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Misadventures of a minority-elect President 107

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Our illegitimate, minority-elect President’s son-in-law – and senior adviser – is becoming a massive headache as calls of treason start resonating through Washington, how Trump is torturing Capitol Hill, the joke that is our national embarrassment’s presidency and its death spiral, a lot of the miscreants associated with Trump have ties to Russia, the irony of Trump paying lip service to U.S. Veterans after his previous history of slandering them, Trump’s crash course on how not to win at diplomacy, when all else fails to deflect blame for your malfeasance create a conspiracy theory and hope they buy it, Trump has a thing for dictators and despots and more.

Jared Kushner’s Growing Stench of Treason article from Foreign Policy Magazine on Yahoo! News. –

Setting up back channels to a frenemy to avoid public consumption is one thing, but intent to avoid monitoring by U.S. intelligence agencies is another, especially when you’re not even in government yet.

How Trump Is Torturing Capitol Hill article from The Atlantic. –

The GOP – and their brown shirts that are protecting and enabling our dimwitted dumb ass – are getting frustrated at the inability to accomplish their dubious agendas.

‘A malaise is setting in’: Some DC Republicans resigned to ‘long slow death’ of Trump’s presidency article from The Raw Story. –

On the joke that is our national embarrassment’s presidency and it’s spiraling decline.

Trump: Totalitarian or Authoritarian? article from TruthOut. –

On what our wannabe dictator’s illegitimate regime is:

“Much has been written about whether Donald Trump is a despot authoritarian, fascist or merely a bumbling clown. As we approach this question of what Trump “is,” it’s important for us to realize that — regardless of our assessments of his level of intelligence, or his adolescent mentality, or his bizarre mannerisms — he is in the most powerful seat in the world. Trump is dangerous and he needs to be taken seriously.

Kathleen Jones is a political theorist whose publications and teaching about modern political theory and Hannah Arendt span nearly four decades. Her most recent book is a philosophical memoir, Diving for Pearls: A Thinking Journey with Hannah Arendt, about her 30-year relationship with the work of the well-loved political thinker.

In understanding Trump, Jones says, we need to look at the gaps — and potential gaps — between his claims and the truth. She points to Trump’s boasts of business acumen and accomplishments, alongside his refusal to release his tax returns, as well as his documented history of bankruptcies, which resulted in some of his business interests’ restructuring.

Given that his claims to be a wildly wealthy and successful businessman are what generated much of his support among his base, it is important to address the fact that these claims are dubious…”

President Trump acted like a ‘drunk tourist’ during first foreign trip: report article from AOL News. –

The problem is he wasn’t acting… he was just being himself.

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