Misadventures of a minority-elect President 118

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Today’s misadventures of our illegitimate popular vote losing president begins with the absurdity of the spin being spewed by his minions – defending ignorance with ignorance – after Comey’s testimony, how ‘free speech’ rallies are actually a breeding ground for Trump-loving terrorists, Trump’s infrastructure privatization scam is losing ground, Trump willing to lie under oath about Comey conversations, the demented disaster that is the Trump presidency, it’s growing more difficult for Trump’s brown shirts to defend him based on his own words, why Trump’s infrastructure privatization scam won’t work, our national embarrassment’s ‘justice’ department trying to justify Trump being able to take payments from foreign governments, the Donald Trump lies you forgot and a lot more.

Comey Forces Trump Defenders Into Extreme and Absurd Spin article from Mother Jones. –

Listening to the desperate delusions of Trump and his minions trying to defend him is comical.

Either Trump or Comey is lying. Who might it be? article from The Guardian. –

Given our Liar-in-Chief’s track record, the answer is quite obvious.

Right-Wing ‘Free Speech’ Rallies Are a Potent Breeding Ground for Homegrown Terror article from AlterNet. –

Many of Trump’s more ignorant minions are prone to turning violent – especially when encouraged to do so by our Loser-in-Chief.

Trump’s ‘infrastructure week’ goes off the rails article from The Hill. –

Trump’s infrastructure privatization scam is already falling apart:

“The White House’s self-proclaimed “infrastructure week” has generated a flurry of headlines on nearly everything else.

Part of the reason the initiative was overshadowed was ex-FBI Director James Comey’s gripping testimony on Capitol Hill, which commanded the attention of Washington and major cable news networks all week.

But much of the derailment on the infrastructure rollout has been of President Trump’s own making. He repeatedly veered off message in tweets and during infrastructure-themed speeches, flouting some of White House staffers’ carefully laid plans.

“They tried really hard, and certainly several people inside care deeply about this,” said Marcia Hale, president of Building America’s Future, who worked under the Clinton administration…”

Trump’s allies point to his ignorance and inexperience as a defense article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

On how claiming profound corruption and ignorance is not a viable defense of our Ignoramus-in-Chief.

President Trump says he’s ‘100 percent’ willing to speak under oath on Comey conversations article from AOL News. –

Trump never tells the truth, and wouldn’t do so if he were under oath so the point is rather moot…

Away from the national spotlight, GOP guts Wall Street safeguards article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Prepare for another fraudulent financial meltdown with no accountability courtesy of the GOP.

Comey won’t bring down Trump. Trump will. article from The Week. –

Comey will be the least of Trump’s worries:

“Yesterday’s testimony by former FBI Director James Comey was a typical partisan Rorschach test, with Republicans immediately claiming vindication and Democrats pouncing on his description of what sounds distinctly like the obstruction of justice. The spectacle of Comey calling Trump a liar of questionable character on national television was deeply damaging to the president. Yet Comey also confirmed that when he was fired, Trump himself was not under investigation by the FBI, and surely cheered the Fake News mafia by calling a memorable New York Times story from February basically false. As Real Clear Politics analyst Sean Trende tweeted immediately after the hearing, “Reading right and left Twitter is like journeying between parallel universes.”

Lordy, let there be a parallel universe to which we can all escape from this endless nightmare.

Yet when the Comey dust clears, the biggest problem for both the president and the Republican Party will still be not the Russia investigation, but rather Donald Trump himself. As Comey might adorably say, there’s “no fuzz” on that conclusion. If they are to have any hope of holding the House and Senate against an energized Democratic Party next year, Republicans are going to have to find a convincing answer to one very simple question: Why is the president of the United States so dreadfully unpopular just 140 days into his first term?

For all kinds of reasons, Trump should be rolling. The economy is humming along — perhaps the only fine-tuned machine in sight these days — with unemployment continuing to dip, the stock market reaching record highs (in the middle of the hearing, no less!), and people beyond the 1 percent starting to see economic gains for the first time in years. The Republican Party controls both branches of Congress as well as the presidency and the Supreme Court and could, theoretically, legislate more or less at will. The public is generally forgiving of new presidents, who enjoy a honeymoon period that they have to try really hard to screw up. But this president has been unable to escape the tar patch of an approval rating in the low 40s, and has spent as much time in the upper 30s as he has out of it…”

Donald Trump’s Presidency Is One Giant Middle Finger to the Rest of the World article from AlterNet. –

On the demented disaster that is the Trump presidency.

Fact-checking President Trump’s attorney after Comey’s testimony article from PolitiFact. –

Hint: Trump’s personal shyster is just as impotent as the moron he represents…

Feds: Trump’s Twitter Guru Violated the Law article from The Daily Beast. –

Bullying plays a pertinent role in our impotent leader’s administration.

The GOP’s Excuses for Trump in the Comey Case Are Undermined by Basically Everything Trump Has Ever Said article from Slate. –

It’s growing impossible for Trump’s brown shirts to defend him:

“As the Washington Post documents, the Republican Party’s emerging talking point in re: Donald Trump’s treatment of James Comey is that Trump is but a humble businessman, inexperienced in politics, who doesn’t understand arcane and convoluted nuances of Washington D.C. etiquette such as “you can’t fire the nation’s top FBI agent because he refused to stop investigating your crooked presidential administration.” Said Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House: “The president is new at this. He’s learning as he goes.”

The argument that a 70-year-old man with an Ivy League degree who has moved in the top circles of American power for the last four-odd decades shouldn’t be expected to understand the United States’ political system is an interesting one. (Note: I saw something akin to the preceding observation made in a Twitter post Thursday but now can’t remember who wrote it. Please contact me @benmathislilley if you know so I can give proper credit!) It’s also an argument that was undermined about 900 times a day during the 2016 presidential campaign, during which Trump made the repeated case that he should be elected because, after a lifetime of study, he understands the United States political system better than anyone else on Earth.

To wit:

-“I’ve been dealing with politicians all my life. All my life. And I’ve always gotten them to do what I need them to do.” — November 2015

-“I’ve been in politics all my life.” — January 2016

-“Nobody knows politicians better than Donald Trump.” — February 2016

-“Nobody knows the system better than I do.” — April 2016

-“I understand the system better than anybody else.” — July 2016

-“Nobody knows the system better than I do.” — Again in August 2016 (last four via Washington Post)…”

The Kansas Experiment Is Bad News For Trump’s Tax Cuts article from FiveThirtyEight. –

More evidence that ‘trickle down’ economics and tax cuts don’t work.

Trump’s Economic Agenda Is Almost Dead article from Bloomberg. –

Kinda like his presidency…

Senate Republicans Are Trying To Keep You In The Dark About Obamacare Repeal article from The Huffington Post. –

As the past 17 years have shown, keeping things shrouded in secrecy hasn’t worked out so well for the American public…

Kitchen Logic: Don’t Let Trump’s GOP Privatize America article from Common Dreams. –

On why Trump’s infrastructure privatization scam will fail:

“Privatization—the transfer of government-owned resources to private interests—is a permanent solution to a temporary problem

If you needed a new stove or refrigerator, you wouldn’t give the keys to your kitchen to Olive Garden, then pay them to let you eat. You’d be opening your wallet for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, that’s the kind of logic Donald Trump and his party are using to give away our shared wealth.

Privatization—the transfer of government-owned resources to private interests—is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Governments use it to get an expense item off their books, but citizens often find themselves saddled with all sorts of additional costs for years to come. It’s mostly deficit hawks who oppose any kind of spending by government who praise this kind of move.

Billions of dollars worth of U.S. railroads, highways, buildings, and other public assets have already been turned over to the private sector in recent decades, permanently depriving the public of its ownership rights. Any revenues they produce now go their new private owners, who are far less responsive than democratically elected governments…”

DOJ: Trump can accept payments from foreign governments article from The Hill. –

When the President is above the law – as our National Embarrassment’s ‘Justice’ Department keeps trying to assert – law doesn’t exist.

Trump has mastered the art of seeming like he’s telling the truth article from The Washington Post. –

Trump has all the attributes of a true Sociopath so pathological lying comes naturally for him.

Trump Hands Comey a New Weapon article from Slate. –

Our dimwitted dumb ass accused former FBI Direct Comey of perjury and now he has to prove it, or lose credibility – not that he had any to begin with…

The Donald Trump Lies You Forgot article from Counter Punch. –

The list is so long it’s impossible to keep track:

“This week’s political coverage — probably next week’s too — will likely be dominated by deposed FBI director James Comey’s incendiary testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. However, Trump’s “lies, pure and simple” are limited neither to the president’s claim that Comey’s FBI was “in disarray, that it was poorly led” nor his litany of falsehoods — most recently, that the mayor of London doesn’t care about terrorism and that Trump’s First 100 Days were the most productive of any president in history.

Comey’s lucid, Hemingway-tight testimony feels like the beginning of the end for this administration. Anything could happen, of course. But it feels overly optimistic to imagine this circus lasting another year.

If and when the obituary for Trump’s political career is written, his admirers will record his historic, meteoric rise. Indeed, Donald Trump was the most effective presidential campaigner of my lifetime: repeated what lines worked, ditched the ones that didn’t, mastered social media, ignored outdated dogma, tapped into voters’ long-ignored resentments, nailed the electoral college map, and did it all for pennies on the Hillary Clinton donor dollar.

True, the brilliant campaigner can’t govern. But that’s a story for another time…”

‘Lear,’ Not ‘1984’ Defines the Trump Era article from TruthDig. –

On how the Trump Era has more in common with King Lear than 1984.

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