Misadventures of a minority-elect President 109

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Our illegitimate, minority-elect president’s deviancy is making America meaner as the hate inspired by Trump and his miscreants is becoming noticeable, more on the fallout from our national embarrassment’s first foreign follies, why it’s too early to call for Trump’s impeachment – despite the growing disillusionment with his dysfunctional presidency, Trump has made the U.S. irrelevant in the Middle East, the mounting signs of public disgust for Trump are everywhere and much more.

Making America Meaner article from Common Dreams. –

On how Trump epitomizes the deviancy of American politics and is making America meaner.

Pay No Attention To That American President Over There article from The Huffington Post. –

More on the fallout from our national embarrassment’s first dumbed-down foreign follies.

To Ram Through Unpopular Agenda, Trump Urges GOP to Kill Senate Filibuster article from Common Dreams. –

Though the vast majority of Americans oppose his plans to eviscerate the Middle Class and healthcare, Trump wants to be able to ram his corrupt proposals through ‘free and easy.’

‘Legitimized in their hatred’: a weekend of violence in Trump’s America article from The Guardian. –

On how the train wreck that is our illegitimate, minority-elect President’s administration inspires hate:

“Anthony Hammond was screaming racial slurs in the parking lot of a California apartment complex before he pulled out a machete and stabbed an African American man, according to police.

The horrific Saturday night attack – which led to hate crime, assault and mayhem charges against the 34-year-old white suspect – received very little attention in US media during the Memorial Day holiday. Also lost in weekend news was the case of a white man in a pickup truck who police say intentionally ran over and killed a 20-year-old Native American man.

The lack of press for both racially charged attacks could be due to the fact that the nation was still reeling from news of a double murder in Portland, Oregon, in which a man stabbed three people who were reportedly trying to stop a racist attack on two young Muslim girls.

The series of attacks in one weekend, along with a threat from a Republican lawmaker to shoot his colleague amid an immigration battle, offer a stark portrait of the racial violence and hate speech in America that activists say have grown since Donald Trump’s election. From Washington state to Texas, the holiday meant to honor fallen soldiers was marred by gruesome assaults during a presidency that critics say has normalized white supremacy and emboldened bigots…”

‘Covfefe’ tells you all you need to know about Donald Trump article from CNN. –

More on the dimwitted dumb ass that is our President and his incorrigible ignorance.


On how cheating and lying play a large part in Trump’s land of delusion…

5 Reasons This Still Isn’t Watergate article from Politico Magazine. –

On the differences between Nixon’s era and Trump’s era.

Will Trump Be Impeached or Resign? As Support for His Removal Soars, Approval Rating Plunges article from Newsweek on Yahoo! News. –

More on the growing disillusion with our dimwitted dip shit’s dysfunctional presidency:

“Support for the idea of impeaching President Donald Trump increased to 43 percent from 38 percent among U.S. voters in a Politico/Morning Consult poll released Wednesday, after his return from his first trip abroad since winning the White House.

Meanwhile, the president’s approval rating is hovering just under 40 percent, according to FiveThiryEight, after taking a plunge amid new developments in an ongoing federal investigation into his campaign and administration’s possible ties to the Kremlin. Even the latest right-leaning polls show Trump’s approval rating sinking to 44 percent from 48 percent last week, according to a Rasmussen Reports index released Tuesday.

What’s more, the greatest damage Trump could possibly do to both data sets may not have even occurred yet.

As the world fears Trump’s upcoming decision as to whether the United States will pull out of the Paris Climate Accord—joining Syria and Nicaragua as the only nations absent from the virtually universal climate change agreement—the FBI’s investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election has ramped up as of late, including with the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller to spearhead the probe…”

Meet the people telling Trump to ditch our last, bst hope at avoiding climate catastrophe article from Think Progress. –

Killing the Paris climate deal is an extremely ignorant move.

Top White House position now seen as ‘career suicide’ article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Any position in our impotent leader’s White House is costly for your credibility and reputation…

The regime change of Donald J. Trump article from The Week. –

Aiding and abetting the corruption of those that dictate foreign policy isn’t doing Trump any favors.

There’s no excuse for Trump’s ongoing confusion about NATO article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Trump still hasn’t learned what he’s saying about NATO makes him appear more foolish than usual:

“Donald Trump conceded last month that when he criticized the NATO alliance during the campaign, he did so despite “not knowing much about NATO.” It was an unflattering admission that the Republican is comfortable popping off on important subjects he doesn’t understand – because for Trump, knowledge is not a prerequisite to forming an opinion.

And while that was certainly a problem in 2016, it’s a bigger problem in 2017 that Trump still has plenty to say about NATO that doesn’t really make sense. On Twitter, for example, the president boasted the other day that “money is beginning to pour in” from NATO’s member nations.

He made a similar comment over the weekend while speaking with U.S. troops in Italy: “I will tell you, a big difference over the last year, money is actually starting to pour into NATO from countries that would not have been doing what they’re doing now had I not been elected, I can tell you that. Money is starting to pour in.”

For the record, it was under Barack Obama, not Donald Trump, that NATO members adopted a new approach to defense spending…”


Because there is no magical potion to fix profoundly corrupt ignorance.

The Weirdness of Now article from Counter Punch. –

On the disaster that was our dubious presidential election and the deviant choices we were given.

Trumpcare is still really, really unpopular article from Think Progress. –

Only 31 percent – which seems a little high – actually approve of Trump’s fraudulent ‘healthcare replacement’ bill.

Trump: Dancing with Wolves on the Titanic article from The Unz Review. –

On how – contrary to making America great again – the U.S. has become irrelevant in the Middle East:

“Robert Fisk put it best: “Trump Is About To Really Mess Up In The Middle East”. Following his fantastically stupid decision to attack the Syrian military with cruise missiles, Trump or, should I say, the people who make decisions for him, probably realized that it was “game over” for any US policy in the Middle-East so they did the only thing that they could do: they ran towards those few who were actually happy with this aggression against Syria: the Saudis and the Israelis. Needless to say, with these two “allies,” what currently passes for some type of “US foreign policy” in the Middle-East will only go from bad to worse.

There are many ways in which Saudi Arabia and Israel are truly unique: they are both prime sponsors of terrorism, they are both nations deeply steeped in ideologies which can only be described as uncivilized (Wahabism and Jewish supremacism) and they both are armed to the teeth. But they also have one other thing in common: in spite, or maybe because of, their immense military budgets, these two nations are also militarily very weak. Oh sure, they have lots of fancy military hardware and they like to throw their weight around and beat up some defenseless “enemy”, but once you set aside all the propaganda you realize that the Saudis can’t even deal with the Houtis in Yemen while the Israelis got comprehensively defeated by 2nd rank Hezbollah forces in 2006 (the top of the line Hezbollah forces were concentrated along the Litani river and never saw direct combat): the entire Golani Brigade could not even take Bint Jbeil under control even though that small town was only 1.5 miles away from the Israeli border. This is also the reason why the Saudis and the Israelis try to limit themselves to airstrikes: because on the ground they simply suck. Here again the similarity is striking: the Saudis have become “experts” at terrorizing defenseless Shia (in the KSA or in Bahrain) while the Israelis are the experts on how to terrorize Palestinian civilians.

With Trump now officially joining this ugly alliance, the US will contribute the military “expertise” of a country which can’t even take Mosul, mostly because its forces are hiding, literally, behind the backs of Kurdish and Arab Iraqis. To think that these three want to take on Hezbollah, Iran and Russia would be almost comical if it wasn’t for the kind of appalling bloodshed that this will produce.

Alas, just look at what the Saudis are doing to Yemen, what the Israelis did to Gaza or Lebanon or what the US did to Iraq and you will immediately get a sense of what the formation of this nefarious alliance will mean for the people of Syria and the rest of the region. The record shows that a military does not need to be skilled at real warfare to be skilled at murdering people: even though the US occupation of Iraq was, in military terms, a total disaster, it did result in almost one and a half million dead people…”

Jared Kushner ‘admitted Donald Trump lies to his base because he thinks they’re stupid’ article from The Independent on Yahoo! News. –

That’s just common knowledge among the majority that didn’t vote for him, not News…

The Republican Party’s Sickness of the Soul article from Common Dreams. –

The GOP and their impotent leader are going to pay a big price for the willful destruction of the U.S. public.

Russia probe scares off potential appointees article from Politico. –

It’s becoming more difficult to find help in our Liar-in-Chief’s administration – for obvious reasons…

Awakening from the Trump Nightmare article from Project Syndicate. –

The mounting signs of public disgust are everywhere:

“PARIS – The American people can escape from the ordeal of Donald Trump’s presidency in one of three ways. But if and when they do is an irreducibly political question, not one that hinges on legal possibilities.

First, there’s the Nixonian method, in which the president, worn down by the fight, simply resigns, scared and unwilling to submit to the proceedings that he sees mounting around him. But could that really be the exit taken by Trump? Does he share with his distant Republican predecessor a strong enough predisposition to melancholy? Can one picture a childish man, compulsive and narcissistic, surrendering without a fight the larger-than-life toy that is the top job in the most powerful country on the planet? I doubt it.

Second, there is Article 4 of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, ratified in 1967, which spells out a process by which the vice president and cabinet can act to replace a president who has died or is prevented by reasons of health from governing. Such might have been the case, four years earlier, following the assassination of John F. Kennedy, had Kennedy not died from his wounds. The possibility briefly resurfaced when President Ronald Reagan began to show the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

But the current situation does not resemble those cases. Trump may be unstable and unfit to govern, as his detractors claim. But is he any more so now than he was when the American people elected him? Probably not…”

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