Misadventures of a minority-elect President 153

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

We begin today’s misadventures of our minority-elect President with his staff making headlines for all the wrong reasons, Trump – so far – is the biggest loser and it’s not getting any better for him, our illegitimate man-boy broke the law when he used ACA money to fund phony ads about why it needed to be replaced, the gift that keeps on giving has had a very bad week as his White House continues falling apart, despite what we’ve seen from our popular vote losing psychopath so far the worst is yet to come and more.

The White House Communications Director Just Gave This Unhinged, Profanity-Laden Interview article from Mother Jones. –

There are several issues affecting Trump’s White House which is on the cusp of a total implosion.

Anthony Scaramucci is vindictive, petty and unprincipled – perfect for Trump article from The Guardian. –

Having a mini-me in charge of his communications isn’t going to bode well for our dimwitted dip shit.

What Happened in Ohio Proves That Trump Is Only Going to Get Worse article from Mother Jones. –

No major legislative accomplishments, dwindling approval ratings and federal investigations are making Trump look foolish…

Scaramucci’s ‘dumbass popped-collar chest bumping’ against ‘leakers’ could be a felony’ article from The Raw Story. –

America’s worst-ever President sure knows how to pick miscreants to surround himself with:

“Anthony Scaramucci may have revealed criminal wrongdoing by federal law enforcement officials during his profane New Yorker interview.

The incoming White House communications director told the magazine that FBI agents and federal prosecutors may have been revealing to him the identities of White House leakers — which is a violation of protocols and possibly illegal, reported The Daily Beast.

“This is going to get cleaned up very shortly, O.K.?” Scaramucci told The New Yorker. “Because I nailed these guys. I’ve got digital fingerprints on everything they’ve done through the F.B.I. and the fucking Department of Justice.”

The Justice Department declined to comment on the remarks, but FBI agents and federal prosecutors told The Daily Beast that Scaramucci may have disclosed evidence of criminal wrongdoing…”


It’s turning out that Trump is a bigger loser than previously thought…

Donald Trump Asked For Russian Help In The Election 1 Year Ago Today article from The Huffington Post. –

1 year ago today our national embarrassment asked Russia to find Clinton’s 30,000 deleted emails.

Experts slam Trump administration’s flawed analysis for repealing water pollution rule article from Think Progress. –

As with every other illegal scheme our Loser-in-Chief perpetrates, facts play no role.

The Government Accountability Office is investigating Trump’s abuses against the ACA article from The Daily Kos. –

Like virtually everything else Trump has done, using ACA money to run phony ads about why it needs to be replaced is illegal:

“One of the laws in our democracy is that a sitting administration cannot use government resources already allotted to a task to push an agenda that undermines an existing set of laws. The Daily Beast reported last week that Trump’s Health and Human Services demon Tom Price seems to have done just that.

The Trump administration has spent taxpayer money meant to encourage enrollment in the Affordable Care Act on a public relations campaign aimed at methodically strangling it.

The effort, which involves a multi-pronged social media push as well as video testimonials designed at damaging public opinion of President Obama’s health care law, is far more robust and sustained than has been publicly revealed or realized.

Much of this propaganda push consists of a series of dozens of videos showing testimonials of Obamacare ‘nightmare’ experiences…”

Will Trump Seal His Own Doom by Firing Sessions and Mueller? article from AlterNet. –

God, let’s hope so… he’s stupid enough to do it.

Trump’s White House is just like his business empire: A drama-fueled failure article from The Week. –

Life is falling apart in Trump’s land of delusion as his presidency crumbles just like his fraudulent businesses…

Trump’s approval is underwater in 11 states he won in November article from CNN. –

Expect that number to increase the longer our demented delinquent stays in office.

This is the most clueless, incompetent, and self-defeating administration in American history article from The Week. –

The majority that didn’t ‘elect’ him knew Trump’s Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictatorship would fail from the start:

“The continual meltdown of the Trump administration has reached, unbelievably, an even higher pitch over the last few days, with the hiring of financier Anthony Scaramucci as the new White House communications director.

And yet, the endless juicy personal drama surrounding President Trump is in some ways covering up for far worse failures and incompetence — particularly surrounding America’s nuclear programs and arsenal. The hapless incompetence of this administration is virtually impossible to exaggerate.

But first, the drama. A mere five days after taking the job, Scaramucci was embroiled in a new seething controversy when Politico released a report detailing that, like practically every other top member of the Trump regime, he is stinking rich. He has up to $85 million in assets, plus a $5 million paycheck from his firm SkyBridge Capital and $4.9 million in capital gains from his ownership stake there in just this year alone.

Scaramucci immediately blamed White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, who had opposed his hiring, for the felonious “leak,” and tweeted that he was going to report him to the FBI. But it turned out the form was public, a result of his previous post at the Export-Import Bank (as could be seen on the title of the form, which reads “Public Financial Disclosure Report”). Nevertheless, Scaramucci continued to insist that an investigation was needed, telling The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza that “Reince is a f–king paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac.” (He also noted that “I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own cock.”)…”

What Trump Doesn’t Understand About Politics and the Military article from Esquire. –

It’s amazing what Trump doesn’t understand about virtually everything…

How Long Can This Go On? article from The Atlantic. –

A look at the ongoing implosion of the joke that we call president and the endless antics of the miscreants he surrounds himself with.

Why Trump’s White House Won’t Stop Leaking article from Politico. –

There is no unity in our completely inept, profoundly corrupt president’s administration or the White House which is currently imploding coupled with Trump’s malicious personality and complete ignorance makes for a losing combination from which there will always be leaks.

The Worst Is Yet To Come article from Common Dreams. –

Why you must remain vigilant with the minority-elect psychopath in the White House:

“The Court of Mad King Donald is not a presidency. It is an affliction, one that saps the life out of our democratic institutions, and it must be fiercely resisted if the nation as we know it is to survive.

I wish that were hyperbole. The problem is not just that President Trump is selfish, insecure, egotistical, ignorant and unserious. It is that he neither fully grasps nor minimally respects the concept of honor, without which our governing system falls apart. He believes “honorable” means “obsequious in the service of Trump.” He believes everyone else’s motives are as base as his.

The Trump administration is, indeed, like the court of some accidental monarch who is tragically unsuited for the duties of his throne. However long it persists, we must never allow ourselves to think of the Trump White House as anything but aberrant. We must fight for the norms of American governance lest we forget them in their absence.

It gets worse and worse. The past week has marked a succession of new lows…”

Donald the Destroyer: Assessing the Trump Effect article from Counter Punch. –

The many ways our in which our popular vote losing impotent imbecile turned the Office of the President into Animal House.

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