Misadventures of a minority-elect President 85

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

The behavior – and idiocy – of our illegitimate minority-elect President is getting more bizarre, conspiracy theories that made their way from the fringe to the White House courtesy of conservative media to help create cover for Trump’s profoundly ignorant incompetence, Trump opts to waste taxpayer money in New Jersey since he doesn’t have the balls to face people in his home state, lingering investigation of Trump’s Russia scandal could play role in 2018 midterm elections, again the twit take to Twitter to distract from reality, Trump’s unethical actions inviting impeachment, celebration of duplicitous passage of Trump’s fraudulent piece of crap health care short-lived as Russia probe takes center stage, more words of wisdom on health care from our lackluster leader’s lying lips and fingertips, Russia provided money a few years ago to help Trump fund some of his golf courses, Trump sleaze going International and lots more.

Trump Administration Has Now Crossed Over…To The Twilight Zone article from Forbes. –

‘This gets to the fabric of the nation'” Inside the dark conspiracy that made its way from the fringe to the White House article from AOL News. –

How Conservative media fuels conspiracy theories – primarily to cover up Trump’s incompetence and profound ignorance.

Donald Trump’s Thrifty Vacation to New Jersey article from The Atlantic. –

Any excuse to waste taxpayer money and avoid facing an angry crowd at home.

Trump-Russia probes could seep into 2018 midterms article from Politico. –

“The slow pace of investigations might be a boon to Democrats eager to keep the issue in the headlines.

The congressional investigations into President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia are off to such a sluggish start that they could stretch into next year’s midterm election season. That’s a silver lining for Democrats who have grumbled that investigators aren’t moving fast enough — but who would be delighted to see the issue in the headlines as voters head to the polls.

Interviews with more than a dozen lawmakers involved in the House and Senate Intelligence Committee investigations show there is no consensus on how long they should take. The interviews also show just how politicized these investigations have already become, which threatens to undermine Congress’ chance at determining what did or didn’t happen in the 2016 campaign…”

Trump says ‘fake media’ should probe Democrats’ ties to Russia article from The New York Post. –

Trump takes to twitter to yet again try and deflect attention from his malfeasance.


Price defends cutting nearly $1 trillion from Medicaid article from The AP on Yahoo! News. –

It’s virtually impossible to defend cutting that much from Medicaid…

President Trump’s Unethical Actions Invite Impeachment article from Rantt. –

“Too many conflicts, too little time. You take a couple of weeks off and the ethics violations just grow and grow. Lacking any attempts by this administration to reassure the public about potential violations and regain their trust, that trust has quickly eroded since January. The pace at which the Trump Administration racks up ethics complaints is exponentially faster than any administration is recent history. Here are the US government’s numbers on ethics complaints they’ve received so far.

These public contacts occur for a variety of reasons and here are some of the more notable ethics events in the last couple of weeks, some of which could qualify as grounds for impeachment.

State Department or Trump Travel Agency?

Not content to merely charge the Secret Service $35,000 in golf cart rental fees, arms of the Trump administration published pieces on their website that seem very similar to travel advertisements. Articles that describe Mar-a-lago appeared on several State Department run websites during the last several weeks. The State Department post was filled with such gems as:

Trump is not the first president to have access to Mar-a-Lago as a Florida retreat, but he is the first one to use it. By visiting this “winter White House,” Trump is belatedly fulfilling the dream of Mar-a-Lago’s original owner and designer…”

Murdoch Is Reportedly Advising Trump While DOJ Investigates Fox article from Media Matters. –

At event in Beijing, Kushner family uses promises of a U.S. visa to raise money article from Think Progress. –

The AHCA Is Even Worse Than You’ve Read article from Media Matters. –

Media has neglected to mention just how bad Trumpcare really is.

Trump tweet attacks company moving plant to Mexico article from The Hill. –

“President Donald Trump urged Senate Republicans on Sunday to “not let the American people down,” as the contentious debate over overhauling the U.S. health care systems shifts to Congress’ upper chamber, where a vote is potentially weeks, if not months, away.

Some senators have already voiced displeasure with the health care bill that cleared the House last week, with Republicans providing all the “yes” votes in the 217-214 count. They cited concerns about potential higher costs for older people and those with pre-existing conditions, along with cuts to Medicaid.

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, a moderate Republican whose vote will be critical to getting a bill to Trump’s desk and who voiced similar concerns, said the Senate would not take up the House bill.

“The Senate is starting from scratch. We’re going to draft our bill, and I’m convinced we will take the time to do it right,” she said…”

One state shows the chaos Trump is wreaking on the Obamacare exchanges article from Business Insider. –

White House health care victory short-lived as Russia probe looms article from Politico. –

Trump tweets Obamacare ‘was a lie’ article from AOL News. –

Oh the irony of our Liar-in-Chief’s stupidity.

Trump: GOP Senators Won’t ‘Let The American People Down’ On O’Care Repeal article from Talking Points Memo. –

More words of wisdom from Trump’s lying lips and fingertips:

“President Donald Trump on Sunday tweeted that Senate Republicans “will not let the American people down” after House Republicans voted to repeal Obamacare.

“Republican Senators will not let the American people down!” Trump tweeted.

He also claimed that Obamacare “was a lie and it is dead.”…”

America’s Biggest Corporations Are Quietly Boosting Trump’s Hate Agenda article from AlterNet. –

In Trump’s America, comedians lead the resistance article from CNN. –

50 Preexisting Conditions That Can Make You Lose Your Insurance If Trump and GOP Have Their Way article from AlterNet. –

Eric Trump: ‘We have all the funding we need out of Russia’ for Trump golf courses article from Business Insider. –

Russia provided $100 Million to help Trump fund some of his golf courses.

Trump Sleaze Is Going International article from AlterNet. –

“Voters who cast their ballots for Donald Trump, the patriarch, got a package deal for his whole clan.

President Trump, his children and their spouses, aren’t just using the Oval Office to augment their political legacy or secure future riches. Okay, they certainly are doing that, but that’s not the most useful way to think about what’s happening at the moment. Everything will make more sense if you reimagine the White House as simply the newest branch of the Trump family business empire, its latest outpost.

It turns out that the voters who cast their ballots for Donald Trump, the patriarch, got a package deal for his whole clan. That would include, of course, first daughter Ivanka who, along with her husband, Jared Kushner, is now a key political adviser to the president of the United States. Both now have offices in the White House close to him. They have multiple security clearances, access to high-level leaders whenever they visit the Oval Office or Mar-a-Lago, and the perfect formula for the sort of brand-enhancement that now seems to come with such eminence. President Trump may have an exceedingly “flexible” attitude toward policymaking generally, but in one area count on him to be stalwart and immobile: his urge to run the White House like a business, a family business.

The ways that Jared, “senior adviser to the president,” and Ivanka, “assistant to the president,” have already benefited from their links to “Dad” in the first 100 days of his presidency stagger the imagination. Ivanka’s company, for instance, won three new trademarks for its products from China on the very day she dined with President Xi Jinping at her father’s Palm Beach club…”

Correction: Republican bloodsuckers who sentenced poor to die didn’t drink Bud Light article from A.V. Club. –

A very funny read about the GOP’s dubious passage of Trump’s pile of crap health care plan.

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