Misadventures of a minority-elect President 113

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Today’s misadventures of our minority-elect President begins with the betrayal of the morons that were foolish enough to vote for him and the rude awakening they are having, twisting the truth about the London attacks to advance his draconian agenda, more on our impotent leader’s fueling terrorism and far-right hatred, how our Liar-in-Chief’s actions always speak louder than his lies, on why Trump’s scandals are dangerous because they serve as a distraction, how our lackluster leader can still try and obstruct justice in his growing Russia scandal, Trump’s preoccupation with being laughed at, in one of his tweets Trump admits his Muslim ban is a ban while embracing terrorism to foment fear and justify it, proving yet again that he’ll never be presidential, learning how to identify misinformation in our modern Trump era and a lot more.

The Great Betrayal of Middle America article from The Daily Beast. –

Those that were foolish enough to vote for our illegitimate, minority-elect President are having a rude awakening.

Thousands Protest Across Country to Demand Truth From Trump Administration article from Slate. –

Protesters will have to keep marching since the Trump cabal isn’t capable of telling the truth, only lying repeatedly about everything.

London Bridge terror attack: Donald Trump tweets unconfirmed reports about London attack before using it to promote his travel ban article from The Independent UK. –

Twisting the truth as usual to fit his draconian agenda is normal in Trump’s land of delusion.

Donald Trump has unleashed a white crime wave article from Business Insider. –

On how Trump is fueling right-wing hatred and encouraging terrorism:

“Last week, in Portland, Oregon, a man with a history of white supremacist rhetoric allegedly killed two men and injured one other who had tried to stop his harassment of two young women—one black, the other wearing a hijab.

A week earlier, in College Park, Maryland, another young man—active in white supremacist Facebook groups— killed a black college student after confronting him on the street, according to police. In March, a white supremacist reportedly traveled from Baltimore to New York City with the express purpose of killing a black man, which he did, before turning himself into police. Earlier that month , a Sikh man was shot and injured in front of his house in a Seattle suburb.

His alleged attacker reportedly shouted “go back to your country.” Days earlier, in Kansas, authorities described how a man walked into a bar and shot three men , including two immigrants from India, after shouting “get out of my country” and yelling racial slurs. One of the Indian men, Srinivas Kuchibhotla, died of his wounds. More recently, a California man was alleged to have stabbed a black man with a machete after yelling racial slurs—he’s facing charges—and a Native American man was run down and killed by an assailant who allegedly shouted racial slurs.

These events are not isolated. They represent a growing tide of intolerance in the United States, fanned by the presidential election and embodied by the sitting president. At the same time, they—and the larger forces they represent—aren’t novel. The rise of racist reaction in politics almost always brings a similar rise of racist violence in civil society. For as much as the current period feels new, we are living through an old, and very American, cycle of behavior…”

Donald Trump’s Biggest GOP Critics Are Very, Very, Very Sad article from The Huffington Post. –

GOP leaders – including Trump’s brown shirts in Congress – are very disappointed with their impotent leader.

Is there a neo-Nazi storm brewing in Trump country? article from The Guardian. –

More on our wannabe dictator’s fueling neo-Nazi’s and White Supremacists around the country.

Five things protesters want from the Trump administration article from The Hill. –

It’s time for our fraudulent, illegitimate president and his entire administration to go.

Pay attention to Donald Trump’s actions, not his words article from The Guardian. –

On how our Liar-in-Chief says one thing and does another:

“There’s an emerging consensus that the presidency of Donald Trump has radically altered the warp and woof of American life. His supporters – which make up at least a third of all Americans – believe that he has accomplished great things in the past four months. His detractors, who are legion, see more harm than good in his record thus far.

What remains striking about Trump, however, is how much of the push back against him is provoked by his words, and how Americans are prone to ascribe weight to those words. This is not a Trump phenomenon. It is a very American one, stretching back many years, and starkly evident during Obama’s tenure just as much as it is during Trump’s early months in the White House.

In short, we pay too much attention to words and not enough to action. We have a cultural tendency to assume that words, political words, are reflections of reality, when very often they are not.

The decision to withdraw from the Paris accords is a case in point. That was immediately lauded by the Trump base and decried by most everyone else as a dramatic action. In terms of the symbolism of US global leadership, it is, but in terms of consequences for the environment it is not…”

Trump’s scandals are dangerous: Because they’re distracting us from the grave threats to human civilization article from Salon. –

Trump’s scandals serve as a distraction to a lot of other important issues.

Warner calls reports about Trump ‘very, very troubling’ article from Politico. –

More on reported calls of collusion between Trump, his campaign, and Russia.

Beware: Donald Trump can still find a way to undermine the Russia investigation article from Salon. –

How our dimwitted dumb ass leader can – and probably will – still try to obstruct justice in his growing Russia scandal.

The Republican Dilemma article from The Atlantic. –

On dealing with an impotent con artist leader while trying not to alienate your voters, including those stupid enough to still stand with him:

“CARTERSVILLE, Ga.—Several miles off Route 41 in Bartow County, Georgia, is the downtown area of Cartersville. It’s a throwback place with brick-face storefronts, independently owned businesses, and railroad tracks that bring freight trains straight through the center of the town every 30 minutes.

Here, the firing of James Comey arouses not support or opposition, but rather, indifference. Nobody I spoke with cared either way; it doesn’t affect them or their families. People shrugged when asked about Trump’s tweetstorms. Most agreed that press treatment of Trump is too harsh. Overall, the focus for Trump voters here is the big picture: the economy, jobs, and border security.

Bartow County is 885 miles from Manhattan, but this is Donald Trump country. He took 46 percent of the vote here during the primary, trailed by Ted Cruz at 25 percent and Marco Rubio at 18 percent. In the general election, Trump trounced Hillary Clinton, winning 75 percent of the vote to Clinton’s 21 percent.

Currently, however, President Trump’s job approval is clinging to the 40 percent threshold. And while Republican members of Congress, save for a select few, are backing the president, his legislative agenda appears stalled, with the prospects of health-care reform tenuous at best. Tax reform, at this point, looks like a pipe dream…”

Dear Leader Donald Trump article from Think Progress. –

On the weird lengths our Ignoramus-in-Chief’s staff go to buttering up the idiot they work for.

Donald Trump’s unhealthy preoccupation with being laughed at article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Being a delusional dip shit and getting laughed at on a regular basis makes Trump a raging wannabe tyrant…

Trump’s Support Drops in Military Communities article from NBC News. –

Trust in our deviant Liar-in-Chief is dropping everywhere.

President Trump admits his executive order is a ban and somewhere, his lawyers are crying article from Mashable on Yahoo! News. –

More on our national embarrassment’s idiocy over his Muslim ban:

“After Saturday’s terrorist attacks in London left seven dead and 48 injured, President Trump responded to the tragedy by immediately politicizing it.

On Saturday evening, Trump renewed his call for his “Travel Ban” on Twitter as an “extra level of safety.” It wasn’t exactly the wisest choice of words for the President, whose administration is currently arguing that the his executive order is not, in fact, an unconstitutional ban.

Trump’s Tweet read: “We need to be smart, vigilant and tough. We need the courts to give us back our rights. We need the Travel ban as an extra level of safety,” the president said.

Shortly after Trump tweeted about his ban, he offered a tweet of condolence to those affected by the attack…”

The London terror tweets prove Donald Trump is never going to be ‘presidential’ article from CNN. –

Realistically, it didn’t take his tweets to prove that….

Terror, Again article from Slate. –

On the normalization of terrorism – and the constant use of it by the government to promulgate fear – and how it’s becoming more difficult for them to use against us.

The Panic President article from The Atlantic. –

On how our national embarrassment embraced the London attacks to foment fear and try to justify his Muslim ban.

The Latest: Trump assails London mayor for reassuring public article from The AP on Yahoo! News. –

Our Ignamorous-in-Chief offers a lesson on how not to offer support after a terrorist attack:

“WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on President Donald Trump and the attacks in London (all times local):

4:10 p.m.

President Donald Trump is criticizing London’s mayor on Twitter after he sought to reassure residents about a stepped-up police presence on city streets following a deadly attack there.

In a series of tweets late Saturday and early Sunday, Trump challenged London Mayor Sadiq Khan for saying there was “no reason to be alarmed.”

Trump also pushed his stalled travel ban, took on gun control supporters and pledged that the United States will be there to help London.

The mayor’s spokesman says he’s too busy to respond to Trump. The spokesman says Trump’s tweet “deliberately takes out of context” Khan’s remarks urging Londoners not to be alarmed when they see armed officers on the streets…”

HOW TO CALL B.S. ON BIG DATA: A PRACTICAL GUIDE article from The New Yorker. –

On learning how to identify misinformation in our modern Trump era and learning the difference between bullshitters and liars.

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