Misadventures of a minority-elect President 151

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

The misadventures of our minority-elect president begins with our mentally challenged leader lying to Boy Scouts – a captive audience – during their jamboree, more bull shit rants from our Twitter tyrant trying to deflect attention from his criminal activities and scandals, our Loser-in-Chief orders the military to follow the GOP’s dubious agenda, the importance of inflating our Loser-in-Chief’s ego and praising him if you want to continue working in the White House, psychiatrists take the gloves off – will start allowing comment on Trump’s mental health and more.

Trump’s speech to Boy Scouts: fake news, crowd size and New York’s hottest people article from The Guardian. –

Given the mentality of our minority-elect President it’s not surprising that Trump lied to Boy Scouts too while giving yet another propaganda filled speech…

The Memo: Trump frustrations grow as pressure rises article from The Hill. –

As his Russia scandal swallows staff members and family, our popular vote losing President is losing it.

How the GOP Can Do the Right Thing article from Slate. –

The GOP – who brought us the constitutional crisis we face with America’s worst-ever president in office – probably can’t be counted on to stop it before it begins.

Trump unloads on Washington Post in late-night tweetstorm article from The New York Post. –

Yet another bull shit rant about fake news by our Twitter tyrant after being called out on shutting down one of his continuous Syrian War Crimes:

“President Trump blasted and appeared to threaten the Washington Post in a series of tweets Monday night, after the newspaper ran a story on his Syria policy.

“The Amazon Washington Post fabricated the facts on my ending massive, dangerous, and wasteful payments to Syrian rebels fighting Assad,” Trump wrote in the first of a three-tweet storm about the paper around 10:30 p.m.

The paper had just published a story online saying, “Cooperation with Russia becomes central to Trump strategy in Syria.”

The story said Trump’s policy “essentially carves up Syria into no-go zones for each of the players — President Bashar al-Assad’s fight, with Russian and Iranian help, against rebels seeking to overthrow him, and the US-led coalition’s war to destroy the Islamic State.”…”

Unpresidential Command article from Slate. –

Ordering the military to follow the GOP’s criminal agenda speaks volumes as to how corrupt our dimwitted dip shit truly is.

Trump makes last-ditch effort to pressure Republicans on health care bill article from Yahoo! News. –

Trump still trying to force passage of his fraudulent healthcare tax giveaway to destroy the lives of 22-34 million people.

Congressmen seek revenge against the CBO for making Trumpcare look bad article from Think Progress. –

Truth has no place in our national embarrassment’s land of delusion, especially when it adversely affects his suck ass healthcare plan…

How to keep your job in the Trump White House article from The Week. –

It’s hard to imagine why you would want to keep your job in Trump’s dysfunctional White House:

“Working in the White House is incredibly challenging — long hours, always being on call, in a high-pressure environment where the eyes of the world are on you and mistakes can have dramatic consequences. It’s why very few people stay through eight years of a presidency, no matter how devoted they are; it’s not uncommon for many to work there for a year or two and then say they’re burnt out and have had enough, no matter how glamorous and exciting it might be.

But in President Trump’s administration, voluntary departures aren’t the problem; people are more likely to get pushed out, fired, or sidelined until they slink away. The hapless Sean Spicer is only the latest to get the message that his services were no longer required (though he resigned voluntarily after learning that he’d have to report to a new communications director with zero relevant experience).

So if you’re in Trump’s White House, how do you keep your job? A picture is beginning to form of what the best strategies are to stay in the boss’ good graces. Let’s run them down:

Praise him — like you mean it. There may be no more praise-hungry person in the world than Donald Trump — heck, if he isn’t getting enough from those around him, he’ll tell you himself how smart and accomplished and all-around fantastic he is. So if you want to win his favor, you’ve got to lay it on thick. Look to new Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci to see how it’s done. Scaramucci went on three Sunday shows this weekend, and described his new boss by saying things like, “He’s one of the most effective communicators that’s ever been born,” “He’s probably the most effective legislative liaison person in the world,” “He’s got very, very good karma,” “He has phenomenal instincts,” and “I love the guy. I spent the last 18 months supporting him unyieldingly because he’s a great person and he’s going to be a phenomenal — he is a phenomenal president, and he’s going to be a better president.”…”

Was the ‘Russian Hack’ an Inside Job? article from Counter Punch. –

As noted since it happened, information was leaked, not hacked, and there has been no evidence released – since it doesn’t exist – showing that Russia had anything to do with our demented delinquent ‘winning’ the election…

‘They’ve taken the fun out of dysfunction’: GOP lawmaker is sick of the White House ‘daily drama’ article from The Raw Story. –

When you’re too stupid and corrupt to properly lead a country you have to find other ways to stay in the spotlight and deflect from your growing list of scandals…


More on the imbecile we call president’s tirade to the Boy Scouts of America that has many parents pissed off.

Trump’s Mistake at the Boy Scout Jamboree article from The Atlantic. –

Part of Trump’s mistake involved just showing up:

“Donald Trump continued his ongoing tour of cherished American institutions on Monday night, delivering yet another jarringly partisan speech to an apolitical audience—this one, comprising tens of thousands still too young to vote.

During the campaign, his performance at the Al Smith dinner—where presidential candidates roast their rivals and themselves every four years—devolved into overt attacks on his opponent. Shortly after his election, he stunned CIA employees by delivering a campaign-style stump speech before the agency’s Memorial Wall. On Saturday, he surprised the crowd of uniformed personnel at the commissioning of the USS Gerald R. Ford by imploring them to lobby Congress in support of his agenda.

So his speech on Monday night to the 2017 Boy Scout Jamboree ought to have been unsurprising. Trump, after all, seems to have only one mode, irrespective of the setting, or the nature of the audience he’s addressing; one familiar litany of triumphs and grievances to which he constantly returns, delighting his fans and galling his critics.

But he retains the capacity to surprise…”

Trump the Disloyalist article from Politico. –

Demanding loyalty while blasting your hand-picked Attorney General and treating him like shit doesn’t get you very far.

Trump Doesn’t Know the Difference Between Health Insurance and Life Insurance article from BuzzFlash. –

Hardly surprising given that he doesn’t know the difference between his ass and a hole in the ground either…

Psychiatry group tells members thay can ignore ‘Goldwater rule’ and comment on Trump’s mental health article from STAT. –

Prepare for reading a lot about narcissism and self-delusion as the evaluations of our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator start coming…

Hail to Our Flounder in Chief article from Common Dreams. –

Six months into the Trump Cabal has left America and Democracy in crisis:

“Fish stinks from the head, as the ancient Greeks first said, and right now there’s a 250-pound flounder stinking up the White House and all those around the place.

Mark Shields said it well on the PBS NewsHour Friday night:

“Everybody, I can honestly say, with rare exception, who has been associated with this administration and this president has been diminished by it. Their reputation has been tarnished. They’re smaller people as a result of it. And that’s tragic.”

Six months in and we’ve reached a level of mayhem, compulsive lying and incompetence that defies the imagination. Just to mix the animal metaphors, there’s more bull running through Washington right now than the streets of Pamplona, and for our nation’s capital, that’s saying something…”

Trump: ‘I won’t say’ that I should be on Mount Rushmore article from The Hill. –

Life is good in the land of self-delusion: Trump honestly believes he’s that good…

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