Misadventures of a minority-elect President 100

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

The case for obstruction of justice just became easier to prove – much to our minority-elect president’s chagrin – as another report reveals he asked his Intel Chiefs to public deny his Russia ties – though to their credit they refused, Trump’s approval at lowest its been since Inauguration day, the WAPO and NYT urge resisting impeachment until Trump helps lose the GOP majority in Congress, what Trump’s supporters are wrong about in supporting his firing of Comey, Trump enabling more fraud for his Wall Street friends by killing Dodd-Frank, like her husband, Melania has issues with tweeting fake news and false information, the Trump cabal’s pandemic of lies, more on our National embarrassment’s speech in Saudi Arabia, Trump’s proposed budget gives the finger to those foolish enough to be conned by him, opening the door to more terrorism as U.S. takes Syria’s Al-Qaeda off terror watchlists and lots more.

Callan: Obstruction of justice case just took quantum leap article from Yahoo! News. –

Telling two Russian visitors that he had taken off the pressure of an FBI investigation – after sharing classified information with them – proves that Trump was obstructing justice.

Poll: Trump’s approval rating sinks to lowest point since Inauguration Day article from AOL News. –

Holding steady with a 38 percent approval rating isn’t boding well for our illegitimate, minority-elect President.

Washington Post and New York Times urge pullback on calls for Trump impeachment article from The World Socialist Web Site. –

The two biggest cheerleaders for ridding ourselves of our dimwitted dumb ass in the White House urge restraint until Trump completes blowing the GOP’s majority in both houses of Congress.

Who better to lecture Muslims than Islam expert Donald Trump? article from The Guardian. –

Allowing Trump to lecture anyone on anything is ridiculous, but allowing him to lecture on Islam is a joke:

“If there’s anything consistent about the Trump White House so far, it’s that people get appointed to positions for which they are totally unsuited. More than that: they’re frequently the worst possible candidates for the role. That starts with the president himself, of course – less presidential than your average radio phone-in ranter. It was evident in the appointment of Michael Flynn, a man allegedly in hock to the Russian state, as national security adviser; of multiple Goldman Sachs alumni to oversee financial regulation; and of Jeff Sessions, who regards the film Reefer Madness as accurate social commentary, as the top law-enforcement official in the land.

In the latest example, the Sessions acolyte Stephen Miller, one of the architects of Trump’s attempted Muslim ban, has been put in charge of winning over the Arab Muslim world. Miller was the principal author of a speech, delivered in Riyadh yesterday, in which the president said he wanted to “deliver a message of friendship and hope and love”. He went on to argue that the fight against terrorism was “a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life and … people who want to protect life and their religion”. Trump even shied away from the phrase he blasted Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for avoiding: “radical Islamic terrorism”.

The new approach is at odds with everything we know about Miller’s worldview, and that of his longtime supporter Steve Bannon. (Miller’s college-newspaper screeds about the war on Christmas are an entertaining study in one variety of radicalisation, if you can bear the grandiloquence.)

Almost all of Trump’s pronouncements on the subject stand in stark contrast to his words in Riyadh too (in October last year he condemned the Saudis as women-haters who “push gays … off buildings”. This weekend, he accepted a medal from their king)…”

John Podesta Unloads on Trump article from Politico. –

On the sinking ship that is the Trump cabal and taking the GOP down with him.

What Defenders of Trump’s Right to Fire Comey Are Missing article from The Atlantic. –

Questioning whether or not the public will allow Trump’s obstruction of justice to go unpunished.

Trump’s Russia Scandal Is Becoming a Corruption Scandal article from New York Magazine. –

Everything our illegitimate, minority-elect President touches gets tainted with corruption.

Trump budget: $800 billion in Medicaid cuts article from CNN. –

Targeting $800 billion in cuts to Medicaid – and the minority that was actually foolish enough to fall for his con:

“Donald Trump’s budget that is expected to be unveiled on Tuesday will include $800 billion in cuts to Medicaid — a move that underscores the President’s resolve to significantly downsize the federal program even as Republican lawmakers are clashing over the issue in Congress.

The $800 billion reduction, confirmed to CNN Sunday evening by a senior administration official, assumes that the GOP health care bill that the House passed earlier this month would become law, that official said.

The House legislation to dismantle the Affordable Care Act — President Barack Obama’s landmark health care law also known as Obamacare — would significantly curtail federal support for Medicaid.

Under that bill, in 2020, states that expanded the program would no longer receive enhanced funding to cover low-income adults, while states that did not expand previously would not be able to do so, starting immediately. Some 11 million adults have gained coverage under Medicaid expansion…”

While You Weren’t Looking, Trump Basically Killed Dodd-Frank article from The Huffington Post on Yahoo! News. –

Enabling more corruption for his fraudulent Wall Street friends and masters.

Melania Trump completely disconnects from reality, praises ‘women’s empowerment’ in Saudi Arabia article from Mashable. –

Like her husband, Melania has issues with tweeting fake news.

Neil Buchanan: The Thousand and One Lies of Donald Trump article from Newsweek on Yahoo! News. –

On what our Liar-in-Chief does best: Lie all the time.

Trump’s groveling speech in Saudi Arabia was a national embarrassment article from The Week. –

More on the speech given by our National Embarrassment:

“Yesterday afternoon, Donald Trump became Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Or so will say Fareed Zakaria and the other doyens of elite opinion this morning, who stumble over themselves to offer praise every time President Trump manages to plow through a comparatively sane speech, string complete sentences together like a freshly minted state senator, and not casually alienate 1.5 billion members of a major world religion.

That’s the extent of the good news about the president’s hectoring, smug speech, in which he exhorted Muslims to smash the radicals in their midst, to “DRIVE THEM OUT OF YOUR COMMUNITIES” and then, puzzlingly, to also “DRIVE THEM OUT OF THIS EARTH,” something that does not make any literal sense, seems kind of redundant, and presumably must be undertaken in hot pursuit across state borders. At least “radical Islamic terrorists” were noticeably absent from the text. The president was too busy groveling before the Saudis for creating jobs.

Largely devoid of apocalyptic language, non-sequiturs, boasts about the magnitude of his Electoral College triumph, and vicious attacks on the press, it was perhaps the first speech he has ever delivered that you could imagine another sentient being in the Republican Party giving, and it was painfully obvious that the president himself had nothing to do with composing it. POTUS on his own probably couldn’t get within 1,000 years if he had to correctly place the wonders of ancient Egypt on a timeline of global history.

The trouble with the speech is not that it was demented, like most of what passes by President Trump’s lips, but that it is a reminder of what is waiting should the Republicans still be in charge of the country for any extended period of time in the post-Trump era: the policy baseline, the tone, and the analysis of the region’s predicament were all boilerplate Republican inanity, grounded in a monomaniacal obsession with terrorism as the cause of all strife on Earth and bizarrely fixated on Iran as the wellspring of instability and violence. The “Good versus Evil” and “Iran versus the moderates” components of the speech had the sticky Hungarian fingers of fake PhD Sebastian Gorka all over them and they made astonishingly little sense even if the words themselves could be diagrammed properly…”

In Israel, Trump denies intel claim he was never accused of article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

In which Trump told Bibi that he never mentioned Israel in his classified intel leak to Russia…

The Disappearing Data Project article from Think Progress. –

Thousands of government records removed since our minority-elect minion took office are trying to be recovered.

Trump White House clashes with federal ethics watchdog article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Given Trump and his miscreantic cabal’s unethical actions, it’s hardly surprising…

THE ONION LEAKS A TROVE OF TRUMP DOCS article from The New Yorker. –

A satirical online newspaper dumped a lot of info pertaining to Trump:

“The staff of the Onion, a satirical online newspaper that’s been a reliable antidote to reality for nearly three decades, was not thrilled by the prospect of a Trump Presidency. The paper’s longtime writer Chad Nackers told me in March that having to frequently satirize Trump and the bit players in his Administration for four years—or more—filled many of the publication’s staffers with “comedic dread.” The Onion has been tormenting Trump for close to twenty years, beginning back when he was a mere citizen-object of scorn, with headlines like 2012’s “Donald Trump Stares Forlornly at Tiny, Aged Penis in Mirror Before Putting On Clothes, Beginning Day” and, from 2013, “When You’re Feeling Low, Just Remember I’ll Be Dead in About 15 or 20 Years.” (The latter provoked Trump’s general counsel, Michael Cohen, to demand an apology to his client. The Onion ignored this request.) But, for a President Trump, Cole Bolton, the Onion’s editor-in-chief, told me last week, “We needed something much bigger, much broader, which can hit all the themes we want to hit in a single stroke.”

More than a dozen writers and eight graphics editors have been assembling that something over the past four months: seven hundred pages of Trump-related documents that have been “leaked” to the Onion. The first batch was revealed at noon on Monday on the Onion’s Facebook page, as well as on a special Web site. “Document dumps,” Bolton said, “are the vogue way to talk about major breaking news in the world, whether it’s WikiLeaks or the Panama Papers. Leaks seemed like the perfect means to get at Trump and his inner circle, as well as his decision-making.”

Among the leaked Trump documents: a string of e-mails between the President and Boeing’s C.E.O., about Trump’s desired upgrades—marble everything—to Air Force One; some of the Vice-President’s handwritten notes, with helpful illustrations, describing puritanical inventions of his, like a “nose harness” to prevent the smelling of “sinful smells,” like a woman’s skin, and a “blouse that cannot flutter in the wind”; and three of the President’s idiosyncratic daily briefings, written on children’s placemats. “Like you get at Denny’s,” Bolton said. “They say things like, ‘These are the security issues today. Find them in the word box!’ ” There are Mad Libs-style executive orders (“fill-in a ‘fear-inducing noun,’ ” one instructs, then an “adjective that implies ‘sub-human’ without actually stating it”), a note from Obama to Trump that was left in the Oval Office, as well as handwritten letters between Melania Trump and her concerned relatives back in Slovenia. All the documents appear to have originated between Trump’s Inauguration and the current day, with the exception of a few e-mails between the press secretary, Sean Spicer, and Trump, exchanged prior to the election. Trump’s voice is limited in the documents. “His voice is so over-mocked,” Bolton said. “Everyone throws the word ‘huge’ in there and says they’re an orange-so-and-so with small hands. Those jokes are done to death. We wanted to not fall in those traps.”…”

Flynn ‘lied to investigators’ about Russia trip, says top House Dem article from AOL News. –

There seems to be a pandemic of lying in the Trump administration.

Trump to Propose Massive Cuts to Safety Net in ‘Utter Betrayal’ Budget article from Common Dreams. –

Nothing like taking care of those that were foolish enough to vote for you.

Paul Krugman: Republicans Are Stripping Our Freedomes One by One article from AlterNet. –

Trump’s GOP brown shirts – along with their illegitimate, impotent leader – couldn’t care less about We the People.

Trump Reportedly Asked Intel Chiefs To Publicly Deny Russia Ties article from The Huffington Post. –

When a profoundly corrupt ‘elected’ official is above the Law, you no longer have Rule of Law. Amazingly enough they said no:

“Another account of President Donald Trump attempting to push back on the investigation of his campaign’s ties to the Russian government emerged Monday evening, as The Washington Post reported that the president asked two top intelligence officials to deny any evidence of collusion.

According to the report, Trump asked Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats and National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers to publicly deny that there is any evidence of connections between Trump’s team and Russia. Those requests reportedly came in late March, after then-FBI Director James Comey confirmed that his bureau was looking into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.

Coats and Rogers reportedly rejected the requests.

The Post also said that White House officials sought to influence Comey directly:…”

What’s In A Name? U.S. Takes Syria’s Al-Qaeda Off Terror Watchlists article from Information Clearing House. –

To get off terror watchlists – at least under the Trump administration’s reign – all you need to do is change your name.

New York Times’ David Brooks Smokes Trump: He’s An ‘Infantalist’ – Unable To Grasp 3 Vital Adult Tasks article from The Daily Kos. –

On why our impotent little boy-man wannabe dicatator needs to grow up and start acting like an adult.

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