Misadventures of a minority-elect President 86

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Ousted Obama official to speak on Trump’s Russia scandal, a new stage in the U.S. health care shenanigans, trying to put a lid on those speaking out against our illegitimate minority-elect President, Trump lied about his tax cut paying for itself, Trump’s egregious agenda could take a while to implement, our presidential twit takes to twitter – again – to deflect attention from his malfeasance, Trump’s delusional base holding firm but support from everyone else dropping based on most recent poll, Trumpcare advocates spend Sunday lying their way through political shows, Trump’s growing conflicts of interest – this time courtesy of his son-in-law, reports of Trump clashing with his National Security Adviser, Muslim ban language deleted from White House website after question from reporter, obsessing about the illegitimate dipshit in the White House distracts us from other serious issues Washington and the media don’t care for you to know about, the moral travesty of Trumpcare, Sean Spicer still lying his ignorant ass off, our Hustler-in-Chief is at it again and more.

Ousted Obama official to speak on Trump aide’s Russia talks article from The AP on Yahoo! News. –

Bannon is pulling one over on Trump. There is zero reason to exit the Paris climate accord. article from VOX. –

We’ll see how much influence President Bannon has over our illegitimate minority-elect President.

Anti-protest bills would ‘attack right to speak out’ under Donald Trump article from The Guardian. –

When you can’t fool them with your constant lies and unethical actions, try to criminalize dissent instead.

A new stage in the US health care counterrevolution article from The World Socialist Web Site. –

“The passage by the US House of Representatives of the American Health Care Act is a political milestone. Never before has the US ruling elite revealed so nakedly the goal of its health care “reform” efforts of the past quarter-century. Millions of working people are to be deprived of health insurance and access to health care in order to finance a trillion-dollar payoff to the financial aristocracy.

The centerpiece of the legislation is the gutting of Medicaid, the government health insurance program for the poor, and its effective termination as an entitlement program. This will be the prelude to the destruction of Medicare and Social Security.

The massive cuts in health coverage in the bill have sparked popular outrage. Every significant occupational group in health care provision, from family physicians to psychiatrists, and advocacy groups for those suffering from cancer, heart disease, lung disease, multiple sclerosis and other illnesses have all spoken out to denounce the cruelty of the legislation endorsed so enthusiastically last Thursday by President Donald Trump.

While Democratic politicians in Congress pretend to share the public outrage, their objections to this monstrous piece of class-war legislation are purely cosmetic. The Republican legislation only does more crudely what Obamacare aimed to do more deviously, behind a cloud of reformist rhetoric: cut the cost of health care provision for American corporations and the capitalist state by shifting the burden to working people…”

Whether Trump Is a Fascist or Just a Clown, He’s a Threat to Our Democracy All the Same article from AlterNet. –

The threat posed to Democracy by our dubious, lackluster Liar-in-Chief.

Trump defends Michael Flynn ahead of blockbuster Sally Yates testimony article from Business Insider. –

35 of 37 economists said Trump was wrong. The other two misread the question. article from The Washington Post. –

Unsurprisingly, Trump lied about his tax cut paying for itself.

Trump’s agenda will take longer than planned article from Axios. –

“With Dems fired up by the messy process and result of the House health care fight, everything on President Trump’s agenda is likely to take longer than strategists had planned.

Here’s the latest on how the Hill calendar looks:

* If health reform makes it to Trump’s desk, it’s unlikely to be before fall. It’ll take up the Senate calendar through the summer, then the conference committee and another floor fight in the House.

* For the first time, some key Republicans are pessimistic that tax reform can be finalized this year. It has to come after the 2018 budget (its own sinkhole). So tax reform could get pushed into 2018, and ambitious bills are even harder in an election year since the other side doesn’t want to give the White House a win.

* Massive spending for an infrastructure package will be a tough sell with the hardline House Freedom Caucus and some Senate conservatives. So Trump will probably need Ds — tough before midterms…”

Donald Trump attacks Sally Yates hours before she testifies in Russia investigation article from The Independent on Yahoo! News. –

Once again our twit of a president takes to Twitter to deflect attention away from his malfeasance.

Be Afraid, Mr. President article from Bloomberg. –

Trump’s delusional base is holding firm but support from everyone else is extremely low based on most recent polls.

Trump staffers reportedly removed top secret documents from a secure facility article from AOL News. –

Trumpcare advocates lie their way through the Sunday political shows article from Think Progress. –

“The misinformation campaign is rather stunning.

Days after the House passed a newly-amended American Health Care Act, its biggest proponents took to the Sunday morning political shows to defend it?—?by blatantly lying about what the bill does.

Because the House passed the bill without waiting for a new scoring from the Congressional Budget Office, the shows’ anchors had no choice but to litigate the effect of the legislation based on the old numbers from March. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) called any concern that the bill was passed without a final CBO score a “bogus attack from the left,” insisting that the final amendment “was only three pages long.”

Even though those three pages had a significant enough outcome to sway the Freedom Caucus to change their votes from before?—?and even though Ryan was the one attacking Democrats for passing Obamacare without a final CBO score?—?Ryan claimed it didn’t matter that Trumpcare passed without a new assessment…”

Troubled Wisconsin Man Goes on 50 State Killing Spree article from Medium. –

Republicans turn to ‘gaslighting’ in the health care debate from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

Still trying to manipulate their alternate reality in Trump’s land of delusion.

Paul Krugman: Under Trumpcare, Millions Will Lose Coverage, Many Will Die—and the GOP Will Try to Blame It on Liberals article from AlterNet. –

Trump and his ilk will try and blame their failure on Dems, but this time it won’t work.

The Kushner’s Add to Trump’s Growing Conflicts of Interest article from Bloomberg. –

“The sister of Trump’s top adviser just pitched her White House connections to Chinese investors.

On Saturday, Jared Kushner’s sister was in the ballroom of a Beijing hotel busily promoting her family’s U.S. real estate projects to Chinese investors. She did so with aplomb: A photograph of President Trump adorned a large screen at the front of the room, noting that the president is a “key decision maker” on a federal program the Kushners were taking advantage of to court foreign investors.

Javier C. Hernandez, a New York Times reporter, helpfully posted a photo of the entire set-up on his Twitter feed over the weekend:…”

Trump and Kushner exploitation of presidency ‘unlike anything we have ever seen before’, Obama’s ethics lawyer says article from The Independent on Yahoo! News. –

Insiders say Trump keeps clashing with his national security Adviser article from Business Insider on Yahoo! News. –

What Obsessing About You-Know-Who Causes Us To Miss article from Common Dreams. –

Twenty-four – though it’s easy to find more – serious issues neither our corrupt leadership in Washington nor the media that owns them consider informing the citizenry of.

Trump camp deletes Muslim ban language after reporter’s question article from AOL News. –

Trying to rewrite history isn’t going to work so well for the Trump cabal.

“Language calling for a Muslim ban was deleted on Monday after an ABC News reporter pressed White House press secretary Sean Spicer about the issue during a press briefing.

In its latest legal test, President Trump’s temporary travel ban on people entering the U.S. from six countries is scheduled to be heard by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday. ABC News’s Cecilia Vega asked Spicer about 2015 language on Trump’s campaign website calling for the prevention of “Muslim immigration” — a post that was soon after removed from the site, Vega reports.

“Minutes after we asked the WH why the President’s campaign website still calls for a Muslim ban, it appears the statement was deleted,” ABC News’s Cecilia Vega later wrote on Twitter…”

A Shameless GOP and the Moral Travesty of Trumpcare article from Common Dreams. –

Coming soon: The fiscal cliff to end all fiscal cliffs artile from Politico. –

Things could get interesting in a few months when the GOP and their fraudulent leader have to figure out how to work with Democrats to prevent a government shutdown.

Sean Spicer Claims White House Has Been ‘Consistent’ On Calling Travel Ban ‘A Ban’ article from The Huffington Post. –

Reality check: Nope.

President Trump: the Hustler 2.0 article from Counter Punch. –

“On September 15, 2016, in an essay titled “The Hustler: Trump and the Mean Streets of East Los Angeles,” I argued that then-presidential candidate Donald J. Trump was hustling the American public. Now, thanks to the support of the FBI’s James Comey, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, Trump—as President of the United States—has continued to hustle the American public. Given his mastery, his next book should be titled “The Art of the American Hustle.”

In a nutshell, a hustler represents an individual who will say and do anything—without remorse or guilt—to serve his or her self-interest. While critics have labeled Trump many applicable terms, such as liar, erratic, narcissistic and thin-skinned, etc., I find that “hustler” best describes his twisted rhetoric and immoral actions.

When they speak or act, hustlers can’t be believed or trusted. I should know, since I grew up in the mean streets of East Los Angeles, where I encountered many of them. Also, as a long time political activist and analyst, I’ve observed and studied hustlers at the local, state and national level. This includes politicians (Republicans and Democrats alike), government officials, private developers, cops and other powerful individuals who hustle the American public to serve themselves.

Apart from Trump, Congressman D. Ryan (R-Wis.) is an excellent example of a hustler. While Ryan portrays himself as a “sensible” policy wonk who “cares” about the American people, his sinister obsession to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obamacare represents an atrocious and inhumane political agenda. For example, as House Speaker, Ryan led the GOP’s successful efforts to rush a so-called health plan that will wreak havoc on millions of Americans…”

Trump Blames Obama For Factory Lyoffs Happening Now article from the Huffington Post. –

Obama Derangement Syndrome still in full effect in Trump’s alternate reality.

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