Misadventures of a minority-elect President 123

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Today’s minority-elect presidential mishaps begin with Trump’s yuge violation of the emoluments clause and reports of his being investigated for obstruction of justice, poll reveals that majority of voters trust Comey over Trump – and think Trump is lying, Trump’s Russia scandal games are going to backfire, for one brief moment Trump actually acted almost presidential, the delusions of our minority-elect President’s supporters trying to absolve him of blame for the shooting in DC and much more.

Trump is ushering in a kleptocracy. That’s why he is being sued article from The Guardian. –

On our illegitimate, popular vote losing President’s violation of the emoluments clause with all the foreign money he’s receiving while ‘leading’ this country.

Stonewalling Sessions Runs Away From Tough Questions in Senate Inquiry article from AlterNet. –

Trump’s illegitimate Attorney General purposely deflected questions to avoid responsibility for his Russian ties.

Poll: Voters trust Comey over Trump article from Politico. –

Not surprising given that the majority that didn’t vote for our Liar-in-Chief don’t believe or trust him…

Trump stopped from firing Mueller after he learned special counsel if friends with Comey: report article from The Raw Story. –

Never mind the fact that the president can’t fire the special counsel – in this case it would be suicide for Trump:

“According to a report in the New York Times, President Donald Trump had already planned to fire Robert Mueller after he learned the special counsel is friends with fired FBI Director James Comey.

The report stated that Trump was angered when he learned of the relationship and made plans to dump Mueller before being convinced it would be a disastrous move.

Sources say Trump that was telling staff, visitors and advisers last week that he felt Mueller had become part of a “witch hunt’ against him and wanted him gone.

Trump reportedly became aware of the longtime relationship between Mueller and Comey after being alerted to reports on Breitbart News and other conservative media outlets…”

Trump’s Travel Costs Are Staggering, Yet Five Years Ago He Complained About $1 Million Annually for Biden article from Newsweek on Yahoo! News. –

Standard operating procedure for our fatally-flawed  incompetent leader includes hypocrisy – and expecting others to do as he says not as he does…


Yes, Trump lies. All the time…

Is Trump Now a Subject of the Mueller Investigation? article from The New Yorker. –

As a matter of fact he is.

Trump privately criticizes Republican health care plan he celebrated article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

In addition to being profoundly corrupt and ignorant, Trump is also a hypocrite:

“When House Republicans narrowly approved a far-right health care overhaul in early May, Donald Trump could hardly contain his glee. The president hosted a big celebration at the White House – a rarity for a bill that had only passed one chamber – and touted the GOP legislation as a triumph.

“What we have is something very, very incredibly well-crafted,” Trump said of his party’s proposal, adding, “It’s going to be an unbelievable victory, actually, when we get it through the Senate.” The president described the House legislation as “a great plan” – three times.

Evidently, Trump has changed his mind.

In a meeting with Republican senators Tuesday to discuss health care reform, President Donald Trump gave them support to move in a different direction from the House-passed version of the legislation which he described as “mean,” according to two Senate aides whose bosses attended the lunch.

“He talked about making sure we have a bill that protects people with pre-existing conditions and helps people. We talked a little bit about the tax credit to make that work for low income elderly people,” Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., who attended the meeting, said. “And he certainly is fine with us taking a different direction with what the House did.”…”

Federal ethics watchdog says Stephen Bannon’s ethics waiver may not be valid because it is ‘unsigned and undated’ article from The Week. –

There’s a reason for that…

When Will the Media Let Go of This Noxious Myth About Trump’s Base? article from AlterNet. –

It seems many of his minions aren’t nearly as devout as we’re being led to believe…

Another tweetstorm from an angry, paranoid, isolated Donald Trump article from The Daily Kos. –

Life can be rough when bubbles burst in Trump’s land of delusion…

Trump isn’t preparing to fire Mueller. What he’s doing is worse. article from The Week. –

Our dimwitted dip shit’s game against Mueller – trying to discredit and smear him – is going to backfire:

“Have you heard that President Trump might fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller? Have you heard that he is irretrievably compromised, a close confidante of former FBI Director James Comey? Have you heard that Comey’s Senate testimony vindicates President Trump and makes Mueller’s work needless at best? Have you seen the story headlined on the Drudge Report that Mueller is staffing his investigation with Democratic donors? Do you agree with disgraced former House Speaker Newt Gingrich that it is “delusional” to think that this investigation could possibly be fair?

Since Comey’s testimony last week made it clear that President Trump may very well have obstructed justice by firing the former FBI director, it has been Defcon 1 in Trump world. They know that Comey alone probably can’t bring down Trump, and therefore the president’s apologists have pointed the firehose of innuendo, fabrication, and exaggeration at Mueller himself. All of these viral spores — the Drudge links and fever-swamp hit pieces — are designed to infect the broader public with doubt and hostility toward Mueller’s investigation of the alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives seeking to undermine America’s democracy. The axis of fabulist websites like Polizette and Breitbart is working overtime to discredit Mueller, operating hand in hand with their more mainstream handmaidens in the Republican mediasphere.

Just don’t be fooled about what they’re really up to.

President Trump is not going to fire Mueller any more than the Golden State Warriors are going to trade Steph Curry this offseason. It might be unwise to gamble on the president’s faculties and political sensibilities, but in this case not even Trump is this stupid. Pink-slipping Mueller would destroy what little is left of his presidency by making it clear to everyone that the president has something criminal to hide. In a year that has seen almost nothing but a series of scandals and violations of the rule of law by the clownish amateurs running the country, firing a special counsel before he has even had a chance to do his work would cause a subcritical political meltdown in the capital. Whether Trump is really considering firing Mueller, as press reports indicate, or whether this is just another staffer throwing marbles down the steps for reporters to chase is anyone’s guess. But Trump is already badly adrift politically, his approval ratings mired in the 30s, his profoundly unpopular agenda hopelessly stalled in Congress. The last thing Trump or the Republicans need is another layer of intrigue on the Russia scandal…”

Trump faces first big domestic moment article from Politico. –

Even America’s worst-ever President can sound good sometimes.

Is Donald Trump Experiencing Cognitive Decline? article from Slate. –

From what his past has shown us, it appears Trump was born with cognitive decline…

Trump’s Cabinet of Worship Is a Scary Sign of American Collapse article from TIME. –

It’s kind of like living in Nazi Germany before World War II…

Judges keep a very close eye on Trump article from CNN. –

All it takes is one more Twitter tantrum…

“(CNN) – President Donald Trump has for months belittled federal judges on social media and tried to undermine their legitimacy in the public eye.

In a recent string of rulings against the administration’s travel ban, judges have offered an implicit rejoinder by asserting their independence and authority to limit the executive branch.

None of the judges who ruled against the ban on nationals from six predominantly Muslim countries has referred to Trump’s criticism of the courts. Their legal reasoning has responded to the administration’s specific positions. Yet the language wielded has been has been sharp, even scathing, as they rebuffed the administration’s arguments about national security. They have overall emphasized the judiciary’s role in determining the law of the land.

In the latest decision, the San Francisco-based 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday acknowledged that judges traditionally defer to executive authority regarding who may enter the country.

But, the court wrote, “immigration, even for the President, is not a one-person show.”…”

Trump being investigated for possible obstruction of justice: report article from AOL News. –

And the other shoe finally drops on Trump as the obstruction of justice investigation in his Russia scandal begins…

Naomi Klein: Any Efforts to Equate Hateful Violence with Trump Resistance ‘Are Lies’ article from Common Dreams. –

Most of the hate and idiocy going on in America today is courtesy of the alt-right agenda and demagoguery of the minority-elect presidency of Donald J. Trump – despite the spin by some of his more miscreantic supporters and family members – is to blame for what happened in DC today more than anything else.

The Blurry Line Between Violent Talk and Violent Action from The Atlantic. –

On how to / not to deal with the Trump era and the demented murderous morons that support him.

UN Investigator: US Coalition Airstrikes Causing ‘Staggering Loss of Life’ in Syria article from Common Dreams. –

Our War Criminal-in-Chief’s list of Syrian war crimes is growing:

“Intensified airstrikes by the U.S.-led coalition targeting the Islamic State are responsible for a “staggering loss of civilian life” in Raqqa, Syria, a United Nations investigator said Wednesday.

The northern Syrian city, the so-called capital of the Islamic State (ISIS), is where U.S.-backed forces, including Syrian Kurdish and Arab U.S.-backed rebel groups, last week began an offensive. That effort to retake the city from ISIS, also referred to as ISIL, was aided by U.S.-led coalition airstrikes.

But these increased strikes were in the crosshairs of Paulo Pinheiro, the chairman of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry for Syria, who gave the U.N. Human Rights Council his dire assessment of the situation for Syrian civilians, who “are in the unenviable role of being the target of most warring parties” and face “disastrous consequences.”

While Pinheiro told the U.N. body that a successful offensive “could liberate the city’s civilian population from the group’s oppressive clutches, including Yazidi women and girls, whom the group has kept sexually enslaved for almost three years as part of an ongoing and unaddressed genocide,” he underscored that the “imperative to fight terrorism must not […] be undertaken at the expense of civilians who unwillingly find themselves living in areas where ISIL is present.”…”

See how Trump’s soaring disapproval ratings of 60% stacks up against other unpopular presidents article from The Daily Kos. –

In less than 6 months our incorrigibly inept, profoundly corrupt wannabe dictator has proven repeatedly that he is in a league of his own.

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