Misadventures of a minority-elect President 133

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

The misadventures of our illegitimate popular vote losing president begin today with Trump telling Senate Republicans to kill Obamacare now and replace it later – regardless of the damage that would be done, the dangers of Trump’s delusional presidency, our Blackmailer-in-Chief allegedly threatens Morning Joe hosts with slanderous story in National Enquirer if they don’t apologize, prepare to fight for your right to vote as our Con Artist-in-Chief’s fraudulent voter integrity commission prepares to destroy it, how Trump’s grudges are his agenda, mounting evidence of collusion with Russia ends another bad week for our dimwitted dip shit, it appears propaganda staged on TV encouraged our wannabe dictator to carry out his Syrian gas attack false flag in April and more.

Trump to Senate Republicans: Kill Obamacare now, replace later article from AOL News. –

Trump is so hellbent on repealing all of President Obama’s accomplishments that he’s willing to kill more than 23 million Americans and take away their health care.


Trump is violating the emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution – and knowing him, a few laws – holding fundraiser’s at his hotel on our dime.

Bill to create panel that could remove Trump from office quietly picks up Democratic support article from Yahoo! News. –

The only bad thing about that is the incorrigible whack job that would take his place…

How Much Longer Before Nobody Buys Into Trump’s PR Scam? article from AlterNet. –

On reality TV Trump created a masterful – albeit somewhat delusional – persona that was never real and now it’s extremely dangerous:

“Last year on the campaign trail, Donald Trump made a lot of promises, almost always adding that he planned to fulfill them “quickly.” He would say, “We will defeat ISIS and we will do it very, very quickly,” or “We’re disrespected right now all over the world. But that will change very, very quickly.” (He was right about that one. It changed very quickly, but not for the better.)

Just before the election in November he said this:

I will ask Congress to convene a special session so we can repeal and replace and it will be such an honor for me, for you and for everybody in this country, because Obamacare has to be replaced. And we will do it and we will do it very, very quickly.

No one understood why Trump would need to convene a special session of Congress but it sounded very forceful and “strong” (another word he uses constantly). He got so grandiose in his promises to act quickly that at one point he pledged to get nearly his entire agenda done on the very first day…”

Anderson Cooper Uses Trump’s Own Words To Show How ‘Weak’ The President Is article from The Huffington Post. –

Like most psychopaths, Trump is a pussy who can’t handle the truth, let alone run the country…

Blood and Ruin article from Talking Points Memo. –

On the ceaseless ignorance and delusions of our illegitimate, popular vote losing president’s spineless attacks on women.

National Enquirer tries to cash in on salacious ‘Morning Joe’ story after Trump admits blackmail attempt article from The Raw Story. –

The National Enquirer – part of Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda – allegedly decided to publish more propaganda about the ‘Morning Joe’ hosts if they didn’t apologize to our Loser-in-Chief.

The Memo: New GOP angst over Trump tweets article from The Hill. –

Trump truly is the gift that keeps on giving for the majority that oppose him:

“Republican frustration with President Trump is boiling over in the wake of his incendiary tweets on Thursday attacking MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski.

GOP lawmakers lambasted Trump for his attack, which came days after the White House suffered a political setback with the postponement of a Senate vote on the GOP’s healthcare plan.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) tweeted at the president, “Do you want to be remembered for your tweets or your accomplishments?”

Several other GOP senators, including Susan Collins (Maine), Lindsey Graham (S.C.), Ben Sasse (Neb.) and even arch-conservative James Lankford (Okla.), expressed dismay at Trump’s tweet.

Uncertainty over where Trump and his administration will now turn their focus, coupled with fears about the president’s unpredictability, amplified the Republican frustration…”

GOP’s latest worry: White House turmoil dividing Trump, Pence staffs article from McClatchy News. –

From day one our illegitimate, minority-elect president’s administration has been imploding – sometimes stupid really does hurt…

The Trump Administration Is Planning an Unprecedented Attack on Voting Rights article from The Nation. –

On the developing destruction of voting rights being planned by our Loser-in-Chief’s fraudulent ‘Voter Integrity Commission.’

Trump’s long history of being completely unable to handle criticism from women article from Think Progress. –

Trump’s idiotic Twitter tantrum isn’t surprising given his history but his desperation is becoming more evident as his cognitive deficits continue to diminish.

Trump’s Grudges Are His Agenda article from The Atlantic. –

If you can’t act presidential you may as well abuse the power of the office for personal gain:

“The least convincing Republican defense of Donald Trump’s attack on Mika Brzezinski surely belongs to White House principal deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who declared that Americans “knew what they were getting” when they elected him. The implication is that because Americans understood that Trump was a vulgar misogynist during the campaign, there’s nothing wrong with his vulgar misogyny today.

Put aside the fact that a majority of Americans voted against Trump. Put aside the fact that even those Americans who did vote for him largely did so in spite of, rather than because of, his crude, sexist outbursts: Exit polls showed that among Americans who prioritized “good judgment,” Clinton beat Trump by 40 points.

The true idiocy of Sanders’s statement is the implication that because a president said or did something during the campaign, he shouldn’t be criticized for saying or doing it while president. By that standard, Republicans had no right to criticize Obamacare. After all, Obama ran on health-care reform in 2008. Sanders seems unable to grasp the distinction between democracy and morality. The people can vote for something and it can still be wrong.

By contrast, the least convincing criticism of Trump’s attack on Brzezinski came from Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. “The real tragedy of today’s tweets,” Carlson said, is that “they were a diversion.”…”

As White House denials intensify, growing public evidence of collusion with Russia article from Think Progress. –

Things are looking worse for our dimwitted dip shit as evidence of collusion with Russia continues growing.

There Trump Goes Again article from Common Dreams. –

Comparisons of our Hitler-aspiring wannabe dictator and Nixon.


In some ways our impotent Troll-in-Chief is bringing this country closer together…

Trump Approves US-Mexico Pipeline ‘That’ll Go Right Under the Wall’ article from AlterNet. –

The irony – compounded by profound ignorance – of running a oil pipeline to Mexico under the wall protecting you from Mexico in Trump’s land of delusion:

“President Donald Trump has approved the construction of a new U.S.-Mexico pipeline that will go “right under” the controversial border wall.

According to The Hill, the New Burgos Pipeline will carry up to 108,000 barrels of refined petroleum products per day and cross the border between McAllen, Texas, and Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico. The project is a joint venture between NuStar Energy LP and PMI, an affiliate of Mexico’s state-owned oil and gas company Petroléos Mexicanos.

Trump made the remarks during his speech at the Department of Energy’s “Unleashing American Energy” event on Thursday. Vice President Mike Pence, Interior Sec. Ryan Zinke, Energy Sec. Rick Perry and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt also stood on stage with the president.

“[The pipeline] will further boost American energy exports, and that will go right under the wall, right?” Trump said, as he glanced over to his cabinet members and made a swooping motion underneath the imaginary structure with his arm. Some in the audience clapped and laughed at the gesture…”

Deception Inside Deception: The Alleged Sarin Gas Attack article from Paul Craig Roberts. –

It appears watching staged propaganda on TV contributed to Trump’s decision to carry out his first Syrian Gas Attack false flag…

23 disgusted reactions to Trump’s viciously sexist tweets about Mika Brzezinski article from The Week. –

More on the revulsion of Trump’s recent Twitter tirade to serve as a distraction from his growing Russia scandal.

Trump Competes With Clinton in U.S. War of Lies and Terror Against Syria article from Information Clearing House. –

When it comes to committing endless illegal war, there is no difference between Clinton or Trump.

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