Misadventures of a minority-elect President 82

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

The vote on Trump’s fraudulent Obamacare replacement plan could spell disaster for our lackluster minority-elect President, for Trump and his supporters, ignorance truly is bliss, Trump’s delusional narcissism is toxic, time to seriously consider that Trump is unfit to be president, it’s dangerous to trust our Liar-in-Chief, using Conservative media to spread his fake news and propaganda, Democracy is the reason for Trump’s stunning failure of a Presidency, the House passes piece of shit Obamacare replacement bill – after which our Ignoramus-in-Chief’s partied with Republicans on White House grounds – though it will die in the Senate, the GOP owns Trumpcare now and it will come back to haunt them, religious Conservatives – and a host of others – are disappointed in Trump’s latest Executive Order publicity stunt, more on the fallout from Ivanka’s latest miscreantics, and a lot more.

Trump faces major test as vote looms on U.S. healthcare bill article from Reuters. –

Trump’s Republican Party Is Now a Neo-Confederate Party For More Jefferson Davis Than Abe Lincoln article from AlterNet. –

Trump and his miscreantic ilk are doing a number on the GOP which, so far, has been foolish enough to follow his idiotic lead.

Donald Trump’s malignant narcissims is toxic: Psychologist article from USA Today. –

Donald Trump’s Latest Historical Flub Should Sincerely Frighten You article from The Huffington Post. –

“For his supporters, ignorance is not only bliss, but something to aspire to.

President Trump has spent very little of his 70 golden years of life on this planet studying American history or government. That has become painfully obvious. He clearly hasn’t studied much world history either. And even as he sits in the most important office in the country, he refuses to become a student of history, or to try on intellectual curiosity.

Unlike our last president, Mr. Trump has never been, nor will he ever be, an intellectual. His wild statements over the last few days demonstrate once again that he knows nothing of America’s past, and even more alarming, he does not understand the seriousness of this global moment, and the consequences of his words which reverberate around the world in the seconds it takes for him to tweet them or speak them to a reporter.

And here’s what most upsetting about it all: some 45% of Americans simply don’t care, which means this could go on unabated for four years or more. They didn’t care when they elected him, and they don’t care now that he continues to tell outrageous lies, and showcases his ignorance every time he’s interviewed or gets his hands on Twitter. They don’t care that he doesn’t understand why the Civil War occurred, or that Andrew Jackson died 16 years before that war, and therefore could not have been “really angry” about it…”

The Identity Politics Of The Trump Administration article from FiveThirtyEight. –

It’s time to seriously consider that Trump is unfit to be president article from CNBC. –

Trump unwittingly lays a trap for his religious right supporters article from Think Progress. –

On why it’s dangerous to trust our odious Liar-in-Chief.

Trump is angry that people think he got ‘taken to the cleaners’ by Democrats in the shutdown deal article from Business Insider on Yahoo! News. –

Our duplicitous dipshits profound ignorance on full display and why it’s so dangerous:

“President Donald Trump and his aides have sought to paint the deal to fund the government and avoid a shutdown as a win for his fledgling administration, even as he publicly bemoaned the deal and called for a shutdown to fix the “mess” in Congress.

The $1.07 trillion package does not include spending for Trump priorities, such as money for a proposed US-Mexico border wall, revoking funding for sanctuary cities, or defunding Planned Parenthood. But Trump and the administration have put on a full-court press to push back on the idea that they did not get what they wanted.

Trump tweeted Wednesday that the government “needed a good ‘shutdown’ in September to fix mess!” And he tried to explain that the spending bill had to be a compromise due to the threat of a filibuster from Democrats in the Senate.

According to Politico, citing White House sources, Trump was angry that the media was portraying the deal as a win for Democrats…”

Trumpcare puts millions of Americans’ employer plans at risk article from Think Progress. –

Failing Donald Trump Has a New Enemy: Democracy article from Talking Points Memo. –

Democracy – Trump’s biggest enemy – is one major reason for Trump’s stunningly failed Presidency.

Sean Spicer clashes with press over definition of a wall article from The Guardian on Yahoo! News. –

Speaking of stunning failures – our moronic White House Press Secretary was at it again…

The line between an independent press and the White House’s public relations is blurring article from Think Progress. –

Using Conservative ‘media’ to spread his fake news and propaganda:

“Why is the White House discussing its agenda with conservative media only?

On Monday, the White House released a press briefing entitled “Press Call by Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short With Conservative Media on the Funding Bills.” In the briefing, Short answered questions about the new spending bill that will fund the government through September of 2017.

As Director of Legislative Affairs, Short’s main role in Washington, D.C. is to help the Trump administration translate its campaign agenda into real legislation. Republicans control both houses of Congress, so it makes sense that the Trump administration would reach out to the media consumed by its base.

However, there is a larger cause for concern: namely, that this call was held with only conservative media outlets…”

House passes Obamacare replacement bill article from GMA on Yahoo! News. –

The House of Representatives passed their fraudulent Obamacare replacement bill, though it will die in the Senate. It’s time to hold your treasonous Congress critters accountable.

The Russia investigation could finally unlock Trump’s tax returns article from Think Progress. –

Republican taunts come back to haunt them article from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. –

The new Trumpcare bill is a self-made trap article from Yahoo! News. –

Once details come out the GOP is going to regret having anything to do with this since they own it now:

“President Obama probably didn’t expect this, but when he signed a sweeping health-reform bill in 2010—the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare—he slapped his name on every problem in the nation’s dysfunctional health care system. Whoops.

President Trump is on the verge of doing the same thing. At his behest, his Republican frenemies in the House of Representatives have passed a hastily crafted bill to repeal portions of Obamacare and replace them with new measures that would change the way many people get healthcare, without making any notable improvements. Trump claims this is a major legislative victory, showing he can get big things done. But it’s more likely to end up as a liability for Trump and the GOP—perhaps a big one that could cost them Congressional seats in the 2018 midterm elections.

The GOP bill, known as the American Health Care Act, has only passed the House, and may never get through the Senate in anything resembling its current form. So it’s still a long way from becoming law. But the ACHA now stands as Trump’s healthcare plan, and among other things, it would raise premium costs for older enrollees, scale back Medicaid coverage for poor adults, and make it harder for people with pre-existing conditions to get affordable coverage.

Republicans defend their bill by pointing out it would end the unpopular requirement for everybody to have insurance, along with the penalty for people who don’t. It would also eliminate taxes on the wealthy that Obamacare imposed, and give states more control over health plans in their state, while Washington backs off. In that regard, they say, it constitutes a victory for small(er)-government conservatives…”

Trump’s executive order disappoints religious conservatives article from Yahoo! News. –

Religious Conservatives aren’t the only ones disappointed in Trump’s latest publicity stunt.

Ivanka Trump’s Guide to Finding a Work-Life Balance When You Don’t Care About Other Women’s Work or Lives article from Fusion. –

More on the fallout from Ivanka’s latest miscreantics.

House Health Care Repeal Is Already Dead In The Senate article from The Huffington Post. –

While House Republicans celebrate over passage of their piece of shit bill publicity stunt – which will come back to haunt them – it will die once entering the Senate.

Message to House GOP After Trumpcare Vote: ‘See You at the Ballot Box’ article from Common Dreams. –

“President Trump celebrated with House Republicans in the White House Rose Garden amid growing call to ‘make them pay’

As Republicans joined President Donald Trump for a victory photo op and beer bash at the White House following the passage of the American Healthcare Act (AHCA) in the House of Representatives on Thursday, the overwhelming response from progressive organizations and voters furious over the prospect of losing their healthcare coverage was: “See you at the ballot box.”

With much fanfare, members of the GOP gathered at the Rose Garden to hail the bill—which will strip millions of Americans of their coverage and raise the premiums on individuals with pre-existing conditions—that passed the House with a slim 217-213 margin of victory.

Meanwhile, the condemnations poured in, with vows that voters will seek retribution come 2018, when many of them will be up for re-election. Others focused on the near term, with protests already in the works as legislators prepare to head home for two weeks of Congressional recess.

“We have one message for House Republicans who voted today to take away healthcare from more than 24 million Americans and end vital protections for those with pre-existing conditions,” declared Anna Galland, executive director of MoveOn.org, “See you at the ballot box.”…”

Donald Trump Celebrates House Passage Of Obamacare Repeal article from The Huffington Post. –

Tillerson Says Human Rights Will Not Interfere with ‘America First’ Agenda article from Common Dreams. –

Yeah right.

President Who Pushed For Muslim Ban Says He’ll ‘Never Ever Stand For Religious Discrimination’ article from The Huffington Post. –

Is our illegitimate Liar-in-Chief truly this much of an ignoramus?

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