Misadventures of a minority-elect President 89

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Our minority-elect President’s approval ratings nose diving to near record low as his continuing malfeasance takes center stage, new report reveals Trump’s preposterous lie about why he actually fired Comey and the potential consequences of it, trying to fabricate voter fraud to support his repeated lies will prove futile and will undoubtedly be challenged, impeaching Trump for the right reasons, the rule of law keeps beating the rule of Trump, entertaining Russian visitor with Russian press present while kicking American press out wasn’t one of his brightest moves, we could be witnessing the unraveling of our dimwitted dipshit leader’s delusional presidency, options for creating an independent investigation of Trump’s Russia scandal, GOP reveals their intention to continue helping Trump cover up his crimes, Trump’s sham election commission – run by the man who brought us the fraudulent state cross check system to rig the 2016 election and illegally purge scores of voters – will prove quite entertaining and a lot more.

Poll: Trump’s approval rating slips to 36 percent article from The Hill. –

36 percent of respondents aren’t happy with our dubious Liar-in-Chief according to the latest poll.

Trump’s deputy attorney general reportedly threatened to quit after being painted as the mastermind behind Comey’s firing article from AOL News. –

Trump derangement syndrome continues as our lackluster leader keeps trying to shift blame for his actions on everyone else.

Bombshell Report: Source ‘Close to Comey’ Leaks the 2 Reasons Trump Really Fired FBI Director article from The Independent Journal Review. –

It’s no surprise that our illegitimate, minority-elect President lies about why he fired the FBI Director.

FBI refuses to disclose documents on Trump’s call to Russia to hack Clinton article from The Guardian. –

“FBI decision to withhold records suggests Trump’s provocative election-year comments are being seen as relevant to its own ongoing investigation

The US justice department is refusing to disclose FBI documents relating to Donald Trump’s highly contentious election year call on Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Senior DoJ officials have declined to release the documents on grounds that such disclosure could “interfere with enforcement proceedings”. In a filing to a federal court in Washington DC, the DoJ states that “because of the existence of an active, ongoing investigation, the FBI anticipates that it will … withhold all records”.

The statement suggests that Trump’s provocative comment last July is being seen by the FBI as relevant to its own ongoing investigation…”

The Nightmare Scenario: Trump Fires Comey, the One Man Who Would Stand Up to Him article from Lawfare Blog. –

Elizabeth Warren Connects the Dots on Trump’s Firings: It’s Pretty Clear What’s Going On’ article from AlterNet. –

Yes it is: Trump’s tampering and chicanery while actively impeding and trying to close active investigations into his malfeasance has become blatantly obvious.

President Trump expected to launch commission on ‘election integrity’ article from GMA on Yahoo! News. –

Now that’s funny…like anyone is going to believe the bull shit that comes from his administration on election integrity…

Seth Meyers Exposes the ‘Presposerous Lie’ at Center of James Comey Firing article and video from The Daily Beast. –

“‘Nothing could top the truly laughable justification Trump’s White House offered for firing Comey,’ the ‘Late Night’ host said.

Seth Meyers is outraged about President Donald Trump’s actions on a near-nightly basis. Wednesday night, he was the most outraged.

“Today, the political world has been reeling from President Trump’s shocking decision to fire FBI Director James Comey, a surreal and chaotic development that has felt like something out of a dictatorship,” Meyers said at the top of a nearly 15-minute “closer look” into the bombshell story.

About 110 days into this new presidency, Meyers said Trump has “degraded so many political norms and flouted so many conventions that, to some degree, we’ve become desensitized to his behavior.” Yet somehow, he added, Americans believed there was “one thing he would not do,” and that was “fire the man that was investigating him” and his campaign’s connections to Russia. But for Trump, Meyers said, “even that line was not too sacred to cross.”…”

Trump just superpowered the Russia story article from VOX. –

In this case stupid is probably going to hurt.

Editorial: With the Justice Department fully compromised, Republicans in Congress need to salvage Trump-Russia investigation article from The San Jose Mercury News. –

Trump’s brown shirts need to do something right, or they’re going to pay a heavy price too.

FBI’s acting director rebukes White House claim that the FBI ‘lost confidence’ in Comey article from AOL News. –

As previously stated, Trump lies all the time – he’s just too ignorant to do it well.

Trump’s firing of FBI director could be an impeachable offense, constitutional law experts say article from Think Progress. –

““In the end, Nixon paid. Trump may find, too, that it’s not so easy to evade justice.”

Constitutional law experts say that while President Donald Trump’s decision to fire Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey was legal, it appears to be an abuse of power that could constitute an impeachable offense.

Trump’s decision to terminate Comey, the head of the nation’s top law enforcement agency, was announced Tuesday and sent shockwaves throughout the political sphere.

It’s not unconstitutional for Trump to fire his FBI director as he has the authority to fire anyone in the executive branch, explained David D. Cole, the national legal director for the American Civil Liberties Union, in a statement to ThinkProgress…”

Why The Trump Transcripts Are So Maddening To Read – and why we should still keep reading every word article from The Awl. –

Trump signs executive order to investigate voter fraud claims article from The New York Post. –

Repeating lies about voter fraud and appointing a corrupt team to try and validate your lies won’t work for our Liar-in-Chief.

Impeach Trump for Right Reasons article from Counter Punch. –

The Rule of Law Keeps Beating Back the Rule of Trump article from The Brennan Center For Justice. –

“Donald Trump came to office knowing that as president of the United States he would have broad discretion in many areas. What he hasn’t learned is that discretion is not the same as unconstrained power, and that the circumstances in which he makes a decision have an enormous impact on its legality and credibility.

His disregard of constraints is evident in two separate episodes that have roiled his early days in office: his attempt to ban Muslim travelers and refugees from the U.S., and his abrupt dismissal of FBI Director James Comey.

Addressing a rally in Florida in February 2017 shortly after the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals halted implementation of the Muslim ban, Trump read out part of the Immigration and Nationality Act. He understood it to give the president “the right to keep people out if he feels it’s not in the best interest of our country.”

He didn’t read the rest of the statute, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of “race, sex, nationality, place of birth, or place of residence.” Courts enjoined the travel ban despite the president’s broad authority over immigration because of his explicit and oft-repeated goal of banning Muslims…”

The White House’s decision to let only a Russian photographer into Trump’s Oval Office meeting has turned out ugly article from Business Insider on Yahoo! News. –

Allowing a Russian reporter in the meeting while kicking American reporters out is beyond stupid.

Trump to display map of 2016 election results in the White House: report article from The Hill. –

Trump should enjoy his electoral college victory – despite losing the popular vote (Clinton and 3rd Party) by more than 11 million votes – because it’s the last time the GOP is going to see a victory like that again for a while.

Exclusive: How Trump Backers Weaponized Anthony Weiner to Defeat Clinton article from AlterNet. –

We May Be Witnessing the Unraveling of Donald Trump’s Presidency article from The Nation. –

All is not well in our dimwitted dipshit’s land of delusion:

“In his paranoia about his legitimacy as president, Trump is pushing us to the brink of a constitutional crisis.

Donald Trump began his presidency in a troubling crisis of legitimacy, given charges that Russia meddled in the election to help him defeat Hillary Clinton, and that Clinton won the popular vote nonetheless. This crisis is now devouring him.

From the moment he and his staff began haranguing the media for accurately reporting the size of his inaugural turnout, compared with Obama’s much larger crowds, we have been watching Trump spiral into paranoia. With the firing of FBI Director James Comey, we may be witnessing Trump’s presidency unraveling.

Trump’s cover story for Comey’s dismissal—that brand-new deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein wanted him gone, ironically due to his handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mail practices last year—has completely come undone in 24 hours. On Wednesday, The New York Times reported that Comey told congressional leaders that days before his firing he’d submitted to Rosenstein a request for resources to expand the Russia probe. By Thursday morning, a half-dozen major news outlets produced deeply reported pieces, some based on as many as 30 sources, revealing that Trump has been seething over Comey’s handling of the investigation into alleged collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russian government officials—and that his anger hardened into a plan to fire him last week. The Washington Post reported that Rosenstein threatened to resign, angry at being falsely depicted as the person behind Comey’s firing. (The Justice Department is denying that report.)…”

Trump to Appoint Notorious Vote Suppressor Kobach to ‘Sham’ Election Commission article from Common Dreams. –

Rigging the 2018 election: Kris Kobach – Kansas Secretary of State – is responsible for bringing us the fraudulent state cross check system used to purge hoards of voters in many states to prevent them from voting… consider the source and question every lie his sham ‘election commission’ brings us.

Advocates of an independent Russia scandal inquiry have options article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Classified America: Why Is the US Public Allowed to Know So Little? article from Common Dreams. –

Possibly because the government has been committing heinous crimes – on steroids since George W. Bush’s appointment –  and keeping everything shrouded in secrecy prevents accountability, which is why it’s necessary to question everything and consider the source(s), especially in our Ignoramus-in-Chief’s America.

Top Republicans Are Helping Trump Channel His Inner Tyrant article from AlterNet. –

Trump’s Brown Shirts are aiding and abetting a Cover up for their dubious leader’s delusional dipshittery:

“The GOP has become an accessory to a coverup.

“When you’re a star, they let you do it,” Donald Trump said in the now infamous 2005 Access Hollywood footage. “You can do anything.”

He was bragging about his preferred method of committing criminal sex acts against women, but by now it should be obvious that quote defines Trump’s outlook on everything. Trump’s political career, like his time in business, is marked by cheating, corruption and enough lies to fill his ghostwritten books many times over. His Tuesday firing of FBI director James Comey was yet another quintessentially Trumpian move, brazenly indifferent to both optics and ethics and driven by pure self-interest. If Trump pulls off this latest affront to democracy, it will clear the way for America’s descent into authoritarianism. Congressional Republicans could and should do something to stop this guy. Unfortunately, they won’t.

That was obvious the instant GOP reviews of Trump’s actions came rolling in without a single message of indignation. Jeff Flake couldn’t “find an acceptable rationale for the timing of Comey’s firing”; Barbara Comstock was unable to “defend or explain” the president’s actions; Ben Sasse found the situation “very troubling.” Those were the only GOP sentiments that even approximated outrage. As for demands or outright condemnation, there were none. Other GOP legislators, if they bothered to address the issue at all, either defended Trump or desperately tried to smelt a silver lining out of transparent obfuscations and undue praise…”

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