Misadventures of a minority-elect President 150

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

We begin today’s misadventures of our minority-elect President with Trump making history as the only president not to reach 50 percent approval rating during his first 6 months, Trump’s other Russia scandal is being overlooked, the Trump celebration from the stock market is coming to an end, working for our psychopathic demented delinquent is exhausting, our Twitter Tyrant’s rants against Clinton and his other enemies don’t work and actually make him look even more stupid, forcing through a vote on his fraudulent healthcare tax giveaway will cost Trump, our popular vote losing president’s creation of a fraudulent ‘voter integrity’ commission will never justify his lie about winning the popular vote and much more.

Poll: Trump is the only president not to reach 50 percent approval during first 6 months article from AOL News. –

Trump’s approval rating has been consistently low since he was ‘elected,’ holding at 36 to 40 percent depending on which poll you go by.

Trump Is Obsessed With His Twitter Following – Too Bad Most of His Followers Are Fake article from AlterNet. –

It’s easy to claim you have millions of followers when most of them are bots – not people – designed to spread your lies and propaganda.

Trump pressures troops for political help in lobbying Congress article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

America’s worst-ever President is still unable to act like a Commander-in-Chief…

What President Trump Actually Accomplished in His First 6 Months article from New York Magazine. –

Despite Trump’s lies he hasn’t accomplished a lot – aside from being the most unpopular president in history:

“The first six months of the Trump administration have been marked by a massive revitalization of the U.S. manufacturing sector, an end to the lawlessness of the Obama years, and a new respect for America on the world stage, thanks to the president’s soaring, Reaganesque rhetoric — at least, that’s what this video released by the White House would have you believe:

In reality, President Trump is historically unpopular, and despite having a Republican-controlled Congress, he hasn’t passed any major legislation. Many measures Trump promised to enact on day one — including overhauling the tax code, building a wall on the southern border, and repealing and replacing Obamacare — have been delayed, curtailed, or possibly killed by disagreements within the GOP.

But amid all the chaos of President Trump’s first six months in office, he has managed to enact some measures that have a concrete effect on Americans’ lives. Here’s how Trump has changed America in the first eighth (or sixteenth) of his presidency:

Put Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court
Though Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell deserves the credit for stealing President Obama’s final Supreme Court appointment, technically it was Trump who replaced the late Justice Antonin Scalia with an equally conservative 49-year-old justice. As FiveThirtyEight notes, in his first few months on the job, Justice Gorsuch has proven to be just what conservatives were hoping for:…”

Donald Trump boasts he ‘has the complete power to pardon’ article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Trump boasts about a lot of things so the point is actually moot…

Former ethics chief to Trump: You’re using ‘drain the swamp’ wrong article from The Hill. –

Trump lied about draining the swamp and has instead made it more corrupt than ever.

Jared Kushner Is Giving Himself Ample Room to Lie to Congress article from AlterNet. –

Kushner lies as much as his father-in-law so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he lies to Congress or the American public.

The Trump-Russia problem no one’s talking about article from The Week. –

Trump’s financial ties to Russia are more damning than his Russia scandal over the election:

“The release of damning emails regarding Donald Trump Jr.’s contact with Russians during the 2016 campaign may turn out to be a blessing for the White House. The salacious, Hollywood-esque storyline of Russian election meddling draws attention away from more mundane, less exciting, but ultimately far more difficult to answer questions about financial connections between President Trump’s business empire and Russia.

In 2004, President Trump paid $41.35 million for a Palm Beach, Florida, mansion formerly owned by Abe Gosman, a health-care executive. Dubbed “Maison de L’Amitie,” the property at 515 N. County Road was classic Trump — huge, flashy, and resplendent in the “late Baroque brothel” style he favors. It is unclear how much time Trump or his family spent living in the property, being only one of many under his control at the time.

Barely four years later and without having made improvements, Trump sold the property to Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev. The sale to Rybolovlev, who made billions in an unglamorous industry by cornering the Asian market in potash (a fertilizer) with his company Uralkali, raised eyebrows for two reasons. First, the purchase price of $95 million was not only by far the most ever paid for a home in swanky Palm Beach, but also more than twice what Trump paid four years earlier. More curiously, Rybolovlev has never seen or visited the property — not before he agreed to pay that staggering price, nor since the sale was completed.

A Rybolovlev subsidiary called County Road Property LLC purchased the property and transferred it to a trust. In high-profile divorce proceedings with his wife over the next several years, Rybolovlev’s explanation for the outsized purchase price and his intentions for the property changed frequently. When his divorce was finally settled in 2015, the home was demolished and divided into three lots…”

Tillerson may make early exit from State Department: report article from The Hill. –

Tillerson – our national embarrassment’s appointed Secretary of State – is involved in A LOT of conflicts of interest scandals…

Trump angrily rants that ‘Obamacare is death’ – and it backfires hilariously article from The Raw Story. –

It really is time for our demented delinquent to give up on repealing Obamacare with his fraudulent healthcare tax giveaway.

One Sign That Republicans Aren’t Entirely Unconcerned About Trump’s Russia Connections article from Slate. –

The GOP-led Congress overwhelmingly put a damper on Trump’s efforts to lift sanctions on Russia.


The willful ignorance of the minority of morons that ‘elected’ him:

“If the great Ella Fitzgerald were around during these days of Donald Trump, here’s what she might be singing:

“Summertime, and the lying is easy,

Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high”

Maybe it was just a warm-up tweet prior to son-in-law Jared Kushner’s Senate testimony today. But It happened again with a weekend President Trump tweet: “The failing New York Times foiled U.S. attempt to kill the single most wanted terrorist, Al-Baghdadi. Their sick agenda over national security.”…”

A Constitutional Crisis Is Inevitable article from Slate. –

Given every illegal thing he’s done so far, it would be highly surprising if our Liar-in-Chief didn’t cause one…

Who President Trump can pardon, and who he can’t article from Market Watch. –

Despite his delusions, it appears that Trump can pardon everyone but himself.

Investors have dumped majority of ‘Trump trades,’ no longer longer banking on president’s agenda article from CNBC. –

Our dimwitted dip shit is ruining everything he gets his corrupt little paws on…

The Trump White House’s War Within article from Politico. –

Working for a profoundly corrupt, inept psychopath can be exhausting:

“Last week, President Donald Trump’s senior Cabinet officials and top national security advisers met for a contentious meeting to finally agree on a new strategy for America’s longest war. After months of wrangling, they would ask Trump for a modest troop increase and a more intense commitment to the seemingly endless struggle in Afghanistan.

But the session of the National Security Council Principals Committee, described by two sources briefed on it as a “s*** show” that featured what a third source, a senior White House official, confirmed was a heated debate where “words were exchanged,” proved no more successful than months’ worth of previous Afghan policy debates.

Trump refused to sign off on the plan they approved, the sources said, instead sending it back to his national security team demanding more work. And on Tuesday, the president made clear just how dissatisfied he was. In what were pretty much his first public comments on Afghanistan during his six months in office, he told reporters before a White House lunch, “I want to find out why we’ve been there for 17 years.” On Thursday, headed into a Pentagon meeting, he was similarly cagey. Asked about more troops for Afghanistan, he replied only, “We’ll see.”

Trump’s equivocation reflects the difficulty of figuring out what to do about an unceasing war that is once again at an impasse without an influx of new troops. “We are not winning in Afghanistan,” Defense Secretary James Mattis testified last month…”

This Is How Kushner Operates article from Esquire. –

More on the many reasons not to trust Trump’s son-in-law or believe a thing he says…

Donald Trump’s presidency cannot be saved article from The Chicago Tribune. –

More on the ongoing disaster that is Trump’s profoundly corrupt presidency and its imminent implosion…

But What About Hillary Clinton? article from The Atlantic. –

Why our Twitter Tyrant’s rants about Hillary Clinton – and his other favorite subjects – are ineffective and actually make him look even more stupid…

Trump Turns Bully Pulpit on Senate Republicans article from Roll Call. –

Forcing through a vote on his fraudulent healthcare tax giveaway that destroys millions of lives won’t win our Loser-in-Chief any popularity or credibility:

“President Donald Trump turned up the heat on his own party Monday when he sent a blunt message to Senate Republicans: end years of merely talking about overhauling Barack Obama’s health law and send him a bill to get it done.

“There has been enough talk and no action. Now is the time for action,” Trump said in a Monday afternoon statement ahead of a planned Tuesday Senate vote on whether to officially take up a health bill.

Trump used his typically harsh rhetoric to criticize his party mates in an attempt to pressure them to first vote for the motion to proceed to the health bill, then later to pass whatever Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. decides to tee up. McConnell announced Monday afternoon the Senate would vote on the motion to proceed on Tuesday.

“Senate Republicans have not done their jobs in ending the Obamacare nightmare,” Trump said. “They now have a chance.”…”

The Trump Election Commission Exists Solely to Justify a Trump Lie article from Common Dreams. –

Try as he may, our popular vote losing president’s lies about 3.5 million immigrants voting illegally will never be justified by his fraudulent ‘voter integrity’ commission…

Trump and the GOP Are Not Discussing Whether to Let Obamacare Die. They Are Plotting to Kill It article from Truthout. –

More on Trump and his GOP brown shirt’s attempts to destroy millions of lives while enriching themselves.

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