Misadventures of a minority-elect President 105

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Reports of Kushner attempting to establish private communication channels between Trump’s transition team and Moscow bring our dimwitted, dumb ass president’s Russia scandal closer to home, poverty is just a state of mind for Trump and the miscreants in his illegitimate administration, more on the joke that has become our impotent leader’s first farcical foreign follies – plus some of the most cringe-worthy highlights from it, a look at Pence’s related role in the Russia scandal – which actually deflects attention from other White House scandals, how our national embarrassment is destroying America’s reputation around the world, Trump’s growing credibility issue and much more.

DNC calls for Kushner to be fired from WH position article from The Hill. –

Reports that Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner attempted to establish private communication channels between his transition team and Moscow bring numb nut’s Russia scandal closer to home.

Poverty? Oh, that’s just a ‘state of mind’ for the Trump administration article from The Guardian. –

Ben Carson – another moron appointed by our Liar-in-Chief to be Secretary of Housing and Urban Development – believes magical thinking is the secret to getting out of poverty…

White House may appoint legal team to monitor Trump tweets article from The New York Post. –

Why start now?

Trump Is a Bull in the China Shop of Global Diplomacy article from TruthDig. –

More on the joke that is Trump’s first farcical foreign follies:

“Back in 2016 the talking heads on TV kept expecting candidate Trump, who made headlines almost daily saying racist and offensive things, to “transition.” Their theory was that he was acting out for his base in the GOP primaries but then would dial it back in the general election.

Months into his presidency, and he’s the same Donald Trump: a bull in the china shop of global diplomacy.

The disaster for U.S. relations (which is already hurting the U.S. economy through a fall in tourism and investment from abroad) went from the personal to the substantive.

Then there was that awkward moment when he refused to affirm the U.S. commitment under article 5 of NATO to come to the defense of members of the alliance. NATO invoked article 5 and sent tens of thousands of troops to Afghanistan for a decade after 9/11, but Trump isn’t about gratitude or appreciation of others.

The omission was significant because after Vladimir Putin’s unilateral annexation of Crimea from Ukraine and then interference in East Ukraine, European countries are depending on the U.S. to see that the Russian Federation does not go any further…”

Fake Ads in the Time of Trump article from AlterNet. –

Desperate times call for desperate measures to make our impotent, dimwitted dumb ass feel important.

Is Pence next? A timeline of the Vice President’s role in Trump’s Russia-related mess provides some clues article from The Raw Story. –

If we’re lucky, impeachment of our impotent Liar-in-Chief won’t lead to Pence’s duplicitous ass being put in the White House…

Trump aides facing perilous stage of Russia probe article from Politico. –

Trump’s aides are feeling the pressure as investigators ramp up requests for documents.

Swamp Politics, Trump Style: ‘Russiagate’ Diverts From the Real White House Scandals article from Counter Punch. –

Our illegitimate, minority-elect president is nothing short of the gift that keeps on giving:

“The investigation of the Trump administration continues with the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel to the inquiry into Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 election. I’ve refrained from writing about “Russiagate” to this point, because of how poorly the investigation has been handled by political leaders and the media.

Scarcely do I see a recognition from these political actors that the report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which supposedly provided evidence of Russian election meddling, provided no definitive documentation of a direct link between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. The report concluded that Vladimir Putin personally ordered email hacks of the Democratic Party to uncover potentially embarrassing information on Hillary Clinton, and to boost Trump’s chances of winning the election. But the report failed to flesh out specific details documenting alleged Russian efforts to influence the election.

The public was expected to take the charges on faith. This is not to say that Russia is innocent of trying to sway the election. I have no hard evidence one way or the other on that question, but as someone who believes in evidence-based reasoning, I don’t accept claims that are made without documentation.

As a social scientist, it’s been frustrating to listen to liberals and Democratic supporters authoritatively rant about Russia stealing the U.S. election. I’ve seen no compelling evidence that the anti-Clinton stories covered by Wikileaks had a substantive impact on voter choice. Most of these stories were inside-baseball kind of stuff, including the “revelation” that John Podesta thought Hillary Clinton has poor political instincts, that the Clinton campaign didn’t like Bernie Sanders (a shocker!), that Clinton supported “open borders” free trade agreements (you don’t say?), and that she delivered a Wall Street speech voicing support for adopting “public” and “private position[s]” on political issues (politicians lie?!?). In an era of superficiality in American elections, it’s also fair to ask how much attention citizens pay to these kinds of stories. Election scholars have long found that much of the public votes for candidates based on extremely superficial considerations such as physical attractiveness, use of buzz words, and an amorphous belief in a candidates’ “character.”…”

How Donald trump is ruining America’s reputation around the world article from The Raw Story. –

On how our national embarrassment is destroying America’s reputation around the globe…

Donald Trump and the Agony of H.R. McMaster: Will the President Dump His Second National Securit Adviser? article from Newsweek on Yahoo! News. –

Calling your National Security Adviser a pain and shutting him out of meetings could prove problematic for our incorrigibly inept leader.

The White House has a credibility crisis – and it’s started to engulf one of its most independent voices article from Business Insider. –

Trump has had a credibility issue since day one – it just continues getting larger and larger…

China is loving the Trump presidency article from The Week. –

Our national embarrassment is proving costly:

“We may never really know if President Trump — or his campaign, or those in his inner circle — ever colluded with Russia. We also may never know if President Trump and his team tried to pressure then-FBI Director James Comey to drop his agency’s investigation into then-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. After all of the crazy, after all of the media spin on both the left and the right, after all of the endless “breaking news,” after all of the hysterical partisan attacks, we may end up with only a snapshot of what actually happened.

But it not might matter — at least when it comes to the damage to America’s stature on the world’s stage. That’s already been tarnished. The question now is only if the damage is permanent.

You see, in the crazy game that is international politics, where the wants, needs, and aspirations of nation states are more a mix of House of Cards and Game of Thrones than actual diplomacy, capitals around the world are taking stock of the mess in Washington, and many are coming to the same conclusion: America has been weakened from within.

Case in point, in the always volatile Asia-Pacific, where the People’s Republic of China is slowly but surely looking for every opportunity to push America out of the region for good, leaders in Beijing are surely licking their chops, watching Washington tear itself apart. Though the Trump administration never needed to formally kill the “pivot” to Asia, they did anyway…”

It’s Time to Get Rid of Donald Trump article from Spiegel Online. –

Germany is really pissed at Trump and they want the world to know it.

Week One: The President Flew Away and an Investigation Took Root article from Politico. –

While his farcical foreign foray was happening Trump’s troubles at home shifted into overdrive.

Trump’s boasts about jobs saved at Carrier start to evaporate article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

More of the jobs Trump credited himself with saving are leaving the country…

The Most Cringe-Worthy Moments From Trump’s First International Trip article from Slate. –

There is a reason numb nuts excluded the press that was with him from the bulk of his first farcical foreign follies:

“President Donald Trump is going back home. After nine days abroad in the Middle East and Europe, the commander in chief left Italy on Saturday afternoon to fly back to a White House that is steeped in scandal and turmoil. Trump celebrated the trip as a “home run.”

But before we get back to Washington, let’s look at some of the most memorable and embarrassing moments from the trip, in chronological order.

Dancing in Saudi Arabia

The trip seems to have had two distinct phases with Trump seen as pretty successful in the first leg of the journey that included Israel and Saudi Arabia. Things got awkward right from the start though when Trump received a reception fit for a king in Saudi Arabia that included some stilted dancing with swords in tow…”

The Memo: Trump returns to challenges at home article from The Hill. –

Reality is going to bite in Trump’s land of delusion as he returns to his alternate reality in Washington.

Fact check: President Trump and his mistold NATO tales article from USA Today. –

Here’s a shocker: Trump lied.

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