both temperament and knowledge, that there was always the chance that he simply stumbled into this coverup without really understanding the stakes.

But the latest blockbuster Washington Post story about the president’s personal involvement in crafting Donald Trump Jr.’s statement to the press regarding the now-famous meeting in June 2016 — the one with a lawyer advertised as an emissary of the Russian government, to talk about its program to help Trump defeat Hillary Clinton — makes it impossible for anyone to maintain that he didn’t understand how deeply his campaign was implicated.

What we know now is that the president overruled his own attorneys and advisers to dictate a statement that was at best misleading at, in which he passed off the event as a benign meeting about Russian adoptions. The reason we can no longer assume that was just his clumsy spin to exonerate his son as “any father would do,” as White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders put it on Tuesday, is because of this timeline, courtesy of journalists Laura Rozen and Josh Marshall:

July 7th: On or before Friday July 7th Trump advisors and lawyers begin discussing how to respond to press inquiries about Don Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer who an intermediary told Trump Jr. had information tied to the Russian government’s support for Trump’s candidacy…”

New poll shows Trump plummeting to lowest job approval of presidency article from AOL News. –

According to the latest Quinnipiac University national poll, Trump’s approval rating now sits at 33 percent.

A Chilling Theory on Trump’s Nonstop Lies article from Mother Jones. –

Pondering whether Trump’s lies are pathological or part of Russian propaganda known as the ‘firehose of falsehood.’

Yes, We All Have Conspiracy Fatigue: Because It Is Trump’s Best Weapon for Hiding the Truth article from AlterNet. –

Trump and his minions continue creating conspiracy theories to deflect attention from their crimes and corruption.

Trump Is Failing His Voters article from U.S News. –

Much of the minority that ‘elected’ our lame duck moron are finally realizing they were conned:

“President Donald Trump is in Huntington, West Virginia today and he won’t say it to the cheering crowd inside Big Sandy Superstore Arena, but he’s failing them.

Trump is failing Appalachia. He’s failing the Rust Belt. He’s failing the forgotten man and the working-class and the voters of Trump’s America.

During the campaign Trump promised $1 trillion in infrastructure investments and they are nowhere in sight; not because of Washington obstruction but because a bill hasn’t been proposed.

Trump’s Make America Great Again agenda is stalled in Congress because outside of a one-sheet tax-plan (and a budget that cuts aid to his own voters) his agenda doesn’t yet exist…”

Why the most dishonest president in history can’t fool us about what matters article from The Washington Post. –

After more than 6 months of nothing but lies, Trump has no credibility and no one can trust him – he’s done.

Donald Trump just keeps lying article from CNN. –

After saying things that aren’t provable and making up lies to boost his delusional ego, it’s obvious that Trump is incapable of ever telling the truth.

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