Misadventures of a minority-elect President 126

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Today’s misadventures of our minority-elect President begin with the real scandals being ignored by corporate media’s obsession over our demented leader, the list of Syrian war crimes committed by Trump is growing, our Con Artist-in-Chief lied about reducing drug prices and is preparing an ‘Executive Order’ that appears to be penned by Big Pharma, our national embarrassment’s infrastructure initiative scam is failing – as is everything else he does, miscreants in our Loser-in-Chief’s White House are still deflecting important questions, our dimwitted dip shit’s lasting legacy taking shape as his net worth and popularity are sinking, now we know why the Senate kept their version of Trumpcare secret – it’s deplorable, Trump lied about having tapes of Comey – who wasn’t the only one Trump attempted to obstruct justice with, why our wannabe dictator’s attempts at authoritarianism are going to fail and much more.

Real Scandals The Trump-Obsessed Media Are Ignoring article from Investor’s Business Daily. –

Real Scandals The Trump-Obsessed Media Are Ignoring

Many of the scandals involve Trump’s predecessor.

Trump team takes victory lap after GOP special-election wins article from Yahoo! News. –

Taking victory laps is nice but Trump and his ilk conveniently neglect mentioning all the voter suppression that helped the GOP candidates win.

More Evidence of US Support for ISIS article from Information Clearing House. –

The list of war crimes in Syria committed by our impotent man-boy leader is growing.

The very shady way that Donald Trump’s new lawyer got very, very rich article from Think Progress. –

In order to work for a fraud you apparently need to be a fraud:

“Donald Trump’s new lawyer is the Donald Trump of lawyers.

On paper, Donald Trump is a lawyer’s dream client. Deep pockets. A seemingly never-ending stream of legal problems. And a high-profile that can transform his confidants into minor celebrities.

Trump’s the kind of client that could pay off a lawyer’s mortgage, put their children through college, buy them a sexy sports car, and leave them with enough attorney’s fees left over to pay for a vacation home.

And yet Trump’s struggled to find counsel to represent him in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation into the Trump campaign’s Russia ties. As one lawyer told Yahoo News’ Michael Isikoff, “the guy won’t pay and he won’t listen.” Trump’s reputation as a blowhard who doesn’t pay his bills and won’t stop sending damaging tweets reportedly left many of Washington’s best lawyers unwilling to represent the President of the United States…”

It’s Trump’s Party Now article from The Atlantic. –

Were it not for rampant GOP voter obstruction and suppression Trump and the corrupt politicians that support him wouldn’t be in office and now the GOP is owned by our Loser-in-Chief.

Trump just sold us all out on drug pricing article from Business Insider. –

Prepare for yet another fraudulent ‘Executive Order’ – written by Big Pharma – to be politicized by our duplicitous leader.

Trump, Russia and a Shadowy Business Partnership article from Bloomberg. –

America’s most corrupt, worst-ever President – the gift that keeps on giving – has some explaining to do about his fraudulent business deals…

Trump in free fall after only five months article from The Washington Post. –

On how Trump keeps tanking his illegitimate presidency:

“With the exception of rolling back some regulations and putting a respected conservative jurist on the Supreme Court, President Trump has had a disastrous first five months. Job increases have slowed, his health-care bill is widely disliked and tax reform seems impossible in the short run. His pullout from the Paris climate agreement has been panned domestically and internationally, and his administration is beset by scandal. Two of his most important executive orders (on so-called sanctuary cities and the travel ban) have been stopped in the courts, others (a directive to build the wall) are meaningless and still others are hopelessly vague. Lacking scores of political appointees, he has little ability to see that his policy initiatives are implemented.

No wonder his approval ratings have plummeted. In the latest CBS News poll, his approval rating has fallen 5 points since April to a measly 36 percent; his disapproval now stands at 57 percent. Most noteworthy, his support among Republicans has tumbled to 72 percent. (Anything below 80 percent is cause for panic.)

By a 63 percent to 28 percent margin, Americans disapprove of his handling of the Russia scandal. With regard to Russia, they overwhelmingly think that the issue is serious or a national security risk rather than a political distraction (66/32); former FBI director James B. Comey is more credible than Trump (57/31); Trump is trying to protect his own hide, not the country (64/30); Russia interfered in the election, whether or not it wanted to help Trump (62/31); and it is very or somewhat likely that his advisers had improper communications with the Russians (65/32). Fifty-two percent think his private meetings with Comey were illegal or improper, and Robert S. Mueller III is considered impartial by a wide majority (56/30). A stunning 81 percent think he should not fire Mueller. Given how strenuously Trump has disputed each of these propositions, it’s evident that he has been at best ineffective, and maybe counterproductive, as his own defender.

Meanwhile, Americans broadly oppose his decision on the Paris agreement, according to a new Associated Press/NORC poll:…”

Resist This: the United States is at War With Syria article from Counter Punch. –

More on the growing list of Syrian War Crimes committed by our national embarrassment some call our president.

RICO lawsuit exposes Trump Russia ties on another front video from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Trump was facing a RICO lawsuit before being ‘elected’ by a minority that could come back and hurt him and his Russia scandal.

Trump’s Vote ‘Rigging’ Claims Delayed Warning of Russian Cyberattacks, Former DHS Chief Says article from Gizmodo. –

Trump’s fraudulent claims of vote rigging took precedence over Democrats claims of Russia hacking the election – for which there still has been no proof provided…

Trump’s infrastructure initiative is already failing article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Like every other fraudulent endeavor Trump tries to engage in, his Infrastructure Initiative scam is failing:

“Much of the country might have missed it, but the White House kicked off “Infrastructure Week” in early June, which was intended to be a public-relations campaign in which Donald Trump touted his support for a popular idea: improving the nation’s infrastructure.

It was, however, a flop. The White House’s plan, by officials’ own admission, is still months away from completion, which meant “Infrastructure Week” amounted to one fake signing ceremony, in which Trump put his signature on a glorified press release, asking Congress to privatize the nation’s air-traffic control system.

And two weeks later, the idea appears to be effectively dead. The Hill reported:

A Senate panel has declined to include President Trump’s controversial proposal to separate air traffic control from the federal government in a must-pass aviation bill, according to the committee’s chairman.

Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), who leads the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, said the Senate’s long-term reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will not include the spinoff plan, citing the lack of support for the idea on his panel…”

ANALYSIS: 26 questions the White House has promised to answer but hasn’t article from ABC News on Yahoo! News. –

They won’t answer the questions for obvious reasons…

Trump returns to Iowa and unhappy independent voters article from The AP on Yahoo! News. –

It appears the rumors of our dimwitted dip shit’s shrinking support base are true.

Trump’s Most Lasting Legacy? article from The Atlantic. –

Having a corrupt Conservative majority of U.S. Supreme Court ‘Justices’ to help cement his legacy of being America’s most corrupt president in history…

Donald Trump’s Net Worth and Approval Ratings Are Both Steadily Declining article from Newsweek on Yahoo! News. –

Despite celebrating a special election win in Georgia – aided by voter suppression – Trump’s worth and popularity are sinking:

“Donald Trump’s net worth is in decline as his New York real estate portfolio struggles to keep up with the city’s evolving landscape and competition, according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, which compiled the president’s mortgage documents, debt forms and a new financial disclosure released Friday.

Trump, who repeatedly bragged about his wealth and successes as a business mogul along the campaign trail to help propel him to the Oval Office, is also suffering a dip in approval ratings, as his administration battles accusations of collusion with the Kremlin. The president’s job approval hovers at nearly 36 percent, a CBS poll released Tuesday indicated.

The president’s purported net worth slipped from 3 billion in 2016 to 2.9 billion in 2017. Trump has regularly claimed his total assets were worth at least 10 billion.

The Trump properties across New York City are having a difficult time attracting new clientele, as the Big Apple’s commercial real estate trends move toward skyscrapers and modern, innovative buildings. Trump Tower, along with the president’s several other luxe buildings, like 40 Wall Street and 1290 Avenue of the Americas, are consistently underperforming since Trump took office…”

Our President’s Word Wars article from Common Dreams. –

Perhaps if our Liar-in-Chief weren’t so ignorant, his America first agenda wouldn’t include getting involved in more illegal wars and committing more War Crimes.

‘Morning Joe’ fact-checks Trump speech article from The Hill. –

Turning an Iowa stop into a campaign screed filled with the usual lies and misinformation from Trump’s land of delusion.

Health bill could show limits of Trump’s Senate sway article from Politico. –

We’ll find out in the near future if Trump’s GOP brown shirts in Congress can pass their despicable Trumpcare bill.

Trump’s efforts to ‘monetize the presidency’ grow more audacious article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

More on our fraudulent popular vote losing President’s efforts to continue violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution are growing:

“Donald Trump’s bid to win a second term as president was well underway before his first term even began. Ahead of his Inauguration Day, Trump’s 2020 campaign already had a campaign office, campaign staff, and even an official slogan. The campaign apparatus has hosted a series of campaign rallies – three-and-a-half years early – including one last night in Iowa.

And like every modern campaign, Trump’s re-election effort is eager to fill its campaign coffers. The New York Times reported a couple of months ago that the Republican “is raising money toward a bid for a second term earlier than any incumbent president in recent history, pulling in tens of millions of dollars in the months after his election and through his inauguration.”

But what’s amazing about this isn’t just the fact that Trump is scrambling for campaign cash; it’s also where he’s choosing to do so. The Associated Press reported late yesterday on the president headlining a D.C.-fundraiser at his own hotel.

Trump can see the Trump International Hotel from the White House lawn, making it a premier and convenient location for the June 28 major-donor event, his campaign director Michael Glassner said.

But the choice also raises ethics questions, according to conflict of interest attorneys who have been critical of Trump’s decision not to cut financial ties with his global business empire…”

CNN Reporter: White House Doesn’t Want Its ‘Evasive Answers’ On Tape article from Talking Points Memo. –

Trying to shroud everything in secrecy speaks volumes as to the corruption in Trump’s administration.

We finally know what’s going to be in the Senate version of Trumpcare – and it’s not pretty article from Think Progress. –

There was a major reason why the Senate GOP wouldn’t reveal their version – and now we know why.

Senate Obamacare Repeal Bill Largely an Entitlement Overhaul article from Roll Call. –

Trump’s GOP brown shirts in the Senate are pledging their allegiance to their corporate masters…

Sorry, But It’s Entirely the Right’s Fault article from Counter Punch. –

Claims that the so-called ‘Left’ are to blame for the political polarization in the country are lies:

“Many commentators are suggesting that both right and left are equally to blame for all the polarization between them. They’re wrong. The reason for all the bitterness between left and right is entirely the right’s fault. Right-wingers who suggest otherwise are self-deluded – and usually projecting.

Exhibit A: Newt Gingrich. On June 18, Newt capped off a week in which he once again blamed the left for a mass shooting by suggesting on ABC’s This Week that the Russia-gate investigation is “baloney” because there is no evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians. When anchor Martha Raddatz suggested that an investigation is needed to reach this conclusion in the first place, Newt responded with the non-sequitur that Bill Clinton, John Podesta’s brother, and the “Iranian deal” should be investigated.

When Raddatz suggested that the investigation is not just about Trump, Newt responded with another non-sequitur: Trump did not commit obstruction of justice by firing Comey.

And when Raddatz questioned Newt’s false statement earlier in the week that the President cannot in principle commit obstruction and reminded him that he himself tried impeaching Pres. Clinton for this crime, Newt dodged with the same non-sequitur: “[t]here’s no evidence” that Trump committed obstruction.

What Newt exhibited in just this one interview is a problem that is rampant throughout not only the Trump administration but also the modern Republican party: bad reasoning. Like the rest of them, Newt is marvelously inept at persuading. His points don’t even qualify as sophistry because sophistry at least has the form and appearance of valid, cogent argumentation…”

Trump admits he did not record his conversations with James Comey article from The Week. –

Dubious claims that Trump was ‘bluffing’ to ‘rattle’ Comey only serve as a reminder that our lackluster leader is the biggest liar this country has ever had in office.

Authoritarianism Is Making a Comeback – Here’s the Time-Tested Way to Defeat It article from AlterNet. –

Because our wannabe dictator’s tactics require the consent of large numbers of people – not the minority that ‘elected’ him – the first lesson involves not obeying in advance.

Comey wasn’t alone: Trump told other intelligence chiefs to say there was no collusion article from The Daily Kos. –

If asking your cabinet appointments to lie about there being no collusion with Russia doesn’t scream obstruction of justice, then nothing does…

The Lasting Damage of Trump’s ‘Tapes’ Bluff article from The Atlantic. –

Trump’s incorrigible ignorance and profound corruption are the gifts that keep on giving:

“The president’s attempt to intimidate James Comey didn’t merely backfire—it may also embolden hostile regimes to conclude his other threats are equally empty.

This is a first for the Trump presidency: the first formal presidential retraction of a presidential untruth.

President Trump tweeted a warning to James Comey: The fired FBI director had better hope that no “tapes” existed that could contradict his account of what happened between the two men. Trump has now confessed that he had no basis for this warning. There were no such tapes, and the president knew it all along.

The tweet was intended to intimidate. It failed, spectacularly: Instead of silencing Comey, it set in motion the special counsel investigation that now haunts Donald Trump’s waking imagination.

But the failed intimidation does have important real world consequences…”

As Resistance Mobilizes, Poll Shows ‘Overwhelming’ Hatred for Trumpcare article from Common Dreams. –

The good news is people are paying attention…

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