Misadventures of a minority-elect President 154

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Today’s misadventures of our illegitimate popular vote losing president begins with his ongoing war crimes in Syria where he has killed thousands of civilians in a dubious attempt at overthrowing the Bashar al-Assad regime while funding and training terrorists, growing evidence that in addition to being illegitimate, Trump is a lame duck president no longer feared by many in Washington, the delusional dipshittery of the miscreants Trump surrounds himself with aren’t doing him any favors, why threats and Trump’s reality TV show – as opposed to having a version of Trump resembling anything remotely presidential – aren’t cutting it and much more.

The Trump Administration Is Waging a War On Civilians In Syria article from In These Times. –

The U.S. is illegally committing War Crimes in Syria and civilians are again paying a heavy price for it.

With Trump it’s time to go beyond mere disgust article from The Guardian. –

It’s time to take the rage against our illegitimate national embarrassment and turn it into something more coherent to remove his corrupt, ignorant ass from office.

The Past 5 GOP Presidents Have Used Fraud and Treason to Steer Themselves to Electoral Victory article from AlterNet. –

Trump is just the latest illegitimate GOP President to perfect their system of defrauding and disenfranchising voters to ‘win’ elections while committing treason and other high crimes.

Fox-Conned: After Trump’s healthcare debacle, next up is fake jobs and fiscal malpractice article from The Raw Story. –

With the defeat – for now – of his fraudulent healthcare tax giveaway Trump and his GOP brown shirts can move on to the next items on their dubious agenda to enrich their masters:

“In Donald Trump’s mafioso-style presidency, appearances are reality. Trump courts chaos solely to appear strong and decisive. That was his standard for Trumpcare: getting a win at any cost.

If an early version of the Republican healthcare bill had passed, the Center for American Progress estimated up to 2.9 million jobs would have been lost by 2022. It didn’t matter that the forgotten men and women of Trump’s America would be hammered by cuts to rural healthcare systems overburdened with opioid addicts. It only mattered that Trump could brag that he was the top dog.

That disaster has been delayed — Trump will sabotage Obamacare out of sheer vindictiveness — so it’s on to the next debacle.

That is likely to be tax reform. The scheme is to shower the wealthy like Trump with tax cuts, inching closer to Grover Norquist’s dream of making government so small he can “drown it in the bathtub.”…”

Donald Trump Is A Terrible President, According To His Own Tweets About Obama article from Newsweek on Yahoo! News. –

Trump’s tweets about Obama – like the vast majority of his Twitter meltdowns over the past six months – are coming back to bite him.

Donald Trump Slumps To His Weakest Position Yet article from The Huffington Post. –

With his duplicitous agenda falling apart and no major legislative accomplishments Mr. ‘art of the deal’ is proving to be nothing but a failure…

Trump Is Failing: With Republicans in Charge of Washington, He Can’t Get Anything Done article from Newsweek on Yahoo! News. –

America’s worst-ever President is a massive failure and he’s coming unraveled.

‘The president is a pyromaniac’: the week Trump set fire to the White House article from The Guardian. –

Trump’s ignorance has caused him to have one of the worst weeks of his illegitimate presidency:

“Donald Trump began the week by turning a national scout jamboree into something resembling a youth rally. He ended it in front of more massed ranks in uniform, telling police officers “please don’t be too nice” to suspects they arrest in what sounded to many like an endorsement of police brutality.

And then, amid a blizzard of stories about White House infighting, chief of staff Reince Priebus resigned, becoming the shortest-serving occupant of the post in history. Though he seemed blithely unaware of it, it was a fitting finale to the worst week of Trump’s short political career.

In five torrid days, the US president alienated conservatives by savaging his own attorney general; earned a rebuke from the Pentagon over a rushed ban on transgender troops; watched impotently as the Senate dealt a crushing blow to his legislative agenda with the fall of healthcare reform; ousted Priebus; and threw a human grenade – the new communications director, Anthony Scaramucci – into his already dysfunctional White House.

“This is certainly the week in which the Trump administration went off the rails,” said Bill Galston, a former policy adviser to Bill Clinton. “And it’s going to require some heavy lifting equipment to get it back on the rails and off down the track.”…”

Donald Trump is now a lame-duck president article from The Chicago Tribune. –

Our Loser-in-Chief’s failure of a presidency is growing glaringly evident with each passing day.

‘The White House Is Failing’: Adviser Admits Someone Coming ‘From Another Planet’ Could See Trump Is a Disaster article from AlterNet. –

Observance of the fact that our impotent imbecile’s White House is imploding – and the fact that Trump never should have been put there to begin with.

Trump is a virus article from The Week. –

On the sickness that has permeated the U.S. since Trump ‘won’ the election and why it’s time to alleviate the threat to make sure it no longer spreads.

Who’s Afraid of Donald Trump? Good Question. article from TIME. –

Trumps ignorance and actions have revealed that there is no reason for politicians to be afraid of him:

“Donald Trump doesn’t scare Washington anymore.

That was the lesson from a week of stinging defeats for the President, from the halls of Congress to the homepage of Breitbart. Not long ago, Trump could tank a company’s stock price with a Twitter blast and cow Republican allies into silence when he trampled political norms.

But these days, Trump doesn’t have much juice in the capital.

The President was disengaged throughout much of the Senate’s dramatic fight over healthcare reform, even though his administration made the repeal of the Affordable Care Act its first big legislative priority. When Trump finally waded into the fray late in the game—after Republican leaders had failed to rally the votes for the plan they crafted and Trump blessed—his tweeted threats failed to sway GOP Senate holdouts…”

Trump’s new weapon? His Cabinet article from The Hill. –

Using miscreants in his cabinet to do his dirty work probably won’t help Trump advance his dubious agendas.

The End of the End of Obamacare article from The New York Book Review of Books. –

Our dimwitted dip shit is pushing for another vote on his fraudulent healthcare tax giveaway but it remains to be seen how long it lays dormant this time around…

NYT’s Dowd: Despite tough talk, Trump is ‘really weak’ article from The Hill. –

Ms. Dowd notes that despite blowing smoke up everyone’s ass about how tough he is Trump is actually in a very weak position courtesy of the disarray in his White House.

Donald Trump ‘getting outsmarted at every turn, while the United States gets nothing’ article from The Daily Kos. –

When a corrupt, ignorant miscreant surrounds himself with equally corrupt, ignorant miscreants who don’t know shit about what they’re in charge of with the intention of having them destroy it, be prepared for the resistance to the resultant idiocracy:

“The idea that America was getting shafted in international deals wasn’t just a theme of the Trump campaign, it was the theme. Donald Trump promised that not only was he a red-hot maker of deals, he was going to bring in a team of all “the best people” while throwing those horrible, terrible deals of the past into the trash can.

But according to Washington Post columnist and conservative stalwart Jennifer Rubin, it turns out Trump’s best people are substandard.

The hope that a business figure who reinvented presidential campaigning might have access to a talent pool filled with figures who could bring new expertise and insights to government was always fanciful. Trump defines success in terms of money and demands absolute loyalty. He lacks any interest in policy and therefore sees no need for policy experts. His narcissism prevents him from getting those more knowledgeable and sophisticated than he to serve.

Trump has ended up with a team where the secretary of state is in hiding, the attorney general is huddled in his bigot bunker, and the secretary of energy is carefully explaining bullshit exports to a Russian comedy show (really). The rest of Trump’s “best” are goggle-eyed yes men who spend most of their time scrambling to explain why Trump’s latest incoherent tweet is good. Real good…”

Wall Street Journal editorial board says Trump, not Priebus, is the problem in the White House article from The Week. –

When a Rupert Murdoch trash rag says Trump is the problem, Trump really has a problem…

Trump threatens to end ObamaCare payments unless repeal passes article from The Hill. –

Our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator is threatening to make ObamaCare implode and to take away bailouts for healthcare from Congress if his fraudulent repeal plan doesn’t pass.

Fascism and the Denial of Truth: What Henry Wallace Can Teach Us About Trump article from Truthout. –

Wallace teaches us about the many tactics being used by Trump and his Cabal as his failing presidency implodes.

We deserve better than Trump’s presidential reality show article from CNN. –

Why Trump’s Reality TV show as opposed to having a Trump capable of acting presidential isn’t working:

“President Donald Trump has finally done it. He has turned his administration into a B-level reality show. A cross between “Celebrity Apprentice” and “Jersey Shore,” the characters in this White House drama even have theatrical nicknames like “Mad Dog,” or Secretary of Defense James Mattis, and “The Mooch,” referencing Anthony Scaramucci, the newest director of communications.

And while it may be fun to watch, it’s a travesty for our nation. We deserve a president who is thoughtful, informed and focused on working for all Americans. Instead we have Trump, who seems preoccupied with creating a televised spectacle.

Trump stunningly appears to be intentionally managing the White House like he did his long running reality show “The Apprentice.” But don’t take my word for it. Just listen to how Leeza Gibbons, of “Entertainment Tonight” fame and winner of “Celebrity Apprentice” in 2015, detailed Trump’s way of running his reality show while she was a contestant.

Gibbons told me in February that Trump is “very good at pitting people against each other” adding, “because that made for great reality television.” Gibbons described how Trump would create drama on “Celebrity Apprentice”: He would “walk in the room, pull a pin out of a hand grenade and walk out and let everyone just kind of fight it out.”…”

With Trump in the White House, United States is under attack from within article from The Miami Herald. –

On the dangers to America posed by our popular vote losing demented delinquent in the White House.

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