Misadventures of a minority-elect President 71

Chronicling the misadventures of our minority-elect President’s alternate reality, alternative facts and the miscreants that comprise his administration so you don’t have to:

Tensions between our first lady and our minority-elect President’s daughter, how Trump’s FCC appointee is purposely subverting Internet and privacy laws for corrupt corporations, 25 primarily ineffective Executive Orders from Trump so far, if you thought Trump’s first 100 days were a joke, just wait for the remainder of his term, Trump’s fake war on fake news, still claiming Mexico will pay for his wall, the growing list of scandals involving our fraudulent, lackluster leader, how our Con Artist-in-Chief has made a career of making morons think his failures were not failures, be prepared for a week of alternative facts to try and claim success for Trump’s 100th day in his alternate reality, Trump’s difficulty with learning from his past mistakes, the chameleon presidency – same old Generals, same old war and why it’s so hard to believe a thing he or the corrupt cesspool of a swamp he calls his administration says, part one of Trump’s 100 days of deconstruction and more.


Everything Ajit Pai Has Fucked Up in the Last Three Months article from Gizmodo. –

On how our minority-elect President’s Federal Communications Commission Director has screwed consumers since being appointed.

Trump’s 25 executive orders in 100 days: more cosmetic than substantive article from The Guardian. –

Analysis: A bumpy 100 days for Trump? Just wait for the 1,361 to follow article from USA Today. –

“WASHINGTON — Think President Trump’s first 100 days were bumpy? Just wait for the 1,361 to follow.

It’s no surprise that Trump, who has been shattering political precedent since he announced his candidacy and then won the White House, would continue to break new ground once he moved into the Oval Office — though not always in a good way.

The courts have blocked his signature immigration ban. Congress has balked at delivering on his promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The FBI is investigating Russian meddling in the election, an issue that forced the resignation of his national security adviser and is likely to cast a shadow over the administration for months or more. The public gives him record-low approval ratings for a new president.

Braced for bad reviews when Trump reaches the unofficial milestone Saturday, the White House has been pushing back on the idea that his first 100 days have been a bust…”

Trump’s Fake War on the Fake News article from Politico. –

Despite his frequent fraudulent claims about fake news in public, inside Trump’s White House it’s a different story.

Public Gives Trump Low Marks for First 100 Days: NBC News/WSJ Poll article from NBC News. –

Trump’s poll numbers are mired at record lows, but economy may be his saving grace article from CNBC. –

Trump: Mexico will ‘eventually’ pay for border wall article from The Hill. –

Right…and in the land of delusion, Trump is the greatest minority-elect President that ever lived…

The Scandals of Donald Trump: Presidential Edition article from The Atlantic. –

“Tracking the controversies, allegations, and investigations into the president and his administration

Donald Trump entered the White House as one of the most scandal-tarred presidents in American history—what his imbroglios may have lacked in depth, they made up in variety, encompassing legal, ethical, and sexual controversies. (In a twist, one of Trump’s few competitors for the crown was his rival, Hillary Clinton.) They ranged from race discrimination to mafia connections, from petty hypocrisies to multimillion-dollar alleged frauds.

Now that Trump is president, some of those controversies have continued to shadow him. But the presidency has also occasioned a whole new set of disputes. Looming largest is the question of whether his campaign colluded with Russian agents to interfere in the election, a question being investigated by the FBI as well as panels in both houses of Congress. They also include ethical and legal questions surrounding members of his cabinet, his allegation that Barack Obama spied on him before the election, and various conflicts of interest.

In the spirit of our logs of Clinton and Trump scandals during the presidential campaign, this article will track those controversies, sorting out the legal, ethical, and moral questions and separating the facts from the fury. The list will be updated regularly as there are new developments…”

How Trump Succeeds Without Succeeding article from Politico. –

In typical Con Artist style, Trump has made a career of convincing those unable to think for themselves that his failures were not failures.

‘You just said you did’: AP busts Trump for lying about watching CNN two minutes after he admitted it article from CNN. –

Oops – he did it again.

Analysis: Trump’s Nowhere on Half His Presidential Pledges article from NBC News. –

Trump sprinting to 100th day deadline he scoffs article from USA Today. –

Prepare for a week of alternative facts to try and claim success in Trump’s alternate reality.

Donald Trump isn’t learning from his mistakes article from CNN. –

“As they brace for harsh media attacks on their first 100 days, President Donald Trump’s team points out with justification that other presidents have stumbled, too.

John Kennedy had a disaster with the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. Bill Clinton slipped and fell in a controversy over gay people in the military. The George W. Bush team failed to pay sufficient attention to intelligence warning of terrorists hijacking airplanes.

As Richard Neustadt argued in a seminal book on presidential power, a new White House team must make some of their biggest decisions early on — at a time when they are least experienced — and mistakes happen.

Even so, events of the past few days underscore a sharp and potentially dangerous difference between the Trump administration and several of its predecessors: most others — Kennedy and Clinton in particular — were learning organizations that got much better on the job as they went…”

Might the 5 Ex-Presidents Prevent Trump From Making the U.S. Unrecognizable by 2020? article from AlterNet. –

The Chameleon Presidency article from Tom Dispatch. –

Having the same Generals pulling the same strings is beginning to look familiar – and why it’s so hard to believe a word they say.


100 Days of Deconstruction: Part One article from AlterNet. –

“At CPAC, Steve Bannon declared that key members of Trump’s Cabinet were “selected for a reason.” In the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency, that reason has become clear.

At its best, government saves the environment from polluters, prevents companies from exploiting consumers, safeguards individuals against invidious discrimination and other forms of injustice, and lends a helping hand to those in need. None of those principles guides the Trump/Bannon government.

Two months into Trump’s presidency, historian Douglas Brinkley said it would be “the most failed 100 days of any president.” David Gergen, a seasoned adviser to Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Clinton, agreed. But they’re using a traditional scorecard. With the help of Trump Party senators and loyalists, Steve Bannon and his boss are remaking America. Future generations won’t judge kindly those who let it happen. Then again, if Trump’s trajectory continues, maybe there won’t be many more future generations anyway.

After losing his seat on the National Security Council, Bannon’s influence over US foreign policy may have waned. But regardless of his future, he has already had an indelible impact on the country. At CPAC, he declared that key members of Trump’s Cabinet were “selected for a reason.” In the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency, that reason has become clear. They have demonstrated a collective determination to deconstruct not only the administrative state, but also the essence of America itself. They hold views that are anathema to the missions of the federal agencies they now lead. They blend kleptocracy — government by leaders who seek chiefly status and personal gain at the expense of the governed — and kakistocracy — government by the worst people…”

Trump Hostage Drama Already Ending? article from Talking Points Memo. –

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