Misadventures of a minority-elect President 152

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

We begin today’s misadventures of our popular vote losing president with lessons in loyalty – or in his case the lack thereof, in Trump’s land of delusion, he has convinced himself that he’s almost as good as Abraham Lincoln, our demented delinquent’s obsession with his illegitimate presidency is making us all less safe, backlash from Trump’s Boy Scout pep rally speech begins, our Twitter tyrant steps us his ignorant tirades against his political enemies, Trump’s efforts to distract from his growing scandals are failing miserably, how Trump keeps using Twitter – which refuses to stop him despite the obvious violations of their policies – to bully enemies and try to distract from his growing list of crimes and scandals and much more.

Lessons in Loyalty From John McCain and That Other Guy article from Roll Call. –

Loyalty only works one way for Trump as he has none for anyone else.

Trump: U.S. military won’t allow transgender people ‘to serve in any capacity’ article from Yahoo! News. –

6 months in and our Loser-in-Chief is already discriminating big time against transgender people and the LGBT Community.

Trump is a coward. At least it limits the damage he does article from The Guardian. –

Trump doesn’t have the balls to fire the Attorney General he appointed so he has to play games to try and humiliate him instead.

As Trump Prepares to Fire Mueller, the Rule of Law Has Never Been Weaker in Washington article from AlterNet. –

As our popular vote losing president threatens to fire Mueller and plays games with Sessions it has become blatantly obvious that the Rule of Law in non-existent in Washington’s Culture of Corruption:

“As President Trump drops increasingly broad hints that he believes he is above the law, Congress and the public face an impending crisis that will test whether the Republican Party is more loyal to Trump or to the rule of law. The crisis is all but certain, and the outcome is very much in doubt.

In talking up his “complete power” of pardon, humiliating Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and denigrating special prosecutor Robert Mueller, Trump has made clear that he doesn’t believe any investigation of his campaign’s contacts with the Russian government is legitimate. “A special counsel should never have been appointed in this case,” Trump told the New York Times.

With investigators closing in on his friends and family, time is not on Trump’s side. But the weakness of the rule of law is.

The pace of the various investigations is picking up. Mueller has assembled a high-powered staff. The House and Senate intelligence committees both grilled Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner this week. The Senate Judiciary Committee, led by Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley, has now joined the hunt, issuing a subpoena for Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager. If Trump doesn’t act soon, more revelations—or indictments—could further limit his options to act…”

Trump Insists He’s ‘Presidential,’ Ranks Himself Right Behind Lincoln (VIDEO) article from Talking Points Memo. –

Our illegitimate president is trying to convince himself he’s great despite the obvious failures of his first 6 months in office…

‘Prince of chaos’: Trump colleagues ‘not surprised by anything’ they’re seeing from ‘tabloid’ president article from The Raw Story. –

When your failure of a presidency due to corruption and scandal gives you bad press, you need to create other distractions to try and make yourself look good – which in our dimwitted dip shit’s case won’t work.

Trump Tells 2 Blatant Lies About ISIS And Bashar Assad As Lebanese Leader Listens article from The Huffington Post. –

Trump is incapable of telling the truth and knows absolutely nothing about the Middle East or the illegal wars he keeps fueling there.

Trump’s Insecurity Is a Threat to Our Security article from Slate. –

Trump is and always will be our illegitimate, minority-elect President and it’s driving him crazy which is endangering the rest of us:

“President Trump’s obsession with maintaining that he really is, and should be, president—his refusal to believe that Russia meddled in the 2016 election and crusade to discredit those who claim it did—is taking a toll on American security.

The connection was made explicit by Trump’s communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, on Sunday. Asked on CNN why his boss continues to dispute the U.S. intelligence community’s unanimous verdict that the Kremlin interfered in the election in order to help defeat Hillary Clinton, Scaramucci explained Trump’s thinking on the matter: “The mainstream media position on this—that they [the Russians] interfered in the election—it actually, in his mind, what are you guys suggesting? You’re going to delegitimize his victory?”

As Chris Cillizza put it in CNN’s online analysis of this statement, “And there you have it. To Trump, any acknowledgment that Russia actively meddled in the 2016 election with the express purpose of helping him to win is the equivalent of saying he didn’t win fair and square and maybe shouldn’t have won at all.”

How is this self-serving denialism harming national security? Scaramucci also supplied the answer to that question, perhaps unwittingly, in the same interview. “Once I have cleared my security clearances and I have looked at the stuff,” Scaramucci said, “if I think it’s true, behind closed doors, I will turn to the president very directly and say, ‘Sir, I think this stuff is true.’ ”…”

What it’s like to watch the Senate debate whether your life is as valuable as a tax cut for Trump article from Think Progress. –

What it’s like watching a corrupt, corporately-owned U.S. Senate fight over your health care and Trump’s fraudulent tax giveaway.

Trump raises corruption allegations against FBI’s McCabe article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Our national embarrassment still grasping at straws to deflect attention from his ongoing – albeit growing rapidly – corruption and scandals.

Trump’s Re-Negotiation Proposal Will Make NAFTA Worse. –

America’s worst-ever President is doing his damnedest to give corrupt corporations that own him all kinds of free gifts at our expense.

President of Boy Scouts Has Billions of Reasons to Overlook Trump’s Controversial Jamboree Speech article from AlterNet. –

A proposed $85 billion media acquisition explains why the President of the Boy Scouts allowed Trump to bloviate at their jamboree:

“The Boy Scouts of America have been criticized by some for their “weak” response to President Donald Trump’s highly politicized speech this week before the Boy Scout Jamboree in which he got thousands of scouts to boo former President Barack Obama.

As a new report from QZ notes, the president of the Boy Scouts of America has tens of billions of reasons to not more forcefully criticize the president’s speech at the Jamboree, as it could hurt his chances of getting his company’s mega-merger approved.

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson became the president of the BSA just over a year ago, and at the moment he is seeking approval from the Trump administration to sign off on a proposed $85 billion acquisition of media company Time Warner, Inc. “The [Department of Justice] is currently conducting an antitrust review, which evaluates how the deal would affect competition in the industry,” writes QZ. “The process is supposed to be private and apolitical, but there are concerns in Congress that president Trump is trying try to influence it.”

Among other things, members of Congress have expressed concern that Trump would approve the merger only on the condition that Stephenson order CNN –which is owned by Time Warner — to give the president more positive media treatment…”

The inevitable return of Trump TV article from The Week. –

Our Liar-in-Chief is using – illegally – the power of the office of the President for personal profit, which will include propaganda being spewed at us regularly by the minions that support him.

Understanding the Trump-Russia Money Channel article from Talking Points Memo. –

On why it’s time for a closer look at Trump and his administration’s dubious ties to Russia, not the election scandal.


Because no one in the Trump cabal knows what the Energy Department is and what it does.

Sessions Is About Obstruction article from Talking Points Memo. –

The whole point of bullying and harassing Sessions is to Obstruct Justice in his Russia Scandal:

“At one level this is obvious. But the bizarre behavior and sheer awkwardness of the situation can obscure a simple fact: the entirety of President Trump’s battle with Jeff Sessions is about obstructing the Russia probe. The anger began over his recusal (and grew as the consequences of that recusal became more apparent) and continues with the President’s desire to replace him with another Attorney General who will help him end the investigation or at least remove Robert Mueller from leading it. That is the only thing this is about.

In all other respects, Sessions is doing everything Trump could have asked for. Indeed, the near unanimity of conservative support for Sessions in this current battle is because Sessions is performing as a dream hard-right AG. He’s rolling back voting rights, turning back the very limited reforms of laws and policies behind mass incarceration, pushing a hard-right anti-immigrant agenda. Trump’s battle with Sessions is about obstruction. Nothing more, nothing less.

The following is a comment from a former federal prosecutor with extensive experience in public corruption cases.

The Sessions tweets and comments are nuts in so many ways. They are also incredibly stupid and self-defeating. Yes, he’s attacking the rule of law and undermining his own DOJ. That’s bad. He’s also continuing to build a case against himself in real time on Twitter and through public comments–and he doesn’t seem to realize it. The statements represent admissible state of mind/corrupt intent evidence that Mueller can and will use to continue to build an obstruction case. Why is he so upset Sessions recused? Why does he want someone running this investigation who he can control? For the same reason he fired Comey: Because he wants to shut the investigation down. Trump’s lawyers (at least the ones who understand federal criminal law) must be beside themselves. Meanwhile, the special counsel and his staff can just sit back and watch their case-in-chief get better and better. He can’t seem to help himself from acting guilty AF. Keep tweeting, Mr. President. Keep tweeting…”

US parents are pulling their children out of Boy Scouts over Donald Trump’s ‘drunk stepdad’ speech article and video from The Independent on Yahoo! News. –

Backlash from Trump’s Boy Scout Jamboree / campaign rally speech begins.

‘Weak,’ ‘Beleaguered’ Jeff Sessions Learns That Donald Trump’s No Boy Scout article from The Daily Beast. –

Our Twitter tyrant’s bullying and harassment of Attorney General Jeff Session shows but one of many ways Trump is not loyal, trustworthy or kind.

What Does it Matter If Trump Repreatedly, Routinely Breaks the Law? article from Newsweek on Yahoo! News. –

How our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator constantly acts like he’s above the law, despite the fact that he’s not, and why it matters.

The Investigations Trump Can’t Stop article from Roll Call. –

Trump might be able to pardon his miscreants but he can’t protect them or himself from state prosecutions:

“President Donald Trump might be able to pardon everyone he wants — possibly even himself. But that would not end his legal troubles.

Trump already fired FBI Director James B. Comey amid an investigation into allegations of collusion between his campaign and Russia. He has attacked Attorney General Jeff Sessions, raising questions about whether he intends to try to remove Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel appointed by the Justice Department to head the Russia probe.

The president and his lawyers have also reportedly discussed whether he could pardon family members and aides caught up in the Russia investigation.

But Trump has no control over state and local-level probes looking into the financial interests of his businesses, his family and his aides. And he can’t fire state and local prosecutors or issue pardons for state crimes…”

Donald Trump’s tax cuts for the rich won’t make America great again article from The Guardian. –

Passing his fraudulent healthcare tax giveaway won’t solve America’s financial woes or make America great again despite our Ignoramus-in-Chief’s delusions.

Constantly in an Angry Frenzy, Trump is an Out-of-Control Chief Executive article from AlterNet. –

As Trump’s desperation grows, so too does his corrupt ignorance as he continues coming completely unhinged…

Donald Trump is not a victim article from The Chicago Tribune. –

Trump tries to blame everyone and everything else for his idiotic malfeasance but he has no one to blame but himself.

How Trump spectacularly misread the politics of this transgender ban article from The Week. –

Trump used his dubious transgender ban as a smokescreen to deflect from his growing scandals and it’s backfiring miserably:

“Watching President Trump attempt to navigate complex political issues reminds me of a crying child wobbling on the pony of a merry-go-round. His parents keep yelling at him to hold on to the pole. But the child is too scared, or too defiant, to listen. He just wants off.

Time and time again, Trump has made life difficult for himself. In short-circuiting a Pentagon process to decide how to integrate transgender troops, he has increased the chances that he will not get his way, assuming, indeed, that he wants to rid the military of every serving transgender person and prevent anyone who identifies as trans from serving in the future.

If he did bring clown genius powers of persuasion to the presidential campaign — and I’m not so convinced of that — the man has either lost his touch, or his ability to mold minds has collapsed under the weight of the stresses of the presidency.

He spectacularly misread the politics of his decision…”

Donald Trump’s ‘fine-tuned machine’ descends into chaos article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Despite his repetitive lies, Trump’s White House is in disarray.

Joint Chiefs: Tweets aren’t enough to implement transgender military ban article from Think Progress. –

Until there are actual orders the military won’t make any changes.

Trump Gives a New Meaning to the Presidential ‘Bully Pulpit’ article from Truthout. –

Trump uses Twitter – and Twitter won’t stop him or close his account despite the flagrant violations of their policies – to bully his enemies and distract from his growing list of crimes and scandals…

Donald Trump Eats First article from The Atlantic. –

Everyone is becoming leery of our mentally unbalanced man-boy currently occupying the White House:

“This week, as Donald Trump publicly attacked Attorney General Jeff Sessions, an assault one restrained observer described as “a multitiered tower of political idiocy, a sublime monument to the moronic, a gaudy, gleaming, Ozymandian folly,” even David Horowitz, the anti-Leftist intellectual and author of Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America, felt compelled to admit something to his Twitter followers: “I have to confess, I’m really distressed by Trump’s shabby treatment of Sessions.”

Trump has always been vehemently opposed from the left and distrusted on the right by Never Trump conservatives, who continue to be dismayed by his behavior. But this week as never before, public doubts surfaced among Trump boosters and apologists, prompting Jay Cost to quip, “at the end it’s just gonna be Sean Hannity huddled in a corner, quietly whispering to himself that Trump is a great American.”

Trump’s attack on Sessions is the biggest reason. Victor Davis Hanson, who made the case for Trump to National Review’s readers before the election, characterized it this way:

If Trump were to fire Sessions, it would be suicidal; if he thinks berating him encourages other independent and respected cabinet officers to get in line, he is sorely mistaken; if he moves on, lets Sessions do his needed work, and forgets this unfortunate diversion from critical issues, he will be wise…”

A White House week to remember: Confusion to the enemy (and everyone else) article from Yahoo! News. –

Our profoundly corrupt imbecile’s house of cards is imploding rapidly.

The Case for Impeachment article from Common Dreams. –

Making the case for impeachment against our illegitimate president isn’t difficult.

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